100 Best 4 Letter Girl Names That Are Short And Sweet

Short names are a unique and lovely choice for your baby girl.

Choosing the right short name for your baby girl can be a challenging task.

A four letter baby name for your girl is both sweet and elegant. Many parents love the idea of choosing girl names with 4 letters as they are short and sweet, making them easy for kids to learn and pronounce.

This list has 100 different short names for girls that you can consider for your baby.  All these 4 letter names have a unique meaning, helping you to decide which baby name is most suitable for your baby girl.

To find more ideas for names, take a look at these short boy names or these one syllable girl names.

Popular 4 Letter Girl Baby Names

Many short 4 letter girl names are very popular. Here is a list of all the popular four letter girl names that you should consider for your little girl.

1.Arvi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "peace".

2.Aura (Latin and Ancient Greek origin) meaning "wind or breeze".

3.Bela (Hungarian origin) meaning “cordial”. This baby name was the name of the female protagonist of the 'Twilight' series.

4.Elsa (Scandinavian origin)  meaning "joyful". A popular baby name after Elsa, the protagonist of the movie 'Frozen'.

5.Fire (West Germanic origin) meaning “to kindle or inflame.”

6.Gold (Indo-European origin) meaning "precious metal".

7.Geza (Hungarian origin) meaning "Turkish title."

8.Dona (Italian origin) meaning "lady". Dona is the name of a famous secretary from the series 'Suits'.

9.Nora (Latin origin) meaning "honor". Nora Fatehi is an amazing Canadian dancer.

10.Dove (American origin) meaning "bird of peace". Dove is the name of a famous beauty brand known for its soaps and shampoos.

11.Faye (French origin) meaning "loyalty". There are many famous actresses from this name such as Faye Dunaway,  Faye Yu, and Faye Marsay.

12.Jazz (English origin) meaning "energy". Jazz is the name of a very well known dance form.

13.Lily (Arabic origin) meaning "pure" or "passion". This is a beautiful four letter girls' name.

14.Myra (Latin origin)  meaning "admirable" or "beloved".

15.Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "illusion".

16.Ojal (Indian origin) meaning "vision".

17.Rose (Latin origin) meaning "flower". Rose was the name of the female protagonist of the classic movie 'Titanic'.

18.Siri (Scandinavian origin) meaning "beautiful victory". The virtual assistance of Apple's iPhone is named Siri.

19.Shay (Irish origin) meaning "hawk".  Shay is the name of a very popular character from 'Game Of Thrones'.

20.Soul (Germanic origin) meaning "spirit and essence of a person".

21.Zora (Slavic origin) meaning "dawn". Zora is a type of race in the series of video games,  'Legend Of Zelda'.

Unique 4 Letter Girl Baby Names

There are many unique short names with wonderful meanings for your little girl.

Lots of parents look for a unique name for their baby. Here we present a special list of four letter names to help you find a unique name for your little girl.

21.Adel (European origin) meaning "noble".

22.Brie (French origin) meaning "marshland".

23.Beth (Hebrew origin) meaning "God in abundance"

24.Bela (Hungarian origin) meaning "cordial".

25.Cara (Latin origin) meaning "beloved".

26.Cleo (Greek origin) meaning "pride". Miss Cleo is a famous American television character.

27.Kate (Latin or French origin) meaning "pure" or "blessed". Kate Winslet is a famous Hollywood actress.

28.Cori (Greek origin) meaning "ravine".

29.Dana (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge".

30.Drea (Greek origin) meaning "courageous ".

31.Diem (Latin origin) meaning "day". This baby name is often used in a famous phrase 'carpe diem' that means seize the day.

32.Earl (English origin) meaning "warrior".

33.Edie (English origin) meaning "wealth" or "fortune". Edie Brickell is a highly known American singer and songwriter.

34.Elam (Hebrew origin) meaning "forever".

35.Faye (French origin) meaning "loyalty" or belief.

36.Fran (Latin origin)  meaning "free one".

37.Faya (French origin) meaning "fairy".

38.Gabi (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my strength".

39.Zara (Arabic origin) meaning "princess". Zara is a world-famous clothing and accessories brand.

40.Nala (African and Sanskrit origin) meaning "gift" or "stem". This baby name is associated with Nala, who was the lioness in the movie 'Lion King' and was a dear friend to Simba.

41.Gael (Scottish origin) meaning "Scottish highlander".

42.Tess (English or Greek origin) meaning "to harvest". This name is associated with a character in the novel, 'Tess Of The d’Urbervilles' by Thomas Hardy.

43.Zoey (Greek origin) meaning "life". This baby name has been associated with a famous character from the popular series 'How I Met Your Mother'.

44.Hope (English origin) meaning "desire of fulfilment". In 'Ant-man', Hope is one of the main characters.

Cute Four Letter Names For Girls

Short names are really pretty and cute. Here are some pretty four letter names for girls with their meaning -

45.Alva (Latin origin) meaning "his highness"

46.Brea (American origin) meaning  "beauty beyond imagination". This is one of the more unique baby names as it is the name of a city in California as well.

47.Beda (English origin) meaning "female warrior".

48.Cora (Greek origin) meaning "honest person".

49.Cali (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful".

50.Dior (French origin) it means"golden". It is the name of a famous French luxury brand.

51.Dara (Hebrew origin) meaning "pearl of wisdom".  According to the Bible, Dara was the name of a descendant of Judah.

52.Dora (Greek origin) meaning "god's gift". This name is associated with the famous cartoon character Dora from the show 'Dora The Explorer'.

53.Dawn (English origin) meaning "the first appearance of light".

54.Dena (Hebrew origin) meaning "judgment".

55.Dezi (Spanish origin) meaning "desired".

56.Edna (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasure".

57.Elby (African origin) meaning "new dimensions of glory".

58.Emmy (English Origin) meaning "universal". This name holds its popularity from famous TV awards Emmy.

59.Emma (Germanic Origin) meaning "whole". In the famous TV show 'Friends', the name of  Ross and Rachel's daughter was Emma.

60.Fern (English origin) meaning "a green plant with triangular leaves".

61.Febe (Greek origin) meaning "bright" and "pure". The name can be linked with one of the six friends from classic TV show 'Friends'.

62.Heli (Hebrew origin) meaning "high".

63.Lucy (English and French origin) meaning "daylight". Actress Lucille Ball was a famous actress and comedian majorly known for her sitcoms such as 'The Lucy Show' and 'Life With Lucy'.

64.Jean (Greek origin) meaning "the Lord is gracious". Jean was the name of the ultimate crush of Peter Parker from 'Spiderman'.

4 letter Girls Baby Names That Are Palindromes

You can add a lot of fun in your girl names with these short 4 letter names.

Here are some four letter girl names that read the same from start to end and end to start, also known as palindromes. These baby names are a wonderful option for your new baby duaghter.

65.Anna (Latin origin) meaning "grace". This name got really famous because of American actress and singer Anna Kendrick.

66.Assa (Old Norse) meaning "beautiful goddess".

67.Azza (Arabic origin) meaning "spring".

68.Ebbe (Scandinavian origin) meaning "brave boar".

69.Edde (English origin) meaning "noble".

70.Elle (French origin) meaning "she".

71.Izzi (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is everything".

72.Emme (English origin) meaning "universe".

73.Luul (Arabic origin) meaning "pearl".

74.Noon (Latin origin) meaning "midday".

75.Otto (Germanic origin) meaning "wealthy".

76.Okko (Irish origin) meaning "champion of a warrior".

77.Ommo (Arabic origin) meaning "eloquent".

78.Onno (Dutch origin) meaning "generous". This name can be linked to Yoko Ono, the wife of the famous Beatles vocalist, John Lennon.

4 Letter Girl Names Beginning With A

Here is a fascinating list of amazing baby names for girls beginning with A.

79.Adna (Arabic origin) meaning  "pleasure" or "delight".

80.Aili (Estonian origin) meaning "holy" or "blessed".

81.Alix (German origin) meaning "of a noble kind".

82.Aliz (German origin) meaning "sweet".

83.Alma (Latin origin) meaning "kind and nourishing".

84.Anne (Latin origin) meaning "grace".

4 Letter Girl Names Beginning With Y

At the other end of the alphabet, these names all begin with Y and have just four letters.

85.Yana (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious".

86.Yula (Russian origin) meaning "youthful".

87.Yola (Greek and Spanish origin) meaning "a flower of violet color".

88.Yolo (English origin) meaning "one should live life to the fullest". This name got highly popular after Canadian rapper Drake's 'The Motto Song'.

89.Yoko (Japanese origin) meaning "good or positive". This is a popular four letter girl name that starts with y and end with o.

4 Letter Girl Names That Start With 'Le'

The 'Le' sound before a name makes it even sweeter.  Hence, we have prepared this compact list of four letter names for girls starting with 'Le'.

90.Leia (Hawaiian origin) meaning "child of heaven" or "heavenly flowers". Princess Leia is a famous fictional character from the popular 'Star Wars'.

91.Lena (Arabic origin) meaning  "generous and kind".  Lena Dunham was the creator of the famous TV show, 'Girls'. Lena Headey is a famous character from the popular series 'Game Of Thrones'.

92.Lexi (Latin and Greek origin) meaning "man's defender".

93.Lela (Kiswahili origin) meaning "beauty".

94.Leah (Hebrew origin) meaning "wild cow". According to the Bible, Jacob's first wife was Leah.

95.Leen (Arabic origin) meaning "prosperity life".

96.Leya (Spanish origin) meaning "the law".

97.Leni (Latin origin) meaning "shining" or "bright".

98.Levi (Hebrew origin) meaning "joined". According to the Bible, the third child of Judah and Leah was named Levi.

99.Leal (African origin) meaning "faithful".

100.Leny (Spanish origin) meaning "brave".

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