100+ Best 2 Word Quotes And Phrases

2 word quotes can inspire.

Short quotes with 2 words are great as they are easy to memorize and thus, are always on your mind.

Just two words are enough to have a greater impact than any longer quote. Also, two words quotes are preferred over longer quotes as they are catchier and have a deeper impact.

2 word quotes are those short quotes which have some meaning and can be used for various purposes, for instance, to motivate someone, to inspire someone, to show love etc. Two word phrases are a group of two words expressing a concept. They can be used within a sentence as a single unit.

This article has a list of over 100 such inspirational, powerful and deepest short quotes and best two word phrases for life. For more inspirational and motivational quotes, check out 6 word quotes and 5 word quotes.

We hope you like our list of powerful short quotes and captions. Share these quotes with your friends and family and tell them that “They Matter”. Sometimes, all it takes is just two meaningful words to make someone's day. Words have the power to change lives. From the beginning, inspirational quotes have always motivated people to go out there and do something. No matter what, inspirational quotes will always find a place in this world.

Motivational Short Quotes

Short quotes have the same power as that of long ones, this one might not be 2 words but we still love it.

Some short powerful quotes to provide motivation to you are given below. These two word quotes are perfect for reminding yourself that you are capable of achieving anything. You can also write these two word phrases and motivational quotes on placards and display them in your room.

   1. “Be Yourself.”

   2. “Dream Bird.”

   3.  “Rise Above.”

   4. “You Matter.”

   5. “You Can.”

   6. “Accept Yourself.”

   7.  “Trust Yourself.”

   8. “Consistency=Success.”

   9. “Stay Focused.”

   10. “Move Forward.”

   11. “Try Again.”

Short Quotes About Love

Love is one of the most important feelings in our life. To express this feeling of love, we have a list of many two word quotes about love for you. You can share these quotes with your friends and family too.

   12. “Love Endures.”

   13. “Unconditional Love.”

   14. “Love Much.”

   15. “Love Fearlessly.”

   16. “Love Fiercely.”

   17. “True Love.”

   18. “Be Kind.”

   19.  “Stay Beautiful.”

   20. “Good Vibes.”

   21. “Love Life.”

   22. “Mixed Feelings.”

Inspirational Short Quotes

Some inspirational quotes in 2 words are given below. These inspirational quotes can be shared with anyone who requires inspiration for anything. You can also write these two word phrases and inspirational quotes in your notes and read them every day.

   23. “Chase Grace.”

   24.  “Have Faith.”

   25. “Work Hard.”

   26. “Live Well.”

   27. “Enjoy Life.”

   28. “Stay Positive.”

   29. "Risk Taker."

   30. "Stay Curious."

   31. “Just Start.”

   32. “Exist Loudly.”

Short quotes are perfect for Facebook.

Power Words Quotes

Few 2 words quotes about power and strength are listed below. These two word quotes are perfect to remind someone that they are powerful.

   33. “You Sparkle.”

   34. “Why Not?”

   35.  “Laugh Often.”

   36. “Dream Big.”

   37.  “Feel Free.”

   38.  “A Weapon.”

   39. “Enjoy Life.”

   40. “Self-Loving.”

   41. “Mind Matter.”

   42. “I am.”

   43. “Hakuna Matata.”

Cool Short Quotes

Some cool two word sayings to lighten anyone’s mood are given below. These two word quotes are perfect to share on your stories and with your friends.

   44. “Think Different.”

   45. “Limited Edition.”

   46. “Stay Weird.”

   47. “Perfectly Imperfect.”

   48. “Stay Messy.”

   49. “Be Uncommon.”

   50. “Don’t Quit.”

   51. “Stay Classy.”

   52. “Under Construction.”

   53. “Play Nice.”

Short Meaningful Words

Given below is a list of short two word quotes with a deep meaning. These are inspirational quotes as well as motivational quotes with a meaning.

   54. “Smile Everyday.”

   55. “Dream Always.”

   56. “Have Patience.”

   57. “Be Thankful.”

   58.  “Alive & Well."

   59. “Perfectly Content.”

   60. “No Boundaries.”

   61. “Be Spontaneous.”

   62. “Find Balance.”

   63. “Inhale Exhale.”

   64. “Worry Less.”

Two Word Captions

A list of two word quotes that can be sued as captions for social media stories and posts is given below:

   65. “Beautiful Disaster."

   66. “God’s Masterpiece.”

   67. “Sunday Funday.”

   68. “Happy Trails.”

   69. “Lovely Day.”

   70. “Stay Tuned.”

   71. “Lost Soul.”

   72. “No Filter.”

   73. “Frisky Friday.”

   74. “Warning Sign.”

   75. “Embrace Elegance.”

   76. “Be Fierce.”

   77. “Embrace Elegance.”

   78. “Hopelessly Romantic.”

   79. “Sunny Vibes.”

2 Word Phrases

A list of 2 words phrases is listed below. These words have some meaning and are perfect to share with your friends anytime to make them smile.

   80. “Little Things.”

   81. “Think Twice.”

   82. “Radiant Positivity.”

   83. “Be Authentic.”

   84. “Be Present.”

   85. “Free Yourself.”

   86. "Be Spontaneous."

   87. “Miracle Happens.”

   88. “Breathe Deeply.”

   89. “Just Imagine.”

2 Word Sayings

Given below are some two word phrases and sayings. These are some cute sayings which can be used as inspirational quotes or as captions also.

   90. “Inner Peace.”

   91. “Never Settle.”

   92. “Wild Things.”

   93. “Take Chances.”

   94. “Create Yourself.”

   95. “Just Believe.”

   96. “Golden Days.”

   97. “Day Dreaming.”

   98. “Blue Skies.”

   99. “Simply Happy.”

   100. “Let Go.”

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