100 Amazing Turkish Boys' Names With Meanings

Photo of family laying on bed with their new baby, thinking about turkish boys' names

It can feel like a very difficult decision choosing a name for your upcoming or recent arrival but hopefully, this list of names from Turkey will help you make the decision.

We have popular Turkish boys' names as well as elegant and unusual options. Their meanings vary, some point to the sky and have meanings such as moon and sun while other names describe your baby's wonderful attributes.

There is plenty of reasons to be inspired by Turkey. The country is rich in cultural heritage including 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and multiple examples of Byzantine Architecture. Modern-day Turkey has a fabulous art scene and rich cultural life. If you're looking for beautiful baby names to represent this, then our list will certainly give you a helping hand.

A-H Names

1) Ayaz - Eye-ez  - This name means a night breeze or a cool night breeze.

2) Aagha - Aa - a - Aagha means Lord or Chief in Turkish. The name has noble connotations and points to good qualities in the person.

3) Adlee - Ad-lee - Adlee is a name that appears in the Bible, it means ‘just or fair’ in Turkish.

4) Ahmet - Aa -met - This popular Turkish boy's name is from an Arabic word and derived from the Arabic name Ahmed which mean follower of Mohammed.

5) Abay - Ab-bay - This is one of the simpler Turkish male names. It means a boy that is talented.

6) Adlee - Ad-lee - Again, this is another simple Turkish boy names. It is biblical and means fair in Turkic.

7) Asen - Ass-sen - This is the name of a former ancient King of Bulgaria.  

8) Aydin - Ay-din - This is the Turkish form of a name which you may recognise from the Western baby name Aiden. It means a person who is enlightened.

9)  Alp - Al-p - Alp means hero or brave.

10) Aslan - As - lan  - You may recognise this Turkish baby name from the popular C.S. Lewis children's book The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe. Aslan can be translated as lion.

11) Altan - Al-tan - Originated from the Turkish word, Altan which means bright red sunrise. A great name to signify a new beginning.

12) Adaldar - This name means an island that is red.

13) Afshin - A regal name that is the name of an ancient king.

14) Ajdin - Perfect for a smiley baby boy. This name means happy and relaxed.

15) Agha - A leader who is intelligent and respected.

16) Ajnur - A magical name meaning moonlight or a ray of moonlight.

17) Balian - Bal -yan - If you like baby names that are fit for royalty this grand baby name means King or Lord.

18) Bata - Ba -ta - This sweet name means friend or more informally buddy.

19) Baris -Bar-ris  - Popular names in Turkey include this baby name. It means quiet and peaceful.

20) Burak - Bur- rak - This baby name means fast and strong and implies that the person has a strong character.

21) Bahadir - This means brave and courageous.  

21) Baki - This name is great for a bright baby boy. It means clever and intelligent.

22) Can - Ca-n - This means one that is spirited and full of life.

23) Candon - Can-don - A beautiful name meaning honest.

24) Candana - Kan-dan-naa - If you're looking for a fashionable name, this boy's name is popular in Turkey at the moment.  It is derived from an Arabic word and means honest and sincere.

25) Cahil - Ka - hill - A list of Turkish boys names especially for babies wouldn't be complete without this name. Cahil means innocent and little and would one of the most apt Turkish baby names for your new addition.

26) Cetin - Chet-in  - This name is very popular in Turkey. Lots of Turkish babies from both traditional and modern families are given this name. It means tough and implies that the person is a strong person.

27) Ceyhun - Jay -hoon - This name is another very grand name that translates from Turkish as 'the river in heaven'. Spelling can vary with this name and it can begin with a J if this is preferred.  

28) Cenk - Sen-ik - This one means someone that is the victor.

29) Deniz - Den-iz - Another beautiful name with a beautiful meaning. Deniz means an ocean of happiness.

30) Duman - Do - mon - Duman literally translates from Turkish as smoke.  This is one of the coolest Turkish boys names on the list.

31) Demir - Dem- ear - This name means one who made of iron.

32) Efe- Ef-ay - This name mean one who has a lot of strength and affection. This is a beautiful and simple name for a new baby.

33) Eldar - El-dar - Very popular name in Turkey that means one who is born to fight with fire.

34) Eymen - Ay-men - This name means lucky and blessed.

35) Erol - Er-role - This is another one of the names on our list that will be familiar to those without a Turkish background. It means brave or strong.

36) Edric - Ed-rick - A name meaning strong and sturdy.

37) Emmad - Em-ad - A leader and ruler is the meaning of this Turkish name.

38) Emir - Em-ir - Prince or ruler, a fabulous regal name.

39) Emre - Em-ir - This sounds similar to the previous name but means something different. It means friend or brother.

40) Emin - Em-in - This name means someone that is honest and trustworthy as well as confident.

41) Emry - Em-ree - Another name meaning close friend or brother figure.

42) Enayat - En-eye-at - This name means kindness.

43) Ensar - En-saar - A lovely name meaning helper.

44) Gunay - Goon-eye - This baby name means sun and moon. Perfect if you're seeking inspiration from the night sky.

45) Galip -Gal-ip - This is a slightly rarer Turkish name which can be translated as winner or the boy that is brave and victorious.

46) Hakan - Hak - kan - Another popular name in Turkey meaning Ruler or King.

47) Hosmunt - Hoz-munt - This name means bright or clever.

48) Hasad - Hass- sad - Hasad is a name used by parents all over the Islamic world for a baby boy. This word means harvest or collecting in the crops.

49) Halil -Hal-il - This word means something similar in Arabic but in Turkish means close friend or a friend that is close to one's heart.

50) Hidir - He-dear - This name is a traditional Arabic and Turkish name.

51) Hamit - Ham-it - This a variation of the name Arabic name Hamid.

I-O Names

Baby with a stuffed toy dog wearing a hat could be named with one of our Turkish boys' names.

52) Ihsan - Ear -san - If you think your baby is already stealing hearts then this might be the name for you. This word means compassion and generosity and would be great for a baby with a gentle personality.

53) Ibrahim - Ib-ree-him - This name is another one that is popular all over the Islamic world. It is an Arabic word that means a friend of God.

54) Kaan - Kaa-n - A name popular for boys in Turkey as it means the King of Kings. Naming your baby this means you think a lot of him!

55) Kahraman - Ka-ra-man - This is a beautiful sounding name that means hero in Turkish.

56) Kiral - Ker-al - This is a unisex name that means a leader.

57) Karawan - Kar-ra-wan - This is a word that is used to dispel evil.

58) Latafat - Laa-taa-fat - This is a Turkish word that means elegance. A very tasteful and elegant name for a baby boy.

59) Levent -Le-vent - Beautiful babies look no further! This Turkish name means good-looking.

60) Latifah - Lay-tea-fah - Another name meaning elegance. This one of our names is unisex.

61) Mesut - Mess-soot - Have you got a giggly little baby boy on your hands? If so this might be the ideal name for him. Mesut translates as happy.

62) Murat - Mur -rat - If your baby is a wish come true then this is the perfect name. Murat translates as a wish come true.

63) Mesich - Miss-isch - This name is the Turkish variation of the Arabic name Mohammad. It can be translated as appreciation.

64) Mehmet- Mare-met - This Turkish name means a ruler who is worthy of praise.

65) Mustafa- Moo-staff-a - This popular name means one that it chosen by God.

66) Mirac - Mir-ak - another one of our names that mean one that has arisen

67) Mert - Mur-t - This is derived from Persian name that means manly.  

68) Metin- Met-in- Someone with a lot of authority.

69) Neval - Nee-val - This is a trendy and popular name in Turkey for baby boys.  It means new city.

70) Niroop - Near-oop - Niroop means a fresh and bright looking person in Turkish. A fabulous name for your sparkling new arrival.

71) Nijaz - Nee-jaaz - Turkish boys names can articulate something about your baby. Nijaz means desire or wish. A great name for the bundle of joy that was your desire.

72) Nouis- Noo-ees - Someone with a bright appearance.

73) Okan - Ok-kan - This name is quite a posh one. Okan is a name that means that a person has a very regal or noble look and attitude.

74) Osmanek - Os- man-ek - Popular and vibrant name meaning someone with an upbeat and expressive personality.

75) Ozan - Oz-ann - A magical Turkish name meaning storyteller.

76) Omer - O-mur - Meaning successful and one that is achieving.

77) Olcay- Ol-kay - Another name meaning a victor or conquerer.

78) Onur- On-er - A name meaning someone with integrity and morality.

79) Osmen- Oz-men - A person who is born to lead people down the right path.

80) Otar- Ot- ar - This name is derived from the word for meadow.

81) Ozge- Oz-gee - This is a unisex name and is a modern and unusual name meaning unique.

P-Z Names

New father holding his newborn baby while his son looks over his shoulder could name the baby with a Turkish boys' name.

82) Rifaat - Re-fat - The name implies high-status and translates as one who is high ranking.

83) Roshan - Rosh-an - Another unisex name meaning light.

84) Safet - Say-fet - A brilliant name for a baby boy that means pure or innocent. A fabulous option for a new and innocent little arrival.

85) Suleyman - Soo-lee-man - Suleyman is the Turkish variation of the Latin name Solomon. This name, in turn, originates from the Hebrew word shalom which means peace. Suleyman means peace and is a popular name in Turkey.

86) Sevket -Serv-ket - If you're looking for a powerful and dignified name for your baby boy this Turkish baby name may well be the one for you've been searching for.

87) Sukru - Soo-kree - A name meaning grateful.

88) Soner - Soon-er - Last man standing.

89) Tanju - Tan-Joo - Blessing from God is the meaning of this wonderful Turkish name. The perfect Turkish boys' name for your gift from the heavens.

90) Truong - Troo- long - Green fingered parents to be may like this lovely name for a baby boy which means meadow.

91) Tabeeb - Taa-beeb - This name means Doctor. Perhaps a name for parents who hope the baby names they choose will reflect or inform the careers their children will have later on.

92) Tuncay - Tonne-cay - Another magical Turkish name which means bronzed coloured moon. If you're a parent who likes to look towards the sky then this name is a super option.

93) Tarkan - Tar-kan - Meaning someone who is strong.

94) Tengiz - Ten-geez - This name means the sea. A wonderful ocean name.

95) Yadgar - Yad-gaar - This word means memorable. If you're looking for a name that will stick in peoples minds hopefully this is the one you've been looking for.

96)  Yildiz - Yeel-diz - Want a special name for your special boy, Yildiz is the perfect Turkish baby boys name. Yildiz means star. This name is guaranteed to help your new baby shine brightly.  

97)  Yusuf - You-sef - This Turkish name implies power and influence.  

98) Zehab - Zee-hab - Another boys name that shines brightly is Zehab, meaning gold in Turkish. A wonderful choice for a precious new baby boy.

99) Zeki - Zek-ki - This final name is one of the best names of the bunch. Zeki means clever and intelligent.

100) Zhumabek - Zum-a-bek - This name means someone who is in charge and is a leader on a particular day.



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