100+ Barbarian Names From History For Your Dungeons And Dragons Characters

Figurine of a Barbarian King.

'Dungeons And Dragons' is one of the most renowned role playing games in history.

In fact, it’s the game that is credited with starting the role playing genre. In the game, players can choose from a variety of character classes and name their characters.

One of the character classes most commonly chosen by players of the game is the barbarian class. In the game, the barbarians are known for their brute strength and warrior-like skills in battle. Their hallmark is their uncontrolled rage that can have devastating effects on enemies.

Historically, the term ‘barbarian’ was first used in the world by the Greeks and the Romans to describe people who weren’t a part of either empire. So, let’s take a look at more than 100 of the best famous barbarian names you can select for your 'Dungeons And Dragons' characters and the fantasy world beyond.

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Barbarian Names For Boys

If you’ve chosen a male barbarian as your character in 'Dungeons And Dragons,' here are some barbarians' names to consider.

1. Alaric (Germanic origin) - Alaric the Goth was one of the most famous barbarians who captured Rome in 410 C.E. and looted the city.

2. Aloysius (Latin origin) - Aloysius means "famous warrior," and Aloysia is its feminine form.

3. Amastan (Berber origin) – Amastan means ‘protector’.

4. Attila (Central European origin) - One of the most feared ancient barbarians, Attila the Hun, pillaged and plundered the European continent when he was at the peak of his powers.

5. Berenger (Germanic origin) - This name means “warrior who fights with a spear.”

6. Boris (Slavic origin)- Boris is a name that means “to fight.”

7. Charlemagne (Germanic origin)- Charlemagne’s original name was Carolus Magnus, and he was the ruler of the Frankish barbarian tribes and was a conqueror of many different places in Europe.

8. Cadell (Celtic origin)- This name means “battle.”

9. Cahir (Celtic/Gaul origin)- The name translates into “battle man.”

10. Donnacha (Celtic origin)- Donnacha means “brown-haired warrior.”

11. Duncan (Celtic/Gaul origin)- Duncan is a Scottish-origin name that means “dark warrior.”

12. Einar (Viking origin)- Einar is a Norse name that means “bold warrior.”

13. Evander (Celtic origin) - The name has two meanings; “strong man” and “bow warrior.”

14. Gautier (French origin)- Gautier is a name that means “ruler of an army.”

15. Genseric (Germanic origin) - Genseric or Gaiseric was the king of the Vandals during the fifth century CE, one of the most feared barbarian groups.

16. Gundahar (Germanic origin)- Gundahar was a famous Burgundian king who was known for his skills in battle.

17. Gunnar (Viking origin)- The name means “bold warrior.”

18. Harold (Viking origin) - Harold means “army ruler.”

19. Hartwig (Germanic origin)- Hartwig is a name that means “courageous in battle.”

20. Harvard (Celtic origin)- Famous today mostly due to Harvard University, the name means “army guard.”

21. Hermann (Germanic origin)- Hermann was a notorious barbarian who ruled the Cherusci, a Germanic tribe.

22. Igor (Russian origin)- This name means “warrior.”

23. Izemrasen (Berber origin) – Izemrasen means "powerful."

24. Junaid (Arabic origin) - Junaid is a name that means “warrior."

25. Kavan (Saxon origin)- Kavan means “battle.”

26. Koa (Hawaiian origin)- Koa is a name that means “warrior.”

27. Levent (Turkish origin)- The name, derived from the name Levend, means “naval soldier.”

28. Lothar (Germanic and Viking origin)- The name Lothar has its roots in both Germany and Scandinavia, and it means “famous army.”

29. Ludovic (Roman and Celtic origin)- The name, originating in Italy and Scotland, means “famous warrior.”

30. Luigi (Roman and Thracian origin)- This name means “renowned warrior.”

31. Luther (Germanic origin)- Luther is a name that means “army people.”

32. Marceau (French origin)- Marceau is a name that means “little warrior.”

33. Marcello (Latin origin)- Marcello means “young warrior."

34. Marcus (Latin origin)- Marcus means “warlike.”

35. Mordecai (Hebrew origin)- Mordecai is a name that means “follower of Marduk.”

36. Nikostratos (Greek/Thracian origin)- The name Nikostratos means “army of victory.”

37. Ojore (South African origin)- Ojore is a South African name that means “warrior.”

38. Oscar (Celtic origin)- A name with both English and Irish roots, Oscar means “champion warrior.”

39. Odoacer (Barbarian origin)- Odoacer was a famous barbarian known for bringing down the Roman Empire in the fifth century CE.

40. Ptolemy (Greek/Thracian origin)- Ptolemy was one of the generals in Alexander’s army, and this name means “aggressive.”

41. Ragnar (Viking origin)- Ragnar Lothbrok was one of the most famous Viking rulers, and the name means “warrior.”

42. Rainer (Germanic origin)- The name means “wise army.”

43. Satriya (Indonesian origin)- Satriya is a name that means “knight.”

44. Swain (Saxon origin)- Swain means “knight’s attendant.”

45. Tanguy (French origin)- The name means “warrior.”

46. Tew (Celtic origin)- Tew is a that means “warrior God.”

47. Troy (Celtic origin) - Apart from historically being a place that defied the Greeks, Troy is a name that means “foot soldier’s descendant.”

48. Viggo (Viking origin)- The name means “war.”

49. Villard (French origin)- Villard is a name that means “battle fortress.”

50. Walter (Germanic origin)- Walter is a name that means “army ruler.”

51. Werner (Germanic origin)- The name means “protecting army.”

52. Werther (Germanic origin)- Werther means “worthy warrior.”

Barbarian names come from many different places around the world.

Barbarian Names For Girls

If you are looking for a female barbarian, here are some female barbarian names that you can choose from. Many of these are famous barbarian names.

53. Alessia (Latin origin)- This name means “defending warrior.”

54. Artemisia (Greek origin)- Artemisia I of Caria was an ally of Xerxes I, King of Persia, and was known for being intelligent and ruthless in battle.

55. Boudicca (Celtic/Gaul origin)- Boudicca was a feared female warrior who ruled the Iceni, a British Celtic tribe.

56. Bathilda (German origin)- Bathilda is a name that means “battle.”

57. Bellatrix (Latin origin)- The name means “female warrior.”

58. Brunhilda (Viking origin)- Brunhilda is a name that means “armed for battle.”

59. Clotilda (Germanic origin)- The name means “famous in battle.”

60. Cynane (Greek/Illyrian origin)- Alexander The Great’s half sister, Cynane was a famed Macedonian female warrior.

61. Edwige (French origin)- The name means “war.”

62. Eurydice (Greek/Illyrian origin)- Eurydice was Cynane’s daughter and was as brave and skilled on the battlefield as her mother.

63. Fu Hao (Chinese origin)- Lady Fu Hao was a part of the Shang Dynasty of ancient China and served as both a military General and a High Priestess.

64. Griselda (Germanic origin)- The name means “grey battle.”

65. Gudrun (Viking origin)- Gudrun means “battle.”

66. Gunhilda (Viking origin)- Gunhilda is a name that means “battle maid.”

67. Hedwig (Germanic origin)- The name means “war.”

68. Hereswith (Saxon origin)- Hereswith is a rare name that has its roots in the Dark Ages, and it means “strength of the army.”

69. Hilda (Germanic origin)- The name means “battle woman.”

70. Imelda (Latin origin)- Imelda means “all-consuming fight.”

71. Louisa (Latin origin)- Louisa is a name that means “renowned warrior.”

72. Malou (European origin)- A popular name in the Netherlands and France, Malou means “renowned warrior” and “bitter.”

73. Marcella (Latin origin)- Marcella means “warlike.”

74. Marcheline (French origin)- Marcheline is a name that means “warrior.”

75. Marciana (Latin origin)- Marciana means “warlike”.

76. Martina (Iberian origin)- Martina is a name that means “warlike.”

77. Matilda (Germanic origin)- Matilda means “battle-mighty.”

78. Odile (French origin)- The name means “prospers in battle.”

79. Olympias (Greek/Thracian origin)- Olympias was Alexander The Great’s mother and one of the greatest female Greek warriors.

80. Otthild (Germanic origin)- The name means “prospers in battle.”

81. Sena (Indian, African, and Arabian origins)- Sena means “army.”

82. Shamara (Arabian/Berber origin)- The name means “ready for battle.”

83. Teuta (Illyrian origin)- Queen Teuta ruled over Illyria’s Ardiaei tribe in the third century BC.

84. Tilly (Germanic origin)- Tilly is a name that means “battle mighty.”

85. Trieu Thi Trinh (Vietnamese origin)- Trieu Thi Trinh was a Vietnamese warrior from the third century known for riding into battle on an elephant.

86. Valda (Germanic origin)- Valda means “battle heroine.”

87. Veerle (Germanic origin)- Veerle is a name that means “travel to battle.”

88. Vigga (Viking origin) - The name, originating in ancient Scandinavia, means “war.”

89. Zelda (Germanic origin)- The name means “grey fighting maid.”

Find the best barbarian name for your character.‍

Unisex Barbarian Names

If you’re looking for names that you can give to either male or female characters while playing 'Dungeons And Dragons', read on.

90. Armani (Latin origin)- This name means “warrior.”

91. Callan (Celtic origin)- Callan is a name that means “rock” and “battle.”

92. Casey (Celtic origin)- This name means “brave in battle.”

93. Clancy (Celtic origin)- Clancy means “red haired warrior.”

94. Connery (Celtic origin)- The name means “warrior-lord.”

95. Dustin (Norse origin)- Dustin has two meanings: “Thor’s stone” and “brave warrior.”

96. Harlow (Celtic origin)- Harlow is a name that means “army.”

97. Kelly (Celtic origin)- This name means “war.”

98. Lou (French and Germanic origins) - Lou is a name that has its roots in French and German, and it means “renowned warrior.”

99. Louise (French origin)- This name means “renowned warrior.”

100. Malin (Celtic origin)- Malin is a name that means “strong” and “little warrior.”

101. Martia (Latin origin)- This name has its roots in Latin and Spanish and means “warlike.”

102. Milo (Germanic origin)- The name means “merciful” and “soldier.”

103. Murphy (Celtic origin)- Murphy means “sea warrior.”

104. Owen (Celtic/Gaulic origin)- Owen means “young warrior.”

105. Payton (Celtic origin)- Payton is a name that means “fighting man’s estate.”

106. Sacha (French origin)- Sacha means “defending warrior.”

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