100 Animal Crossing Town Names That Are Cute, Funny, And Sweet

Animal Crossing is one of the most favorite games.

Animal Crossing is a game by Nintendo and it was released back in 2001.  

Since its launch, a number of versions of this game have been launched. The main character of this game is a human player and he resides in a town.

This town is inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. One of the most interesting things about this game is that it is an open-ended game. This game does not have any specific goal or end. The players can do any activity as per their wish like planting trees, socializing with neighbors, and so on. One of the most interesting parts about this game is that the plants grow or any activity gets done as per their real timeline. Even the seasonal changes are also real.

At the start of the game, the player chooses the name of his town. The name could be anything right from nature to animal-inspired name. Animal Crossing Town name has only 8-10 characters. Thus, try to choose a name accordingly. You can go for a single letter word or even combine two small words to form a creative name. Even some syllables could also be combined to form a unique name. Some players like to use their surname or their first name and combine it with some other words. A personal touch to your town name is always appreciated. Naming your island in one of the animal crossing new horizons can be fun and easy. The Internet is filled with a number of creative names for islands like - Villa, Woodville, Lockwood and much more. But when it comes to naming your town then the options are limited. Thus, we have tried to cover all the details and shared some creative names with their origin and meaning.

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Cute Names For Animal Crossing Towns

Let's have a look at some of the cute animal new horizons.

1. A Young This cute town name means "refined".

2. Adeline This is one of the cute name which has French roots.

3. Aera This lovely new horizon for animal crossing means "lovely".

4. Ara This cute town names for animal crossing means "beautiful and good".

5. Aria This is one of the unique musical voice name.

6. Arlo This animal crossing town name signifies a singer.  

7. Banjo This is such a cute animal crossing town name meaning "musical".

8. Bom This is another cute town name which means "springtime".

9. Byeol This is one of the unique name ideas which means "star".

10. Chun Hei This is another cute name ideas which means "grace" and "justice".

11. Edith One of the old fashioned but classic name meaning "stylish".

12. Einar This animal crossing town name means "bold warrior".

13. Egypt One of the rare new horizons with a rich historical significance.

14. Ellis This cute name means "benevolent".

15. Festus This is one of the animal crossing names meaning "joyful".  

16. Ji Ah This is one of the unique name which means "wisdom".

17. Jermajesty One of the rare name which means "respect".

18. Levaeh One of the rare and cute name which signifies heaven.

19. Sparrow Such a cute name for a nature and bird lover person.

20. Tu Marrow Another version of tomorrow which can be named as hope.

Funny Naming Ideas For Animal Crossing Town  

You can name your characters and towns in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Town has some very interesting names. When you are interacting with the villagers you can even change their names too or give them new nicknames. But have you ever thought about giving a funny name to your town? Well, this might be once in a lifetime that someone is using a funny word. How about we give you some of the funniest words options and you make a choice out of them. Let's have a look at the animal crossing new horizons.

21. Abner It means "father of the light" but has an unusual pronunciation.

22. Amor It means "love" in Spanish and Portguese language.

23. Apple Such a fruity ACNL town names.

24. Barak, (Arabic origin) means "lightening".

25. Basil, (English origin meaning "royal and brave".

26. Cary, (English origin) meaning "pure".

27. Dakarai, (African origin) meaning "happiness".

28. Faron (French and English origin) meaning "handsome servant".

29. Gatlin It stands for "companion" or a "friend".

30. Genesis, (Greek origin) means "origin".

31. Huntley This means a "hunter" or a "hunted field".

32. Ian, (Scottish origin) means "God is gracious".

33. Jaziel This is a biblical word which means "allotted by God".

34. Jorah It means "first rain" or "autumn rain".

35. Kenzo, (Japanese origin) means "healthy and wise".

36. Kester A Greek baby word which means "carrier of the Christ".

37. Lockwood It means "forest near a fortified place".

38. Maxton (English and Latin origin) means "greatest".

39. Noam Another Biblical word which means "charm or pleasantness".

40. Onyx (Greek origin) meaning "precious black gemstone".

Name Of The Town With Lovely Meanings

You might have come across thousands of words for your animal crossing islands. But naming a town can be a bit tricky, You need to fit a word within a specified character guideline. And make sure that the word is unique. So, how about choosing a rich word. This will highlight your town and may attract some more characters and villagers towards you. Let's have a look at some of the town names with lovely meanings.

41. Aero, (Greek origin) means "sky" in Greek language.

42. Alaska An American State which means "great land".

43. Alina This means "a noble one".

44. Allura, (British origin) meaning "Godly adviser".

45. Amey This is a unique word which means "beloved".

46. Annabell A well known word which stands for "beauty and grace".

47. Ani, (Hawaiian origin) which stands for "beautiful".

48. Arabella When searched it means a "beautiful prayer".

49. Arlen, (Italian origin) means "pledge or promise".

50. Bellerose It means "a beautiful rose".

51. Belva, (Latin origin), meaning "beautiful view".

52. Bonnie A word which means "brave, beautiful and attractive".

53. Caily It means "slender".

54. Calliope It means "beautiful voice".

55. Ella It means "beautiful and fairy".

56. Felicia It means "lucky".

57. Iowa This means "beautiful land".

58. Lilybelle It means "beautiful Lilly".

59. Miyeon It means "kind hearted".

60. Miyuki Such an unusual word meaning "good luck".

Pet Animal Crossing Town Name

Have you wondered about giving a sweet word to your town in Animal crossing game? Well, you might have come across a variety of island names, but how about naming your town differently. Some of the most common Animal Crossing island names are - Lost, Paradise, and Bermuda Triangle. You can also give such unique and sweet names to your town too. Let's have a look at some of the sweet animal crossing town name.

61. Addison An extremely popular word which means "son of Adam".

62. Adeladie This is a vintage word which means "noble".

63. Adley This is a cute and modern word which is a variation of Hadley.

64. Amie This is a traditional word which means "beloved".

65. Anika, (African origin) means "sweetness of face".

66. Anwen, (Welsh origin stands for "beautiful".

67. Aphrodite, (Greek origin) This word is derived from Greek mythology meaning "Goddess of Love".

68. Asel, (Turkish origin) means "honey".

69. Betsy This is a retro word which is a short form of Elizabeth.

70. Chan, (Cambodian origin" means "sweet-smelling tree".

71. Charis This animal crossing new horizon word meaning "grace".

72. Darva, (Slavic origin) means "honeybee".

73. Douce, (French origin) meaning "gentle and sweet".

74. Drury, (French origin) meaning "dear sweetheart".

75. Dulcie, (Latin origin) meaning "sweet".

76. Eulalia, (French origin) meaning "sweetly speaking".

77. Habiba, (African origin) meaning "beloved sweetheart".

78. Iris This is one of the unique island name which means "rainbow".

79. Rebecca This new horizon island name meaning "gentle".

80. Stella This island name means "star".

Attractive Animal Crossing New Horizons Names

How about choosing some attractive island name for your animal crossing new horizons? You can take clues from the foreign dictionary and thus you will get some unique and never before meanings too. How about choosing from one of the animal crossing new horizon names for yourself. Have a look at some of the attractive names that you might have never heard before.

81. Aaliyah This is an Arabic animal crossing new horizons meaning "high spirited".

82. April This is one of the new horizons which means "opening of flower buds".

83. Aaria  Derived from Air, it means "lion of God".

84. Aspen This is one of the new horizons meaning "lightest breeze".

85. Belle This is used for Disney princess meaning "beautiful".

86. Celine, (French origin) meaning "sky or heaven".

87. Clara, (Latin origin) meaning "clear, bright and famous".

88. Clover This means "lucky".

89. Cora, (English origin) meaning "maiden".

90. Dahlia, (Sweden Origin) meaning "flower".

91. Emily, (German origin) meaning "hard-working".

92. Erin This is one of the island names meaning "green water".

93. Eva, (Hebrew origin) island names meaning "life".

94. Genevieve, (German origin) meaning "race of a woman".

95. Helen, (Greek origin) meaning "shining light".

96. Ivory, (English origin) meaning "pure".

97. Ivy, (English origin) island names meaning "faithfulness".

98. Kristin, (German origin) meaning "believer of Christ".

99. Layla, (Arabic origin) meaning "dusk".

100. Marianne This is a sweet name meaning "sense and sensibility".

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