20+ Alternate Animal Names That Just Make Sense

Funny, alternative animal names can make you think of animals differently.

Alternative names for animals can be really funny!

Although all animal names have meaning, there is no harm in having a little fun by giving animals a different name inspired by how they look or act.  For example, a guinea pig is much better described as a furry potato, and a snake could be so much funnier if it was known as a nope rope!

There are so many different funny ideas when it comes to naming animals and we love them all! Let's take a look at some of the best silly nicknames for animals that actually make a lot of sense.

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Alternate Reptile Names

These alternate names for animals make us love them even more.

Reptiles are beautiful creature, most of the reptiles on this list have earned their name as a result of the way they look or how they act.

1. American Killer Log, the danger posed by the crocodile has earned it this better name.

2. Changing Color Dragon, the chameleon changes its colors on demand.

3. Grumpy McSnapface, a better way to name a turtle.

4. Magical Safety Dragon, the real name of this reptile is the bearded dragon. The name is cute and charming.

5. Nope Rope, the snake is called a nope rope because it looks just like a rope and makes many of us think "nope!".

Alternate Bird Names

Knowing alternative names for animals can help you relieve stress with laughter.

Birds are not left out when it comes to the amazing alternative names for animals.

6. Beach Chicken, the beach chicken is a better name for the seagull!

7.  Cat Bird, if it looks like a cat and flies then it's an owl.

8. Formal Chicken, also known as the penguin.

9. Freedom Glider, otherwise known as the bald eagle.

10. Pantless Thunder Goose, otherwise known as the ostrich.

Alternate Mammal Names

Nothing will stop us from calling these mammals one of the alternative names for animals! If you are enjoying this list of other names for animals, it only gets better from here. Which of these renamed animals is your favorite?

11. Arrow Pig, one of the best funny animal names is the one given to the porcupine.

12. Booplesnoot, one of the cool animal names for the rabbit.

13. Danger Water Cow, the 'danger' in this alternate animal name is not for fun. The hippo is a really dangerous animal.

14. Danger Zebra, the danger zebra is perfect for tigers as their orange and black stripes seem to signify danger.

15. Fart Squirrel, the fart squirrel is the skunk, of course!

16. Floaty Potato, another name for the manatee.

17. Furry Nope, another name for the grizzly bear.

18. Furry Potato, the furry potato is also known as the guinea pig.

19. Giraffe Ship, looking for a funny animal name? The giraffe ship is the alpaca.

20. Velocirabbit, another name for the Kangaroo.

21. Wizard Cow, also known as the mountain goat mostly because it can pass as Gandalf.

Alternate Fish Names

Aquatic creatures are very beautiful to behold. They are not left out of this list of funny names of animals.

22. Dragon Shrimp, another name for the crayfish.

23. Floppy Floppy Sea Spider, the other name for an octopus.

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