100+ Beautiful Pacific Islander Names With Meanings

Choose the best pacific islander name for your little one.

Pacific Islanders are the people who reside in the Pacific Islands regions.

It is a geographic term to describe the inhabitants of the three major regions of Oceania – Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. The region is a truly beautiful place.

Most names originating from the Polynesian area are actually gender neutral but we've sorted them into the genders they are more popularly used for.

We hope this article helps in your search but if you want some more inspiration why not look at Hawaiian boys names and Hawaiian girls names, right here on Kidadl.

Popular Pacific Islander Names For Girls

Explore the variety of Pacific Islander names we have in store for you. We hope you will find the perfect one for your beautiful baby girl!

1. Ala (Samoa origin), this Pacific Islander name means “excellence”.

2. Alana (Hawaii origin), means “beautiful and fair”.

3. Aluna (Hawaii origin), means “Goddess of the moon”.

4. Anahera (Maori origin), is a beautiful name that means “angel”. This sweet-sounding name is wonderful for your little angel.

5. Aonani (Hawaii origin), this Pacific Islander name means “beautiful sunlight”.

6. Elei (Samoa origin), is the name for block printing designs, which are highly valued in Samoa.

7. Elikapeka (Hawaii origin), is a Hawaiian form of “Elizabeth”. Elikapeka is one of the most famous Hawaiian names which means “God is my abundance”.

8. Farahinano (Tahiti origin), is a beautiful name that means “the flower of Pandanus”.

9. Hauata (Tahiti origin), is a lovely name that means ‘cloud of peace.’

10. Hauora (Tahiti origin), has the simple but lovely meaning of “healthy”. Name your baby girl Hauora to bless her with good health.

11. Heiani (Tahiti origin), is one of the most common Tahitian girl names in the Pacific. It means “crown of the sky”.

12. Hera (Greek origin), has the grand meaning of “queen”.

13. Hine (Maori origin), this Pacific Islander name means “sweet and generous girl”.

14. Kalama (Hawaii origin), means “the torch” or “the ebony”.

15. Kali (Hawaii origin), means “rosebud”.

16. Keiki (Hawaii origin), has the simple meaning of “child”.

17. Kiana (Persian origin), is a derivative of the English name “Diana”, meaning “heavenly and divine”.

18. Kiri (Maori origin), means “mountain” or “tree bark”.

19. Kupa’alani (Hawaii origin), means “loyal” or “heaven”. The name is the merge of the words – "Kupa” and “alani”.

20. Kylie (Tahiti origin), traditionally means “beautiful”. However, one should be careful as it also refers to someone living near a small patch of land.

21. La (Maori origin), means the “Sun”.

22. La’akea (Hawaii origin), comes from the two elements: “la’a” meaning “sacred and devoted”, and “kea” means “light”. Therefore, the name means “sacred light of day”.

23. Lanuola (Samoa origin), means “colorful life”. It consists the words Lanu meaning “color” and ola meaning “life”.

24. Leinani (Hawaii origin), has the lovely meaning of a “beautiful child”.

25. Lulu (Samoa origin), means “pearl of the Pacific”.

26. Maima (Tahiti origin), is the perfect name for a caretaker as it means “the one who raises”. It is the Tahitian equivalent of the English name for ‘beloved lady.’

27. Mana (Hawaii origin), refers to “spiritual powers”.

28. Manaia (Samoa origin), means “nice” or “good”.

29. Meilani (Tahiti origin), is an immensely popular name not only in Tahiti but in the Pacific Islands and the United States. This name refers to “beautiful” in Hawaiian.

30. Mele (Hawaii origin), implies “song”. The name is also a Hawaiian form of the English name Mary, which means “beloved lady”.

31. Moana (Hawaii origin), is a name that means “sea”, after the Polynesian sea god. This beautiful name also featured in the popular Disney film 'Moana'.

32. Natia (Samoa origin), means “hidden treasure”.

33. Oceana (Greek origin), means “the ocean”.

34. Orihei (Tahiti origin), consists of two words. One part is “ori” meaning “dance”, and the other is “hei”, which means “crown”. This beautiful name, in all its entirety, means “crown of dances”.

35. Pania (Maori origin), was the name of a prominent figure in the Polynesian legends and means “crown” or “beautiful maiden”. The name also boasts of popularity in the Pacific and other regions like New Zealand and Australia.

36. Poehei (Tahiti origin), means “pearl crown”.

37. Poehere (Tahiti origin), is a name that consists of two words. “Poe” meaning “pearl” and “here” meaning “love”. Therefore, the name as a whole refers to “pearl of love”.

38. Raina (Tahiti origin), is another popular name among the islanders in the Tahitian region and means “calm sky”.

39. Rauana (Tahiti origin), has the beautiful meaning of “several stars”. A perfect name for those who will aspire for the stars.

40. Samaria (Samoa origin), means “sacred”.

41. Samoa (Samoa origin), means “pure”, derived from the white sands of Samoa.

42. Silivia (Hawaii origin), is a beautiful sounding name that means “woman of the woods”.

43. Tamar (Hebrew origin), is a popular girl’s name for the babies born on the Sukkoth holiday. Famous royal members in the Polynesian culture also shared this beautiful name meaning “palm tree”.

44. Teuila (Samoa origin), means “beautiful red flower”.

45. Tevahine (Tahiti origin), refers to a “lovely woman”. Such a sweet name is ideal for your baby girl.

46. Tiarehere (Tahiti origin), is a sweet name that means “flower of love”.

Popular Pacific Islander Baby Names For Boys

Down below are some popular Pacific Islander baby names for boys. While browsing through these baby boy names, we hope you find a name as perfect as your son!

47. Ahoeitu (Tonga origin), refers to “a child carried in the arms”. Islanders named their children Ahoeitu to make them feel safe and protected.

48. Akamu (Hawaii origin), is a derivative of the English name “Adam”. The name by itself radiates a strength of personality and means “strength” or “positivity”.

49. Akeakamai (Samoa origin), is a traditional name, meaning “yearning for wisdom”. It will be a perfect name for someone who will have a hunger for knowledge.

50. Alika (Hawaii origin), one of the Pacific Islander names that boasts of the grand meaning of “defender of mankind”.

51. Anaru (Maori origin), is the Maori form of “Andrew”. It can be the perfect name for your baby boy as it means “strong and manly”.

52. Aputi (Samoa origin), has the lovely meaning of “kind”. One of the best Pacific Islander baby names.

53. Aukai (Hawaii origin), one of the names in Hawaiian that literally translates to “seafarer”.

54. Awhina (Maori origin), is a name bursting with meaning and signifies “help and support”. Let your son become the pillar of support for others by naming him Awhina. One of the sweetest Pacific Islander names.

55. Fetu (Samoa origin), is the short form of “Fetuilelagi” and means “God of the night”.

56. Hamuera (Maori origin), is the Polynesian form of “Samuel”. This name has been growing increasingly popular among the islanders and means “name of God”.

57. Hawea (Maori origin), means “peacemaker”. Name your boy Hawea to instill in him the ability to negotiate his way out of any tough situation.

58. Iokua (Hawaii origin), derives from the English name “Joshua”, and means “to save”. One of the best baby names.

59. Ira (Hebrew origin), means “vigilant and watchful”. With vigilance being an extraordinary skill in the modern world, observant children will prove to be the leaders of tomorrow.

60. Kaiko (Hawaii origin), means “strong current in the sea”. It is an ideal name for leaders and those who will shape our tomorrow.

61. Kaipo (Hawaii origin), has the sweet meaning of “darling” or “sweetheart”.

62. Kale (Hawaii origin), means “free man” and is a form of the famous English name “Charles”.

63. Kapono (Hawaii origin), means the “righteous”. Name your baby boy Kapono to teach him the virtue behind seeking truth.

64. Keola (Samoa origin), is a name with the most beautiful meaning. It means “life” or “health”. A fitting name for a boy who is always bursting with life.

65. Kimo (Hawaii origin), is a lovely name that means “supporter”. Only the truest of friends are worthy of this name.

66. Kolinaisi (Hawaii origin), means “storm”.

67. Ku (Hawaii origin), is a name that can mean “to stand” or “upright’. The name stems from the god of war – whose full name was Kū-ka-ili-moku – in Polynesian mythology.

68. Laki (Samoa origin), means “lucky”. Name your boy Laki to bless them with great luck. One of the best baby names.

69. Laniakea (Hawaii origin), is a sweet name that means “immeasurable heaven”. The name stems from an acknowledgment by the islanders of the accomplishments of the Polynesian navigators.

70. Loto (Samoa origin), has the beautiful meaning of “heart”.

71. Mahana (Tahiti origin), is a name that exudes regal elegance and means “moon like”. Name your baby boy Mahana if you want them to grow up as an elegant gentleman.

72. Makani (Hawaii origin), means “the wind”. One of the best baby names. One of the beachy names.

73. Maleko (Hawaii origin), is the Hawaiian derivative of “Mark”. This beautiful name means “polite” or “shining”.

74. Malu (Hawaii origin), means “peace”.

75. Manu (Hawaii origin), refers to “bird of the night” or “the greatest”.

76. Manuia (Samoa origin), is a baby name resounding with cheerful vibes and means “happy”. Let your child be a ray of sunshine in peoples’ lives as the bearer of the Manuia name.

77. Maui (Hawaii origin), means “legendary hero” and stems from the name of a Polynesian demigod, Māui. Maui is a suitable name for those who will take the world by storm.

78. Pio (Maori origin), means “pious”. One of the best baby names.

79. Puleleiite (Samoa origin), means “ruler who can tell the future”. This is a name worthy of those who will conquer the future.

80. Rangi (Samoa origin), is a beautiful name, meaning “heaven” or “the sky”.

81. Tane (Hawaii origin), stems from the name of the mighty sky god who set the sun and moon in place and lit up our night sky with stars. A suitable name for those who want their boy to light up the world.

Select the best name for your child from our list.

Popular Unisex Pacific Islander Names

Still undecided? Read on to find some gender neutral Pacific Islander names for your new born.

82. Allyn (Gaelic origin), the baby name means “precious”.

83. Aloha (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “love” or “compassion”.

84. Aulani (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “king’s messenger”.

85. Aulii (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “delicious and dainty”.

86. Ipo (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “lover” or “sweetheart”.

87. Iwalani (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “heavenly seagull”. Inspired by the abundance of seagulls near the coastal regions, this name is a great choice for dependable kids.

88. Kai (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “the sea”.

89. Kalani (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “the heaven”. A wonderful name for those who bring light and warmth to the world.

90. Kapena (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “captain”. Perfect choice for those who want to be captain of a ship or a corporation.

91. Kealii (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “chief”.

92. Loe (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “king”.

93. Mahina (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “moon light”.

94. Makenna (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “abundance”.

95. Moke (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “the person who is sweeter than honey”.

96. Noe (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “a mist of heaven”.

97. Noelani (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “heavenly mist”.

98. Nyree (Hebrew origin), means “God was gracious”.

99. Oke (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “deer lover”.

100. Palila (Hawaii origin), the baby name means “bird”.

101. Tausa’afia (Samoan origin), the baby name means "pleasant and lovable personality".

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