100+ Ancient Mesopotamian Names With Incredible Histories

A creative and charming name attracts everyone.

Mesopotamia is defined as the earliest civilization in southwestern Asia.

The name 'Mesopotamia' was made by combining two words, 'meso' and 'potamos', which mean "between" and "waterway" respectively, making the definition of 'Mesopotamia' "between waterways". This is due to the area being situated between two rivers, the  Euphrates and the Tigris.

As well as Mesopotamian rivers, there were also many cities in Mesopotamia. In these cities, Mesopotamia developed formal education with the aim of training scribes and Priests. During the late third or early second millennium BCE, the name of the school that prepared and taught young scribes in Mesopotamia was The Eduba.

Those living in Mesopotamia used either mud bricks or reeds to build their home. The materials they used depended on where they lived. Those living in wetland areas lived in reed houses and those who lived in drier areas built mud brick houses.

If you are fond of ancient names which have a lot of history you will love this list of names, from names inspired by Sumerian mythology and the religion of the Mesopotamians, to names inspired by art in Mesopotamia, there is something for everyone in this list!

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Mesopotamian Names For Girls

An ideal name should reflect the behavior of a person.

Naming your baby girl is a fun task! This list of the best girl names of Ancient Mesopotamia includes many which are still loved by people across the world. Here we have collected the most popular names used by the people of the Mesopotamian civilization.

1. Allatu (Greek origin) means “Goddess of the underworld”. A perfect baby name.

2. Anatu (Babylonian origin) means "pure" and "spotless". This name is perfect for your baby.

3. Anunit (Latin origin) means "star".

4. Aruru (Sumerian origin) means “Goddess of creation”. A perfect Sumerian Goddess name for your innocent one.

5. Bau (German origin) means “aGoddess of abundance”. A pure name for your baby.

6. Belatsunat (Babylonian origin) means "an early Queen of Babylonia".

7. Davcina (Babylonian origin) means “the wife of Hea”, Hea was one of the Mesopotamian Gods.

8. Inanna (Sumerian origin) means “Queen of heaven”. A lovely name for your princess.

9. Ishtar (Arabic origin) means “Goddess of love”. You can offer this name to your child, who you want to have a bright future.        

10. Kalumtum (Babylonian origin) means “young lamb”.

11. Kishar (Babylonian origin) means “early ancestor of the Gods”.

12. Lil (Swedish origin) means “wind”. One of the cutest name for a girl.                                      

13. Mot (French origin) means “the mother of the Gods”.

14. Mmu (Babylonian origin) means “the mother of Gods”.

15. Mylitta (Babylonian origin) means "the mother of the child".

16. Ni (Greek origin) means “I came from myself”.

17. Ningal (Sumerian origin) means “great lady”. Parents who of a little girl may love this name.

18. Ninhursag (Sumerian origin) means “lady of the mountain”. The name also refers to a fertility Goddess.  

19. Omarosa (African origin) means “the sea”. It is perfect for a beautiful child.

20. Ri (Gaelic origin) means “the name of a Goddess”. It is a perfect name for your baby based on Mesopotamian Goddesses.

21. Sabitum (Babylonian origin) means “a sea Goddess”. Fit for your own little mermaid.

22. Semiramis (Arabic origin) means “gift of the sea”. A great name for a girl who is a nature lover.

23. Sheli (Hebrew origin) means "pine/juniper seeds". A beautiful name for your newly born girl.

24. Tauthe (Babylonian origin) means “the sea”. A beautiful name for a nature lover

25. Tiamat (Babylonian origin) means “a primordial Goddess”. Pick this for a creative child.

26. Zana (Slavic origin) means "butterfly". Parents find this baby name so cute for girls.

27. Zirratbanit (Babylonian origin) means “the consort of Marduk”. Fit for your newborn baby.      

Mesopotamian Names For Boys

A distinctive name stands your baby apart from others.

Gone are the days when parents used to name their children without knowing the meaning of the name. Today's parents often choose names with special meanings, because they want their child to carry these special virtues with them throughout their life. We hope you like these boy names from Mesopotamia and can find the perfect name for your child.

28. Abdi-Ili (Babylonian origin) means "servant of God".

29. Abil-Ili (Babylonian origin) means "son of God".

30. Abu-Waqar (Babylonian origin) means "the father is dear".

31.  Adrahasis (Babylonian origin) means "great intelligence.

33. Alam (Arabic origin) means "the shadow" or "the image".

34. Aloros (Arabic origin) means "ram of light".

35. Baal (French origin) means "Lord".

36. Awil-Ili (Babylonian origin) means means "man of God".

37. Belteshazzar (Babylonian origin) means "the keeper of secrets".

38. Dagan (Hebrew origin) means "an earth God".

39. Etana (Hebrew origin) means "a deified hero".

40. Gaga (French origin) means "a messenger God".

41. Gal (Hebrew origin) means "the great".

42. Gibil (Sumerian origin) means "a fire God".

43. Gungunu (Babylonian origin) means "an early Babylonian king".

44. Hammurabi (Babylonian origin) means  "the great family".

45. Igigi (Sumerian origin) means "the strong ones".

46. Ilu (Greek origin) means "God".

47. Iva (Slavic origin) meaning "Prince of the power of the air".

48. Kara-Hardas (Italian origin) means "an early King", a powerful Sumerian King name.

49. Kingu (Babylonian origin) means "a demon".

50. Maruduk-bal-idinna (Babylonian origin) means "a son has given".

51. Sargon (Akkadian origin) means "King of legitimate, true".

52. Tamzi (English origin) means "the sun of life".

53. Tammuz (Hebrew origin) means "God of fertility".

54. Urhammu (Babylonian origin) means "the rays of light.

55. Urhamsi (Babylonian origin) means "water lover".

56. Utultar (Babylonian origin) means "the spark of light coming from heaven".

57. Zu (Babylonian origin) means "a huge bird".

Gender Neutral Mesopotamian Names

One of the many interesting facts about Mesopotamia is that many of the names from the region can be used by parents who wish to name their child a gender neutral name. Here is a list of the best gender neutral names from Ancient Mesopotamia.

58.  Amah (Arabic origin) means "flooding of the river".

59.  Gishimmar (Sumerian origin) means "date palm".

60. Hurin (Islamic origin) means "hawk".

61. Kirashi (Japanese origin) means "golden wheat corn from which beer is made".

62. Maur (French origin) means "riverine gorge".

63. Mushen (Arabic origin) means "hummingbird".

64. Nurma (Latin origin) means "pomegranate plant".

65. Sheamus (Ireland origin) means "grain".

66. Uli (German origin) means "herbal plants".

67. Urash (Sumerian origin) means "world".

68. Urbarra (Sumerian origin) means "pack of wolves".

69. Urmah (Sumerian origin) means "King of the jungle".

70. Urtur (Sumerian origin) means "house dog".

71. Usun (Sumerian origin) means "holy cow".

72. Uten (Sumerian origin) means "sunlight".

73. Utur (Sumerian origin) means "morning".

74. Zimah (Sanskrit Origin) means "legitimate, lofty".

75. Zua (Arabic origin) means "acquaintance".

Names Inspired By Mesopotamia

The names on this list are inspired by Mesopotamian cities, Mesopotamian culture, arts in Mesopotamia, religion in Mesopotamia and civilizations of Mesopotamia. According to Sumerian mythology, Mesopotamians believed in many Goddesses and Gods, so in Mesopotamia's religion and Sumerian mythology, there are many worshipped deities.

76. An (Chinese origin) means "heaven, sky".

77. Dumuzi (Sumerian origin), means "loyal child".

78. Dumuzid (Sumerian origin) means "variant of Dumuzi".

79. Enki (Sumerian origin) means "underworld, mountain".

80. Enli (Sumerian origin) means "Lord world".

81. Gilgamesh (Sumerian origin) means "the ancestor is a hero".

82. Ikhur (Sumerian origin) means "Sumerian storm God".

83. Ki (Korean origin) means "Goddess of the earth".

84. Lugalbanda (Sumerian origin) means "young and fierce King".

85. Lilla (Babylonian origin) means "the spirit of an area".

86. Madala (Babylonian origin) means "a thick bundle of reeds used to build a raft".

87. Nanaya (Sumerian origin) means "the name of a Goddess".

88. Nanna (German origin) means "the Sumerian moon God".

89. Ninlil (Sumerian origin) means "a Sumerian Goddess, the consort of Enlil".

90. Ninsumun (Sumerian origin) means "variant of Ninsun".

91. Ninsun (Sumerian origin) means "lady of the wild cow".

92. Nintud/Nintur (Sumerian origin) means "mother Goddess".

93. Ninurta (Sumerian origin) means "God of agriculture and hunting".

94. Nissa (Hebrew origin) means "green vegetables".

95. Sal (English origin) means "reproduction".

96. Santana (Spanish origin) means "herbalist, horticulturist, orchard".

97. Sin (English origin) means "God of the moon".

98. Sister Ereshkigal (Greek origin) means "a lady of the great earth".

99. Uri (Hebrew origin) means "bald eagle".

100. Utu (Sumerian origin) means "sun".

101. Zaidu (Nigerian origin) means "brave hunter".

102. Zamama (Arabic origin) means "Babylonian war and sun God simultaneously".

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