How To Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

Child being a tourist in their town

Now that lockdown is slightly easing up and people are starting to venture out a little more, we've been loving looking at our city with fresh new eyes.

Last weekend we headed out with our kids on a socially-distanced walk around London and discovered new areas we had no idea existed! Whether you're a fellow city-dweller or out in the countryside, why not become a tourist in your home-town and make your daily outing extra special this weekend by adding a little make-believe.

As always, just stay safe Kidadlers.

Take A New Direction

It's easy to get into the habit of just taking the same old walks every day, but why not pick somewhere new to venture out to? Walk in the opposite direction to normal, commit to that park that's just a little further away, or choose somewhere you've never even heard of and see what you discover.

Beat The Crowds

With the UK gripped in lockdown, there are far fewer people heading to tourist hot-spots in London and beyond. If you have a landmark near you that can visit safely, why not make the most of this opportunity and take a trip there whilst there's no one about? Even if yours is just a fountain in the local park, treat it as an iconic landmark and snap some pictures of the family in front of it!

Dress The Part

If your kids are anything like ours, they'll already be living in their swimwear and short-shorts. Take the plunge and join them to get the whole family dressed in their best holiday garms! If you bought something new to wear on your summer holidays this year but aren't sure you'll get the chance to show it off, then now's your chance...

Come Prepared

Pack a backpack like you would on any holiday outing - cameras, sunglasses, water, sun cream and snacks are essential. Maps are an optional for some old-school authenticity if you feel like putting the phone away for a bit.

Get Your Steps In

Whether you're in London or elsewhere, take the chance to walk into the city or your local area where you might normally drive or take public transport. Plan a route to try and see all the sights and new spots that you can, and get those 10k steps in whilst you're at it!

Document Your Day

Nothing says tourist quite like a camera strap, so make sure you take plenty of photos on your way and get the whole family to pose for one when you reach your destination. You could even film snippets of your journey to make a mini home movie afterwards!

Take A Token Home

Whilst you might not be able to visit any gift shops, try and get creative with how you can bring home a memento of your day. Found any interesting items on your adventure? Who said shells, leaves or pebbles can't be souvenirs! Brass rubbings are also a lovely idea to try.

Discover Something New

Whether you're visiting somewhere completely new or somewhere you've been to plenty of times, try and find out something new about that place on your journey. Maybe you can discover a new route or hidden area, or do a little research and learn some new local facts with the kids.

Send A Postcard!

If you can't buy any actual postcards to send out from your touristy day, take some paper with you can get the kids to write a little note to a friend or family member before you leave, drawing a picture from their day on the front and posting them out on your way home.

tourist in your town


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