100 Basketball Team Names From The NBA, WNBA, And College Basketball

Super cool basketball team names ideas could help you become known in the sports circle.

Whether you're looking for basketball team names for a new squad, or if you're looking for inspiration for a new team to follow, a college to apply for, or a complete list for your 'March Madness' brackets, we have all the names you could possibly be looking for.

A great basketball team name will place fear in your rivals and will help bring your team closer. However, coming up with an idea of an amazing team name for basketball can be a tough job, which we've found out the hard way.

If you're looking to start your own team, it's vital that you have a decent basketball team name or some other kind of team name, don't begin without any preparation, rather read through a couple of team names ideas.

It will make finding the ideal basketball team names, multiple times simpler. In this article, you'll find an amazing list of team names that you can choose before your next big game, we can ensure that you'll find a name that will work for you!

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NBA Team Names

A basketball team name must instil fear in your opponent.

We have listed here cool, funny, college, and womens' basketball teams names. A few of the good team names for basketball are The Perfecto's, Shooting Stars, and Basket Junkies. If you are looking for basketball team names then keep on reading.

1. Atlanta Hawks: A perfect name for a basketball team that has the precision of a hawk.

2. Boston Celtics: A perfect team name for members who are as strong as Iron Age people.

3. Brooklyn Nets: A perfect team name for a team from Brooklyn.

4. Charlotte Hornets: A perfect team name for members who sting you like a bee.

5. Chicago Bulls: A perfect team name for members who charge like a bull.

6. Cleveland Cavaliers: A perfect team name for a royal team.

7. Dallas Mavericks: A perfect team name for unorthodox members.

8. Denver Nuggets: A perfect team name for those who love chicken nuggets.

9. Detroit Pistons: A perfect team name for those who shoot sharp.

10. Golden State Warriors: A perfect team name for a crew of warrior.

11. Houston Rockets: A perfect basketball team name for members who like shooting the loops.

12. Indiana Pacers: A perfect team name for a fast team.

13. LA Clippers: A perfect team name for who'll cut your wings.

14. Los Angeles Lakers: A perfect team name for members who love lakes.

15. Memphis Grizzlies: A perfect team name for members who are as strong as a bear.

16. Miami Heat: A perfect team name for those who are always hot.

17. Milwaukee Bucks: A perfect team name for who is worth every penny.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves: A perfect team name for ferocious as wolves.

19. New Orleans Pelicans: A perfect team name for who fly as high as a pelican.

20. New York Knicks: A perfect team name for who is worthy of the title.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder: A perfect team name for who charges like the thunder.

22. Orlando Magic: A perfect team name for who'll hit loops like magic.

23. Philadelphia 76ers: A perfect team name for members from Philly.

24. Phoenix Suns: One of the coolest basketball team names for who rises like the mythical bird.

25. Portland Trail Blazers: A perfect team name for who will set the court on fire.

26. Sacramento Kings: A perfect team name for who will make you fight the hard way.

27. San Antonio Spurs: A perfect team name for who will erupt in victory.

28. Toronto Raptors: A perfect team name for who will crush you.

29. Utah Jazz: A perfect team name for those who are as classic as the Jazz music.

30. Washington Wizards: A perfect team name for who is a magician.

WNBA Team Names

These girls basketball team names will make sure your opponent knows how hard they have to play to win.

Examples of some cool basketball team names are Aces, Armada, Bandits, and Blaze. If you are looking for women's basketball teams names then keep on reading, we have the best names and name ideas right here.

31. Atlanta Dream: A perfect name for a team who wants to fulfill their dreams.

32. Chicago Sky: A perfect name for a team that believes the sky is not the limit.

33. Connecticut Sun: A perfect name for a team who wants to shine like the brightest star.

34. Dallas Wings: A perfect name for a team who wanna fly.

35. Indiana Fever: A perfect name for a team who is riding the ball fever.

36. Las Vegas Aces: A perfect name for a team that is always a winner.

37. Los Angeles Sparks: A cool girls basketball team for girls who believe in sparks.

38. Minnesota Lynx: A perfect name for a team who are the real wild cat.

39. New York Liberty: A perfect name for a team that believes in liberty and winning.

40. Phoenix Mercury: A perfect name for a team who are like quicksilver.

41. Seattle Storm: A perfect name for a team who comes like a storm.

42. Washington Mystics: A perfect name for a team who are magical.

Social Basketball Team Names

Cool basketball team names can be symbolic.

These names are perfect for a social basketball squad, or would also make great youth basketball team names. If you're looking for some fun and meaningful basketball team names, look no further.

43. All You Need Is Love: We don't need anything else to explain it.

44. A Man Needs A Wade: A cool Dwayne Wade reference.

45. Angels: Perfect name for a team of basketball angels.

46. Athenas: You could name your girls' team after the Greek goddess.

47. Ball Boys: For a team who is always playing loops.

48. Bosh Spice: A cool play on words Posh Spice and player Chris Bosh.

49. Best Bros: This one is self explanatory.

50. Bruisers: A cool name for a team who plays the hard way.

51. Daring Divas: For an all-women team who isn't afraid.

52. Game Of Dunks: For fantasy nerds who happen to also be very, very good at basketball.

53. Deng Girls: Strong name concerning Luol Deng.

54. Demon Deacons: A perfect name for a team who is vicious on the court.

55. Dribbling Kings: A perfect name for a team with a strong dribbling game.

56. Dukes: They’re at the top of their game.

57. Falcons: For a team with strong talons as the falcon.

58. Fighting Scots: For a team of Scottish men.

59. Foye Ever Men: A cool Randy Foye reference.

60. Game Corks: For a team with an aggressive and strong game.

61. Gentlemen Ballers: For a team of gentlemen players.

62. Giraffes: For a team of long men.

63. High Impulse: For a team who only knows how to win.

64. Ice Cold Girls: For a team who is cold and not a damsel.

65. Mud Hens: For a team who is not afraid to get dirty.

66. Pink Ballers: For a team who is an all-women team.

67. Slick Chicks: For a team of coolest women.

68. Spare Balls On Hand: For a team that always has a spare player.

69. Shockers: For a team who will shock you with their game.

70. Spirit: For a team with soul.

71. Testosterone: For a team-high on testosterone.

72. Very Rich Paul: For a team of many Pauls.

73. Violet Offenders: For a team who isn't afraid to bend some rules.

74. Wonder Boys: For a team that excels in perfection.

75. Wonder Girls: For a team of wonder women.

Funny Basketball Team Names

A few people say you shouldn't joke with everything, however, if you and your teams fancy it, you can always pick funny names for your basketball team name. These are a couple of funny name ideas you can call your basketball team. If you are looking for funny basketball team names then you are on right track.

76. Average Joes: For a team of Joes.

77. Backbenchers: For a team that are backbenchers in studies but when it comes to playing they are the winner.

78. Crowds To The Wall: For a team that might not always win, but always packs out the audience.

79. Bricklayers: For a team that is not accurate in the game but wins every time.

80. Curry in a Hurry: A cool reference to Stephen Curry.

81. Double Dribblers: For a team of dribblers.

82. Dribblers And Droolers: For a team that is always playing, dribbling, and sweating.

83. Dribbling Souls: For a team that is least distracted and always planning on winning.

84. Dribbling Me Softly: A cool reference to the song 'Killing Me Softly'.

85. Durant Durant: A cool reference to the band Duran Duran and player Kevin Durant.

86. Absolute Ballers: For a team that just can't stop winning.

87. Fighting Koalas: For a team that is as sweet as a koala off the court.

88. Flat Earth All-Stars: For a team that is not too intelligent but knows their game.

89. Flat Earth Believers: For a team of absolute jokers.

90. Flat Earth Society: They don't really think the earth is flat but this way their enemies will under estimate them.

91. Freak Squad: For a team of freaks that are aces in the games. This is the kind of name you can't give someone else, they've got to choose it themselves.

92. Game of Throws: For a team that is a fan of the 'Game of Thrones' series.

93. Harlem Flat-Earth Trotters: For a team that understands Kyrie Irving's joke on Earth being flat.

94. Human Size Players: For a team of giants that loves to play basketball.

95. I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butler: For a team that is a fan of Jimmy Butler.

96. Indiana Slow Pacers: A world play on basketball team Indiana Pacers.

97. Trying Our Best: Look, they're trying their best.

98. Juan On Juan: A wordplay on one on one.

99. Yo Mamma: For a team that won't disappoint their mammas.

100. Zero Violations, So Far: For a team that are working on winning it.

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