128 Astonishing Aries Facts For All Fire Babies

The zodiac symbol for Aries is the ram.

How much do you know about the Aries sign, the zodiac sign for April and March?

If the answer to this question is too little, we have got you covered! These interesting facts about Aries will provide you with all the information you need to understand everything about the zodiac sign.

This article contains information such as the dates for Aries, the traits of Aries and the things which represent Aries in astrology.

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Interesting Facts About The Aries Zodiac Sign

If you are wondering when the month of Aries is, why they are associated with the ram and you want to find out all about Aries' horoscope, read on! These facts about the Aries zodiac will tell you everything you need to know about the sign.

1. Aries' lucky day is Tuesday.

2. Their lucky numbers are 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63 and 72.

3. Their lucky colors are red and scarlet red.

4. Their lucky season is Spring.

5. Their element is fire.

6. Their lucky stones are rubies and diamonds.

7. The tarot card which represents Aries is the Emperor.

8. Their lucky metal is iron.

9. The Sanskrit name for Aries is Mesha.

10. In Ancient Egypt, Aries was associated with Amun and Amunet, who represent the life force of the universe.

11. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac.

12. As they are the first zodiac sign, Aries are sometimes called the babies of the Zodiac.

13. The best gift for Aries are sports accessories and clothing or work related items.

14. Their lucky plant is a succulent, which carries thorns and prickles.

15. The sign begins on 21 March and ends on 19 April.

15. Aries season begins at the Vernal Equinox which represents the yearly rebirth of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is the beginning of Spring.

16. Aries is one of the most active and vibrant of the zodiac signs, they are certainly not shy.

17. The zodiac symbol for Aries is the ram.

18. Aries' ruling planet is Mars, which is known to be the planet of desire and action.

19. Aries are often known as the Warriors of the Zodiac as Mars is the God of War.

Aries' ruling planet is Mars.

Facts About Aries Men

Read on if you want to find out more about the characteristics of an Aries man! They are strong leaders and enjoy adrenaline, but they can also be hard to control, like their spirit animal the ram.

20. Aries men are born leaders, not followers. They like to have control in their relationships.

21. Aries men have very expressive tastes.

22. Aries men can be very jealous and require proof of their partner's feelings.

23. Aries men like partners who are similarly blunt, honest and brave.

24. Aries men do not like being controlled, limited or restricted.

25. Aries men have a large ego which can be difficult to deal with.

26. Aries men are highly ambitious and high achieving.

27. Aries men have a need for speed and often like to drive fast cars.

28. Aries men are risk takers and love adrenaline. As such, they love bungee jumping or driving motorcycles.

Facts About Aries Women

The facts below will give you a good idea of the personality of Aries women. Similarly to the ram, Aries women are leaders and often quite stubborn.

29. An Aries woman is often quite masculine, even in her character and personality.

30. Aries women have always been pioneers in their fields. For example, Jane Goodall is a leading nature conservationist.

31. As she is busy leading initiatives and defending her opinions, an Aries woman does not have time to cook so she will often get takeout!

32. An Aries woman will most likely have a small, tight knit group of friends.

33. An Aries woman has incredibly high standards and does not fall for just anyone.

34. An Aries woman is not to be underestimated, as they are very powerful.

35. An Aries woman likes to put herself first.

36. Aries women hate being told what to do.

37. Aries women like to feel proud of their partner.

Aries Love Facts

Below are some traits of Aries people when they are in relationships and how they may behave when they have feelings for someone! Take notes of these interesting facts about Aries and their feelings!

38. Aries love to make their friends and partners smile.

39. In order to win over an Aries you have to show dedication and stubbornness,  don't give up!

40. Aries are loyal and will never let you face problems alone.

41. In a relationship, Aries can't stand someone who is clingy, who grovels, or who makes excuses for their behavior.

42. Aries prefer partners who can defend themselves and are not easily dominated.

Aries is the first zodiac sign.

Aries Traits

These interesting facts about the Aries personality will give you all the cards to understand their character and behavior better. If you love learning about the zodiac signs, you will love these facts about Aries traits.

43. Aries are always keen to defend their opinions and what they believe in.

44. As warriors, Aries are empowered by exercise and shows of physical strength.

45. Aries are very clinical and efficient; they do not dwell on finished business.

46. As a fire sign, Aries can be highly emotional and passionate about the things they care about.

47. Aries people are rarely sad, they are emotionally strong.

48. Aries, male or female, are naturally comfortable around men and feel good doing "masculine" activities.

49. Because they are spontaneous and efficient, Aries can sometimes be tactless as they speak before they think.

50. They may not realise that they have caused upset, as they are themselves not prone to being sad.

51. Aries are extroverts and as such are big fans of parties with loud music and dancing.

52. Aries are terrible at faking interest.

53. Aries are lovers of all genres of music.

54. Behind their strong and tough exterior, Aries have a big heart and are known for their kindness.

55. They will go above and beyond for the people they love.

56. Aries despise being controlled or micromanaged.

57. Aries love to prove people wrong by accomplishing something they have been told is impossible.

58. Aries are impatient and angry drivers.

59. When hurt, Aries will become quiet and cold to show their emotions or remain very strong and secure to high them.

60. Aries do not care about being popular and having loads of friends, as long as they have genuine people in their lives.

61. They can find out everything about you just from your actions.

62. Aries are honest and blunt, they always tell it how they see it.

63. Aries can be overprotective, so don't hurt someone they love or you will feel the consequences!

64. Aries are so stubborn they are not scared of acting on something even if the rest of the world disagrees with them.

65. Aries hate not knowing what's going on, they always want to be kept informed.

66. As they are so independent, Aries sometimes struggle to ask for help when they need it.

67. Aries are quite hyperactive and sometimes have problems sleeping as a result.

68. Aries have a crazy sense of humor.

69. Aries are very transparent and open people, so if you would like to know something about them, ask them upfront and they will reply!

70. Because they are so outgoing and honest, Aries can be quite intimidating people.

71. Aries are very accident prone.

72. Aries can appear bossy because they are opinionated and confident.

73. Aries can't stand standing back and watching something they know will fail.

74. Aries do not like people who show weakness, and they do not like to show it themselves. They are strong, and they expect the same from others.

75. Aries do not like complicated things, as they are impatient and get bored easily.

76. Aries have a quick temper and can come across as moody.

77. Aries can process failure or take in an insult or attack without showing any sign of emotion or weakness.

78. Aries are highly talkative.

79. Aries are very good observers, which means they are always able to uncover the truth in any situation.

80. Aries can be described as acting now and thinking later.

81. Aries are very creative and can be surprising.

82. As they are action-oriented, Aries tend to not wallow on their problems but focus on finding a solution to them.

83. Aries are highly independent and will often need space if they are in a relationship.

84. Aries are highly competitive people and love to win.

85. Aries are problem solvers.

86. Aries can be sarcastic and savage.

87. Aries can get frustrated if they have to explain something to someone who struggles to understand it.

88. If they are ignored, Aries will talk louder.

89. If you need something done fast, you can rely on an Aries friend and their efficiency.

90. Some of Aries' best qualities are leadership, strength and power.

91. Aries are very assertive people, not afraid to express their opinions.

92. Aries are adventurous and enjoy trying new things.

93. Aries are often a step ahead of everyone else, whether they are literally walking or accomplishing things.

94. Respect is very important for Aries: as long as you respect them, they will respect you.

95. As a fire sign, Aries enjoy spicy and hot food.

96. Because they frequently exercise, they need a high calorie diet.

97. As Mars is their ruling planet, Aries are youthful and full of energy, which means they often look younger than they are.

98. Aries dislike restrictions and often like to push boundaries.

99. Thanks to their ruling planet, Aries have strong survival instincts and they are natural fighters.

100. Aries are enthusiastic, decisive, spontaneous and do not mind taking initiative.

101. As the first sign, Aries are the leaders of the Zodiac.

102. Because they are outgoing, Aries are great company and are good entertainers.

103. As a result of being spontaneous, Aries do not always evaluate the timing or feasibility of projects. If they lose interest in it, they will abandon it, even if it is incomplete.

104. Aries can be very immature.

105. Aries are highly optimistic, sometimes too much so and they can be seen as foolish or naive.

106. Aries are impatient, hence why they often abandon projects before completion.

107. Aries can be selfish, egotistical and too proud to admit their mistakes.

108. Aries can be jealous and merciless, sometimes resorting to violence to get what they want.

109. Even if they lose their temper fast, Aries do not hold grudges.

110. As their ruling planet indicates, Aries are courageous and brazen.

111. Aries are most compatible with people who have the zodiac sign of Aquarius, Gemini, Leo or Sagittarius. These are the signs that they should marry.

112. Aries need plenty of stimulation and action in their friendships and relationships, or else they might lose interest.

113. Because of this, they often have a lot of drama going on in their life.

114. Aries can be very romantic, but they need someone who can keep them hooked.

115. Aries are inconsistent, being very enthusiastic at the start of a project before losing interest and abandoning it.

116. Aries are known for their determination and for being quick-minded.

117. Aries love being outdoors, especially to exercise.

Famous Aries

All of the celebrities below are proud Aries babies, look out for your idol in this list!

118. American actor Alec Baldwin is Aries.

119. Actor James Franco is Aries.

120. Actor Robert Downey Jr. is Aries.

121. Actor Charlie Chaplin was Aries.

122. Painter Vincent Van Gogh was Aries.

123. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is Aries.

124. Actress Reese Witherspoon is Aries.

125. Actress Emma Watson is Aries.

126. Actress Kristen Stewart is Aries.

127. Singer Mariah Carey is Aries.

128. Singer Diana Ross is Aries.

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