100+ Best 5 Letter Names For Your Baby

5 letter names for babies have been popular for years.

5 letter names are incredibly popular for naming both baby boys and girls.

These names have originated from a wide variety of cultures spanning numerous countries far beyond the United States. They are often quite meaningful as well.

In this article, we'll go through over 100 of the best 5 letter names and also share their origins and meanings with you. So sit back and keep scrolling for the best 5 letter boy names and 5 letter girl names. We'll also share some of the best 5 letter unisex names too!

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5 Letter Names For Girls

Let's kick things off by talking about the best 5 letter names for girls. If you've got a little princess at home, feel free to pick a name for her from this section. Of course, feel free to add your own twist to the spellings of the baby names that we've covered here.

5 letter baby girl names are varied and can be chosen for many different girls with different personalities.

1. Alexa (Greek origin), meaning "to defend". It is one of the female variants of the male name Alexander.

2. Alice (German origin), meaning "noble". It is one of the most common 5 letter girl names that start with A.

3. Ariel (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's lion"; the ideal five letter baby name for your little lioness.

4. Aylin (Turkish origin), meaning "moon halo". It is one of the 5 letter girl names that's unique but is getting more popular.

5. Belen (Spanish origin), meaning "house of bread" or "Bethlehem".

6. Bella (Italian origin), meaning "beautiful". It is the shortened version of Isabella, which is one of the most popular girl names.

7. Brynn (Welsh origin), meaning "hill". It's a unique five letter baby name for girls in Wales.

8. Carly (German origin), meaning "free woman"; one of the best girl names to choose if you want your baby girl to become a strong and independent woman.

9. Chloe (Greek origin), meaning "fertile" or "blooming".

10. Danna (English origin), meaning "my judge is God".

11. Dixie (English and French origin), meaning "tenth" or "I have spoken".

12. Edith (English origin), meaning "blessed" or "riches".

13. Elisa (English origin), meaning "God's promise". It's one of the shortened variations of the popular name Elizabeth.

14. Fiona (Gaelic and Scottish origin), meaning "fair".

15. Flora (Latin origin), meaning "flower".

16. Frida (German origin), meaning "peace".

17. Greta (Greek origin), meaning "pearl". It is the shortened version of the name Margareta.

18. Haley (English origin), meaning "meadow" or "clearing". The name is also a common surname.

19. Hazel (English origin), meaning "hazelnut tree".

20. Heidi (German origin), meaning "noble".

21. Helen (Greek origin), meaning "bright" and "light".

22. Irene (Greek origin), meaning "peace"; the ideal 5 letter name for your calm and peaceful baby girl at home.

23. Itzel (Spanish origin), meaning "rainbow lady". It is one of the most uncommon five letter names for girls.

24. Jenna (English and Welsh origin), meaning "white wave" and "white shadow". It is one of the most popular 5 letter names that start with J.

25. Joyce (English origin), meaning "little Lord".

26. Keira (Irish origin), meaning "black haired". If your baby girl has black hair, this is a great five letter baby name to consider.

27. Kylie (Australian origin), meaning "cheerful" and "bright".

28. Mabel (Latin origin), meaning "lovable".

29. Macie (French origin), meaning "weapon". As far as cool 5 letter names for baby girls go, this name is one of the best.

30. Marie (French origin), meaning "bitter" or "of the sea". It is one of the most well known and popular 5 letter biblical names inspired by Mother Mary.

31. Nancy (Hebrew origin), meaning "grace".

32. Nylah (Arabic origin), meaning "winner"; one of the best names to choose if you want your baby girl to grow up to be a champion.

33. Paula (Latin origin), meaning "humble" and "small".

34. Renee (Roman origin), meaning "born again".

35. Rylie (Irish origin), meaning "valiant" and "courageous".

36. Sasha (Greek origin), meaning "mankind's helper" and "defender". It is one of the most well known 5 letter girl names that start with S.

37. Siena (Latin origin), meaning "reddish brown". It is also the name of a city in Italy.

38. Talia (Hebrew origin), meaning "heaven's gentle morning dew". It is one of the most unique five letter baby girl names that you can go for.

39. Tatum (English origin), meaning "bringer of happiness and joy". Five letter baby girl names don't get more unique than this.

40. Tiana (Latin and Russian origin), meaning "princess".

41. Willa (German origin), meaning "firm and resolute protection".

42. Zahra (Arabic origin), meaning "beautiful", "brilliant" and "shining".

5 Letter Names For Boys

Now that we've shared more than 40 baby girl names with 5 letters, it's time to delve deep into some baby boy names that have just 5 letters. From the most common boy names with 5 letters to the most unique ones, we'll cover them all in this section, so read on.

A five letter name for a baby boy should match his personality.

43. Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning "exalted" and "strong"; one of the most well known 5 letter names that start with A. If you are looking for 5 letter names with double letters, Aaron is a lovely choice.

44. Aiden (Irish origin), meaning "little fire"; one of the best baby boy names with 5 letters to consider for your fiery little son.

45. Arjun (Sanskrit origin), meaning "white", "bright", and "shining". Arjun was one of the pivotal characters from the Indian epic 'Mahabharata'.

46. Ahmed (Arabic origin), meaning "the most praised"; one of the most common 5 letter baby names in the world of Islam. One of the lovely 5 letter boy names.

47. Blake (English origin), meaning "dark haired". One of the best 5 letter boy names.

48. Bowen (Welsh origin), meaning "the young one's son".

49. Brian (Irish origin), meaning "noble" and "highborn".

50. Caleb (Hebrew origin), meaning "brave", "bold", and "faithful".

51. Cesar (Latin and Spanish origin), meaning "thick haired".

52. Clark (English origin), meaning "scribe". It is one of the five letter boy names that is also common as a last name.

53. Cyrus (Persian origin), a five letter name meaning "sun".

54. Derek (German origin), meaning "ruler of the people".

55. Devin (English origin), meaning "poet"; the perfect name for a baby boy with a poetic personality.

56. Diego (Spanish origin), meaning "may God protect". It is one of the most well known 5 letter baby boy names in the Hispanic community.

57. Edwin (English origin), meaning "rich friend" or "prosperous friend".

58. Elias (Hebrew origin), meaning "Yahweh is my God".

59. Erick (Norse origin), a five letter name meaning "eternal ruler".

60. Ethan (Hebrew origin), meaning "enduring", "firm" and "strong".

61. Fawad (Arabic origin), meaning "heart".

62. Fayaz (Arabic origin), a five letter name meaning "generous" and "kind".

63. Grant (English origin), meaning "great" or "large". It is one of the beautiful boy names that's also a common surname.

64. Grady (Irish origin), meaning "noble".

65. Harry (German origin), meaning "ruler of the army". It is one of the most popular first names for boys in the United States and other English speaking countries.

66. Hayes (Irish origin), meaning "Aed's descendant". Aed or Aodh is the God of fire in Irish mythology.

67. Idris (Arabic origin), meaning "righteous".

68. Imran (Arabic origin), meaning "host" or "prosperity".

69. Irfan (Arabic origin), meaning "learning", "awareness" and "knowledge".

70. Jamal (Arabic origin), meaning "beauty". It is a name that's used as both first name and last name and one of the most frequently used 5 letter names starting with J.

71. Jordi (Greek origin), meaning "earth worker" or "farmer".

72. Kalel (American origin), meaning "God's voice".

73. Keanu (Hawaiian origin), meaning "the breeze". It is a five letter baby name that has been popularized by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves.

74. Larry (Latin origin), meaning "from Laurentium". Laurentium was an ancient city controlled by the Roman Empire.

75. Layne (French origin), meaning "wool".

76. Marco (Spanish and Italian origin), meaning "warlike".

77. Malik (Arabic origin), meaning "king" or "owner". The name, made up of five letters, is common in the Muslim world as both a first name and a surname.

78. Nasir (Arabic origin), meaning "bringer of victory" and "helper".

79. Nixon (English origin), meaning "Nicholas' son".

80. Oscar (English and Irish origin), meaning "champion warrior" or "God spear".

81. Pablo (Spanish origin), meaning "humble" and "small".

82. Rowan (Irish and Scottish origin), meaning "the rowan tree".

83. Ryder (English origin), meaning "mounted warrior" or "knight". It is one of the baby names with 5 letters that's common as both first and last name.

84. Simon (Hebrew origin), meaning "listener".

85. Zakir (Arabic origin), meaning "grateful" and "remembering".

Gender Neutral 5 Letter Names

If you trying to search for gender neutral 5 letter names that can be used to name both boys and girls, you've come to the right place. In certain countries, these names are mainly used to name boys, but in others, they are used to name girls. We think they all make lovely choices for either gender!

86. Angel (Greek and Latin origin), meaning "God's messenger".

87. Aspen (English origin), meaning "the aspen tree".

88. Avery (French and English origin), meaning "elf ruler".

89. Blair (Celtic, English, and Scottish origin), meaning "battlefield", "field", or "child hailing from the plains".

90. Briar (English origin), meaning "thorny rose bush".

91. Dylan (Welsh origin), meaning "the sea's son". Apart from being a gender neutral name, it's also a common surname.

92. Greer (Scottish and Latin origin), meaning "vigilant and watchful guardian".

93. Haven (English origin), meaning "safe".

94. Jaime (English, Hebrew, and Spanish origin), meaning "one who replaces".

95. Jesse (Hebrew origin), meaning "God's gift" or "wealthy".

96. Lenny (German origin), meaning "brave". It is the shortened version of the masculine name Leonard.

97. Logan (Scottish origin), meaning "little hollow".

98. Marin (Latin origin), meaning "of the sea".

99. Quinn (Gaelic and Irish origin), meaning "counsel".

100. Paris (English, French and Greek origin), meaning "the capital of France; Paris".

101. Reese (Welsh origin), meaning "fiery" or "ardent".

102. Ricky (American, English and German origin), meaning "peaceful leader" or "eternal ruler".

103. River (English origin), referring to "water streams that flow down the mountains into the seas".

104. Robin (English origin), meaning "bright" or "fame".

105. Salem (Hebrew origin), meaning "peace".

106. Shawn (Celtic and Irish origin), meaning "God is both merciful and gracious".

107. Scout (American origin), meaning "one who discovers, explores, and gathers information".

108. Sloan (Celtic and Irish origin), meaning "invader", "warrior", or "strong protector".

109. Storm (American and English origin), meaning "volatile weather".

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