BBC Bitesize Celebrity Learning Scheme

Getting ready for a day of learning at home.

We headed back to 'school' after Easter and were met with an amazing surprise from the wonderful BBC Bitesize platform; not only were they releasing an enormous online learning scheme covering the most important topics for every age group, including daily schedules and lesson plans, but some of these would also be led by the nation's favourite celebrities! Read on to meet your new teachers who just made lockdown learning a whole lot more exciting. We might just have to join in on these lessons...

bbc bitesize daily classes

As part of the fourteen-week curriculum released by the BBC, you'll be led by a star-studded troupe of teachers.

- The one and only Sir David Attenborough will be teaching your children about the wonders of the natural world in an awe-inspiring Georgraphy class

- EastEnders actor Danny Dyer will lead a history lesson for five to seven-year-olds on Henry VIII, after he was revealed to be a descendant of the British King in a hilarious episode of Who Do You Think You Are

- Manchester City footballer Sergio Aguero will teach primary school kids to count in Spanish

- Politician Ed Balls will return to his economic routes with a maths lesson for eleven to fourteen-year-olds

- Professor Brian Cox will lead an explosive science class all about the solar system

- The Doctor will drop by in a surprise session from Jodie Whittaker

- Bitesize's Musical Big Read will see a host of stars reading books for primary and secondary years whilst getting tuneful, including One Direction's Liam Payne, singer Mabel, Strictly Come Dancing's Oti Mabuse, and Countryfile presenter Anita Rani

The times and dates of these celebrity appearances are yet to announced, but will all be accessible on the BBC Bitesize Daily website, airing on BBC iPlayer and through the BBC red button. We, for one, can't wait!

"We said the BBC would be there for people through this crisis," said the director of BBC Children's and Education, "and we meant it".



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