50 Beautiful Names That Mean Pearl For Your Baby

Beautiful names that mean pearl are rare and unique.

The name of a baby needs to be unique, perfect and beautiful.

Baby names with soulful meanings are always a go-to choice for parents. Names inspired by the marvels of nature, such as pearl, are therefore an ideal choice for your child.

Pearls are found in deep seas hidden inside an oyster. Pearl has many meanings such as  'coral', however much of what pearl means is based on what is signifies - beauty and rarity. A baby name meaning pearl is also rare and beautiful. With this in mind, we have prepared a list of the most beautiful baby names that mean pearl to inspire you.

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Unique Boys' Names Meaning Pearl

Giving your baby boy a name that means pearl is a unique and strong choice. Here is our list of the unique pearl boy baby names.

1.Bearach (Gaelic, Greek origin) meaning "spear".

2.Bercnan (Irish origin) meaning "spear-like."

3.Bergin (Irish origin) meaning "mountain dweller".

4.Bindusar (Indian origin) meaning "an excellent pearl". This baby name meaning pearl is associated with the son of the famous Indian emperor, Ashoka.

5.Chau (Vietnamese origin) meaning "pearl".

6.Dar (Hebrew origin) meaning "pearl".

7.Dara (Hebrew origin) meaning "pearl of wisdom".

8.Jauhar (Muslim origin) meaning "gem or pearl". A common name in many Asian countries and continues to be one of the popular baby names.

9.Magan (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

10.Maj (Scandinavian origin) meaning "of the sea".

11.Margalo (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

12.Marjaan (Muslim origin) meaning "small pearls".

13.Mette (Scandinavian origin) meaning "pearl".

14.Peggy (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

15.Pinon (Spanish origin) meaning "pine kennel".

Unique Girls' Names Meaning Pearl

Girls' names meaning pearl are beautiful and unique.

Pearls are associated with beauty - therefore what better choice to name your daughter? Here is our list of beautiful baby names that mean pearl for your baby girl.

16.Aada (German origin) meaning "firstborn".

17.Ain (Arabic origin) meaning "precious eye". A name derived from the famous English novel 'Matilda'.

18.Cara (Irish origin) meaning "beloved".

19.Coraline (English origin) meaning "heart".

20.Durdana (Muslim origin) meaning "pearl". A baby name inspired by a British entrepreneur and activist, Durdana Ansari.

21.Faridah (Muslin origin) meaning "matchless".

22.Gretel (German origin) meaning "pearl". It is associated with the popular Australian comedian, Gretel Killeen.

23.Irta (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

24.Jumana (Arabic origin) meaning "pearl".

25.Lulu (English, Arabic origin) meaning "pearl". It is linked to Brazilian comedian Lulu Santos.

26.Maggie (English origin) meaning "pearl". This is one of the many names meaning pearl, which is a diminutive form of Margaret.

27.Margaretta (Latin origin) meaning "pearl". It is another form of the name Margaret, which also mean pearl. Both of which make for fantastic sister names.

28.Opaline (Indian, French origin) meaning "gem".

29.Rubina (French origin) meaning "precious stone".

30.Simah (Hebrew origin) meaning "treasure". A pearl, due to its rarity, has often been considered as precious treasure.

Unisex Names Meaning Pearl

Below we have crafted a list of the best unisex baby names that mean pearl.

31.Anna (Greek origin) meaning "favor". This name is derived from the Grand Princess Consort of Kiev, Anna Porphyrogenita.

32.Annemette (Danish origin) meaning "bitter pearl".

33.Bearchan (Irish origin) meaning "spear-like".

34.Etta (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

35.Gemma (French origin) meaning "gemstone". This name is associated with popular Hollywood actress, Gemma Arterton.

36.Ghita (Greek, German origin) meaning "pearl". This name is associated with Romanian athlete, Daniel Ghita.

37.Gredel (Greek origin) meaning "pure pearl".

38.Lo'loo (German, Arabic origin) meaning "pearl".

39.Madge (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

40.Magan (Irish origin) meaning "pearl". A name associated with the Irish writer and traveler, Manchán Magan.

Popular Baby Names Meaning Pearl

(Pearl names can also make for beautiful baby names.

Names meaning pearl are not just unique, but they are also growing increasingly popular. Here is our list of popular baby names.

41.Alana (F)(German origin) meaning "precious". This name is linked to famous New Zealand musician, Alana Currie.

42.Azure (F)(Latin origin) meaning "blue". It is a special gleam of certain types of pearls.

43.Jewel (English origin) meaning "precious".

44.Majai (Hebrew origin) meaning "gift".

45.Margaret (Latin origin) meaning "pearl". This name is associated with the famous author Margaret Atwood, and politician Margaret Thatcher.

46.Meghan (Welsh origin) meaning "pearl". This name is associated with the Duchess of Sussex and American actress, Meghan Markle.

47.Najma (Arabic origin) meaning "precious". This is the name of a famous governor of Manipur, Najma Heptulla.

48.Nizha (Latin origin) meaning "happiness".

49.Pearlie (English origin) meaning "pearl". Pearlie can also be an addition to the name Pearl.

50.Risa (Japanese origin) meaning "harvest". This name is associated with Japanese idol, Risa Niigaki. The name is related to pearl harvesting.

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