50+ Beautiful Names That Mean Different, Unique Or Rare

Your kid truly deserves a unique name.

Finding your baby a beautiful name is a difficult task when so many options are available.

Since a name plays a huge role in establishing a person’s identity in the world, why not name your baby something that means unusual, or rare! Worried where you can find such unique baby names?

Don't go anywhere as we have made your job easier! We bring to you a list of beautiful baby names curated from various languages that will surely indicate how unique your baby is to the world. We have the perfect collection of unique names meaning rare, or exceptional that you can take inspiration from. So, don't wait any longer and distinguish your baby from all the others by gifting them a name that reflects their equally extraordinary personality.

Get inspiration from more such beautiful names with cool meanings by taking a look at alternative baby names and names meaning wisdom.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Unique, Or Rare

Go through our list of unique boy names and make sure that your baby boy stands out in the crowd!

Choose a name that means unique for your baby boy.

1. Aadvay (Indian origin), one of the cutest boy names meaning “unique or unparalleled”.

2. Aarnik (Indian origin), meaning “one of a kind”. It is a popular boy name among Hindu people.

3. Abhilesh (Indian origin), meaning “immortal or unique”. One of the most beautiful baby names.

4. Abner (Hebrew origin), meaning “the father of light”. This Biblical boy name was extremely popular in England.

5. Amolak (Indian origin), meaning “priceless”. One of the best baby boy names.

6. Acer (English origin), meaning “the best one”. In Latin, Acer is a botanical name of the Maple tree.

7. Adan (Spanish origin), meaning “of the Earth”. It is a Spanish form of the name Adam- the first man on Earth.

8. Advaita (Indian origin), meaning “someone who has no equivalent”. Advaita is also a principal concept in Hinduism.

9. Ahad (Persian origin), meaning “the only one of its kind”. One of the beautiful baby names.

10. Alabi (Yoruba origin), meaning “a rare gem”. A beautiful name.

11. Ali (Arabic origin), meaning “exalted or champion”. Ali is a popular boy name among Shia Muslims around the world as he was considered to be the successor of Prophet Mohammad.

12. Ambrose (Greek origin), meaning “the immortal one”. Greeks use Ambrose as a surname as well.

13. Angus (Scottish origin), meaning “the only one”. Remember Jake Harper from the popular sitcom 'Two And A Half Men'? His real name is also Angus Jones.

14. Anoop (Indian origin), meaning “unparalleled or incomparable”.

15. Anthony (Roman origin), meaning “the one of inestimable worth”. This name has numerous variations. For instance, it is spelled as Antonio in Italian, Anton in Dutch, and Antoine in French.

16. Atul (Indian origin), meaning “incomparable”.

17. Avak (Armenian origin), meaning “the great one”. One of the beautiful baby names.

18. Benedict (Latin origin), this beautiful name means “blessed one”. This Latin boy name can be commonly found among religious figures such as saints and popes.

19. Darrell (English origin), the baby name means “dearly loved”. This old English baby name can also be spelled as Daryl.

20. Ender (Turkish origin), meaning “extremely rare”.

21. Fareed (Arabic origin), the name means “unique”. One of the beautiful baby names.

22. Kahraman (Turkish origin), meaning “hero”. Since heroes are not born every day, the name Kahraman will reflect how unusual your boy is!

23. Kamel (Arabic origin), meaning “the one who is perfect”. Kamel is a very popular boy name in the Middle East.

24. Nayab (Arabic origin), meaning “rare”. This boy name can be frequently seen in poetry and short stories to refer to antiques or precious items.

25. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin), meaning “God’s gift”. It is a trendy name for boys in the US and the UK.

26. Nirupam (Indian origin), the beautiful name means “incomparable or matchless”. It is mainly found among the boys following Hinduism as their religion.

27. Shaaz (Arabic origin), this beautiful name means “exceptional”. One of the beautiful baby names.

28. Theodore (Greek origin), meaning “the gift of God”. If you are into a politics, then why not name your boy after Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the U.S.

29. Tony (Greek origin), meaning “the priceless one”. Who wouldn't want to share a name with Iron Man?

30. Waheed (Arabic origin), meaning “the unique one or the absolute one”.

31. Xanto (Italian origin), meaning “the golden one”. Since names from letter X are quite rare, Xanto would be a perfect choice for your baby boy if you are looking for an unusual cool name with a beautiful meaning.

32. Zaram (Arabic origin), means “one in a thousand”.

Beautiful Baby Girl Names That Mean Unique Or Rare

Give your little girl a unique baby name that she can be proud of. Choose your perfect name from our curated list of beautiful girl names!

Your unique little girl deserves an equally unique name.

33. Aadvika (Indian origin), means “one who is unique in all aspects”.

34. Adora (French origin), meaning “the beloved one”.

35. Advika (Indian origin), meaning “a unique girl”.

36. Aino (Finnish origin), meaning “the only one”. Aino is the name of the heroine of the epic poem 'Kalevala' composed by Elias Lönnrot.

37. Alicia (German origin), means “the one of noble birth”. The many variations of the same name are Alice, Alison, Alycia, and so on.

38. Amahle (African origin), means “the prettiest and the most beautiful one”.

39. Amandine (French origin), meaning “the loved one”. Its shortened version would be Amanda.

40. Anmol (Indian origin), meaning “priceless or invaluable”. In India, it is one of the most popular girl names.

41. Aureliana (Spanish origin), meaning “golden or unique”.

42. Avar (Indian origin), meaning “like no other”.

43. Beatrix (Latin origin), meaning “the bringer of joy”.

44. Benazir (Arabic origin), meaning “the incomparable one”. Benazir was also the name of the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim country (Pakistan).

45. Birsen (Turkish origin), meaning “only you”.

46. Bita (Persian origin), meaning “unique or unrivalled”.

47. Caroline (Old English origin), means “beloved or valuable”. This beautiful name is extremely popular among girls.

48. Centehua (Aztec origin), means “the only one”. One of the cute girl names.

49. Dorit (Latin origin), means “a unique gift from God”. This Greek name is a shorter version of the name Dorothea.

50. Electa (Old English origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the chosen one”.

51. Faridah (Arabic origin), meaning “the matchless one”. One of the unique girl names.

52. Gemma (Latin origin), means “a precious gem”. It is a popular baby girl name from the medieval times.

53. Haelyn (Hebrew origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the gift of God”.

54. Hayami (Japanese origin), one of the best baby names meaning “a rare beauty”.

55. Nadira (Arabic origin), means “rare”. It is the female name for Nadir.

56. Nestan (Persian origin), one of the best baby names meaning “unlike any other in the world”.

57. Nirali (Indian origin), means “the one who is unique from all”. It is a popular baby name in the Indian subcontinent.

58. Monica (African origin), means “unique or the one who gives unique advice”. In other languages, this name is also spelled as Monique, Monica, or Mona.

59. Raeca (Spanish origin), means “unique”.

60. Shazia (Arabic origin), one of the best baby names meaning “rare or unusual”. Shazia is a beautiful baby girl name with a feminine ring to it.

61. Shola (African origin), meaning “one who is blessed”.

62. Sinead (Greek origin), meaning “God’s gracious gift”. This Irish baby girl name is a variant of French name, Jeanette and English name, Janet.

63. Tarifa (Arabic origin), one of the best baby names meaning “rare”.

64. Thanos (Greek origin), meaning “immortal”. If you are a Marvel fan and a parent of a baby boy, this is the name to pick!

65. Waheeda (Arabic origin), meaning “one and only”. It is the feminine name for Waheed.

66. Yakira (Greek origin), meaning “most precious”. All precious things attract the world, and so this Hebrew name is also a popular baby name.

67. Zahavah (Hebrew origin), meaning “the golden one”.

68. Zelmira (Arabic origin), meaning “the brilliant one”.

69. Zhen (Chinese origin), meaning “the precious one”. It is also a Chinese family name.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Unique

Every baby is unique, and this should be reflected in their names. Find some beautiful and interesting gender-neutral names below.

70. Ananya (Indian origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the one who has no equivalent or unique”. Many Indian actors, singers and artists share this name.

71. Aria (Hebrew origin), meaning “treasure, gold or of high value”. Aria is a popular name for both boys and girls in various countries.

72. Apoorva (Indian origin), one of the best baby names meaning “rare or exclusive”. This beautiful name is also spelled as Apurv or Apurva.

73. Cariad (Welsh origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the beloved”.

74. Izel (Turkish origin), one of the best baby names meaning “unique”.

75. Jade (Spanish origin), meaning “a precious green stone”.

76. Oruvan (Indian origin), meaning “one and only”.

77. Ozge (Greek origin), one of the best baby names meaning “different or distinct”.

78. Quasar (English origin), meaning “otherworldly”. Literally, Quasar means a meteorite. However, in names, it refers to something unique or out of the world.

79. Saidi (Arabic origin), meaning “the auspicious one or the fortunate one”. It is a beautiful name among parents looking for unisex names.

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