100 Austrian Last Names With Meanings And History

Austria has a diverse population and hence, there are a lot of surnames.

The importance of a surname is so deep-rooted in our past that we have forgotten how meaningful and important they are and the legacy a name carries.

Austrian family names are just the perfect examples of last names that are rich in history and have been around for generations. However, not many people know the root origin and the true meaning behind these surnames.

Austrian descendants are found everywhere in the world. Their last names differ according to how they have spread across the world. Last names are a way to trace back any family history. And the same holds true for the last names of Austrians. The last names can differ by religion, origin, occupation, and various other characteristics. So, we present to you the list of some of the popular and unique Austrian surnames with their meanings and history.

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Common Austrian Last Names

Austrians speak German, and therefore, it is no wonder that most of them have a German last name. Here is the list of some common last names from Austria with their meanings.

1. Aigner (Austrian Origin), last name referring to the tribal conflicts in ancient times.

2. Auer (German Origin), meaning "Dweller near a Marsh, Living by a Water Meadow."

3. Bauer (Austrian Origin), meaning "Peasant, Farmer". The name is also said to have been a nickname for "Neighbor" or "Fellow Citizen".

4. Baumgartner (German Origin) meaning "Nurseryman or Tree Gardener."

5. Berger (French Origin), meaning "Shepherd, Mountain Dweller". A shepherds were very important during the medieval times, this name has gained quite a reputation.

6. Binder (Austrian Origin), and the name is derived from the occupation of bookbinding.

7.  Böhm (German Origin), meaning "One Who Came from Bohemia".

8.  Brunner (Austrian Origin), meaning "One Who Dug Wells".

9.  Ebner (German Origin) meaning "Dweller in the Lowlands". This surname is a variant of Abner's name.

10. Eder (German Origin). This last name represents the ones who lived near Eder River in West Germany.

11. Egger (Austrian Origin), meaning "Prosperity and Spear".

12. Fink (Austrian Origin), meaning "Finch Bird". In medieval times, this surname was closely related to the feudal society which would become prominent throughout European history.

13. Fischer (German Origin), meaning "Fisherman" This name is known for its beauty, industry, and economic power.

14. Fritz (German Origin), meaning "Peace."

15. Fuchs (German Origin), meaning "Fox". This name was represented for the proprietorship of an estate or influence in the village.

16. Graf (Swiss Origin), meaning "Overseer in a Lord's Establishment."

17. Gruber (German Origin) this name represents a person who is living near a pit. It is the most common Austrian last name.

18. Haas (German Origin), meaning "Hare."

19. Haider (German Origin), meaning "Living on a Heath."

20. Hauser (German Origin), meaning "A Dweller in a house for which a money rent is paid."

21. Hofbauer (Austrian Origin), meaning "One Who Worked a Farm."

22. Hofer (Austrian Origin), meaning "The One Who Came From Hof or a Farm".

23. Hofmann (German Origin) meaning "Owner or manager of a large farm." This last name is associated with Albert Hofmann, who was a Swiss chemist.

24. Holzer (German Origin) this name is derived from the word Holz which means "Forest".

25. Huber (German Origin), meaning "Owner of Farmland."

26. Kaiser (Austrian Origin), meaning "Emperor". It is the oldest German word which is borrowed from Latin.

27. Karner (Irish Origin) meaning "black or dark brown."

28. Kaufmann (German Origin) meaning "A Merchant or a Tradesman." This last name is linked with Walter Arnold Kaufmann, who was a German-American philosopher, translator, and poet.

29. Kern (German Origin), meaning "Excellent Choice."

30. Koch (German Origin), meaning "Art of Cookery."

31. Koller (German Origin), meaning "charcoal burner". This last name is associated with Jan Koller, who is a Czech former professional footballer who played as a striker.

32. König (German Origin), meaning "The King". It denotes someone successful in sports and in other skillful matches.

Popular Austrian Last Names

Some of the popular surnames in Austria stands out all over the world.

Here are some popular Austrian last names with meaning. These are top family names in Austria and some are also German last names.

33. Krenn (German Origin), meaning "Crane". This name seems to have also been a nickname for a nickname tall, thin person.

34. Lackner (Austrian Origin) This surname originates from a place in Oxfordshire, called Lewknor.

35. Lang (British Origin), meaning "Tall". This is also the last name of Fritz Lang, a famous director who directed the movie, M.

36. Lechner (German Origin) It was given to families who lived near the Lech River in western Germany.

37. Lehner (German Origin), meaning "One Who Holds Land as a Feudal Tenant."

38. Leitner (Austrian Origin), meaning "A Mountainside Slope".

39. Maier (German Origin), meaning "Mayor" or "Elected Head of a Community". This surname is linked with Arne Maier, who is a German footballer

40. Mair (British Origin) This last name represents someone who is in charge of executing summonses and other legal matters.

41. Maurer (Austrian Origin), meaning "Wall". Derived from the occupation of the builder of stone walls.

42. Mayer (British Origin), meaning "Mayor, Elected Head of a Community."

43. Mayr (German Origin), the name is referred to as a representative of a manor's lord and then to the tenant of a small court.

44. Moser (German Origin) meaning "of Mosser". Mosser is a geographical locality, and it is a chapelry in the parish of Brigham.

45. Müller (German Origin), meaning "Owners of the Mill." This is the name of a famous football player in Germany, Thomas Müller.

46. Pichler (German Origin) meaning "Hill" This name was given to someone who lived in a hill's physical geographical area.

47. Reiter (German Origin) meaning "Horseback Rider" or "Knight." The people having this name were knights or descendants of knights.

48. Schmid (German Origin) meaning "Worker in Metals or a Smith". One of the most popular and common surnames in Austria.

49. Schmidt (German Origin) meaning "Smith" as in blacksmith or goldsmith.

50. Schneider (German Origin), meaning "The One Who makes Outer Garments, Tailor." This surname is associated with Bernd Schneider, who is a retired German footballer

51. Schuster (German Origin), meaning "Shoemaker, Cobbler."

52. Schwarz (Austrian Origin) meaning "Black" or "One with Dark and Swarthy Complexion."

53. Seidl (Austrian Origin) This surname in German is referred to as the descendant of Sitto, which is a pet form of Siebert, and it is also referred to as the community who came from Seide in Germany.

54. Stadler (German Origin) meaning "Dweller near a Barn" or "From Stadel, Germany."

55. Steiner (Austrian Origin), meaning "Stone Cutter".

56. Strasser (German Origin), meaning "On the Street."

57. Wagner (German Origin), meaning "One Who Drives or Makes Wagons."

58. Wallner (German Origin) meaning "a person who was a powerful warrior or an army ruler". This surname is associated with Matthew Wallner, who is an American professional baseball outfielder.

59. Weber (German Origin), meaning "Weaver". This surname is linked with Yannick Cyril Weber, who is a Swiss professional ice hockey defenseman.

60. Weiss (German Origin) meaning "White like Snow".

61. Wieser (Austrian Origin) meaning in German is "Owner of a Meadow".

62. Wimmer (Austrian Origin) meaning "The one who takes care of church property" or "Descendant of Winemaker."

63. Winkler (German Origin), meaning "Dweller in the Corner or Nook."

64. Winter (British Origin) This surname was given to a person who was born in wintertime or wet season. This surname is linked with Dean Winters, who played a major role in John Wick.

65. Wolf (German Origin) meaning "Wolf" or "Battle."

Unique Austrian Surnames

Austria is a small country in Europe with a varied population. To identify them, there are certain unique family names too. Such unique last names are listed below:

66. Augustin (European Origin) meaning "Vulnerable". This is one of many popular German surnames which is associated with Jean-Kévin Augustin, who is a French professional footballer.

67. Buchberger (German Origin) meaning "Tree".

68. Dobler (German Origin) means "One who lived in a wooded valley or ravine". Dobler is one of the most common German last names in Germany.

69. Engel (German Origin) meaning "Meadow".

70. Frey (American Origin), meaning "God of Love".

71. Hammerl (German Origin), meaning "Enthusiasm is more Dire Circumstances."

72. Hinterleitner (Austrian Origin), meaning "Radiant."

73. Hufnagl (German Origin), meaning "Hoof."

74.Hummer (American Origin) meaning "Lobster."

75.Kasper (German Origin), meaning "Wise Men who went to Bethlehem."

76. Klammer (Austrian Origin), meaning "Living near a Gorge."

77. Kohler (American Origin), meaning "Charcoal Burner."

78.Kolar (American Origin), meaning "Charcoal Burner". It is divided from the surname Kohler.

79.Koppensteiner (Austrian Origin), meaning "Crow on top of the stone."

80.Lukas (German Origin), meaning "Descendant of Light".

81. Muhr (German Origin), meaning "Dweller a near-wall."

82.Neumayer (German Origin), meaning "Ski Jumper."

83. Paar (Austrian Origin), meaning "House of Priest."

84. Pfleger (German Origin), meaning "The One Who Plowed their Fields."

85. Reich (German Origin), meaning "Mighty."

86. Rieser (Austrian Origin), meaning "Warrior."

87. Rotter (German Origin), meaning "A Performer on the Rot."

88.Schmaltz (Austrian origin) meaning "to melt ". This surname was used as an employment surname for Chandlers.

89.Schorgl (German origin) meaning "Lover of the land".

90.Springer (American Origin) meaning "Jump or Leap". This name is linked with Thomas Springer, who held land in Aberdeen, 1396, and since then, this surname came into being.

91. Stern (American Origin), meaning "Star". The surname is derived from an old nickname for someone who was stern or very strict in nature.

92.Strauss (American Origin), meaning "Crest." Levi Strauss is a designer who revolutionized jeans.

93.Stummer (Austrian Origin), meaning "Famous."

94.Tischler (German Origin), meaning "Carpenter."

95.Unterberger (German origin) meaning "habitational".  It is kept as the name of many of the places in Austria.

96.Waldner (American Origin), meaning "Forester."

97.Weisman (Austrian origin) meaning "white man".

98.Winkler (German origin) meaning "corner ". This name is associated with popular German actress Angela Winkler.

99.Zamloch (German origin) meaning "bread roll".

100.Zimin (German origin) meaning " happiness".

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