75 Beautiful Egyptian Girls' Names With Meanings

Dad lovingly looking at his baby daughter lying on the bed.

It can be really hard deciding on a name for your daughter.

Egyptian names are some of the most beautiful, as they have been around for centuries. They have a rich history of meaning that crosses countries, cultures and time periods. From names of Egyptian origin, to Hebrew, Arabic and Greek, there are an array of names to choose from.

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Nature Related Egyptian Girl Names

Nature can serve as the perfect name inspiration for your daughter. These Egyptian names are related to nature, and span centuries. Some directly reference Egyptian landscape, while others are representative of natural and beautiful materials.  Check out these nature inspired Egyptian baby names.

Anippe (Egyptian origin) meaning Daughter of the Nile.

Bastet (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning of the ointment jar.

Chione (Greek origin) meaning Snow Queen, Chione was the daughter of the Nile.

Dendera (Arabic origin) which is actually a town west of the river Nile, known for its Ancient temple site.

Ebonee (Egyptian origin) meaning dark and black wood.

Hafsah (Arabic origin) meaning lioness, female lion cub.

Isis (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of Motherhood, one of the nine Gods of Ennad, a strong and formidable character.

Kissa (African origin) meaning first born daughter, or born after twins.

Layla (Arabic origin) meaning night, or born at night.

Masika (African origin) meaning baby born in rain.

Maye (Norman origin) meaning the month of May, often attributed to a cheerful personality.

Mesi (Egyptian origin) meaning water, which is necessary for life and nature, an important element.

Nubia (Egyptian origin) referring to the place Nubia. People with this name are said to be quiet, knowing and considerate.

Rabia (Arabic origin) meaning Spring, and said to signify the number 4.

Safiya (Arabic origin) meaning pure, for a baby of untouched beauty and wholeness.

Zahra (Egyptian, Arabic origins) meaning flower, can be spelt Zara, also a Latin derived name.

Baby girl lying on her tummy on a white rug sleeping.

Powerful Egyptian Girl Names

Every girl has the potential to be powerful, and to achieve great things. Choosing the right name to convey this power can be tricky. Here are our top picks of powerful Egyptian girl names that we think you will love. From formidable queens, to wise and astute young women, there's plenty of great Egyptian names to be inspired by.

Akila (Arabic origin) meaning intelligent, sensible and wise.

Bennu (Egyptian origin) meaning to shine. The name Bennu is attributed as the inspiration behind the great Phoenix.

Berenike (Greek origin) meaning 'she who brings victory'.

Cliupatra (Egyptian and Sicilian origin) meaning 'she who brings glory to her father'.  A variation of Cleopatra.

Edrice (English origin) from Eadric, meaning a 'prosperous ruler'.

Heqet (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning derived from Heqa, the word for ruler, Heqet is seen as the Goddess of Fertility.

Kissa (Egyptian origin) meaning sister of twins.

Nailah (Arabic origin) meaning one who attains, a great name for high achievers.

Nane (Greek origin) referring to the Armenian Goddess of War and Wisdom.

Osiris (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning powerful and mighty.

Salma (Egyptian origin) meaning 'she who brings peace'.

Shani (Hebrew origin) meaning a marvel, marvellous, for a wondrous and talented baby girl.

Zuberi (Egyptian origin) meaning strong, inspiring people of its name to be formidable, strong and motivated.

Baby girl lying on the bed fast asleep.

Meaningful Egyptian Girl Names

These Egyptian baby names have emotional meanings. From loving and affectionate beginnings, to everlasting soul and joy, these names have wonderful connotations. Which Egyptian baby name is your favourite?

Femi (Yoruba origin) meaning 'love me', short for Olufemi.

Habibah (Arabic origin) meaning beloved, or sweetheart, many songs reference this.

Hathor (Egyptian origin) meaning estate of Horus, standing for everything beautiful, like poetry, dance and song.

Ife (Yoruba origin) meaning love, this name is full of purity and everlasting beauty.

Lateefah (Arabic and African origin) meaning gentle, often children with this name are expressive.

Maibe (Egyptian origin) meaning grave, a choice for a soulful child.

Onofria (Egyptian origin) meaning always glad, happy, for a child of joy.

Rashida (Arabic origin) meaning 'knows her own way', righteous and mature.

Rehema (Swahili origin) meaning compassionate, a soothing name that's spiritual and calming.

Tanit (Egyptian, Greek origin) referring to the name of Punic Goddess of Love.

Tauret (Egyptian origin) referring to the Goddess of pregnant women. Often, bearing this name imbues charismatic personality traits.

Egyptian Girl Names With Personal Qualities

These Egyptian baby girl names can come to represent many desired qualities, from kindness, to treasured gems in their purest forms, having meanings that span millennia, from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greek and Persian origins. Be inspired by these historical and wonderful baby names of great beauty.

Atiyah (Persian origin) meaning gift, which is certainly what every baby is. This is the feminine version of the name Ata.

Dalilah (Hebrew origin) meaning delicate, featured in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Farida (Arabic origin) meaning precious, often signifying something unique and valuable.

Gamila (Arabic, Swahili origin) meaning beautiful, a variation of the Islamic name Jamila.

Hasina (Arabic name) meaning virtuous.

Jomana (Arabic origin) meaning silver pearl, a variation of the name Jumana.

Lapis (Persian origin) meaning azure blue stone, a name for a precious baby girl.

Lotus (Greek origin) meaning purity, grace, for an exotic flower.

Mandisa (Egyptian and African origin) meaning sweet.

Neema (Swahili origin) meaning born during good times, born in prosperity.

Pili (Egyptian origin) meaning second born.

Rana (Arabic origin) meaning eye-catching, for a stunning baby girl, one whose beauty shines out from within.

Baby girl lying on her bed with her feet in the air.

Celestial Egyptian Girl Names

Ever thought about an Egyptian name with Celestial meanings? We have some beautiful and mystical names of Egyptian and Arabic origin that have their meanings and history in astronomy. This could be a fantastic way to choose a name as its meaning is everlasting like the sky.

Fukayna (Egyptian origin) meaning knowing, knowledgeable and intelligent.

Keket (Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of Darkness, possessing leadership skills and independence.

Khepri (Egyptian origin) is the God of Movement of the Sun, meaning to create, perfect for artists and creators alike.

Nour (Arabic origin) meaning light, for a shining, glowing baby girl.

Spiritual Egyptian Girl Names

A spiritual Egyptian name is one that spans cultures, religion and borders. There are some beautiful names that have spiritual ties to Christianity, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greek spirituality. If you want to imbibe your daughter's name with great and Goddess related meanings, then look no further. Once named after a Goddess, your baby can forever be inspired.

Amunet (Ancient Egyptian) meaning mythical, The Goddess of Mystery.

Anat (Semitic origin) meaning water spring, Anat is the Goddess of Fertility.

Asenath (Christian, Egyptian origin) meaning belongs to the Goddess Neith.

Eshe (Swahili origin) meaning life and a variant of the Indian name Asha, and Arabic name Aisha.

Heba (Arabic origin) meaning gift from God, a variation of the Greek name Hebe.

Mariam (Greek and Hebrew origin) referring to the sister of Moses, meaning rebellion in Arabic.

Maat (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning mythical Goddess of order, truth and justice. She was represented as a woman with an ostrich feather on her head.

Mut (Ancient Egyptian origin) referring to the mythical mother and Goddess of War, worshipped at Thebes, in Greece.

Neith (Egyptian origin) meaning Divine Mother, Neith was the Goddess of Femininity.

Nenet (Egyptian origin) meaning Goddess of the Deep, a mystical name for a baby girl of who has potential, reach and an avid explorer.

Nephthys (Egyptian and Greek origin) meaning Lady of the House, often considered the Useful Goddess in cosmologies of Egypt.

Baby girl wearing a woolly hairband lying on a pink blanket smiling in her sleep.

Royal Egyptian Girl Names

It can be hard finding that perfect name meaning for your daughter, but these Egyptian names have their meanings rooted in great royalty. From regal African names, to Egyptian royal names, be inspired by the histories of these names and their meanings.

Auset (Egyptian origin) meaning the throne.

Aziza (Egyptian origin) meaning of great value, and precious.

Bahiti (Egyptian origin) meaning fortune.

Nebetta (Ancient Egyptian) referring to the princess Ahmose Nebetta, from the 17th dynasty and means Child of the Moon, so fitting if your baby is born when the moon is shining bright.

Nefertiti (Ancient Egyptian origin) meaning beauty has arrived, Nefertiti was an Egyptian queen.

Sara (Hebrew origin) variation of the name Sarah, meaning princess.

Thema (African origin) meaning Queen, so if that's who you want your baby to embody, it's the perfect choice.

Tiye (Egyptian origin) referring to Tiye, the Queen and mother of Akhenaten, this name will imbue adventurous qualities in your child, a determined and strong personality.



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