40 Beautiful Andrea Gibson Quotes To Inspire You

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Andrea Gibson is a poet and activist from Calais, Maine.

Andrea Gibson's poetry portrays themes such as social reform, gender norms, politics, and LGBTQ struggles. Andrea Gibson has a unique writing style of using gender-neutral pronouns in her works.

Andrea Gibson has won the Denver Grand Slam Championship four times. 'Pole Dancing To Gospel Hymns' is the first book published by Andrea Gibson in the year 2008. Some other famous works of Andrea Gibson include 'The Madness Vase' (2012),' Pansy' (2015), 'Take Me With You' (2018),' Lord of the Butterflies' (2018). Andrea Gibson's poetry and quotes will mesmerize you and motivate you. Here are some charming and breath-taking quotes that you will surely love.

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Love Quotes For Instagram

Andrea Gibson' quotes about love can be great Instagram captions. Here is a list of amusing Andrea Gibson quotes.

1. "When your heart is broken, you plant seeds in the cracks and pray for rain."

- 'Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns', 2008.

2. "Commit to loving yourself completely. It's the most radical thing you will do in your lifetime."

- 'Take Me With You', 2018.

3. "The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like they're falling in love with the ground."

- 'Photograph'.

4. "Love, love, love, love is like sunshine: Sometimes you have to get burned to know you were there."

- 'Wasabi'.

5. "I'd cut my soul into a million different pieces just to form a constellation to light your way home."

- Andrea Gibson.

6. "You can find me on the moon waxing and waning. My heart full of petals, every single one begging 'Love me, love me, love me. Whoever I am. Whoever I become.'"

- 'Andrew'.

7. "I like imagining your body is Saturn, my body ten thousand rings wrapped around you."

- 'The Madness Vase' (2011).

8. "Sometimes it takes a storm for the whole sea to start doing the wave. I know it took a storm for the message in the bottle to finally reach my shore."

- 'Truce' (2013).

9. "I wish for a heart you can see straight through for a voice that glows in the dark and a few really good friends to skip moon rocks to."

- 'Jelly Fish'.

10. "I wish I was a photograph tucked into the corners of your wallet I wish I was a photograph You carried like a future in your pocket."

- 'Photograph'.

11. "I dream I am a prince Or a knight in shining, removable armor. My love's last lover is a sword I keep falling on."

- 'Staircase' (2011).

Poetic Quotes By Andrea Gibson

Andrea Gibson' poems will form a long-lasting impression on your heart. Here is a list of quotes inspired by Andrea Gibson' poetry and Andrea Gibson' poem lyrics.

12. "Touch me 'til my ribs become piano keys, 'til there is sheet music scrolled across the inside of my lungs."

-'Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns', 2008.

13. "The trauma said, 'Don't write these poems. Nobody wants to hear you cry about the grief inside your bones."

- 'The Madness Vase', 2011.

14. "And I wonder if Beethoven held his breath the first time his fingers touched the keys the same way a soldier holds his breath the first time his finger clicks the trigger. We all have different reasons for forgetting to breathe."

-'Take Me With You', 2017.

15. "You never wish on shooting stars. You wish on the ones that have the courage to shine where they are."

- 'Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns,' 2011.

16. "But whatever however whenever this ends I want you to know that right now I love you forever."

- 'How It Ends'.

17. "To be exactly who we are so we might become exactly who we want to be. So if our baggage is to run we will one day learn to run like we sing like someone took apart a cello to build our hamstrings."

- 'Truce', 2013.

18. "I know our wounds are deep as the Atlantic. But every ocean has a shoreline and every shoreline has a tide that is constantly returning to wake the songbirds in our hands, to wake the music in our bones."

- 'Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns', 2011.

19. "We crossed the river to where the echo took us in. That's where I learned bouncing back is about being honest with the canyon."

- 'Truce', 2013.

20. "Your dark side might still be searching for its stars but the acoustics are still amazing in our meteor showers. The light will never be out of your league."

- 'Truce', 2013.

21. "I keep trying to tell them New leaves will come around in the spring But you can't tell trees those things. They're like me they just stand there."

- 'Photograph'.

22. "If you ever have any doubt that I am gonna live up to the altitude of your highest hopes, remember It was for you that I overcame my fear of flying For you, that I learned the ropes of rescue remedy."

- 'Honey'.

23. "You know, all those wars we fought have turned our shine into rust, now we can't even touch each other's hearts."

- 'Prism'.

Thoughtful Andrea Gibson Quotes

An Andrea Gibson quote in this list will inspire you.

These stunning quotes will make you fall in love with Andrea Gibson's thoughtful poetry. Check out these Andrea Gibson quotes inspired by beautiful poetry and songs.

24. "I have been told, sometimes, the most healing thing to do is remind ourselves over and over and over: Other people feel this too."

- 'The Nutritionist'.

25. "I know you think this world is too dark to even dream in color, but I've seen flowers bloom at midnight."

- 'The Moon Is A Kite'.

26. "We're boxed in and labeled before we're ever able to speak who we believe we are or who we dream we'll become."


27. "Forests may be gorgeous but there is nothing more alive than a tree that learns how to grow in a cemetery."

- 'Gospel Salt'.

28. "To think, a sweater is made entirely of knots. My stomach could clothe a village."

- Andrea Gibson.

29. "This is my heartbeat like yours, it is a hatchet it can build a house or tear one down."

- 'I Sing The Body Electric, Especially When My Power’s Out'.

30. "You can stand on the cliff of my heart and shout nothing but 'ugly' through me. I promise all I will echo back is 'Beauty, beauty, you have always been beauty."

- 'The Moon is a Kite'.

31. "You were my favorite poem and I'd read you every night knowing I might never understand every word but that's okay – 'cause the lines of you were the closest thing to holy I'd ever heard."

- 'I do'.

32. "I watched you dance to the tune of our kitchen kettle in our living room. In a world that could have left us hard as metal, we were soft as nostalgia together."

- 'I do'.

33. "You Holy blinking star. You highway streak of light, falling over and over for your hard life, your perfect life, your sweet, beautiful life."

- 'Your Life'.

34. "It makes me feel like the bee's knees like I could finally lose my past like the keys to the getaway car."

- 'Honey'.

35. "Come wiser than the past. Come make me make you proud. Come hope too much."

- 'Good Light'.

Quotes Inspired By Andrea Gibson Love Poems

These quotes will motivate you.

Andrea Gibson quotes will uplift your mood. Here are some beautiful Andrea Gibson quotes inspired by her poetry.

36. "You're every poem I would write if ink could ever hold the light that glows from your toes when you're climbing up trees."

- Andrea Gibson.

37. "You are the moon when it blooms for the very first time and the child, inspired, unwound the little jar that set 10,000 grasshoppers free."

- Andrea Gibson.

38. "And then there are the times I wanna be with you forever. And follow you forever where ever you go."

- Andrea Gibson.

39. "You are a dream. We are a nightmare sometimes, but if you wake up crying, I'll be there to hold you fold you in the pockets of my faith, and say, "we'll be okay…"

- Andrea Gibson.

40. "The gaps in my ribcage where the sunrise shines through to my heart and you are the part of the sunset that is so pink ."

- Andrea Gibson.

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