108 Beautiful Boys' Names Ending In O

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Giving your baby boy a name that ends in O is a great way to ensure your baby's name stands out from crowd, and will make for a sweet yet unique moniker.

Whether you're on the search for a classic name ending in O such as Milo, or want to pay homage to historical figures with a rare, powerful name like Cicero, we have all the best baby boy names ending with O for you to browse.

This useful list of baby names is sure to make your search for a baby name you'll love much easier, so take a look below at our list of the top 108 baby boy names ending in O to discover some cool and unique baby names for your son.

Did You Know? One of the rarest baby names for boys ending with an O is Dario, which means "possessing goodness". This is a great option for those on the search for an especially unique name ending with O.

Classic Boy Names Ending In O

Check out this list of classic baby names if you want a traditional and timeless baby name ending in O for your little boy.

1. Agostino (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "magnificent".

2. Alberto (Spanish Origin) meaning "bright, noble".

3. Alonzo (Italian Origin) meaning "ready for battle".

4. Alvaro (Spanish Origin) meaning "guardian".

5. Angelo (Greek/Italian Origin) meaning "angel".

6. Carlo (Germanic/Italian Origin) meaning "free man" or "warrior".

7. Cosmo (Greek Origin) meaning "beauty, order".

8. Diego (Spanish Origin) meaning "supplanter".

9. Fabio (Latin Origin) meaning "bean farmer", after the name of an ancient Roman family.

10. Hugo (Germanic Origin) meaning "mind, spirit".

11. Ignacio (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "fiery".

12. Jairo (Hebrew/Spanish Origin) meaning "he shines".

13. Laszlo (Hungarian Origin) meaning "glorious ruler".

14. Leo (Latin Origin) meaning "lion".

15. Marco (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "warlike".

16. Mateo (Latin/Spanish/Italian Origin) meaning "gift of God".

17. Milo (Germanic Origin) meaning "gracious", "merciful" or "soldier".

18. Niccolo (Greek Origin) meaning "victorious".

19. Otto (Germanic Origin) meaning "wealth".

20. Pablo (Spanish Origin) meaning "small".

21. Pietro (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "rock".

22. Rodrigo (Germanic/Spanish Origin) meaning "famous ruler".

23. Rogelio (Spanish Origin) meaning "famous warrior".

24. Santino (Italian Origin) meaning "little saint".

25. Shlomo (Hebrew Origin) meaning "peaceful".

26. Theo (Greek Origin) meaning "divine gift, God's gift", this could also be a sweet nickname for the longer name Theodore.

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Modern Baby Names For Boys Ending In O

You'll love these unique, contemporary baby names ending in O if you're on the search for a baby name that will make your little boy stand out.

27. Aero (Greek Origin) meaning "of the sky".

28. Aldo (Old German/Italian Origin) meaning "old, wise".

29. Aurelio (Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "golden one".

30. Delano (French Origin) meaning "from the nut tree" or "from the swamp", derived from an Old French surname.

31. Draco (Greek Origin) meaning "dragon".

32. Elio (Greek/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "sun".

33. Enzo (Germanic Origin) meaning "ruler of the home", could also be a nickname for Lorenzo.

34. Halo (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning "blessed aura".

35. Hero (Greek Origin) meaning "brave".

36. Indigo (Greek Origin) meaning "blue dye".

37. Inigo (Basque Origin) meaning "fiery".

38. Rocco (Italian Origin) meaning "rest" or "rock".

39. Zero (Arabic/Greek Origin) meaning "empty, nothing".

Boy Names Ending In O From Literature

Why not give your little boy a name inspired by your favourite plays and books? These baby names ending in O are lovely unique choices inspired by literature.

40. Antonio (Latin Origin) meaning "priceless" or "praiseworthy", from a Roman family surname. This name was used by Shakespeare in multiple plays including 'The Tempest', and was also used by Webster in his play 'The Duchess of Malfi'.

41. Benvolio (Italian Origin) meaning "goodwill", the name of Romeo's confidant in 'Romeo and Juliet'.

42. Horatio (Latin Origin) meaning "timekeeper", a character in Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'.

43. Romeo (Greek/Italian Origin) meaning "pilgrim to Rome", the tragic hero in Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet'.

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Geography Inspired Boy Names Ending In O

Adventurous parents who love to travel will adore this list of cool baby names ending in O, inspired by geographical locations.

44. Cairo (Arabic Origin) meaning "victorious", the capital of Egypt in North Africa.

45. Colorado (Spanish Origin) meaning "the colour red", a state in the western USA named for its river with red mud.

46. Jericho (Greek Origin) meaning "city of the moon", an ancient city in Israel named in the Old Testament.

47. Monaco (Greek Origin) meaning "single house", a small European principality bordered by France.

48. Morocco (Arabic Origin) meaning "kingdom of the west", a country in North Africa.

49. Navarro (Spanish Origin) meaning "from Navarre", a Spanish province.

50. Oslo (Norwegian Origin) meaning "meadow beneath the hill", the capital city of Norway in Scandinavia.

51. Santiago (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "St. James", a popular boys' name and also the capital city of Chile.

52. Quito (Latin/Spanish Origin) meaning "fifth", the capital city of Ecuador.

Historical and Mythological Boy Names That End With O

For a truly bold and unique name with historical meaning, pick one of these cool, rare baby names for boys that parents fascinated with the events and art of the past will be sure to love.

53. Apollo (Greek Origin) meaning "to destroy", the ancient Greek god of the sun, poetry, music and prophecy.

54. Cato (Latin Origin) meaning "wise", a name given to an important Roman intellectual and his family.

55. Cicero (Latin Origin) meaning "chickpea", a famous Roman scholar.

56. Galileo (Latin Origin) meaning "from Galilee", a place in Israel, the name of a famous astronomer during the Renaissance.

57. Michelangelo (Hebrew/Greek/Italian Origin) meaning "archangel", the name of a famous Renaissance painter.

58. Picasso (Italian Origin) meaning "magpie" or "gossip", after the twentieth-century surrealist painter.

59. Pluto (Greek Origin) meaning "wealth", the Roman god of the underworld.

60. Rollo (Germanic Origin) meaning "wolf", the name of the Viking warrior who founded Normandy in the 900s.

Boy Names Inspired By Famous People That End In O

Why not take some name inspiration from your top favourite celebrities when it comes to naming your little boy?

61. Brando (Italian Origin) meaning "fiery sword", after the Hollywood Golden Age actor Marlon Brando.

62. Cristiano (Latin Origin) meaning "follower of Christ", after footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

63. Emilio (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "rival", from an ancient Roman family name and the name of fashion designer Emilio Pucci.

64. Giorgio (Italian Origin) meaning "farmer", after fashion designer Giorgio Armani.

65. Kenzō (Japanese Origin) meaning "wise" or "healthy", after fashion designer Kenzō Takada.

66. Leonardo (Latin/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "strong as a lion", after actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

67. Orlando (Italian Origin) meaning "famous in the land", after actor Orlando Bloom.

68. Valentino (Latin/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "strong, healthy", after fashion designer Valentino Garavani.

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Long Baby Names For Boys That End In O

This list of our top long baby boy names ending in O will provide some great baby name inspiration. These baby names are elegant choices and are perfect for any parent on the search for a sophisticated name.

69. Alejandro (Spanish Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

70. Alessandro (Italian Origin) meaning "defender of mankind".

71. Carmelo (Hebrew Origin) meaning "garden, orchard", after Mount Carmel.  

72. Demetrio (Greek Origin) meaning "devoted to Demeter", who was the ancient Greek goddess of spring and the harvest.

73. Donatello (Italian Origin) meaning "gift".

74. Eduardo (Spanish Origin) meaning "wealthy guardian".

75. Ernesto (Spanish Origin) meaning "earnest".

76. Eugenio (Greek/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "noble".

77. Feliciano (Latin/Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning "fortunate, happy".

78. Fernando (Spanish Origin) meaning "brave adventurer".

79. Francisco (Spanish Origin) meaning "free".

80. Guillermo (Germanic/Spanish Origin) meaning "resolute protector"

81. Heriberto (Spanish Origin) meaning "shining warrior".

82. Lisandro (Greek Origin) meaning "liberator".

83. Lorenzo (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "crowned with laurels, winner".

84. Luigino (Italian Origin) meaning "famous warrior".

85. Marcello (Latin Origin) meaning "warrior".

86. Massimo (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "the greatest".

87. Ricardo (Spanish Origin) meaning "brave ruler".

88. Rigoberto (Spanish Origin) meaning "bright" or "famous warrior".

Short Baby Names For Boys Ending In O

Parents on the search for a short but striking baby name will love this list of our top favourite baby names for boys ending with O.

89. Ado (Teutonic Origin) meaning "noble".

90. Alo (Native American Hopi Origin) meaning "spiritual guide".

91. Alto (Latin Origin) meaning "elevated".

92. Arlo (German Origin) meaning "hill".

93. Arno (German Origin) meaning "eagle".

94. Bo (Norse/Slavic Origin) meaning "to live".

95. Ezio (Latin/Italian Origin) meaning "eagle".

96. Gino (Italian Origin), meaning "noble", this could also be a cute nickname for longer names such as Luigino.

97. Gio (Italian Origin) meaning "God is gracious", this could also be a nickname for a longer name such as Giovanni.

98. Hao (Vietnamese Origin) meaning "perfect".

99. Hiro (Japanese/Greek Origin) meaning "generous", "abundant" or "sacred name".

100. Ido (Hebrew/Arabic Origin) meaning "to evaporate and be mighty".

101. Ivo (German Origin) meaning "yew".

102. Miko (Native American Chickasaw/Hebrew Origin) meaning "chief of peace" or "he who is like God".

103. Neo (Greek/Tswana Origin) meaning "new" or "God's gift".

104. Rico (Spanish Origin) meaning "strong ruler".

105. Rio (Spanish Origin) meaning "river".

106. Tao (Chinese Origin) meaning "long life" or "peach".

107. Yuto (Japanese Origin) meaning "gentle".

108. Zuko (Xhosa Origin) meaning "glory".


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