100+ Asian Girl Names With Meanings

Choose a unique Asian name for your baby.

Asia is a huge continent with beautiful landscapes, incredible cities, and wide and diverse cultures.

Picking a new name for your child is never easy. There isn’t a perfect rule or formula to find the best name.

It’s all down to your preference. However, if you’re having a hard time choosing one, our ultimate list of Asian girl names would help. Find them below. You can choose from common Asian names like Bashira and Cho, or common female Chinese names like Bo and Bai, or common Japanese names like Aki and Akira. Also check out our recommendations of Japanese girls names, and our Chinese girls names.

Japanese Names For Girls

Maybe one of these names will be the perfect fit for your little girl.

Japan is a country with incredible history, we think their names are just as incredible. Here are some popular Japanese girl names.

1. Aki, this popular Asian girl name means "sparkle".

2. Akira, one of the cool Asian girl names meaning "bright and intelligent".

3. Ayaka, this Asian name means "colorful flowers".

4. Bashira, meaning "bright and joyful".

5. Cho, meaning "butterfly". A popular Asian girl name.

6. Chiaki, this Asian name means "sparkling light".

7. Etsuko, an Asian name meaning "joyous child". One of the popular Asian girl names.

8. Emiko, this Asian name means "beautiful, blessed child".

9. Erika, this girl name means "fragrant pear".

10. Emi, meaning "blessing". One of the cute Japanese names for girls.

11. Fumiko, this girl name means "a child of immense beauty".

12. Himari, meaning "sun". A popular Asian girl name.

13. Hitomi, this girl Asian name means "pupil of the eye".

14. Kiara, this girl name means "fortunate".

15. Kagami, meaning "reflection in the mirror".

16. Kaiya, meaning "forgiving". One of the popular Asian girl names.

17. Kana, meaning "to be powerful". Another one of the popular Asian girl names.

18. Kasumi, meaning "mystical". or "magical".

19. Keon, meaning "real beauty". Among the popular Asian girl names.

20. Kimi, this Asian name means "beautiful story".

21. Kiyoko, this girl name means "pure" or "innocent".

22. Mio, meaning "pretty cherry blossom".

23. Miyu, this girl name means "beautiful moon". or "kindness".

24. Niko, meaning "daylight". One of the cute Asian girl names.

25. Nozomi, this Asian name means "hope". or "wish".

26. Nori, this girl name means "good with morals and beliefs".

27. Nisbitt, meaning "strong and reliable".

28. Natsu, meaning "warm person". One of the cute Asian baby names.

29. Oki, this Asian name means "master of everything".

30. Okimi, meaning "a bright ray of light".

31. Oishi, meaning "someone who is respected".

32. Reiko, this girl name means "being thankful or grateful".

33. Rini, meaning "cute". One of the best Asian baby names.

34. Sakai, this Asian name means "prosperous life".

35. Sanya, the popular name means "being happy".

36. Shiko, this girl name means "a strong woman".

37. Sayua, meaning "someone as fast as an arrow".

38. Shun, this Asian name means "being very talented".

39. Takara, this popular name means "as precious as a jewelry".

40. Taki, meaning "waterfall". One of the cute girl names.

41. Tomo, this girl name means "knowledgeable".

42. Wattan, meaning "from the homeland". One of the best girl names.

43. Yuna, this Asian name means "gentle and kind hearted".

44. Yumi, this Asian name means "extraordinary beauty".

Chinese Names For Girls

We think China has some of the loveliest asian girl names, why not look at our list and see if you agree.

45. Ai, this Chinese baby name means "love and affection".

46. Ah Kum, this Chinese baby name means "as good as gold".

47. Alix, this Chinese baby name means "dignified". One of the favorite girl names.

48. Ah Lam, meaning "peace".  One of the most serene girl names.

49. Bai, meaning "being crystal clear".

50. Bo, this Chinese baby name means "precious".

51. Chenguang, this Chinese baby name means "morning light".

52. Changchang, this Chinese baby name means "flourishing".

53. Chao-Xing, this Chinese baby name means "morning star".

54. Chang, meaning "being free".  One of the best girl names.

55. Chow, meaning "summertime".

56. Chunhua, meaning "spring flower".

57. Diu, this Chinese baby name means "someone who is down-to-earth".

58. Ehuang, this Chinese baby name means "beautiful".

59. Fenfang, meaning "fragrant".

60. Huan, meaning "happiness".

61. Hui Ying, this Chinese baby name means "intelligent" or "bright".

62. Huian, meaning "obliging".  One of the best girl names.

63. Huifang, this Chinese baby name means "being kind".

64. Jun, meaning "obedient and truthful".

65. Jia, this Chinese baby name means "beautiful".

66. Jiahui, meaning "a good person".  One of the best girl names.

67. Hwei-ru, meaning "being wise and intelligent".

68. Jin, this Chinese baby name means "gold".

69. Jun, this Chinese baby name means "truth".

70. Juan, meaning "gracious".

71. Li ming, meaning "bright and beautiful".

72. LiMei, meaning "pretty plum flower".

73. LiMing, meaning "someone who is bright and pretty".

74. Lixue, meaning "as pure as snow".

75. Lifen, meaning "gorgeous fragrance".

76. Meili, meaning "beautiful".  One of the most beautiful girl names.

77. Mei Xing, this Chinese baby name means "a beautiful star".

78. Meihui, the name means "great wisdom".

79. Ming Yue, meaning "bright moon".

80. Na, meaning "smooth and elegant".

81. Nuying, meaning "girl flower".

82. Peizhi, meaning "respectful".

83. Qiang, this name means "rose".

84. Qiao, meaning "skillful".  One of the best girl names.

85. Rong, meaning "beautiful".

86. Shu Fang, meaning "sweet and gentle".

87. Sying, meaning "star".

88. Ting, the Asian name means "graceful".

89. Wei, this Asian name means "precious".

90. Xia, meaning "sunrise/sunset glow".

91. Xiao Chen, meaning "dawn". One of the cute baby names for your child.

92. Xiu, this Asian name means "pretty".

93. Xue, meaning "snow".

94. Yi Jie, meaning pure".

95. Yin, meaning "silver". One of the best baby names for your girl.

96. Yuan, meaning "original".

97. Yue, meaning "moon".  One of the favorite baby names for your child.

98. Yun, meaning "cloud".

99. Yunru, meaning "charming".

100. Zi, meaning "graceful".

Popular East Asian Names

The east Asian region comprises of Japan, China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, and Taiwan, the following list is the most popular names from that region. These are some of the most popular asian girl names from across the world.

101. Ae-Ri, meaning "gainer of merit, profit, and gains".

102. Aera, meaning "love".  One of the most lovely baby names for your child.

103. Areum, meaning "beauty".

104. Bitna, meaning "shining". A cute name for your child.

105. Bong-Cha, this Asian name means "the ultimate girl".

106. Byeol, meaning "star". A cool baby name for your child.

107. Chung Cha, meaning "noble daughter".

108. Choon-Hee, this girl name means "a baby born during spring". Perfect for a spring time child.

109. Chin-Sun, meaning "someone who seeks the goodness in everything".

110. Chul, meaning "firmness".

111. Dae, this Asian name means "shining".

112. Dasom, this Asian name means "love".

113. Eo-Jin, meaning "being compassionate".

114. Eun Jung, meaning "grace and affection".

115. Eun-Kyung, meaning "a graceful gem".

116. Eun Ae, meaning "love and grace".

117. Eui, meaning "someone with good conscious".

118. Eunji, meaning "mercy, kindness, intellect".

119. Goo, meaning "someone who completes you".

120. Gi, this Asian name means "a brave girl".

121. Hae-Won, meaning "graceful".

122. Hea, meaning "grace".

123. Hana, this Asian name means "flower".

124. Hei Ryung, meaning "grace and brightness".

125. Hyo-Sonn, meaning "a gentle woman".

126. Hyun-Ae, meaning "a loving girl".

127. Jee, meaning "knowledge" or "wisdom".

128. Jin Ae, meaning "truth" or "treasure".

129. Jin Kyong, this Asian name means "brightness" or "treasure".

130. Jae Hwa, meaning "being prosperous".

131. Kwan, meaning "a strong girl".

132. Kyung Soon, meaning "honored".

133. Mi Cha, meaning "beautiful daughter".

134. Mi-Ok, this Asian name means "pretty pearl".

135. Min, meaning "someone with a sharp mind".

136. Myung-Hee, meaning "brightness and pleasure".

137. Mi-Hi, this Asian name means "joy".

138. So, this Asian name means "smile".

139. Soo Jin, meaning "excellence, treasure, and truth".

140. Soo Min, the baby name means "being clever".

141. Sun Jung, meaning "goodness and noble".

142. Uk, the baby name means "sunrise".

143. Yun, the baby name means "lotus".

North Asian Girl Names

For those looking to Russia and the northern areas of Asia, here are some name suggestions for your child.

144. Angelina, the baby name means "a blessing sent from heaven".

145. Alyona, the baby name means "torch".

146. Bella, the baby name means "beautiful".

147. Darya, meaning "prosperous and wealthy".

148. Esfir, the baby name means "star".

149. Faina, the baby name means "light".

150. Gala, the baby name means "calm".

151. Grusha, the baby name means "wild and majestic".

152. Irina, the baby name means "peace".

153. Jekaterina, the baby name means "pure".

154. Karina, one of the best baby names that means "pure".

155. Lara, one of the best baby names that means "cheerful".

156. Lana, one of the favorite baby names that means "light".

157. Nina, one of the popular baby names that means "grace".

158. Paulina, one of the cool baby names that means "little stone".

159. Sanvi, one of the best baby names that means "knowledge".

160. Yeva, one of the best baby names that means "life", we think it would be perfect for a miracle child.

161. Zarya, one of the best baby names that means "sunrise".

South Asian Girl Names

Why not choose a South Asian name for your baby.

If you are in one of the South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, and others, this list of names would help.

162. Aashvi, one of the best baby names that means "blessed and victorious".

163. Adya, one of the best baby names that means "supreme power”.

164. Aastha, one of the best baby names that means "faith".

165. Anushri, one of the best baby names that means "gorgeous".

166. Aahana, one of the favorite baby names that means "inner light".

167. Aanandi, this baby girl name means "happy woman".

168. Bagesri, one of the best baby names that means "beauty" or "prosperity".

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Asian girl names, why not take a look at our list of Vietnamese girl names or ocean names for girls.



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