210+ Beautiful European Girl Names From Across The Continent To Inspire You

European girl names are sweet and elegant.

Europe is home to some of the most beautiful girl names.

When you think of the European continent, you often think of elegance and chic fashion, culture and, of course, names! With a rich history of fine and elegant things, you can find some of the most precious names for your baby girl in the European continent.

European girl names can be pretty, elegant, sweet, unique, strong, powerful and timeless. There is such a range of different amazing names to be found, from Spanish girl names to traditional European names and even old European girl names, you won't find such beautiful names anywhere else.

If there’s a particular European country that you love dearly, or perhaps you are from Europe yourself, you might like to consider these beautiful girl names as the perfect name for your new baby girl. These Latin, Greek, Spanish, French and Roman origin names are some of the most popular ones in the world. Some of these are also unisex names, so if you have a baby boy, these can also be used as names for boys.

For more name ideas you can also take a look at these French girls' names and these Italian boys' names, but right now, if you are looking for beautiful names for your newborn baby girl, take a look at this list. Full of over 150 beautiful European girl names from across the continent to inspire you, we hope you find the perfect name here!

Popular European Girl Names

If you want to give your baby a beautiful name, European female names and Latin names are a good way to go. Are you looking for popular European girl names? Spanish, French and Latin are some of the most popular origins of the most popular European baby girl names out there. These names are chic, vintage and powerful, they are immensely loved by all. If you are looking for cool European names or the most beautiful European names, here is a list of some of our favorites, we hope you will love them too.

1. Ava (German origin) meaning “life”.

2. Ariana (Italian origin) meaning “pure” or “most holy”.

3. Aurora (Latin origin) meaning “dawn”.

4. Brisa (Spanish origin) meaning “breeze”.

5. Caroline (French origin) meaning “free man”.

6. Cora (Ancient Greek origin) meaning “virtuous maiden”.

7. Diana (Roman origin) meaning “divine”.

8. Emma (German origin) meaning “universal” or “whole”.

9. Esmeralda (Spanish origin) meaning “emerald”.

10. Galena (Greek origin) meaning “calm” or “serenity”.

11. Isla (Spanish origin) meaning “vibrant” or “dynamic” or “brilliant”.

12. Jules (French origin) meaning “soft” or “youthful”.

13. Mia (Italian or Spanish origin) meaning “mine”.

14. Nora (Latin origin) meaning “honor”.

15. Oceana (Greek origin) meaning “ocean”.

16. Robin (Old French origin) meaning “bright” or “fame”.

17. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning “wisdom”.

18. Tamara (Armenian origin) meaning “palm tree”.

19. Veronica (Greek origin) meaning “she who brings victory”.

20. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning “life”.

Chic And Popular Western European Girl Names

Some of the most beautiful Western European girl names come from the beautiful country of France. Around the world, the French are known for their chic lifestyle and beautiful cities. Their baby girl names are no less stylish! Other Western European baby girl names come from Germany, Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.  Baby girl names of these origins are incredibly popular and make for very interesting and beautiful names for any baby girl. Many parents around the world love to choose these top European names for their children. If you are looking to name your baby girl a fantastic Western European girl name, or have your heart set on beautiful French girls' names, these baby names might provide the inspiration you need.

21. Adelaide (French origin) meaning “noble”.

22. Adele (German origin) meaning “nobility”.

23. Agnes (French origin) meaning “holy”.

24. Aimee (French origin) meaning “a person who is very nurturing”.

25. Amelie (French origin) meaning “hardworking person”.

26. Anastasia (French origin) meaning “resurrection”.

27. Angela (German origin) meaning “angel”.

28. Annalise (German origin) meaning “graced with God’s bounty”.

29. Anne (French origin) meaning “gracious”.

30. Audrey (French origin) meaning “noble strength”.

31. Aurelie (French origin) meaning “a golden person”.

32. Camille (French origin) meaning “perfect”.

33. Carol (French origin) meaning “a strong woman”.

34. Celeste (French origin) meaning “heavenly”.

35. Charlotte (French origin) meaning “free man”.

36. Chole (French origin) meaning “young green shoot”.

37. Claire (French origin) meaning “bright” or “clear”.

38. Cliodhna (Irish origin) meaning “shapely”.

39. Dearbhla (Irish origin) meaning “true desire”.

40. Elodie (French origin) meaning “riches from a foreign land”.

41. Eloise (French origin) meaning “healthy”.

42. Emer (Irish origin) meaning “swift”.

43. Emery (German origin) meaning “home strength”.

44. Fleur (French origin) meaning “a beautiful and vibrant flower”.

45. Francoise (French origin) meaning “free one”.

46. Frida (German origin) meaning “peace”.

47. Gabrielle (French origin) meaning “God is my strength”.

48. Genevieve (French origin) meaning “woman of the race”.

49. Greta (German origin) meaning “pearl”.

50. Isabella (French origin) meaning “pledged to God”.

51. Imogen (Irish origin) meaning “maiden”.

52. Jeanne (French origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

53. Juliet (French origin) meaning “youthful”.

54. Karla (German origin) meaning “powerful”.

55. Kayleigh (Irish origin) meaning “fair”.

56. Lorelei (German origin) meaning “rock in the Rhine River”.

57. Madeline (French origin) meaning “magnificent”.

58. Matilda (German origin) meaning “mighty in battle”.

59. Millie (German origin) meaning “industrious”.

60. Monique (French origin) meaning “the wise one” or “a smart advisor”.

61. Marie (French origin) meaning “a lady of the sea”.

62. Nicollette (French origin) meaning “victorious”.

63. Orla (Irish origin) meaning “golden princess”.

64. Pauline (French origin) meaning “a humble woman”.

65. Rebekah (German origin) meaning “strong”.

66. Roisin (Irish origin) meaning “little rose”.

67. Rosalee (French origin) meaning “a garden full of roses”.

68. Saoirse (Irish origin) meaning “freedom”.

69. Sylvie (French origin) meaning “someone from the forest”.

70. Willa (German origin) meaning “protection”.

Latin and French girl names are incredibly pretty choices.

Popular Eastern European Girl Names

Other than French and German names, many parents around the world also love to look to Eastern European countries for inspiration for the names of their baby girls. European countries such as Russia, Poland, Romania, Greece and Hungary are found in the eastern part of the continent. These countries are rich in history and offer some of the best cool European names and fancy European names.  We hope you enjoy these amazing European names for girls and find the perfect name for your new baby.

71. Alexandra (Greek origin) meaning “defender of mankind”.

72. Althaia (Greek origin) meaning “healing”.

73. Amara (Greek origin) meaning “grace”.

74. Andromeda (Greek origin) meaning “ruler of man”.

75. Annika (Russian origin) meaning “grace”.

76. Anoushka (Russian origin) meaning “grace”.

77. Anya (Russian origin) meaning “grace”.

78. Aretha (Greek origin) meaning “virtuous”.

79. Athena (Greek origin) meaning “Goddess of war and wisdom”.

80. Benca (Hungarian origin) meaning “she will conquer”.

81. Bronya (Polish origin) a beautiful name meaning “armour”.

82. Callie (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful”.

83. Carissa (Greek origin) meaning “beloved”.

84. Cynthia (Greek origin) meaning “moon goddess”.

85. Daphne (Greek origin) a cute name meaning “water nymph”.

86. Daria (Polish origin) meaning “she who holds firm the good”.

87. Darya (Russian origin) meaning “wealthy”.

88. Eniko (Hungarian origin) a unique name meaning “young female deer”.

89. Eve (Russian origin) meaning “life”.

90. Gisella (Hungarian origin) meaning “pledge”.

91. Grusha (Russian origin) meaning “wild horse”.

92. Hanna (Hungarian origin) meaning “God’s gift to me”.

93. Helena (Greek origin) meaning “light”.

94. Hermione (Greek origin) meaning “messenger of the Gods”.

95. Irina (Russian origin) meaning “peace”.

96. Jacinta (Greek origin) meaning “beautiful”.

97. Julija (Russian origin) meaning “youth”.

98. Karine (Russian origin) meaning “pure”.

99. Katoka (Hungarian origin) meaning “pure.”

100. Manya (Russian origin) meaning “sea of bitterness”.

101. Marika (Hungarian origin) meaning “rebellious woman”.

102. Marlena (Polish origin) a strong name meaning “rebellious”.

103. Melba (Greek origin) meaning “soft”.

104. Nicola (Polish origin) meaning “victory”.

105. Nusa (Hungarian origin) meaning “merciful” or “graceful”.

106. Ophelia (Greek origin) meaning “helper”.

107. Rudolfa (Hungarian origin) meaning “legendary female wolf”.

108. Sonya (Polish origin) meaning “wisdom”.

109. Talia (Greek origin) meaning “blooming”.

110. Tica (Hungarian origin) meaning “one who harvests”.

Top Latin And European Baby Names From Southern Countries

European girls' names from southern European countries are also incredibly cute and beautiful. Many of these European baby names are unique European girl names, whilst others are more common European names, nonetheless they are all beautiful! We hope you find the perfect name for your baby from the list of names of southern European origin. We have also included some names of Mexican origin here, due to their close relation to the Spanish and Latin European languages.

111. Adelina (Mexican origin) meaning “nobility”.

112. Alma (Spanish origin) meaning “nurturing” or “kind”.

113. Antonella (Latin origin) meaning “first born”.

114. Antonina (Mexican origin) meaning “flourishing” or “priceless”.

115. Bonita (Mexican origin) meaning “pretty little one”.

116. Camila (Spanish origin) meaning “huntress”.

117. Carmen (Latin origin) meaning “truthful” or “poetry”.

118. Catalina (Spanish origin) meaning “pure”.

119. Daniela (Spanish origin) meaning “God is my judge”.

120. Elena (Latin origin) meaning “pure and bright shining light”.

121. Emilia (Latin origin) a popular baby name meaning “to excel”. This is one of the most beautiful European girl names.

122. Florencia (Spanish origin) meaning “blooming”.

123. Juanita (Mexican origin) meaning “God’s gift”.

124. Lucia (Latin origin) meaning “light”.

125. Luciana (Latin origin) meaning “bright light”.

126. Luna (Latin origin) meaning “moon”.

127. Maria (Mexican origin) a popular name meaning “rebellious”.

128. Mariana (Spanish origin) meaning “beloved” or “drop of the sea”.

129. Martina (Latin origin) meaning “God of war”.

130. Morina (Spanish origin) meaning “little blueberry”.

131. Olivia (Spanish origin) meaning “olive tree”.

132. Paulita (Mexican origin) a cute name meaning “tiny” or “little”.

133. Regina (Latin origin) meaning “queen”.

134. Rosa (Latin origin) meaning “roses”.

135. Samantha (Latin origin) meaning “listener”.

136. Stella (Latin origin) meaning “star”.

137. Valeria (Latin origin) one of the most beautiful European girl names meaning “to be strong”.

138. Vera (Spanish origin) meaning “truthful”.

139. Vega (Spanish origin) meaning “a dweller in the meadows”.

140. Viviana (Latin origin) meaning “lively”.

German and Latin names are very strong choices.

Popular Baby Name From Northern European Countries

The countries that comprise Northern Europe include Estonia, Latvia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland and Norway. Looking for a baby name with origins from these countries is one of the best ways to find that perfect name for little girls.  Many of these European first names are really popular choices, being some of the top European baby names loved by parents worldwide. Other are not as popular, but instead they are really unique and cute. From old European names for girls to English girl names, this list has something to inspire every parent!

141. Abigail (English origin) a popular names meaning “a father’s pride”.

142. Adahlia (Swedish origin) meaning “flower”.

143. Agda (Swedish origin) meaning “good hearted”.

144. Agneta (Swedish origin) meaning “pure”.

145. Alexandra (English origin) meaning “defender of men”.

146. Alice (English origin) meaning “nobility”.

147. Alyssa (English origin) meaning “flower”.

148. Anita (Norwegian origin) meaning “gracious” or “merciful”.

149. Anna (English origin) a popular names meaning “grace”.

150. Annette (Norwegian origin) meaning “grace”.

151. Aslaug (Norwegian origin) meaning “God”.

152. Astrid (Norwegian origin) meaning “a beauty that is serene and divine”.

153. Barbro (Swedish origin) meaning “someone who comes from a foreign land”.

154. Beatrix (English origin) meaning “she who makes you happy”.

155. Belinda (English origin) meaning “bright serpent”.

156. Bjorg (Norwegian origin) meaning “salvation”.

157. Bodil (Norwegian origin) meaning “remedy” or “battle”.

158. Brianna (English origin) meaning “strong”.

159. Britt (Swedish origin) meaning “high goddess”.

160. Deborah (English origin) meaning “bee”.

161. Dorothy (English origin) meaning “gift of God”.

162. Ebba (Swedish origin) meaning “strength”.

163. Elin (Norwegian origin) meaning “hazelnut”.

164. Ella (English origin) a popular name meaning “beautiful fairy” or “light”.

165. Erica (English origin) meaning “a woman who rules forever”.

166. Evelyn (English origin) meaning “hazelnut”.

167. Filippa (Swedish origin) a cute name for girls meaning “someone who loves horses”.

168. Freja (Swedish origin) meaning “noblewoman” or “Old Norse Goddess”.

169. Grethe (Norwegian origin) meaning “pearl”.

170. Gunn (Norwegian origin) meaning “battle” or “cannon”.

171. Gunilla (Swedish origin) meaning “a maiden who fights combat battles”.

172. Gunvor (Norwegian origin) meaning “vigilant” or “cautious during a war”.

173. Hadly (English origin) meaning “field of heather”.

174. Hazel (English origin) a classic baby names meaning “hazel tree”.

175. Heidi (Norwegian origin) meaning “of noble birth”.

176. Hilma (Swedish origin) meaning “protective helmet”.

177. Ingeborg (Norwegian origin) meaning “protection” or “stronghold”.

178. Ingrid (Norwegian origin) meaning “beautiful” or “beloved”.

179. Ingunn (Norwegian origin) meaning “loved by Froy”.

180. Irene (Norwegian origin) meaning “peaceful” or “serene”.

181. Iris (English origin) meaning “goddess of the rainbow”.

182. Janne (Norwegian origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

183. Jolande (Swedish origin) meaning “a violet flower”.

184. Juni (Swedish origin) meaning “desire” or “young”.

185. Katie (English origin) a popular baby name meaning “pure”.

186. Katherine (English origin) meaning “clear” or “crystal pure”.

187. Kirsten (Norwegian origin) meaning “follower of Christ”.

188. Lagertha (Norwegian origin) meaning “shield maiden”.

189. Laila (Norwegian origin) meaning “night” or “dark” or “as black as a raven”.

190. Lauren (English origin) meaning “bay tree”.

191. Lillian (Norwegian origin) meaning “the lily flower”.

192. Linnea (Swedish origin) meaning “a lime tree”.

193. Lucinda (English origin) meaning “illuminate”.

194. Malin (Norwegian origin) meaning “high tower”.

195. Mareeba (Swedish origin) meaning “”from the sea.

196. Megan (English origin) meaning “capable”.

197. Natalie (English origin) meaning “sunrise”.

198. Ragnhild (Norwegian origin) meaning “warrior” or “Goddess”.

199. Reidun (Norwegian origin) meaning “lovely in the nest”.

200. Ronja (Swedish origin) meaning “God’s joyful song”.

201. Sigrid (Norwegian origin) meaning “beautiful” or “victory”.

202. Silje (Norwegian origin) meaning “of celestial origin”.

203. Siri (Norwegian origin) meaning “a beautiful woman who leads one to victory”.

204. Sissel (Norwegian origin) meaning “without sight”.

205. Siv (Norwegian origin) meaning “bride”.

206. Teresia (Swedish origin) meaning “reaper”.

207. Tundra (Swedish origin) meaning “to sparkle” or “to twinkle”.

208. Tonje (Norwegian origin) meaning “flower”.

209. Torill (Norwegian origin) meaning “thunder”.

210. Tove (Swedish origin) a cute name for girls meaning “beautiful”.

211. Ulla (Swedish origin) meaning “determination” or “will”.

212. Vigdis (Norwegian origin) meaning “war goddess”.

213. Vilhelmina (Swedish origin) meaning “determined protector”.

Popular European Names Of Celebrities

If you ever want inspiration to find the perfect name for your girls, looking at the names of famous celebrities is always a good idea! This will not only help you find lots of perfect names but will also help you find the most popular ones. Many of these names are old and vintage while some of them are newer, they are all really cute and some of the most beautiful names you will find. If you are looking for popular European names then this is the list for you! Pick the perfect name for your baby girl and watch them love it forever.

214. Audrey Hepburn, born in Belgian, this British actress is one of the most popular in the world known for her movies such as ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘My Fair Lady’.

215. Brigitte Bardot, the French actress most famous for movies such as ‘Viva Maria!’, ‘And God Created Woman’ and ‘The Truth’.

216. Cary Grant, from the actor Cary Grant which makes a perfect name for girls and boys.

217. Gina Lollobrigida, the Italian actress most famous for her movies such as ‘Come September’, ‘The Hunchback Of Notre Dame’ and ‘Solomon And Sheba’.

218. Glenda Jackson, the popular English actress most popular for her movies such as ‘Women in Love’, ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ and ‘Mary, Queen Of Scots’.

219. Greer Garson, the famous English actress most popular for her movies such as ‘Blossoms In The Dust’, ‘Pride And Prejudice’, ‘Random Harvest’ and ‘Madame Curie’.

220. Imelda Staunton, the popular English actress best known for her popular movies such as ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’, ‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘Vera Drake’.

221. Jean Simmons, the English actress famous for her movies such as ‘The Big Country’, ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Guys And Dolls’.

222. Judi Dench, famous for her movies such as ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Shakespeare In Love’.

223. Julie Andrews, the English actress most famous for her ‘The Sound Of Music’.

224. Maggie Smith, the ‘Harry Potter’ English actress also famous for her movies ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ and ‘Sister Act’.

225. Maureen O’Hara, the Irish actress most famous for her movies such as ‘The Quiet Man’, ‘Miracle On 34th Street’ and ‘The Parent Trap’.

226. Michele Morgan, the French film actress most famous for her movies such as ‘Passage To Marseille’, ‘Joan Of Paris’ and ‘Port Of Shadows’.

227. Silvana Mangano, the Italian actress most famous for her movies such as ‘Bitter Rice’, ‘Death In Venice’ and ‘Anna’.

228. Simone Signoret, the German born French movie actress most famous for her movies such as ‘Room At The Top’, ‘Ship Of Fools’ and ‘Madame Rosa’.

229. Vivien Leigh, the English actress most famous for her movies such as ‘Gone With The Wind’, ‘Waterloo Bridge’ and ‘The Hamilton Woman’.

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