75 Art Puns That Paint A Funny Picture

Art allows kids to express themselves visually using various different materials.

Art is the term for the expression of skill or imagination to produce visual work.

Art allows kids to express themselves visually using a range of different materials to produce original creations. Naturally, all kids are artists, creating freely without realising.

This freedom makes art great for kids, teaching them about color, shapes, sizes and improving their attention to detail. The fact that kids produce art so freely shows just how relaxing it is.

Art has always existed, humans can't resist being creative: from the words they say to the music they make to the designs they create. Art most commonly refers to fine art but can also be used to describe any creative activity, such as music, cooking, filming, and poetry. There are several types of art, the most popular being drawing, painting and sculpture.

Did you know that The Mona Lisa, one of the most famous paintings in the world, took Leonardo da Vinci four years to complete, and it only became famous after it was stolen? Or that the famous painter Vincent van Gogh sold only one piece of art in his lifetime. He became famed for his art after his death in 1890. Van Gogh only developed a love for art in his late twenties; prior to that he wanted to be a pastor!

As art is so influential, it's only right that we get some puns out of it! Take a look at our best and funniest art one liners.

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Funny Art Puns

Take a look at these funny puns for kids that are right up their stroke!

1. Blended by the light.

2. A rolling tone gathers no moss.

3. After all is said and tone.

4. Off to a flying art.

5. Eco-blendly.

6. A good beginning makes a good blending.

7. Blend the rules.

8. You are one art cookie.

9. A move in the light direction.

10. Get off to a bad art.

11. You sure do look the art.

12. Kick-art your day.

13. Absence makes the art grow fonder.

14. Carved in tone.

15. Round the blend.

16. Etched in tone.

17. Always look on the light side of life.

18. Don't get me arted.

19. Nothing to light home about.

20. Comfort tone.

Craft Puns

Here are some of the best art puns all about the crafts, to give some kids some great laughs!

21. And clay lived happily ever after.

22. Let's clay in touch.

23. By no etch of the imagination.

24. A clay in the life.

25. Time to face the mosaic!

26. Tomorrow is another clay.

27. Like mosaic to my ears.

28. Have the final clay.

29. I'm etching to go.

30. That's the clay it is.

31. In print condition.

Art often refers to fine art but can describe any creative activity.

Drawing Puns

Take a look at these awesome puns about art, focusing on the first type that most of us once got into, drawing.

32. Don't chalk it till you've tried it.

33. Working around the chalk.

34. Between a chalk and a hard place.

35. Going, going, drawn!

36. Ready pen you are.

37. Count to pen.

38. Quick on the draw.

39. It's hard to pen down.

40. Chalk a block.

41. Crosshatch to the other side.

42. Keep chalking.

43. That was draw-dropping.

44. Till the break of drawn.

45. Luck of the draw.

46. You're sketching the truth.

47. In the lion's pen.

48. Draw to a close.

49. Crosshatch your fingers.

50. Knock your chalks off.

51. All that and pen some.

52. Under chalk and key.

53. That's not how you portrait it.

54. At the crack of drawn.

55. Chalk full of problems.

56. Draw a line in the sand.

57. Pen and there.

58. Drawn with the wind.

59. On the home sketch.

60. This is the last draw.

61. You could've heard a pen drop.

62. Don't chalk the boat.

Painting Puns And Painter Puns

Here are some epic art puns all about painting. Who doesn't love paint puns?

63. It was pigment to be.

64. If it paint broke, don't fix it.

65. Bits and masterpieces.

66. Paint no mountain high enough.

67. You're doing a great daub.

68. Set your mind at easel.

69. Pop goes the easel.

70. Not for the paint of heart.

71. A pigment of your imagination.

72. Easel up.

73. Smack daub in the middle.

74. Paintbrush it off.

75. The mural high ground.



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