40 Best Au Ra Names

Give your character an Au Ra name inspired by Final Fantasy XIV.

Finding the perfect name for your character is seemingly a daunting task.

Final Fantasy Au Ra naming conventions follow Japanese tradition for the Raen tribe and Mongolian tradition for the Xaela names. You can follow their unique naming conventions to find the best FFXIV Au Ra names.

The creation myth tells of a Dawn Father (Azim) and a Dusk Mother (Nhaama) from whom all Au Ra are descended but divided into two tribes. The Xaela tribes believe their veins to run thick with the blood of Nhaama. It is believed that their lustrous black scales and fiery wills serve as proof of this divine lineage. Unlike Xaela,  the Raen tribe lead solitary lives hidden behind the savage peaks of Othard's eastern reaches. Their veins run thick with the blood of the Dawn father drawing proof from their brilliant white scales and iron wills.

You can always try a name generator tool for a new aura name. But we have curated a list of new aura names that are simply awesome! Go ahead and take a look.

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Au Ra Female Names

This list of Au Ra names will certainly be a source of inspiration for any female characters you might have. These names convey strength and a fierce nature. Your girl character will surely be powerful and energetic at the same time as having a commanding air about her.  

1. Abigail- It means 'father’s joy, father rejoiced, or one who gives joy'.

2. Aisha- It means 'to live'.

3. Alexandra- It means 'defender of man'.

4. Alinta- It means 'flame and fire'.

5. Alira- It means 'freedom and beauty'.

6. Annabelle- It means 'grace and beauty'.

7. Audrey- It means 'noble strength'.

8. Aurora- It means 'dawn'. It also belongs to the Roman goddess of sunrise.

9. Ava- It means 'bird'. This name can also be a short form of Chava which means “living one”.

10. Ayla- It means 'moonlight or halo'.

11. Boonie- It means 'attractive, pretty, and fine'.

12. Charlotte- It means 'little'.

13. Daisy- It means 'fresh and energetic'.

14. Dianella- This name belongs to 'the goddess of hunting and the moon'.

15. Elsie- It means 'pledged to God'.

16. Emily- It means 'to excel'.

17. Evie- It means 'life'.

18. Frankie- It means 'truthful and free'.

19. Grace- It means 'the grace of God'. The variations of the name include Graciella, Gracia, or Grayse.

20. Jasmine- It means a 'gift from God'.

Au Ra Names Male Names

Au Ra names come from a fantasy world and can be great for your characters.

Here we list Au Ra names for boy characters. These names will inspire strength and happiness and a life full of energy in your character. If you love Final Fantasy XIV, then this list of names will certainly inspire you with names for your characters.

21. Aari- It means a 'mountain of strength'.

22. Abanoub- It means 'king of gold'.

23. Abayomi- It means 'someone who brings joy'.

24. Abubakar- It means 'noble'.

25. Akl- It means 'wisdom'.

26. Baako- It means the 'first baby'.

27. Baahir- It means 'intelligent and brilliant'.

28. Baniti- It means someone 'wise and knowledgeable'.

29. Bes- It means one who brings 'joy'.

30. Daymion- It means a 'talented and clever mind'.

31.  Ethan- It means 'strong or gift of the island'.

32. Henry- It means 'estate ruler'.

33. Horus- It means 'Sky God'.

34. Jack- It means who thinks 'God is gracious'.

35. Jimmi- It means positive and 'full of energy'. They struggle hard to reach their goals.

36. Jomon- It means 'joy'.

37. Juliano- Such people are 'passionate to live' and enjoy their life with full excitement.

38. Lucas- It means 'one who gives light'.

39. Oliver- It means one who represents the 'emblem of peace'.

40. Saadah- It means a 'feeling of happiness'.

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