50 Argonian Names With Meanings

Argonians have a lot of interesting names, rich in history.

The Elder Scrolls games series are hugely popular and from them, we get some cool Argonian names.  

Argonians are reptile folks in the world of Elder Scrolls. They live in the swampy marshland that the Argonian people refer to as the Black Marsh, so Argonian names are often called "Black marsh names" by outsiders.

Argonian names are derived from two major Argonian languages, the Jel and the Tamreilic. Receiving a name in the Argonian tradition is quite fascinating. The Elder Scrolls Argonian names are obtained on the day of Chukka-sei, a traditional day of naming celebrated in the season of Hist-dooka. On the day, a Tree Minder collects the sap that drips from the Hist tree, which the young Argonian drinks, and is given a name in Jel.

Their names in Tamreilic are either a separate name or the Jel name's meaning in Tamreilic. Tamreilic is generally preferred because Jel names are quite weird to pronounce. Here is the list of some of the best Argonian names.

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Male Argonian Names

Argonians have some fascinating male names. These male ESO Argonian names are perfect if you want to signify the strength of your character:

1. Alexandros (Latin origin), meaning "protector."

2. Alexian (Greek origin), meaning "to help."

3. Alexius (Latin origin), meaning "to defend."

4. Alexus (Ancient Greek origin), meaning "a caring man."

5. Augustian (Latin origin), meaning "to increase."

6. Claudius (Latin origin), meaning "crippled."

7. Demetrius (Greek Origin), meaning "devoted to religions."

8. Diocleticus (Roman Origin), meaning "four great rulers." There was a very courageous Roman King by this name as well as an Argonian warrior.

9. Heracles (Greek Origin), meaning "Glorious hero." It was also the name of Zeus's son, who was a divine hero in Argonian lore.

10. Hericus (Ancient Germanic Origin), meaning "ruler of the home."

11. Heros (Greek Origin), meaning "The leader."

12. Idolan (Ancient Roman Origin), meaning "one who is idolized." One of the unique Argonian warrior names.

13. Julian (Latin origin), meaning "youthful."

14. Julius (Roman Origin), meaning 'bearded.'

15. Neros (Roman Origin), meaning "vigorous."

16. Nerula (Indian Origin), meaning "fighter."

17. Pilian (Scottish Origin), meaning "horse rider."

18. Tibian (Nigerian Origin), meaning "beautiful things."

19. Tiberius (Latin Origin), meaning "near the river."

20. Usha (Sanskrit Origin), meaning "dawn." It is one of the unique male Skyrim Argonian names.

Female Argonian Names

There are many Argonian names that are strong and appropriate for male characters.

Argonians have many magical female names too. These are a few of the Argonian magical female names:

21. Aphena (Greek Origin), meaning "Goddess of knowledge."

22. Aphia (Phonecian Origin), meaning "most important."

23 Aphiana (Greek Origin), meaning "New Beauty."

24. Aphina (Greek Origin), meaning "Goddess of love."

25. Aphonia (Latin origin), meaning "soundless."

26. Artiana (Italian origin), meaning "very holy."

27. Artonia (Latin origin), meaning "magical."

28. Athiana (Greek Origin), meaning "war."

29. Athonia (English origin), meaning "princess." It was the name of an ancient kingdom.

30. Demiana (French origin), meaning "free half."

31 . Hecena (Greek Origin), meaning "bright light."

32. Judiana (French origin), meaning "benevolent."

33. Nikiana (Greek Origin), meaning "white." One of the most important Argonian healer names.

34. Perena (Latin origin), meaning 'eternal.'

35. Peronia (Greek Origin), meaning 'breath.'

36. Tabiana (Greek Origin), meaning 'luck.'

37. Tabina (Persian origin), meaning 'illumination.'

38. Terena (Greek Origin), means 'earthly.'

39. Teriana (English origin), meaning 'harvester.'

40. Tyrina (Greek Origin), meaning 'controller.'

Unisex Argonian Names

These Argonian names are obtained from Tamrelic languages that are used by the Argonians as their common tongue. The folklore mentions these names as unisex and sometimes describing the unique characters of the name holder:

41. Cali is a common unisex Argonian name and surname.

42. Thinks-in-gears is a fire Argonian mage.

43. Strong voice refers to an Argonian brewer.

44. Speaks-in-tongue is an Argonian name for someone who speaks in Jel.

45. Swims-in-silence is an Argonian member at Fort Virak.

46. Dar-Ma is the name of an Argonian daughter.

47. Theo (Greek origin) is a popular name.

48. Augus is another surname.

49. Xer is an Argonian name that can be used as a prefix for the name Xerxes.

50. Tiber is another prefix and can create the name, Tiberius.

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