50+ Best Alien Jokes To Phone Home About

Aliens are creatures that are believed to exist outside of Planet Earth.

Unidentified flying object jokes and alien jokes have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years.

With the high number of movies made on aliens, the concept has become very popular. Moreover, there have been spaceships spotted in the past too.

While the existence of aliens has been a popular topic of debate, there are many who live in a world of sci-fi and fantasy driven by the sheer power of pop culture and media's influence. Aliens have been featured in countless popular movies that had put a majority of the population at the edge of their seats. Alien enthusiasts and believers also come up with weird alien theories and even scary stories about alien abduction that have fascinated people of all ages worldwide. The very fact of something foreign to the world walking on the very soil we live in is, in fact, quite an exciting concept to think about. We don't know if aliens are real or not. We don't even know if they would be peaceful or warmongering colonists out to subdue humans and inhabit the earth. And most importantly, we don't even know if alien abduction, despite the thousands of apparently true stories being circulated on social media is real or not. We may lay down and look up at the sky thinking and hoping that maybe somewhere millions of light-years away, a world like ours exists with its people wondering if they are the only living beings in the universe as well.

As serious as the alien concept of aliens may be, joking about it sure does diffuse the tension. Alien movies may scare us about the bad possibilities and worst-case scenarios involving aliens, but hey, at least we can have a good laugh about it and live our normal lives. Alien, Space and UFO jokes are highly in demand, and there are many nerds who are easily attracted to such jokes because they can relate well to it. Kids, who are especially fascinated by the concept of aliens, can even relate to such out-worldly humor, and it is a good way to keep them entertained and engaged. Self-made humor sharpens children's wit and grasp over the language. If merely joking about aliens can help you make your kid smart and laugh at the same time, then you should crack such jokes! Children who love all things related to space, the galaxy, stars, planets will be easily attracted to such relatable alien jokes. These jokes can be shared amongst adults and teenagers who are into all things galactic and related to space as well.

If you are looking for some of the best of alien jokes refer to the list below which also includes some ET jokes and some alien jokes about humans. These are witty and funny at the same time. Spaceship jokes and rocket jokes are the best kind of jokes that a lover of astronomy would want to listen to! If you are surrounded by people who are fascinated by the stars and the space elements, you have come to the right place! These extremely funny alien jokes can make you a favorite among people around you. Additionally, area 51 jokes, ufo joke, alien joke, and mars joke can be difficult to find but are the most popular kinds too. There have often been talks of spotting unidentified flying objects on Earth. Though no one knows the real truth, these make for amazing jokes.

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Funny Alien Jokes

There is little proof of any existence of extraterrestrial life.

Are you interested in some funny aliens jokes to make people laugh? Here is a list of some of the funniest aliens jokes and jokes on UFO for you.

1. How do aliens harvest their crops? With tractor beams.

2. How do you make an alien’s baby sleep? You rocket.

3. Why do aliens not like visiting earth very often? Because it is rated only one star.

4. Why do aliens not visit the restaurant in space? Because it has got no atmosphere.

5. Where do aliens like chilling the most? The space bar.

6. What did the alien say to the cat? Take me to your litter.

7. What currency do aliens use? Starbucks.

8. What do aliens like to read the most? Comet books.

9. Which music artist do aliens love the most? Bruno Mars.

10. Why was the alien reading a book on anti-gravity? He just could not put it down.

Hilarious Alien Jokes

(An unidentified flying object might have been spotted multiple times but is difficult to be explained.

Do you want to know about some of the most funny and hilarious alien puns and jokes? Read on for some amazing space jokes and funny mars jokes which will help you impress everyone.

11. How do aliens keep their jeans up? With asteroid belts.

12. How do aliens organize a party? They planet.

13. Why do aliens not eat clowns? Because they taste funny.

14. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see a green alien? To say "Wait until it is ripe".

15. Why could the alien not pay attention to what his friend was saying? Because he was spaced out.

16. Why was the alien not very popular among his friends? Because he was not down to earth.

17. Why is it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with an alien? Because he always needs his space.

18. Why is it difficult to converse with aliens? They do not understand the gravity of certain situations.

19. What is an alien's favorite beverage? Gravi-tea.

20. Where did the alien teacher take the students on their educational trips? To the planetarium.

Witty Alien Jokes

Are you on the search for some jokes that are witty and funny at the same time? Here are some jokes that will not only make you laugh, but also give you some general knowledge about space.

21. What do aliens look at measuring cups and say? Take me to your liter.

22. What do aliens use skillets in the kitchen for? To cook unidentified frying objects.

23. What do aliens love to add to their hot chocolate? Martian mellows.

24. Which is the only animal that aliens know of? Cows, because only cows can be seen jumping over the moon.

25. What do you call an alien who has muscles? A flexa terrestrial.

26. Where does an alien send her babies to get brighter? To the sun.

27. Why does an alien prefer a light year to a normal year? Because it has got less calories.

28.How does an alien park his spaceship in space? He uses a parking meteor.

29. What does an alien say when he likes something a lot? It is out of the world.

30. How much does an alien have to pay for the moon? One dollar which is actually four quarters.

Clever Alien Jokes

Are you looking for some unique and uncommon alien jokes? These are some of the best funny alien jokes you will find on the internet today. You'll certainly want to tell them to everyone at home when you get the chance!

31. What do you do when an alien is angry? You give him some space.

32. What does an alien wear to a Halloween party? A space suit.

33. What do aliens keep their tea cups on? Flying saucers.

34. Where do aliens go for higher studies? To the universe-ity.

35. What does an alien do when he has to get in touch with Saturn? He gives Saturn a ring.

36. How does an alien measure things? By using a meteor stick.

37. How do aliens keep in touch with each other? They use Space Book.

38. Which chewing gum do aliens love the most? Orbit.

39. What do you call an alien who is really really slow? A snailien.

40. How does an alien cut his hair? Eclipse it.

Smart Alien Jokes

Are you wondering where you could find some great alien jokes? Read the list below to find some amazing and very smart alien jokes which are super funny. We know you will like these funny jokes.

41. Why are aliens jealous of the sun? Because the sun has a million degrees.

42. Which chocolate do aliens love the most? A Mars bar.

43. What does an alien call his ex? A SpaceX.

44. Why did Mickey Mouse need the alien’s help? He was trying to find Pluto.

45. What did the alien say to his girlfriend? We have a plutonic relationship.

46. What would you end up with when you cross an adorable alien and something sweet, white and very fluffy? A martian-mallow.

47. What is an alien’s favorite drink at the bar? A sate-lite beer.

48. What did the baby alien say to his mom? He said, “Mom, my life revolves around you!”.

49. Why do aliens not get along with each other sometimes? Because they can be mercurial.

50. Why are there just eighteen letters in the English alphabet? Because E.T. flew away riding a U.F.O with the C.I.A in pursuit.

51. What did the exasperated alien say to his wife? You are not understanding the gravity of this situation!

52. What do alien dogs say when they land on another planet? Show me who your litter is.

53. Where do aliens normally go to board a train? Space Station.

54. Why are aliens especially interested in abducting cows? Because they can jump over the moon.

55. What did the alien say when they landed in the world of bookworms? Show me your reader.

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