38 Bacon Puns That Won't Make You Salty

Bacon puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

For bacon lovers, there is nothing better than waking up to the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan.

These hilarious bacon puns and jokes about bacon are going to be the best funny ingredient for your next picnic or barbecue. If you love puns, and like bacon people laugh, these funny puns are going to be gobbled up by anyone you tell them to.

Bacon is a delicious meat product made from cured pork, which comes from pigs. The bacon can be boiled, dried or smoked, and all of these give it different tasty flavours. Some religions don't eat pigs, so some people prefer to make bacon out of turkey, beef or chicken. The United States love smoked bacon, but the UK and Ireland have equal amounts of smoked and unsmoked bacon. We usually like to eat bacon and eggs together for breakfast, or with maple syrup on a big pile of tasty pancakes. We think the best thing you can hear in the morning is, "wakey wakey, eggs and bacey!" That is of course, after you hear some of our bacon jokes and puns.

If all this talk is making you hungry for a joke about bacon or five, dig right in to the best bacon jokes and puns on the web. Why not fry up some of our yummy egg puns while you're at it? If you're more of an animal lover, and prefer your pigs still squeaking, then we think you might like our 80 best pig jokes a little bit better.

Bacon Puns

Bacon puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

We're sure you'll be bacon a smile with this list of the best bacon puns on the internet.

1. I got distracted when I was looking for the bacon stash. I was ham-bushed.

2. All of the vans carrying bacon had a reserved porking lot.

3. I saw a fir tree that was covered in bacon the other day. When I got closer, it turned out to be a porky-pine.

4. I tried some bacon in Southern Europe. It had a lot more Greece in it.

5. Even if Ein-Swine tried to convince me to eat bacon, I couldn't do it.

6. I always make sure my bacon is real. I like it to be genuswine.

7. Don't go bacon my heart.

8. The server asked if I wanted bacon, sour cream and chives on my potato. I thought it was a loaded question.

9. My doctor told me that I've got a bacon addiction. He thinks I can be cured.

10. I never knew about Sir Francis Bacon's son. He was called Chris. P. Bacon.

11. Isn't it odd that we bake cookies, but we cook bacon.

12. Someone broke into my house and stole all of my bacon. One day I'll catch that evil ham-burgler.

13. I went into my brother's bedroom, and there was a bacon in there that was over a year old. It was ancient grease.

14. I got a greetings card from a poached egg, half an english muffin and some bacon. It said, "Happy Hollandaise!"

15. Before I could get to the bacon tree, I got ham-bushed by a bunch of vegetarians.

16. I couldn't go bacon you, even if I fried.

17. Turkey bacon isn't that hard to chew. That's why you have to gobble gobble it.

18. When you eat bacon, it really doesn't even matter what color the pig was. It could even be ma-hog-any.

19. The one celebrity that smells the nicest is Kevin Bacon.

20. The bacon realized he was running out of options. He decided he wanted the tomato back in his life, so he wrote her a letter saying "lettuce get back together."

21. There's a weird disease going around when you eat bacon and eggs and develop a rash. It's called ham-eczema.

22. I dressed up as bacon for a halloween party. It's safe to say I was looking crisp.

23. I tried wrapping a dinosaur in bacon. It was a Jurassic Pork.

24. The meat packer got arrested last week. He was caught bringing home the bacon.

25. I completely forgot where I put my bacon sandwich. I think I must have a case of hamnesia.

26. Did you hear about the bacon who was sick? He was cured.

Pig Puns

We all know bacon comes from pigs, and if you forget, these puns are a funny reminder.

27. I met a pig who wanted to tell me all about his ancestors. It was history in the bacon.

28. I went to a Shakespeare play where all the characters were performed by pigs. It was the best rendition of Hamlet I'd ever seen.

29. If pigs learn to fly one day, we will have to stop eating bacon. The prices would absolutely sky rocket.

30. I met the child of a pig and a centipede. It was all bacon and legs.

31. I was hambushed once, and after that I'll never let anyone pigpocket me again.

32. The pig decided that he had to kill the farmer. It was the only way to save his own bacon.

33. The butcher felt like it was time to finish up his conversation with the pig. "Well," he said, "it's been nice meating you."

34. Pigs can't sunbathe, they'll be bacon in the heat.

35. No one wants to play soccer with a pig. They always hog the ball.

36. I ate a weird dish the other day, made from pig and dinosaur. It was at a restaurant called Jurassic Pork.

37. Pigs never manage to win races. They always pull their ham-string before the finish line.

38. The pig decided to go to the kitchen. He felt like bacon.

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