100 Band Names From Real Life And Fiction To Inspire You

Band names can be very inspiring.

Whether you are the lead singer of a rock band or the bassist of a country-folk music band, you need a solid band name.

An amazing and inspiring band name can help you set your brand and gain thousands of followers. Without a good band name, you are as good as any other garage band.

There are several ways of zeroing in on a band name for your band. Band members can sit down together to brainstorm ideas, or you can also use a band name generator. Band name generators make use of your personality traits or fun adverbs to generate band names. However, these can take a lot of time, and you could regularly come across a band name that is very common and is thus used by others. Getting inspiration from real life and fiction bands is an excellent way to go about this. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pearl Jam are just some of the bands that enjoy international recognition. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 100+ band names that rocked their stage name in real life and fiction to inspire you to find one for your band as well.

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Famous Band Names In Real Life

Whether you have a heavy metal band or a punk rock band or a metal band, most famous band names are amazing to draw inspiration from. From Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Pink Floyd to Green Day, you can draw inspiration from any famous bands and come up with a band name that suits your music and style the best. If you wish to have a band named after another band that’s famous, here are the best options for you to choose from.

1. Alice Cooper, formed in Arizona in 1968, their most famous is called the ‘Trash’.

2. Alice in Chains, with over 12.5 million US album sales, their most famous album is called the 'Dirt'.

3. Arctic Monkeys, with songs such as ‘Four Out Of Five’, ‘505’, ‘I Wanna Be Yours’, ‘When The Sun Goes Down’, they're a popular English rock band.

4. Avenged Sevenfold, this rock band is known internationally for its famous album ‘City of Evil’.

5. Black Sabbath, formed in Birmingham, this rock band has over 15 million US album sales.

6. Blink-182, one of the most famous and eccentric bands there ever was that enjoyed tremendous mass following.

7. Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band, formed in Michigan 1974, their most famous album date is called the ‘Greatest Hits’.

8. Boston, formed in Boston 1970, bands can name themselves after cities they most love as well.

9. Creed, formed in Florida, the most famous album of this band is called ‘Human Clay’.

10. Deep Purple, formed in 1968, this English band draws inspiration for its name from colors.

11. Dire Straits, an amazing and cool band name for those who want to keep their name super mysterious.

12. Electric Light Orchestra, formed in Birmingham in 1970, is one of the most mysterious and innovative band names we have ever come across.

13. Evanescence, known most famously for their album ‘Fallen’, this band from Arkansas has one of the most unique names ever.

14. Five Finger Death Punch, this band’s name is super cool and one of the most unique ones we’ve ever come across.

15. Genesis, another British rock band that earned numerous accolades for the amazing music that they have been making since their formation in the year  1967.

16. Goo Goo Dolls, formed in New York in 1985, the band’s name is most popular because of their album ‘A Boy Named Goo’.

17. Gorillaz, a perfect name for bands who don’t want to put too much effort their band names but still want something fun and powerful.

18. Grateful Dead, another rock band, Grateful Dead is known most popularly for their album ‘Skeletons From the Closet’.

19. Green Day, this American rock band enjoys international popularity with famous songs such as ‘21 Guns’ and ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’.

20. Iron Maiden, formed in the United Kingdom in 1975, the most famous album of this band is called ‘Somewhere in Time’.

21. Kings of Leon, has over 2.5 million US album sales with their most famous album being ‘Only by the Night’.

22. Korn, started in sunny California in 1993, the most famous and renowned album of this band is ‘Follow The Leader’.

23. Led Zeppelin, probably one of the most beloved English rock bands, they have over 111.5 million in US album sales, with their most famous album being ‘Led Zeppelin IV’.

24. Marilyn Manson, this band’s name is essentially a wordplay, and you can do the same for your band name as well. The most famous album by this band is called ‘Mechanical Animals’.

25. Matchbox Twenty, formed in Orlando in 1996, the most famous album of this band is called the ‘Yourself or Someone Like You’.

26. Mumford and Sons, is an English band with world famous songs such as ‘I Will Wait’, ‘The Cave’, ‘Little Lion Man’.

27. Doubt, formed in California, this band’s most famous album is ‘Tragic Kingdom’.

28. Oasis, formed in 1991, this English band is super popular, and their most famous album is called the ‘What's the Story Morning Glory?’.

29. One Republic, one of the most famous bands that teenagers and adults loved for many many years and still do. Their most famous album is called ‘Native’.

30. Panic! At The Disco, is one of the most fun and innovative band names ever heard. This band is most famously known for their album called ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’.

31. Paramore, an eccentric and mystical band formed in 2003, most renowned for their famous album ‘Riot!’.

32. Pearl Jam, formed in Seattle, Pearl Jam has US album sales amounting to 31.5 million with their most famous album being ‘Ten’.

33. Pink Floyd, another English rock band, Pink Floyd gained international love and popularity with their most famous album ‘The Wall.’

34. Radiohead, one of the most beloved and popular bands there ever was, Radiohead is most famously known for its songs such as ‘Karma Police’, ‘I Promise’  ‘Exit Music’.

35. Rage Against The Machine, this Californian rock band has one of the coolest names there ever is.

36. REO Speedwagon, formed in Illinois 1968, the most renowned album of this band is called ‘Hi Infidelity’.

37. Rush, a simple and fun name for your band that loves to make eccentric rock.

38. Scorpions, one of the most popular German bands which is famously known for their album ‘Love At First Sting’.

39. Slip Knot, an excellent name for a band formed in a high school, the original name belongs to a band formed in Iowa in 1995.

40. Steely Dan, formed in New York in 1972, their most popular album is ‘Aja’.

41. System of the Down, formed in 1994 in California, the most popular album of this band is called ‘Toxicity’.

42. The Cars, formed in 1976 in Boston, Massachusetts, the most famous album of this band is called the ‘The Cars/The Cars Greatest Hits’.

43. The Cranberries, an Irish band formed in 1989 most popularly known for their songs such as ‘Zombie’, ‘Linger’, ‘Dreams’, ‘Salvation’.

44. Midge Ure, an immensely cool and unique name, this band is very popular with international audiences.

45. The Doobie Brothers, an eccentric name for bands, the original band was formed in 1970, and their most famous album is ‘Best of the Doobies’.

46. The Fray, one of the coolest names there is, the most famous song by this band is ‘How To Save A Life’.

47. The Killers, formed in Nevada in 2002, this band was made famous because of their album ‘Hot Fuss’, and they also have a total US album sales of over 4.5 million.

48. The Kinks, this English band was formed way back in 1963 and is known most famously for its album ‘Give the People What They Want’.

49. The Offspring, known for most famous album ‘Smash’, has over 14.5 million in US album sales.

50. The Rolling Stones, one of the most legendary British rock music bands that is most famous for their songs such as ‘Paint it Black’, ‘Lady Jane’, ‘Ruby Tuesday’ and ‘(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction’.

51. The Script, very similar to the Grateful Dead, The Script is an Irish band known most popularly for ‘Hall of Fame featuring will.i.am’.

52. The Smashing Pumpkins, formed in 1988 in Chicago, the most famous album of this band is called the ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’.

53. Three Days Grace, formed in Ontario, Canada, this band name is amazing for bands formed in a high school.

54. ZZ Top, formed in Texas in 1969, is a fun and cool name to give your own band as well or simply give it a bit of a twist if you don’t want to copy.

Fun And Unique Ideas For Band Names

We wanted you to get more inspiration about your own band name, which is why we sat down to brainstorming and decided to come up with names for you. These ideas for band names are fun and unique and haven’t yet been used by famous bands. Here’s a list of all the innovative band names that you can try out for yourself or give them a twist of your own.

55. Across Places, for bands that love to make music about people from all across the world.

56. All My Stars, to give your band name a fun and worldly twist that makes you appear almost mystical to your fans.

57. Angel Voices, an amazing name for you to use when you know your music is melodious.

58. Angry Flowers, for those bands that make heavy rock metal music but are sweet in real life.

59. Applebottoms, a fun and cutesy name for bands that love to make folksy or hip hop music.

60. Banana Muffins, for those band members who love food as much as they love their music.

61. Basking Glory, a cool name for those bands that want to gain international recognition.

62. Beings of Mellow, for bands that make sad and nostalgic music that one can play on rainy days.

63. Bending Barns, another fun and eccentric name for those band members who are hilarious.

64. Catch The Wave, a great name for people who make nostalgic music.

65. Cowboy Disco, a fun and enjoyable name for bands that make country music that’s amazing to dance to.

66. Crazy Kittens, for those who love pets and cats and also love to make fun rock music.

67. Dancing Dandelions, for bands that make fun and hip hop music that’s amazing to dance to.

68. Daring, for all bands that dare to their dreams and use their musical talent to make good melodies.

69. Disco Neighborhood, an eccentric name for bands who make fun of heavy metal rock music.

70. Drops of Power, a powerful and capable name for bands that make heavenly and eccentric music.

71. Eggs and Bacon, to add a fun food twist to your band and make amazing symbols for your fans.

72. Elemental, an amazing name for eccentric bands that make music loved by many.

73. Funny Lights, a fun and hilarious name for bands making EDM music.

74. Ghost Tunes, for people that wish to make dark and spooky tunes perfect for Halloween.

75. Harry and Sons, use this name or give it your own twist to make it suit your family the best.

76. Honeysuckles, for bands that are looking for a one-word band name that’s going to make them immensely popular all across the globe.

77. Ice Patrol, an amazing name for bands whose role models are the ‘Snow Patrol’.

78. Jazzy Toes, a great name for bands that like to make fun jazz music to be played in posh parties.

79. Jungle Bungle, an eccentric name for band members that make eccentric music loved by many.

80. Kara and The Sun, give this name your own twist or use it as it is and watch your fans begin to love your music.

81. Lightning Flowers, perfect for a rock band or EDM band that loves to make lightning music.

82. Mellow Monster, for bands that make powerful and mellow music loved by people all across the world.

83. Monkswood, a Harry Potter inspired name for your band that makes mystical and spooky music that’s almost like magic to the ears.

84. Moonshine, an amazing and cool name for bands that are looking for a mystical and clever name.

85. Mystery Mayhem, for bands that create crazy music but also want to add a mysterious and spooky touch to their band.

86. Neon Extreme, for bands that love to make colorful and loud music that’s perfect for parties and gatherings.

87. Noon Tunes, another fun name for a folksy or country music band whose target audience is largely people in the suburbs or cowboys.

88. Of Apples and Roses, another sweet and special name for bands that make sweet, mellow

89. Orange Spirit, an innovative and eccentric name for when you don’t want to give it all away in one go.

90. Paradise, for bands that make heavenly and sweet music like no band has ever made before.

91. Pensive Blueberries, use this name or add a twist of your own if you are looking for fun and innovative band names.

92. Plastic Tunes, for bands that make music that’s not only fun but also great to listen to on sad days.

93. Power Flower, girl band names don’t get better than this.

94. Raspberry Sunshine, this eccentric and cool name can be used by your band as it is or you could even change it according to the way you’d like and gain numerous fans.

95. Return to the Ocean, a name perfect for band members who are looking to add touches of mystery and nostalgia to their music.

96. Spiced Honey, if you love spiced honey, why not name your band the same thing as well?

97. Spirits, another mystical and spooky name for bands that like to make such magic for their fans.

98. Starry Nights, an amazing name for all kinds of bands whether that’s metal, rock, hip hop

99. Sunshine Honey, a cute name for girl bands that make folksy or country music.

100. That Waffling Sound, an amazing name for bands that only care about making good music and nothing else.

101. The Gory, the perfect band name for people who like to make music that’s dark and scary.

102. The Problems, a mysterious and fun name to give your band when you don’t want to put too much effort into the process.

103. The Witch’s Craft, for bands that believe their music is special, mystical, magical ful.

104. Uber Ultimate, if you wish to pick a name that takes you to amazing heights, this one is the band name for you.

105. Vendetta Extreme, for bands that love to make angry music that’s about revenge, politics, and the society.

106. Virtue and Vice, another serious name for a not so serious band that just likes to make  powerful and fun music for their fans.

Real life band names are fun.

Original Names Of Famous Bands

The currently famous bands didn’t necessarily have their amazing and cool names from the first go. They tried out several different band names before they found a band name that made them amazingly famous, beloved cool. Even if the original name did not work for a band, it might be excellent for your own band. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all bands whose original name was different from what it currently is.

107. Atomic Mass, the original name of the famous band ‘Def Leppard’.

108. Avey Tare and Panda Bear, the original name of the band ‘Animal Collective’.

109. Backyard Posse, the original name of the band ‘Three 6 Mafia’.

110. Blackwood Convention, the original name of the band ‘Phish’.

111. Duck Tape, the original name of the famous band ‘Blink-182’.

112. Free Beer, the original name of the band known most famously as ‘Barenaked Ladies’.

113. Girl’s Tyme, the original name of the famous Beyonce band, ‘Destiny’s Child’.

114. Inner City Posse, the original name of the cool band named ‘Insane Clown Posse’.

115. Kara’s Flowers, the original name of the Adam Levine band, ‘Maroon 5’.

116. Lylas, the original name of the band ‘Fifth Harmony’.

117. Mighty Joe Young, the original name of the American rock band ‘Stone Temple Pilots’.

118. Mookie Blaylock, the original name of the famous band, ‘Pearl Jam’.

119. Naked Toddler, the original name of the band ‘Creed’.

120. Nynuk, the original name of the band ‘New Kids On The Block’.

121. On A Friday, was Radiohead’s original name which not many people know about.

122. Pen Cap Chew, this eccentric name originally belonged to the band ‘Nirvana’.

123. Perfect Confusion, the original name of the band called ‘Cage The Elephant’.

124. Polar Bear, the original name of the most famous band in the world ‘Snow Patrol’.

125. Polka Tulk Blues Band, another eccentric name that originally belonged to the band ‘Black Sabbath’.

126. Rat Salad, the original name of the famous band ‘Van Halen’.

127. Rattlesnakes, the original name of the band ‘The Bee Gees’.

128. Smile, the original name of the band ‘Queen’.

129. Starfish, the original name of the British alternative rock band called ‘Coldplay’.

130. Sweet Children, Green Day’s original name.

131. The Artistics, the original name of the band ‘Talking Heads’.

132. The High Numbers, was the original name of the band ‘The Who’.

133. The Jakes, originally belonged to the popular band ‘Young The Giant’.

134. The New Yardbirds, was surprisingly the original name of the world-famous band called ‘Led Zeppelin’.

135. The Obelisk, this original name belonged to the band ‘The Cure’.

136. The Primettes, the original name of the band ‘The Supremes’.

137. The Salty Peppers, the original name of the band ‘Earth, Wind & Fire’.

138. The Sex Maggots, the original name of the band most famously known across the world as ‘Goo Goo Dolls’.

139. The Silver Beatles, the original name of the most beloved and cool band there ever was, ‘The Beatles’.

140. The Tea Set, the original name of the band ‘Pink Floyd’.

141. The Warlocks, original name of the American rock band ‘The Grateful Dead’.

142. The Weak Heartdrops, original name of the band ‘The Clash’.

143. Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem, originally belonged to the band now famously known as ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’.

144. Tranzlator Crew, the original name of the American hip hop band ‘The Fugees’.

145. Wicked Lester, the original name of the band ‘Kiss’.

146. Xero, was originally the name of the American rock band ‘Linkin Park’.

Fictional band names are inspiring.

Awesome Band Names From Fiction

Real life bands aren’t the only ones with the best names to draw inspiration from. There are numerous bands in fiction, TV shows, dramas, movies, and more, that have amazing band names and can be used to find a name for your own band. Here’s a list of all original names of famous bands which you can twist and turn around to name your own band.

147. Bad Blake, from ‘Crazy Heart’ with Ryan Bingham, T Bone Burnett as the songwriters and their most hit song being ‘The Weary Kind’.

148. Big Fun, from ‘Heathers’ and their most notable and hit song being ‘Teenage Suicide’.

149. Billy and the Boingers, from ‘Bloom County’ with their most famous song being ‘I’m A Boinger’.

150. Buckaroo Banzai & the Hong Kong Cavaliers, from ‘The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension’.

151. Dewey Cox, from ‘Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story’ whose songwriters were Dan Bern and Mike Viola (of the Candy Butchers).

152. Dingoes Ate My Baby, from ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ in which Buffy and her friends played in this band when they were not busy killing vampires.

153. Downtown Sasquatch, from ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ and their most popular hit song being ‘Dust (What I Know)’.

154. Dr. Fünke’s 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution, from the hit show ‘Arrested Development’.

155. Drive Shaft, from ‘Lost’ who had ‘You All Everybody’ as their most popular song.

156. Eddie and the Cruisers, from the show by the same name who had ‘On The Dark Side’ as their most popular song ever.

157. Hedwig and the Angry Inch, from the 2001 movie by the same name with ‘Angry Inch’ being the band’s most popular song.

158. Hep Alien, from the world famous and most beloved show, ‘Gilmore Girls’ and their most hit song being ‘The Greatest American Hero’.

159. Infant Sorrow, from both ‘Get Him To The Greek’ and ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and their most hit song ever being ‘Inside of You’.

160. Jesse and the Rippers, from ‘Full House’ with John Stamos as one of the most notable members in this band.

161. Josie And The Pussycat Dolls, from the famous movie by the same name, and their most notable hit song had the same title as their band as well!

162. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains, from the 1982 film by the same name and Corinne Burns (Diane Lane), Jessica McNeil (Laura Dern) being the most notable members.

163. Limozeen, from ‘Homestar Runner’ and their most hit song ever being ‘Feed the Children’.

164. Marvin Berry and the Starlighters, from the hit movie ‘Back to the Future’ and their most popular song being ‘Earth Angel’.

165. Munchausen By Proxy, from ‘Yes Man’ with Zooey Deschanel, Jill Iva, Bex and Lay Lay being the band members.

166. Mystik Spiral, from ‘Daria’ and their most hit song ever being ‘Every Dog Has His Day’.

167. Scrantonicity/Scrantonicity II, from the world famous show ‘The Office’ and Kevin Malone being one of the most notable members of the fictional band.

168. Soggy Bottom Guys, from ‘O, Brother, Where Art Thou?’ and their most hit song ever being ‘Man of Constant Sorrow’.

169. Sonic Death Monkey/Kathleen Turner Overdrive/Barry Jive and the Uptown Five, all three bands being from ‘High Fidelity’.

170. Steel Dragon, from ‘Rock Star’ which had Ghode, Jorgen, AC, Bobby Beers, Chris ‘Izzy’ Cole rk Cuddy as its band members.

171. The Bang Bang, from ‘Brothers of the Head’ and Harry Treadway, Luke Treadway, Sean Harris, and Bryan Dick being the most notable members of the fictional band.

172. The Folksmen, from ‘A Mighty Wind’ and their most popular hit ever being ‘Eat At Joe’s’.

173. The Monkees, from the famous TV show by the same name with ‘I’m A Believer’ being their most hit song ever.

174.Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld, from South Park with Timmy being one of the most notable members of both the band and the show.

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