90+ Awesome 80s Trivia Questions: How Much Do You Remember?

Find the best '80s trivia questions in this '80s quiz.

The '80s remind us mainly of the new genres of movies and music.

It is a fun ride to go down memory lane and explore the decade again! So, why not plunge into the best '80s trivia that will take you back in time?

Do you remember the unforgettable beat of '80s music like 'Earth Song' by Michael Jackson? You can learn more interesting facts about the '80s decade by digging deeper into these specialized categories of 1980's trivia questions ranging from '80s duets to trivia all about the movies and TV shows! Let's find out how you know the '80s through these 80's quiz questions and answers. First step: think of a team name. We like Pacman Posse or Neon Nation!

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'80s Movies Trivia

Whether you love 'Back To The Future' or 'Dirty Dancing', you can dive back in time into the world of '80s movies through these great '80s trivia questions and answers.

1. Question: What movie stars Mr. T as Sinbad, the sailor living in New York?

Answer: 'Sinbad The Sailor'

2. Question: Who played the leading role in the movie 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'?

Answer: Charlie. B Barkin

3. Question: Which '80s movie has six sequels and a TV series in its name?

Answer: 'Police Academy'

4. Question: Name the highest grossing film of the decade?

Answer: 'E. T. The Extra-Terrestrial'

5.  Question: In which animated movie does the song 'There Are No Cats In America' feature?

Answer: 'An American Tail'

6. Question: In the movie 'The Breakfast Club' which actor played the character named Jock?

Answer: Emilio Estevez

7. Question: What is the name of the apatosaurus in 'The Land Before Time'?

Answer: Littlefoot

8. Question: What is the real name of Baby in 'Dirty Dancing'?

Answer: Frances Houseman

9. Question: What is the total number of 'Star Wars' films released in the 1980s?

Answer: Two. 'The Empire Strikes Back' and 'The Return of the Jedi'.

10. Question: Name the 1980 film based on the life of John Merrick.

Answer: 'The Elephant Man'

11. Question: What was the popular tagline of the movie 'The Transformers: The Movie'?

Answer: "Beyond good. Beyond evil. Beyond your wildest imagination."

12. Question: Which is the first Disney animated film that made use of computer graphics?

Answer: 'The Fox And The Hound'

13. Question: Who is the director of the 1982 movie 'Blade Runner'?

Answer: Ridley Scott

14. Question: What is the name of the main female character in 'The Terminator'?

Answer: Sarah

15. Question: Who is the central character of the 1985 movie 'Desperately Seeking Susan'?

Answer: Madonna

16. Question: What is the name of the movie based on the 1971 novel titled 'Mrs. Frisby And The Rats Of NIMH'?

Answer: 'The Secret Of NIMH'

17. Question: Which movie started the Disney Renaissance Era?

Answer: 'The Little Mermaid'

18. Question: What film is a fantasy comedy directed by Tim Burton, starring Michael Keaton and Alec Baldwin?

Answer: 'Beetlejuice'

19. Question: In the movie 'Sixteen Candles', who drives the Rolls-Royce car?

Answer: Jake Ryan’s father

20. Question: What is the name of the candy that Eliot gives to E.T.?

Answer: Reese’s Pieces

21. Question: Which movie is Alan Rickman’s first feature film role?

Answer: 'Die Hard'

22. Question: Which 1980 American parody film was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture?

Answer: 'Airplane!'

23. Question: What is the name of the first Indiana Jones series starring Harrison Ford?

Answer: 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark'

24. Question: What is the 1984 comedy film with supernatural elements that gained two Oscar nominations?

Answer: 'Ghostbusters'

25. Question: Which 1985 film starred the celebrated teen group, Brat Pack?

Answer: 'The Breakfast Club'        

26. Question: Which '80s movie was written as a tribute to the city of Chicago?

Answer: 'Ferris Bueller’s Day Off'

27. Question: What is the Prince’s name in the 1987 fantasy film 'The Princess Bride'?

Answer: Prince Humperdinck

28. Question: What is the name of Jake Ryan’s girlfriend in 'Sixteen Candles'?

Answer: Caroline Mulford

29. Question: Which film features this famous quote “Carpe Diem boys. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary?”

Answer: 'Dead Poets Society'

30. Question: What do River Phoenix and his friends search for in the movie 'Stand By Me'?

Answer: A dead body

31. Question: What weapon does Indiana Jones mainly use?

Answer: His whip

32. Question: What is the real name of Duckie in the movie 'Pretty In Pink'?

Answer: Jon Cryer

33. Question: Where does Eddie Murphy’s character work in the movie 'Harlem Nights'?

Answer: Club Sugar Ray

34. Question: Who plays the main character in the movie 1988 comedy-drama movie 'Big'?

Answer: Tom Hanks

35. Question: Towards the end of the movie 'Say Anything', what song does Lloyd Dobler play in his boombox?

Answer: 'In Your Eyes'

36. Question: In which '80s movie did Bob Hoskins star as Detective Eddie Valiant?

Answer: 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit'

37. Question: What is the age of Prince in 'Purple Rain'?

Answer: 25

38. Question: What is the spirit that takes hold of Sigourney Weaver’s character in the film 'Ghostbusters'?

Answer: Zuul

'80s Sports Trivia

These questions about sport are all about the '80s.

The decade witnessed new talents arising in different sports. Test everything you should know about the major milestones of '80s sports by guessing the answers to these interesting eighties trivia questions!

39. Question: Where was the 1988 Winter Olympics hosted?

Answer: Canada

40. Question: In which year did Steffi Graf win her first Wimbledon singles title?

Answer: 1988

41. Question: Which Grand Slam tournament final takes place in a meadow?

Answer: US Open

42. Question: How many players were in the Australian team for the 1989 Ashes series?

Answer: 12                                    

43. Question: In 1984, which team was Hakeem Olajuwon a part of?

Answer: Houston Rockets

44. Question: Which team was Magic Johnson part of in the '80s?

Answer: Los Angeles Lakers

45. Question: Who won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987?

Answer: New Zealand

46. Question: Who was the winner of the Grand National in 1986?

Answer: West Tip ridden by Richard Dunwoody

47. Question: Name the coach of the USA hockey team that participated in the 1980 Olympics.

Answer: Herb Brooks

48. Question: When was the last soccer World Cup of the '80s held?

A: 1986

49. Question: Who won the Heisman Trophy during the 1980s?

Answer: George Rogers

50. Question: Which country won 83 gold medals and topped the 1984 Olympics medal table?

Answer: USA

51. Question: Who had the highest number of Ladies Singles titles at Wimbledon in the 1980s?

Answer: Martina Navratilova

52. Question: Who won the World Darts Championship both in 1982 and 1989?

Answer: Jocky Wilson

53. Question: Who won the Tour de France in 1989?

Answer: Greg LeMond

54. Question: Who won the Formula One World Title in 1984?

Answer: Niki Lauda

55. Question: Who won the World Snooker Championship at the Crucible in 1986?

Answer: Joe Johnson

'80s Video Game Trivia

Find retro and funny 80's trivia questions with answers here.

The 1980s were the home ground for innovations and creative developments in the video game industry. Test your knowledge of the quirky games that were created in the '80s here!

56. Question: Which 1981 video game has the same name as a Shakespearean play?

Answer: 'Tempest'

57. Question: Which 1982 video game makes use of a flying spacecraft and isometric projection?

Answer: 'Zaxxon'

58. Question: What is the name of a 1981 video game series featuring the adventures of a gorilla?

Answer: 'Donkey Kong'

59. Question: What is the total number of dots on a 'Pac-Man' board?

Answer: 240

60. Question: Who designed the shooter arcade game known as 'Centipede'?

Answer: Dona Bailey

61. Question: Name the three missiles in 'Missile Command'?

Answer: Alpha, Delta and Omega

62. Question: What are the two Atari arcade games designed by Dave Theurer in 1980?

Answer: 'Missile Command' and 'Tempest'

63. Question: What is the name of the bomb used to destroy the enemies in 'Tempest'?

Answer: Super-zapper                                                                                                                          

64. Question: Which game designed in 1981 consists of boxes and floating lines?

Answer: 'Qix'

65. Question: What is the name of the sequel to the 'Tron' game?

Answer: 'Discs Of Tron'

66. Question: In which year was the Galaxian game sequel, 'Galaga', released?

Answer: 1981

67. Question: Which 1982 game allows participants to ride a moon buggy?

Answer: 'Moon Patrol'

68. Question: Who designed the laserdisc game known as 'Space Ace'?

Answer: Don Bluth

69. Question: In which game do you get to play the role of a knight perched on top of a flying ostrich?

Answer: 'Joust'

70. Question: What are the names of the ghosts who chase 'Pac-Man'?

Answer: Clyde, Blinky, Pinky and Inky

'80s Music Quizzes

An '80s quiz is incomplete without a music quiz round! Who will be the best at this '80s pop culture trivia? You can even time yourself on this one!

71. Question: What '80s duet featured Fleetwood Mac and Eagles?

Answer: 'Leather And Lace'

72. Question: Who became a chart topper in 1988 through the song 'I Think We’re Alone Now'?

Answer: Tiffany

73. Question: Which British pop duo was Reverend Richard Coles part of?

Answer: The Communards

74. Question: Who won the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the '80s?

Answer: Johnny Logan

75. Question: Who led the opening performance of the Live Aid Concert in July 1985?

Answer: Status Quo

76. Question: What is the name of the song that made Whitney Houston the UK number one in 1985?

Answer: 'Saving All My Love For You'

77. Question: What is the title of the 1981 song that was in the UK top six in 2009?

Answer: 'Don’t Stop Believin’'

78. Question: Which song by Cliff Richard became Christmas number one in 1988?

Answer: 'Mistletoe And Wine'

79. Question: Which song is played during the opening and closing credits of the movie 'The Breakfast Club'?

Answer: 'Don’t You (Forget About Me)' by Simple Minds

80. Question: Which song was the first UK chart topper of Kylie Minogue?

Answer: 'I Should Be So Lucky'

81. Question: Who is the voice behind the 1984 popular hit 'All Cried Out'?

Answer: Alison Moyet

'80s Sitcom Trivia

Do you remember tuning in to your favourite TV show? Revisit the memorable laughs by answering these '80s TV trivia questions to test your knowledge of any '80s TV show.

82. Question: What is the name of the show that starred a young Ricky Schroder?

Answer: 'Silver Spoons'

83. Question: In the sitcom 'Cheers', what is the name of Frasier’s dog?

Answer: Pavlov

84. Question: Which sitcom depicted an alien on the planet Melmac?

Answer: 'ALF'

85. Question: Who sang the theme song for the sitcom 'Square Pegs'?

Answer: The Waitresses

86. Question: Which NFL player played a character in the sitcom 'Webster'?

Answer: Alex Karras

87. Question: Which American sitcom won 18 Emmy Awards in total?

Answer: 'Taxi'

88. Question: How many episodes did the 'Three’s Company' have in total?

Answer: 89 episodes

'80s General Knowledge Trivia

Take a chance on these bonus 80's quiz questions and answers!

89. Question: Which newspaper hit the streets in 1982 in boxes designed to look like TV sets?

Answer: The Sun

90. Question: What did thieves steal 1,224,100 of in 1986?

Answer: Cars!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you enjoyed our awesome '80s trivia questions and answers then why not take a look at more '80s movie trivia. or for something different '90s trivia?


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