70+ Barovian Names With Meanings For Your Characters

'Dungeons And Dragons' human names help your character become more approachable.

Barovians and Gundarakites (who were vanquished by Strahd) make up most of the human populace in the district in 'Dungeons And Dragons'.

Barovians are dubious and notorious characters who do not think very progressively. They are characters from Barovia, which was once a realm under the leadership of Old King Barov, but it is now called the City and County of Ravenloft.

Just like the County of Ravenloft, Barovians also occupy the areas of Forlorn and Borca in huge numbers. The Barovian language, called Balok, is highly influenced by Falkovnia. Barovian family names are either patronymic names, or they are derived from ancient nobility names that have been passed through their family lines. If you are looking for Barovian names for girls and boys, or Barovian family names for your characters, then this list can help!

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Barovian Names For Girls

Cool Barovian female names are a must for your characters to ensure they stand apart from the rest.

Barovian girls are known to be strong and fierce and each name on this list aims to reflect that, to make sure that their true nature is conveyed through their names. Many of the 'Dungeons And Dragons' names in this list are taken from the game's accompanying book 'Curse Of Strahd'.

1. Alana (German origin) means "precious". A perfect Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

2. Clavdia  (Latin origin) means "lame". A cute Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

3. Dezdrelda  (German origin) means "armored battle".

4. Diavola (German origin) means "evil person", this is a strong name for female Barovians.

5. Dorina (Greek origin) means "gift of God". This powerful name tops the Barovian names list.

6. Elisabeta (Hebrew origin) means "my God is a vow".  A perfect Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

7. Fatima (Arabic origin) means "one who weans an infant". This name is from the book, 'Curse Of Strahd'.

8. Grilsha (Indian origin) means "vigilant". A strong Ravenloft name for female Barovians.

9. Isabella (Hebrew origin) means "pledged to God". A powerful name for female Barovians.

10. Ivana (Slavic origin) means "gift from God". A perfect Ravenloft name for female Barovians.

11. Korina (Greek origin) means "lyric poet".

12. Lavinia (Latin origin) means "woman of Rome". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

13. Magda (Greek origin) means "high tower". A powerful Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

14. Nimira (American origin) means "soft and smooth".

15. Ruxandra (Roman origin) means "dawn".

16. Sorina (American origin) means "peaceful". A perfect Ravenloft name for a Barovia female from the book, 'Curse Of Strahd'.

17. Tereska (Spanish origin) means "to harvest". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

18. Valentina (Latin origin) means "healthy, strong".

19. Vasha (Greek origin) means "agree, control". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia female.

20. Victoria (Greek origin) means "victory".

Barovian Names For Boys

Cool names for Barovian males should be based on their characteristics.

As mentioned in the 'Curse Of Strahd', many Barovian male names are  as similar to Ravenloft names. So if you are looking for noble names or cleric names for a male character then this list might help.

21. Adam (Greek origin) means "the creature". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

22. Ankhtepot (Greek origin) means "desire to be both mortal and a great ruler". This is one of the most powerful Barovian names.

23. Balthazar (Greek origin) means "wise men". A cute Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

24. Bogan (Greek origin) means "to bend".

24. Darklord (Greek origin) means "dark powers". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

26. Emeric (German origin) means "home-ruler". A cute Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

27. Falkon (Greek origin) means "bird in the hawk family".

28. Frederich (Greek origin) means "peaceful ruler".

29. Gargosh (Indian origin) means "teacher of God".

30. Ivan (Slavic origin) means "God is gracious". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

31. Kobal (German origin) means "blacksmith".

32. Lazlo (Hungarian origin) means "glory rule". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

33. Marek (Greek origin) means "dedicated to Mars". A cute Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

34. Miroslav (Greek origin) means "peace, world".

35. Nimir (Indian origin) means "arise".

36. Oleg (Russian origin) means "holy". A strong Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

37. Radovan (Greek origin) means "the joyful one".

38. Seraz (Persian origin) means "loving".

39. Tural (Greek origin) means "to be alive". A cute Ravenloft name for a Barovia male.

40. Waltar (Germanic origin) means "powerful army".

41. Yesper (Greek origin) means "treasurer".

42. Zsolt (Greek origin) means "Sultan".

Gender Neutral Barovian Names

Here is a list of gender neutral names for your character, many of these names are from the 'Curse Of Strahd' and they are perfect for Barovian characters of any gender.

43. Anton (Greek origin) means "flower".

44. Danya  (Hebrew origin) means "gift of God".

45. Franz (German origin) means "free".

46. Grygori (Russian origin) means "watchful".

47. Livius (Greek origin) means "to envy".

48. Harkus (Greek origin) means "the lands of Harcarse".

49. Radu (Greek origin) means "the happy one".

50. Vladislav (Slavic origin) means "possessor of the glory".

51. Zondra (Greek origin) means "defender of man".

Barovian Last Names

Lastly, we have compiled a list of D&D Barovia family names to help build a better character name to use in your own stories and games. This list of Barovian names includes some surnames that are inspired by Ravenloft characters that appeared in the 'Curse Of Strahd'.

52. Antonova (Greek origin) means "several people.".

53. Antonovic (Greek origin) means "praiseworthy".

54. Belasco (Basque origin) means "raven".

55. Dargovich (Serbian origin) means "beloved".

56. Diavolov (Italian origin) means "for the devil".

57. Ivanova (Russian origin) means "related to John".

58. Ivanovich (Greek origin) means "son of Ivan".

59. Janek (Hebrew origin) means "gracious".

60. Konstanti (Greek origin) means "firm, constant".

61. Lansten (Old English origin) means "tall man's town".

62. Lazarescu (Hebrew origin) means "God helped".

63. Lukresh (Indian origin) means "Lord of the world".

64. Nimirova (American origin) means "soft and smooth".

65. Polensky (Polish origin) means "descendant of the Polanie".

66. Radova (Serbian origin) means "care, joy".

67. Radovich (Serbian origin) means "'merry, joyful".

68. Rilsky (Greek origin) means "God is gracious".

69. Stefanovi (Greek origin) means "son of Stefan".

70. Swilova (Greek origin) means "beautiful place".

71. Taltos (Greek origin) means "a person with supernatural power".

72. Ulrich (Greek origin) means "rich, powerful".

73. Vadu (Greek origin) means "daughter in law".

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