119 Best '80s Names That Are Back In Fashion

Mum rubbing noses with her newborn baby as she lays it down on the bed.

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Ahh, the '80s (sigh) a time for some seriously questionable haircuts, plenty of neon and no shortage of home-made mixtapes, leggings or Rubik's cubes. If you are looking for a baby name for your new bundle of joy, perhaps you’ve already considered whether to go for a traditional or edgy name, so why not consider a classic '80s name for your baby?

The '80s were an adventurous decade, known for flamboyant and extreme fashion and radical changes. Now wonderfully back in fashion, the nostalgic decade is also home to a great wave of unique and traditional baby names. Notably, in the early '80s, parents stuck to classic and Biblical monikers. It was after 1985 that different baby naming patterns, many inspired by popular culture and the increase in travelling abroad, began to emerge.

Whether you lived through the '80s and recall the decade fondly, were born in the '80s or later, we have gathered top '80s inspired names here, faster than you can say “pink leg warmers”.

'80s Girls’ Names

Baby girl lying on her back in her cot, her arms outstretched.
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We have delved deep into annual records to find the top baby names of the '80s, so you don’t have to, perfect for a little girl.

1.Alexandra, (Greek origin) meaning “the defender of mankind”.

2.Amanda, (Latin origin), meaning “loveable or lovely”.

3.Amy, (French origin), meaning “dearly beloved one”. One of the most beloved '80s girl names.

4.Claire, (French origin), meaning “bright or famous”.

5.Danielle, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is my judge”.

6.Donna, (Italian origin), this is an English name taken from the Italian word for a woman, donna.

7.Emma, (Germanic origin), meaning “wholesome”, a popular choice for an '80s baby.

8.Jennifer, (Old English origin), a classic name meaning “smooth and perfect”.

9.Jessica, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God beholds”. One of the more common '80s names.

10.Joanne, (Latin origin), meaning “God is gracious”.

11.Jodie, (Hebrew origin), meaning “Jewish woman”.

12.Karen, (Greek origin), meaning “pure”.

13.Katie, (Greek origin), meaning “to cleanse”.

14.Kelly, (Irish origin), meaning “bright headed”.

15.Kerry, (Irish origin), meaning “dusky or dark”.

16.Kirsty, (Scottish origin), meaning “Christian”.

17.Hannah, (Hebrew origin), meaning “grace”, a popular option for an '80s baby.

18.Hayley, (Old English origin), meaning “wood meadow”. A top name for an '80s baby.

19.Kate, (Latin origin), meaning “pure”, shortened form of the name Catherine.

20.Laura, (Latin origin”, meaning “the bay laurel plant”.

21.Lauren (French origin), meaning “laurel tree, and wisdom”. This was one of the most popular baby names to emerge from the '80s.

22.Leanne, (Old English origin), meaning “graceful and merciful”. This is one of the top baby names of the '80s.

23.Lisa, (Hebrew origin), meaning “oath of God, or God’s satisfaction.”

24.Louise, (Germanic origin), meaning “famous warrior”, one of the most popular '80s baby names.

25.Lucy, (Latin origin), meaning “born at dawn, or daylight”.  A top choice for '80s babies.

26.Michelle, (French origin), meaning “one who is Godlike”. A popular female name from the '80s era.

27.Natalie, (Latin origin), meaning “the birthday of the Lord”. Often used for girls born at Christmas time.

28.Natasha, (Russian origin) a Russian variant of the name Natalia, meaning “the Lord’s birthday”. This is a classic '80s name.

29.Nicola, (Latin origin) meaning “victory”.

30.Rachel, (Hebrew origin), meaning “ewe, or sheep”.

31.Rebecca, (Hebrew origin) meaning “captivating”.

32.Samantha, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God heard”.

33.Sarah, (Hebrew origin), this classic name means “princess”.

34.Sophie, (Greek origin), meaning “wisdom”. Still today a popular baby name.

35.Stacey, (Greek origin), a classic '80s baby name meaning “resurrection”.

36.Stephanie, (Greek origin) meaning “garland, or crown”

37.Victoria, (Latin origin) meaning “to conquer” often know by its shortened form Vikki. Although Victoria sits amongst the vintage girls names, this name became very in vogue during the late '80s.

'80s Boys Names

From traditional names like Matthew and Daniel, to modern cool '80s names like Wayne, here’s our top '80s picks.

Newborn baby's hand resting on their parent's hand.
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38.Aaron, (Hebrew origin), meaning “mountain of strength”.

39.Adam, (Hebrew origin), meaning “birth”. A classic within top 100  records for '80s baby names.

40.Alexander, (Greek origin), meaning “defender of man”.

41.Andrew, (Greek origin), meaning “brave, courageous warrior”.

42.Anthony, (Latin origin), meaning “priceless”.

43.Benjamin, (Hebrew origin), meaning “the son of my right hand, or favourite son”. One of the most popular baby names.

44.Christopher, (Greek origin), meaning “Christ”.

45.Daniel, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is my judge”.

46.David, (Hebrew origin), meaning “beloved”.

47.Darren, (Old English and Irish),

48.Dean, (Old English origin), meaning “valley”.

49.Gareth, (Old English), meaning “enclosure”.

50.Gary, (Germanic origin), meaning “spear”.

51.Ian, (Scottish origin), meaning “God is gracious”.

52.James, (Latin origin), a popular name, meaning “heel”.

53.John, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is gracious”.

54.Joseph, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God will give”.

55.Joshua, (Hebrew origin), meaning “God is my salvation”.

56.Justin, (Latin origin), meaning “just” and “fair”.

57.Kevin, (Irish origin), meaning “handsome” and “beautiful”.

58.Kyle, (Gaelic origin), meaning “a narrow strait”.

59.Lee, (Old English origin), meaning “a meadow” or “clearing”. A classic '80s name.

60.Luke, (Greek origin), meaning “light giving”.

61.Matthew, (Hebrew origin), meaning “gift of God”.

62.Martin, (Latin origin), derived from Mars, “the Roman God of war”.

63.Mark, (Latin origin), meaning, “God of war”, also derived from Mars.

64.Michael, (Hebrew origin), meaning “one who is God like”.

65.Neil, (Irish origin), meaning “cloud”.

66.Nicholas, (Greek origin), meaning “victory and people”.

67.Oliver, (Latin origin), meaning “olive tree”, this name still remains a popular baby name.

68.Paul, (Latin origin), meaning “small” or “humble”.

69.Peter, (Greek origin), meaning “stone” or “rock”.

70.Richard, (Norman origin), meaning “strong and brave”. Appears frequently in '80s top 100 names lists.

71.Robert, (Germanic origin), meaning “bright fame”.

72.Ryan, (Irish origin), meaning “king”, one of the most popular '80s names.

73.Sean, (Irish origin), meaning “God is gracious”.

74.Scott, (Scottish origin), meaning “one from Scotland”.

75.Simon, (Hebrew origin), meaning “listening”.

76.Stephen, (Greek origin), meaning “garland”, or “crown”

77.Stuart, (Old English origin), meaning “house guard”.

78.Thomas, (Greek origin), meaning “twin”.

79.Timothy, (Greek origin), meaning “honouring God”.

80.Wayne, (Old English origin), meaning “wagon” or “cart”.

81.William, (Germanic origin), meaning “desire” and “helmet production”.

Girls Names Inspired By '80s Music

In a decade packed with fantastic music and incredible famous '80s women, you’d be right to expect plenty of musically inspired baby names, perfect for your little girl.

82.Belinda, (Italian and Spanish origin), this is the name of '80s pop star Belinda Carlisle.

83.Carrie, (Irish origin), this is the name of a song by the band Europe.

84.Cyndi, (Greek origin), inspired by punk pop idol Cyndi Lauper.

85.Debbie, (Hebrew origin), this is the real name of '80s legendary singer, Blondie.

86.Joanna, (Greek origin), inspired by the song with the same name by Kool and the Gang.

87.Kimberly, (South African origin), inspired by the English singer Kim Wilde. One of the most trendy names in the '80s

88.Kylie, (Gaelic origin), inspired by none other than pop princess Kylie Minogue. Globally this is one of the top names of the '80s.

89.Melissa, (Greek origin), this is the name of the American singer Melissa Etheridge.

90.Roxanne, (Greek origin), renowned due to the famous Police song, Roxanne. One of the most popular names in the '80s.

91.Roxette, (Swedish origin) one of the '80s band names, inspired by the name of the Swedish pop rock duo, Roxette.

92.Sheena, (Hebrew origin), name of the singer Sheena Easton.

93.Terri, (Old English origin), Terri Nunn was the lead singer of the American group Berlin.

94.Tina, (Old English origin), the name of the iconic '80s singer Tina Turner.

Girls Names Inspired By The Movies

The '80s weren't short of plenty of revered Hollywood actresses with brilliant names.

95.Dana, (Danish origin), inspired by a character in the film “Ghostbusters”.

96.Francis, (French origin), inspired by Francis “baby” Houseman in the film “Dirty Dancing”.

97.Janine, (Old English origin), inspired by a character in the film “Ghostbusters”.

98.Lydia, (Greek origin), inspired by Lydia Maxwell in the 1987 film “Innerspace”.

99.Lorraine, (French origin), inspired by Lorraine Baines in the movie, “Back to the Future”.

Baby Names For Boys Inspired By '80s Music

Newborn baby boy wearing a blue woolly hat and sleeping under a blue blanket.
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'80s music also inspired plenty of great boy names, from Michael Jackson to Steve Tyler.

100.Billy, (Norman origin), inspired by '80s legend Billy Idol.

101.Bowie, (Gaelic origin), inspired by David Bowie.

102.Craig, (Scottish origin), meaning “rock”. This is the name of the bass player in the band “Bros”.

103.George, (Greek origin), a popular name inspired by George Michael.  A favourite vintage boys name.

104.Jackson, (English and Scottish origin), inspired by Michael Jackson.

105.Jason, (Greek origin), inspired by '80s pop icon Jason Donavon.

106.Jon, (Latin origin), inspired by '80s heart throb, Jon Bon Jovi.

107.Leonard,(Old Germanic origin), inspired by Leonard Cohen.

108.Tyler, (Old English origin), inspired by American Rockstar, Steve Tyler.

Boys Names Inspired By The Movies

'80s shows and movies inspired plenty of baby names, from vintage boy names like Zack, to influences from the States.

109.Arnie, (Hebrew origin), inspired by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

110.Corey, (Irish origin), inspired by Canadian actor, Corey Haim.

111.Dustin, (Old Norse origin), inspired by actor Dustin Hoffman.

112.Jareth, (French origin), this is the name of the Goblin King in the film, “Labyrinth”.  Certainly one of the more unique '80s names.

113.Zack, (Latin origin), inspired by popular American TV series, “Saved by The Bell”.

Unisex Names Inspired By The '80s

Yellow baby converse shoes hanging from car rearview mirror.
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Unisex names steadily began to pick up pace in the '80s, here’s some top options.

114.Ashley, (Old English origin), meaning “meadow” or “forest clearing”.

115.Bobby, (German and English origin), a variant of Robert/Roberta, meaning “bright fame”.

116.Jamie, (Hebrew origin), a popular name meaning “supplanter”.

117.Morgan, (Welsh origin), meaning “sea chief”.

118.Robin, (Old Germanic), meaning “bright fame”, also a variant of Robert/Roberta.

119.Stevie, (Greek origin), inspired by Stevie Wonder and Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks.



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