90+ Beautiful Aztec Girl Names

Aztec baby names are commonly based on religion.

For baby names, the Aztecs mostly drew inspiration from their religion and their ruling kingdom.

During their dominion their capital was Tenochtitlan which is now called New Mexico. It was a prolific center of culture and progress known for its art and sculptures, of which there is plenty of archaeological evidence from excavations in New Mexico.

The Aztecs were a flourishing civilization from the mid 1300s to the early sixteenth century. The Aztec tribe was dominated by the Indigenous people of Mexico called the Mexicas.  Their official language was Nahautl. Nahautl is still spoken by around 1.5 million people in El Salvador, Central Mexico and other coastal parts.

Many of the Aztec girl names on this list take inspiration from religious concepts and the wider Aztec culture. Nature and Mother Earth hold special importance to the Aztec people. So, these baby girl names tend to have some connection with both religion and the primordial forces of nature. Baby names after a deity were also considered as supremely important among the Aztecs, as were names influenced by fierce warriors from their mythology. These beautiful Aztec baby girl names have strong associations with animals, flowers, Gods and Goddesses, rainbows, feathers, rain, the sun and much, much more.

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Aztec Princesses' Names

Why not choose an Aztec name for your child from Princess Aztec baby names?

Aztec women of noble standing and the wives of the rulers were referred to as the Aztec Princesses. As well as these great names, you could also name your child after Isabel Moctezuma. She is known as the Aztec Princess, daughter of the Aztec ruler Moctezuma II.

1. Atotoztli: She was the daughter of the Aztec Emperor Moctezuma. She was also the Queen of Tenochtitlan.

2. Azcaxochtzin: She was the Queen of Tepetlaoztoc.

3. Ilancueitl: She was the wife of the first ruler of the Aztecs. The name translates to “old woman skirt”.

4. Ome: Aztec Queen of Tepechpan. The name means “dual” or “two”. This is one of the most loved Aztec baby names.

Aztec Baby Girl Names From Names Of Aztec Goddesses

(Choose cute Aztec goddess names for girls for your little princess.

While there were only a few female Aztec rulers, there were many Aztec Goddesses who inspired many of the baby names in this list. Aztec Goddesses are highly revered and so have a strong influence on baby girl names. These Aztec female names also tend to have powerful meanings.

5. Acuecucyoticihuati:  She is the Aztec Goddess of the ocean.

6. Ahuic: She is the Aztec goddess of the running water in streams, rivers and waves.

7. Atlacamani: She is the Aztec Goddess of storms. This is a lovely Aztec name for a baby girl.

8. Atlacoya: She is the Aztec Goddess of drought.

9. Atlatonan: She is the Aztec Goddess of earth and everything on it.

10. Atlatonin: She is known as the Mother Goddess in Aztec culture.

11. Apozanolotl: She is the renowned Aztec Goddess of purity.

12. Ayauhteotl: She is the Aztec Goddess of mist and haze. This is one of the more unique Aztec baby names for a girl.

13. Chalchiuhtlicue: She is the Aztec Goddesses of water.

14. Chalmecacihuilt: She is the renowned Goddess of the Underworld and souls that pass through it in Aztec myth.

15. Chantico: She is known as the Aztec Goddess of fire.

16. Chiconahui: She is known as the hearth Goddess in Aztec mythology.

17. Coatlicue: She is known as the Mother of all Gods in Aztec myth.

18. Huixtocihuatl: This is wonderful name for a girl. She is the Aztec Goddess of fertility.

19. Ilamatecuhtli: She is the Aztec Goddess of death.

20. Mayahuel: She is the Goddess of fertility and childbearing.

21. Metztli: She is the Goddess of the night.

22. Nahuatl: The name of the language spoken by Aztecs itself comes from the name of a Goddess. Nahautl is the Goddess of water and rivers.

23. Omecihuatl: She is the Goddess of all creation.

24. Toci: Toci translates to “grandmother” and is also the name of an earth Goddess.

25. Tonalnan: She is known as the Goddess of light.

26. Tonantzin: She was also an earth Goddess and her name translates to “honored mother”.

27. Tozi: She is the Goddess of sweet water and healing.

28. Tzitzamitl:  She was popularly called “grandmother Goddess of the sky”.

29. Xilonen: Called “hairy one” and also the Goddess of maize and corn.

30. Xitllali: She is the Goddess of the moon.

31. Xochiquetzal: She is the Goddess of love.

Beautiful Aztec Girl Names And Meanings

Many Aztec names are beautifully long, whilst others are short and sweet. Short names sound cute and sweet as names for girls. Nahuatl names can be customized as per your liking, if you want to find a cute nickname for your baby girl, here are some of the best cute Aztec names for girls to take inspiration from.

32. Amoxtli: This is the Nahuatl word meaning “book”.

33. Anacaona: This is the Aztec name that means “golden flower”.

34. Atzi: An elemental name, that means “rain”.

35. Chalchihuitlcue: This means “she who wears a robe of green jewels”.

36. Chicomecoatl: This means “seven snakes”.

37. Chimalma: The Aztec name that means “shield bearer”.

38. Chipahua: Cute name that means “clean” in Nahuatl.

39. Cihuaton: An Aztec name that means “little women”.

40. Citlalic: This means a “rising star”. This name is gender neutral, it can also be used for baby boy.

41. Citlalicue: It means “star garment”.

42. Coyolxauhqui: In Nahuatl this means “golden bells”.

43. Cozamalotl: This is an Aztec word meaning “rainbow”. It symbolizes happiness.

44. Cualli: This is Aztec translates to “good”.

45. Cuicatl: It means “song”.

46. Erandi: Sunrise or dawn is called Erandi in Aztec.

47. Erendira: This is a perfect name for a happy girl. This means “smiling princess”.

48. Etapalli: This means “wing”.

49. Eztli: This translates to “blood” in Aztec.

50. Itzpapalotl: This refers to an “obsidian butterfly”.

51. Ixcuiname: This means “four faces” or “four sisters”.

52. Ixtli: Aztec name that means “face”.

53. Jatziri: Another absolutely wonderful name for a girl. It means “dewdrop”.

54. Macuilxóchitl: This means “five flowers”.

55. Mixcóatl: This means “serpent of the sky” in ancient Aztec.

56. Miyaoaxochitl: This translates to “maize tassel flower”.

57. Mizquixaual: One of the Toltec names meaning “mesquite face paint”.

58. Necahual: This is the Aztec word meaning “survivor”. This name can also be used for a baby boy if you wish.

59. Nenetl: Aztec word meaning “doll”.

60. Nochtli: This is Aztec name for “prickly pear fruit”. We think that “prickly pear fruit” is a really cute meaning for your baby's name.

61. Icnoyotl: It means “friendship”. This name can also be used for a baby boy if required.

62. Ichtaca: Aztec name meaning “secret”.

63. Ihuicatl: This translates into “sky”.

64. Itotia: This is again a beautiful name in Aztec meaning “dance”.

65. Ixtli: Aztec name meaning “face”.

66. Izel: This little name meaning “unique” is one of the cutest Aztec names for a little girl.

67. Ohtli: This is a very powerful and beautiful name for a girl. It means “champion”.

68. Patli: This is a Nahuatl word meaning “medicine”.

69. Quetzalli: This means a “large beautiful feather”.

70. Sugey: Sugey in Nahuatl means “sunlight”. This is another beautiful name for a girl.

71. Tayanna:  One of the most lovely Aztec baby names meaning “gift from God”.

72. Teicuih: Refers to a "younger sister". Used as a name most often for the younger sibling.

73. Teiuc: Again referring to the birth order of children. This translates to the “second born”.

74. Tepeloyotl: This translates to “heart of the mountains”.

75. Tlachinolli: This is the Aztec name meaning “fire”.

76. Tlazohtzin: This name means “little necklace of flowers”

77. Tonalnan: The meaning of this is “Mother of light”.  

78. Xiloxoch: This translates to the flower “calliandra”.

79. Xiuhcoatl: The Aztec name meaning “comet”.

80. Xiuhtonal: Meaning “precious light”.

81. Xochicotzin: Aztec baby girl name meaning “fire serpent”.

82. Xochil: A beautiful Aztec name for a baby girl. The meaning of this name is “flower” in Aztec.

83. Xochilt: An Aztec variant of Xochil, meaning “flower”.

84. Xochiquetzal: Another Aztec name meaning “beautiful flower”.

85. Xochiyotl: Aztec baby name meaning “heart of a gentle flower”.

86. Xoco: Aztec baby name meaning “younger sister”.

87. Xocotzin: Aztec baby name meaning “youngest daughter”.

88. Xocoyotl: Another Aztec name representing the order of birth. This is a name meaning “youngest child”.

89. Yaretzi: Meaning “someone who will always be loved”.

90. Yaotl: This is one of the more powerful baby names. It means “soldier” or “warrior” or “defender”.

91. Yolihuani: Another beautiful Aztec name meaning “source of life”.

92. Yolotli: This is the Aztec name meaning “heart”.

93. Yoloxochitl: Aztec name meaning “flower of the heart”.

94. Zeltzin: An Aztec name meaning “delicate”.

95. Zyanya: Aztec name meaning “forever” or “always”.

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