40 Baby Puns That Are As Cute As A Button

Baby puns can make you cry in joy.

Babies are the miracles of life that make you want to tear up with joy and wonder.

A new baby is the center of the universe for new parents. Since they happen to be the first priority in everything, they attract all attention.

The sheer power of a baby to light up a room is such a tiny source of great happiness. They pack a good punch when it comes to acute sweetness. Just like babies, a good pun or a joke is an attention magnet as well. One who can pun naturally draws people around them because laughter incites joy, and joy is like fresh air. To joke is to laugh and to laugh is to live. Puns make great jokes if you're up for some witty ones, that is. If you're expecting and you're in for some 'pun' as well, here is a great list of puns about babies, pregnancy puns, and just funny, cute jokes to help with the stress of being a new parent or an expecting mom or maybe just to have a good laugh with new baby jokes in general. You could also check out dinosaur puns and jokes and chicken puns for more fun puns.

Newborn Puns

Babies are a miracle of life and puns are a miracle of the wit.

Here's a list of some cute, funny puns to energize a mom or dad after the birth of their little children.

1. Storks don't deliver babies with their diapers on. They come stork naked.

2. Two babies got switched in the hospital after someone was asked to change them.

3. When my fussy baby girl refuses to stop crying, I always pacify her.

4. My husband got me a small lizard when I asked him to get me a baby monitor.

5. An adult snake is different from a baby snake because a baby snake has a rattle.

6. If you want to make a baby ghost laugh out loud, play peek-a-boo with it.

7. Baby fishes usually sleep in a bass-inet.

8. If you want an astronaut's baby to sleep, you need to rocket.

9. When you secure your baby to a wooden car seat, it literally becomes a baby on board.

10. All the baby turkeys who were upset over the football result were crying fowl.

11. The baby refused to want to get born. He did not want to give up his womb and board.

12. The baby computer spoke his first word when he called his dad, da-ta.

13. A group of baby soldiers is called an infantry.

14. The tech savvy baby told his mom that he has wet his diapers through pee-mail.

15.  Newborns given birth to on holidays are usually females because there are no mail deliveries on holidays.

16. A baby born in a high-tech hospital usually comes out cordless.

17. A newborn monkey is called a chimp off the old block.

18. A group of baby garbage bins is called a litter.

19. A newborn baby is usually born at womb temperature.

20. When the baby corn was looking for her dad, she asked her mom, "Where's my pop corn?"

21. Babies usually know it is time to be born when they run out of womb.

22. A baby goat should always be treated like a kid.

23. When Olaf the snowman had a baby, he put a snowmobile on his baby's crib.

24. The best remedy for a baby pig suffering from a diaper rash is an oinkment.

Pregnant Puns For Parents

Puns for pregnant parents are the funny stuff baby puns are made of.

Motherhood can get stressful sometimes. These funny and cute baby puns about pregnant women and new moms will make any mom feel better.

25. I don't ever ignore a largely pregnant mom because it is an elephant in the womb.

26. The new mom who gave birth on a ship in the middle of the sea got a sea-section.

27. The lady who got a sea-section gave birth to a healthy baby buoy.

28. When a baker's wife gets pregnant, she has a bun in the oven.

29. For expecting mothers, having a baby is worth the weight.

30. Pregnant bed bugs usually give birth to their newborns in the spring.

31. When Robin was born, Batman decorated his crib with a bat-mobile.

32. A cow's newborn is usually called a moo-born.

33. The firefighter's wife told her husband after giving birth to a cute baby boy: "Honey, it's arson."

34. When the pregnant goat informed her husband that she is pregnant, he told her "Oh my Goat! You are kidding!"

35.  Parents usually change their baby's diapers during the wee wee hours.

36. Nobody laughed after I cracked a joke about pregnancy. I think it must have come out wrong.

37. A boat with a baby dinghy is called a mothership.

38. The cat was turned in to the police after she gave birth because littering is a crime.

39. When potatoes give birth, their newborns are called tater tots.

40. My baby accidentally ate a lot of scrabble tiles. The next diaper change will spell disaster.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully collated lots of classic puns for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our ideas for baby puns then why not take a look at classic corny jokes, or for something different take a look at rhyming riddles.



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