100+ Best And Cute Japanese Pet Names For Pets

Why not choose a Japanese pet name for your furry friend.

We all love our pets, but it can be tough to think of the perfect name, so we've tried to make it a bit easier by collecting a lovely list of pet names that are popular in Japan.

We think we've found the cutest names for the five most popular pets: dogs, cats, fish, birds, and rabbits.  Did you know the most popular of the dog breeds  in Japan are chihuahua, toy poodle, and Shiba Inu?

These names all have a profound meaning or refer to your pets characteristics. We think that these names are very 'Kawaii' (which means cute!) For example the name Yuki is a cute pet name meaning snow princess and matches with the white skin color of your pet.

If you're looking for some more suggestions, why not take a look at Russian pet names or Korean pet names?

Cute Japanese Pet Names

From furry friends to reptiles, we think every pet deserves a name as cute as they are.

1. Beluga Japanese pet name for fishes that are white in color.

2.  Bruiser adds a nice ring for a nice and tough pet turtle in Japan.

3.  Chiko is a cute and sweet name for a Japanese dog breed meaning thousand.

4.  Fumio signifies a scholarly hero and is one of the cutest names for cats.

5.  Giniro is a Japanese name for a cat given based on his/her skin color. It means silver.

6.  Hiroshi meaning generous, indicates the nature of your feline.

7.  Hoshi means star. In Japanese culture, Hoshi star is one of the cute Japanese dog names for females.

8.  Kaiyo in the Japanese language means "the ocean".

9.  Katsumi meaning victorious beauty, is an apt name for a beautiful cat.

10. Kazue is one of the cool Japanese dog names meaning "a blessing".

11.  Keiji, meaning "joyous" is a perfect name for a Japanese dog who is jovial in nature.

12.  Mizuki meaning "the beautiful moon", it signifies physical beauty.

13.  Morgan meaning "sea defender" is a unique name for a pet bird in Japan.

14.  Nori is a cute name for a cat meaning "to rule".

15.  Oki is one of the cute fish names meaning the middle of the sea, signifying its habitat.

16.  Reo meaning "lion" exhibits the strong determination or physical strength of the cat.

17.  Sakura meaning "cherry blossom" is a Japanese dog names  inspired by Japanese Cherry Blossom.

18.  Seeichi will exemplify a Japanese dog who is "sincere and loyal".

19.  Shiro is amongst the popular cat names in Japan, meaning "white".

20.  Sora is one of the beautiful Japanese dog names meaning the "sky".  Sora is indeed a beautiful name.

21.  Sushi is a famous cuisine in Japan, but several cat names are inspired by this Japanese cuisine.

22.  Tomo enhances the personality of a Japanese dog as the name means "intelligent and wise".

Boy Japanese Pet Names

We love these names for all kinds of pets.

Male Japanese pet names are unique and portray their strong character traits.

23. Akarui is a very apt name if you have a goldfish or koi fish, it means "bright" (in color).

24. Akio is a cool name for Japanese male dogs meaning "a bright man or a bold hero".

25. Blaze is best-suited for a bright colored fish with super speed.

26. Daifuku is one of the names inspired by a popular Japanese confection, it's perfect for a sweet cat!

27. Daiki is amongst the Japanese dog names, meaning "shining and large".

28. Fynn is amongst the beautiful names for male fishes.

29. Haru is one of the sweetest male Japanese cat names, it means "spring" which we think is perfect for an adventurous feline.

30. Haruki meaning spring child is an apt name for a Japanese dog.

31. Indigo is the best fit for a koi fish with a blueish tincture on its body.

32. Jet is excellent and aptly fits for a loud male bird that has high speed.

33. Junko is a perfect name for a cat who is pure and obedient.

34. Juro is a male Japanese dog name meaning "best wishes or someone blessed with a long life".

35. Kano  meaning "power" is an apt name for Japanese dogs who are strong and well-built .

36. Kotaro meaning "a grand shining son" is one of the popular names for Japanese ferret.

37. Kuu means "sky or crimson red" and as a pet name it can signify the skin color of the pet.

38. Madoka is written with various kanji characters meaning "a flower or aroma".

39. Maron, meaning "love", is one of the popular pet names for Japanese rabbits.

40. Mochi is a cute name for pets inspired by famous Japanese cuisine.

41. Onyx will work best for a dark-colored fish, preferably having grey or black color.

42. Rabi has an Arabic origin meaning "springtime" and a best name for rabbits.

43. Tora in Japanese culture signifies the tiger and is apt name for cats.

44. Toshi is a masculine cat name meaning "one who is wise and bright".

45. Yoshito meaning "an upright man", is apt for a Japanese purr breed.

Girl Japanese Pet Names

The Shibu Inu is a very popular dog breed in Japan.

From Japanese dog names to female birds, here is the feminine list of names you may like for your pet.

46. Aiko is one of the female Japanese dog names meaning someone "full of love and affection".

47. Akemi meaning "bright and beautiful", perfect for a pretty dog.

48. Angel is one of the popular names for fish having long white flowy fins.

49. Asami means 'morning beauty', perfect for an early rising pet.

50. Chibi is a cute Japanese cat name meaning "tiny".

51. Choko, meaning "chocolate", is another way to call for your ferret in Japan.

52. Cleo is derived from the Disney film Pinnochio where a goldfish was named Cleo.

53. Dotty is apt for a fish that have multiple dots on its body.

54. Emi is one of the sweet dog names for a female dog, meaning a "beautiful blessing".

55. Hana, "flower" exhibits the bright nature of your female dog.

56. Hanako meaning "flower child" is derived from Hana Flower.

57. Harmony is beautiful for a goldfish as it breeds fortune and harmony.

58. Hime is a short and sweet cat name meaning "princess".

59. Akira meaning "clever", is a great name for a smart pet.

60. Ichika meaning the "gift of God" is an excellent name for your feline friend.

61. Keiko for a feline is a good name meaning the "adored one or a blessing".

62. Nana meaning seven can signify it as your seventh feathered friend or indicate your lucky number.

63. Nao represents a possessive pet in Japan, making it ideal for dog names.

64. Pii is one of the most popular names for girl birds in Japan.

65. Ryu meaning dragon is apt name for a pet fish .

66. Saki is a beautiful name for a female Japanese dog meaning "a blossom of hope".

67. Sora Sky is one of the most top-rated names for Japanese pet birds.

Funny Japanese Pet Names

68. Fumiko means "a child of abundant beauty".

69. Haruka is a funny names for cats that means "daydreaming",

70. Hibiki is one of the funny names for pets whose sound echoes.

71. Isamu indicates a Neko who is brave and courageous.

72. Jiro meaning the second son, is a Japanese dog name that aptly fits if you consider it as your second child.

73. Kenta means "large, strong, and healthy" and is a Japanese name for a dog.

74. Kimiko meaning "noblewoman" can be an excellent name for Japanese dog names.

75. Kiyomi signifies "pure beauty". It is one of the famous Neko names originating from Japanese folklore.

76. Koshi is aptly suitable for a fish that has a greenish tone because it signifies green color.

77. Manu means "bird" in the Maori language.

78. Mazu has a Chinese origin denoting the "Goddess of Sea".

79. Momo is a food-inspired funny name for a Japanese girl rabbit.

80. Nami originates from the Japanese word Waver.

81. Rikuto is a funny name for Japanese dogs meaning a person of land.

82. Rina meaning "jasmine". This is a very popular dog Japanese names.

83. Satoshi is a masculine name meaning a" fast learner".

84. Shinobu indicates "stealth or endurance".

85. Shiori has a Japanese origin and is one of the sweetest Japanese dog names meaning "poems".

86. Tadashi emancipates the characteristic of a dog as it means "loyal and faithful".

87. Takara is a popular cat name, meaning "treasure".

88. Tsuyoshi is a male name meaning "powerful".

89. Yukio for a Japanese dog means a "happy boy".

90. Yuri signifies "lily", and the pet bearing the name Yuri (lily) is as vibrant and beautiful as its meaning.

Reptile Japanese Pet Names

Calm quiet and sometimes vengeful, reptiles are one of the most peaceful pets ones can have.

91. Eriko pronounced as AIR-ee-Koh, meaning blessing adds an excellent identity for reptile pets in Japan.

92. Hydra originates from Roman and Greek Mythology, meaning "water serpent monster".

93. Kinari, meaning "shore", indicates the habitat of some reptiles.

94. Maiko has a Germanic origin meaning "powerful".

95. Masatomo is a popular masculine name in Japan for pets.

96. Nikki has a Greek origin, meaning "victory of the people".

97. Rex is one apt name for a reptile in Japan.

98. Russ  meaning "red" is a perfect name for the pet that hisses.

99. Saburo, meaning "third born son" in Japan, can indicate the third reptile which you own.

100. Sally  meaning "princess" is one of the cute ways to call your pet snake.

We hope this list has helped, but if you need any more inspiration why not look at Korean dog names or clever and creative pet names.



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