100+ Badass, Tough Military Dog Names

There are hundreds of badass dog names

Dogs trained by and used in the military are some of the most tough and powerful dogs.

Military dogs are mostly in the K-9 Unit. The most common dog breeds used in the military are Dobermann, German Shepherd, Golden Retrievers and Belgian Malinois.

Military dogs are very athletic, active, highly trained, aggressive, loyal and smart. They carry numerous important activities such as sniffing out criminals, finding contraband, security, and so much more. Owing to the sensitive tasks that these puppies carry out, these military dogs are very alert and sharp. Military dogs haven’t just been used recently in the armed forces but were also used during World War II. Accordingly, giving them the right name is crucial to do justice to the amazing job that they carry out. If you are looking into giving a name to a military dog or are wondering what are some of the best military dog names, you need not look any further. Here are 100+ tough, military dog names or names for guard dogs that you are going to love. If you’d like, also have a look at big dog names and badass dog names.

Badass Dog Names For Male Dogs

Male military dogs have some of the most tough dog names ever. These military dogs are used in the army, air force, marine, war and more. From air force to marine, a military dog has also been used in the Civil War, World War II and more. Whether you are looking for military names for a German Shepherd or a Dobermann, we have compiled a list of the best mean dog names or patriotic dog names. This list also has dog names that mean protector.

1. Ace (English origin) meaning “one who excels”.

2. Admiral (English origin) meaning “navy chief”.

3. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning “protector of the people”.

4. Apache (Native American origin) meaning “warrior”.

5. Axel (Scandinavian or German origin) meaning “father of peace”.

6. Blast (American origin) meaning “bomb”.

7. Blackhawk (English origin) meaning “black eagle”.

8. Bravo (American origin) meaning “brave” or “courageous”.

9. Bruno (German origin) meaning “brown”.

10. Bomber (Old German origin) meaning “mountain”.

11. Bullet (English origin) meaning “metal projectile fired from a gun or a rifle”.

12. Captain (English origin) meaning “someone who is in charge”.

13. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning “free man”.

14. Chief (English origin) meaning “leader”.

15. Colt (American origin) meaning “young horse”.

16. Commander (English origin) meaning “chief” or “leader”.

17. Delta (Greek origin) meaning “mouth of a river”.

18. Hero (Greek origin) meaning “courageous champion”.

19. Justice (English origin) meaning “doing right by the law”.

20. Major (English origin) meaning “chief” or “leader”.

Female Military Dog Names

Got a female military dog that you need to find a name for? Female military dogs of the German Shepherd breed are immensely agile and active dogs. A female military dog can be found in the U.S Air Force, army, marine and more. If you have got a female military dog to name, here are some of the best female military dog names or names for powerful dogs for you to look at.

21. Aphrodite (Greek origin) meaning “born from the sea”.

22. Athena (Greek origin) meaning “God of wisdom and war”.

23. Blondie (English origin) meaning “fair hair”.

24. Elektra (Greek origin) meaning “amber” or “shining.”

25. Harley (English origin) meaning “hare’s meadow”.

26. Hawkeye (English origin) meaning “eye of the eagle”.

27. Hayley (English origin) meaning “ingenious”.

28. Luna (Spanish origin) meaning “moon”.

29. Medusa (Greek origin) meaning “cunning”.

30. Pepper (American origin) meaning “hot spice”.

31. Rebel (English origin) meaning “defiant person” or “someone who goes against the law”.

32. Roxanne (Greek origin) meaning “sunlight” or “the bright sun”.

33. Roxy (Persian origin) meaning “bright dawn”.

34. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning “red jewel”.

35. Serena (Latin or Greek origin) meaning “tranquil” or “clear”.

36. Sheena (Gaelic or Scottish origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

37. Valencia (Spanish origin) meaning “health” or “valor”.

38. Vinnie (Latin origin) meaning “to conquer”.

39. Vixen (English origin) meaning “female fox”.

40. Zelda (German origin) meaning “dark battle”.

Military dogs have very tough names.

Warrior Dog Names

A military dog has historically been used in world war ii, civil war, and more. Whether in the army or the air force, these dogs have always had amazing dog names that were badass and tough. A war dog should have an amazingly badass dog name which is why we have compiled a list of the most amazing military names for dogs or patriotic names for dogs. You may use these guard dog names or working dog names as it is or put a twist of your own.

41. Ace, one of the most protective names for dogs.

42. Ajax, badass and tough military dog names don’t ever get better than this.

43. Ansel, one of the most badass military dog names for social and athletic dogs.

44. Apollo, the name of God of light is an amazing military dog name.

45. Archer, an amazing name for a badass war dog.

46. Ash, one of the coolest military dog names there ever was.

47. Brady, military dog names don’t get better than this one!

48. Brick, a superbly badass name for intelligent and smart dogs in the military.

49. Brutus, a tough military dog name for dogs in the army or navy.

50. Chase, you will never find a military dog name as cool as this.

51. Damien, one of the best names for a war dog who is immensely athletic and smart.

52. Demon, one of the best military dog names ever.

53. Doom, this spooky and lethal name is perfect for a guard dog.

54. Diesel, a powerful military dog name for the ones in the army.

55. Hank, a super awesome and badass name for your dog who is very athletic and intelligent.

56. Hurricane, another awesome name for any dog that serves in the army.

57. Johnny, one of the most spunky and athletic names for a smart and sociable military dog.

58. Kong, one of the most amazing names for a war dog.

59. Leo, an amazing name for a military dog in the air force, army and more.

60. Luther, protective and guard dog names don’t ever get better than this one.

61. Magnum, one of the most powerful military dog names for you to choose.

62. Maximus, a powerful and badass name for a war dog.

63. Mayhem, a powerfully badass name for an army dog.

64. Missile, badass and tough names for a protective military dog don’t get better than this.

65. Orion, a superbly badass name for a powerful military dog.

66. Oscar, another super powerful name for an athletic and intelligent guard dog.

67. Pluto, an amazing name for a military dog who isn’t just smart but also active.

68. Pyro, use this badass military dog name as it is, or give it a twist of your own.

69. Rafael, one of the best military dog names you will ever come across.

70. Ricky, a Hollywood inspired, amazing name for your athletic dog.

71. Rufus, another powerful and tough name for protective guard dogs.

72. Savage, an incredibly powerful military dogs name.

73. Scar, for your military dog that is going to win loads of laurels and appreciation.

74. Tank, a badass and powerful war dog name that doesn’t get better ever.

75. Tiger, the most badass and tough military dog name.

76. Tyrion, a Game of Thrones inspired for a badass and tough military dog.

77. Vader, another powerfully badass military dog name for the dog that protects everyone.

78. Venus, one of the most powerful female military dog names.

79. Whiskey, use this badass and tough military dog name for your mighty dog.

80. Yankee, another amazingly powerful and tough name for a smart and active guard dog.

Some of the military dog names are inspired by movies and TV shows

Military Dog Names Inspired By Greek Mythology

The Greeks are popularly renowned for their powerful Gods and Goddesses and their immense power and strength. Owing to how powerful they used to be, it makes perfect sense to look towards them to get some inspiration for military dog names for your own dog. These names are powerful, capable, mighty, badass and super tough. No matter the breed of dog you have or are looking to name, these Greek God inspired names are going to bring out their personality in the best possible ways. Here are the most amazing and super tough Greek God names that you can use for your military dogs.

81. Aries, the God of rams is another tough name for military dogs.

82. Artemis, another perfect name from the Goddess of moon, wilderness and hunt.

83. Circe, the name of this enchantress from Greek mythology means hawk and makes for an amazing dog name.

84. Crius, an amazingly powerful Titan from Greek mythology.

85. Cronus, the name of this Titan makes for a very tough and badass name for military dogs.

86. Dionysus, the name of this Greek God makes for a powerful protective guard dog name.

87. Hades, the name of this Greek God again makes for a superior and amazing name for a guard dog.

88. Hermes, the name for the Greek God of good luck, speed and the underworld is a powerful and tough name for a military dog.

89. Hyperion, this name makes for a powerful protective military dog name.

90. Oceanus, a super capable Titan from Greek mythology whose name is perfect for guard dogs.

91. Pasiphae, another enchantress from Greek mythology.

92. Phoebe, another powerful guard dog name from Greek mythology.

93. Poseidon, from the God of horses, sea and earthquakes, this makes for an amazingly tough name for a military dog.

94. Rhea, a female Titan from Greek mythology.

95. Scylla, this nymph from Greek mythology makes for a powerfully tough name for a female guard dog.

96. Spartacus, the Greek hero who might not have been a God but was immensely powerful.

97. Titan, makes for a very powerful name for athletic and active military dogs in the army.

98. Tethys, the name of this Titan makes for an amazingly tough name for any military guard dog.

99. Themis, another powerful Titan from Greek mythology.

100. Xena, from the Greek God who has superior and immense knowledge of warfare.

101. Zeus, the name for the supreme God of the Olympians makes for a perfect name for your military dog.

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