101 Best Aztec Names That You'll Love For Your Baby

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If you are looking for a strong name for your baby, an Aztec name could be the perfect fit.

This list of Aztec baby names includes unique boy names and girl names with special meanings. There are also plenty of unisex Aztec baby names for parents who love gender neutral baby names.

Between 1345 and 1521, the Aztec Empire flourished, covering most of Northern Mesoamerica. Therefore, many of the Aztec baby names on this list have strong and powerful meanings. Perhaps you'll choose to name your baby Yaotl, this Aztec name meaning 'warrior' is perfect for any strong-willed little boy or girl. Or, why not call your daughter Xoco? This cute Aztec baby name meaning 'the youngest sister' is a great name for a baby girl with lots of siblings. There are Aztec baby names to suit every unique type of child.

As they are all derived from the Nahuatl language, the pronunciation of some Aztec names can be a little tricky at first, but don't let that put you off - the more complicated pronunciations of Aztec baby names are given in this blog to help you out.

Aztec Names For Girls

Aztec baby names are a great choice for your new arrival. This list of Aztec girl names contains lots of fantastic suggestions to be inspired by.

1.Anacaona: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'golden flower'. Pronounced ahh-nuh-cuh-oo-na.

2.Amoztli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'book'.

3.Apozanolotl: (Aztec origin) The name of the Aztec goddess of purity. Pronounced a-poz-an-o-lot-oh.

4.Atlacoya: (Aztec origin) The name of the Aztec goddess of drought.

5.Atlatonin: (Aztec origin) One of the names of the Aztec mother goddess.

6.Atzi: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'rain'.

7.Chalchihuitlcue: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'she of the jade skirt'. This is the name of the Aztec goddess of water as it collects on earth. Pronounced chal-chee-weet-lee-kway.

8.Chantico: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'she who dwells in the house'.

9.Chicomecoatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'seven snakes'. Pronounced chi-co-meh-coh-tl.

10.Chimalma: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'shield bearer'.

11.Chipahua: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'cleanliness, purity'.

12.Cihuaton: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'little woman'. Pronounced ci-way-ton.

13.Citalic: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'rising star'.

14.Coaxoch: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'serpent flower'. Pronounced coax-och.

15.Coyolxauhqui: (Aztec origin) This name can be shorted to Coyo, it means 'golden bells'. Pronounced coy-olx-auhqui.

16.Cozamalotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'rainbow'.

17.Cuicatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'song'. Pronounced qui-cat-el.

18.Etapalli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'wing'.

19.Huixtocihuatl: (Aztec origin) The name of the Aztec goddess of fertility. Pronounced huix-tow-chi-wat-le.

20.Itzpapalotl: (Aztec origin) This feminine Aztec warrior name means 'obsidian butterfly'. Pronounced itz-pa-palotl.

Baby girl sleeping on her mum's shoulder in her arms.

21.Macuilxóchitl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'five flowers'. Pronounced ma-quil-sho-cheetl.

22.Necahual: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'survivor'.

23.Nenetl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'doll'.

24.Nochtli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'prickly pear fruit'. Pronounced naak-tli.

25.Quetzal: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'precious flower, queen', this name is the shortened form of the name Quetzalxochitl.

26.Quetzalli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'beautiful feather'.

27.Tayanna: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'gift from God'.

28.Teicuih: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'younger sister'. Pronounced tie-qui.

29.Teiuc: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'second born'. Pronounced tay-uc.

30.Tlachinolli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'fire'. Pronounced tla-chi-no-lee.

31.Tlalli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'earth'. Pronounced tlal-li.

32.Tlazohtzin: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'one who is loved'. Pronounced tla-zoh-tzin.

33.Tonalnan: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'mother of light'.

34.Tonantzin: (Aztec origin) This is another Aztec mother goddess name, it means 'mother earth'.

35.Tozi: (Aztec origin) The name of the Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water.

36.Xiloxoch: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'calliandra flower'. Pronounced szi-lox-sho.

37.Xochiquetzal: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'most beautiful flower'. Pronounced zaak-ee-quet-zahl.

38.Xóchitl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'flower'. Pronounced zo-chee-tul.

39.Xoco: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'the youngest sister'.

40.Xocoyotl: (Aztec origin) This Aztec name meaning 'youngest child' is an alternative, longer form of Xoco. Pronounced zowk-ayow-tah.

41.Yaretzi: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'you will always be loved'.

42.Yolihuali: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'source of life'.

43.Zyanya: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'forever and always'. Variations of this name include Zaniyah and Zaniya.

Baby girl lying on her back looking intently at her parents.
Image © Daniel Reche via Pexels, under a creative commons licence.

Aztec Names For Boys

These boy names from the Nahuatl language have wonderful meanings, could one of these Aztec baby names be the perfect name for you?

44.Acalan: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'narrow rowing boat', canoe.

45.Ácatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'giant reed'.

46.Ahuatzi: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'small oak'. Pronounced aa-weyt-zi.

47.Chicahua: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'strong'.

48.Chimalli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'shield'.

49.Citlalee: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'star'.

50.Coyotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'coyote'. Pronounced cah-yow-tah.

51.Cuetzpallee: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'lizard'. Pronounced kyeht-spal-ee.

52.Guatemoc: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'the falling eagle'.

53.Huitzilin: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'hummingbird'.

54.Ilhicamina: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'he who shoots arrow at the sky'. Pronounced il-hi-cam-i-na.

55.Itzcali: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'house of beauty'.

56.Itzcoatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'obsidian serpent'. Pronounced itz-co-tah.

57.Mahuizoh: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'glorious person.

58.Matlalihuitl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'greenish blue feather'. Pronounced mat-la-li-hui-tl.

59.Mictlantecuhtli: (Aztec origin) The name of the Aztec Lord of Mictlan. Pronounced mict-lan-teh-cuh-tli.

60.Milintica: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'he waves fire'.

61.Montezuma: (Aztec origin) This Aztec name meaning 'Lord frowns in anger' is derived from the name of the last ruler of the Aztec Empire. He was called Moctezuma II and his daughter, remembered as the Aztec Princess, was called Isabel Moctezuma (born Tecuichpoch Ixcaxochitzin).

62.Necalli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'battle'.

63.Netzahualcoyotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'the hungry coyote'. Pronounced net-za-waalk-ay-owtah.

64.Ocotlan: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'pine'.

65.Tezcacoatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'serpent King'. Pronounced tez-ca-coa-tl.

66.Tlacelel: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'greatest hero'. Pronounced tla-celel.

67.Tlanextli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'radiance, splendour'.

68.Tonatiuh: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'sunshine'.

69.Tonauac: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'one who possesses light'. Pronounced tahn-awaek.

70.Tupoc: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'warrior'.

71.Ueman: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'venerable time'.

72.Xihuitl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'comet'. Pronounced sh-ee-w-ee-tl.

73.Xipilli : (Aztec origin) Meaning 'jewelled prince'. Pronounced szi-pi-lli.

74.Xiuhtecuhtli : (Aztec origin) Meaning 'fire'. Pronounced shoo-teh-cut-lee.

75.Xolotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'precious twin'. Pronounced sho-lo-till.

76.Yaotyl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'rival'. Pronounced yow-til.

77.Yolyamanitzin: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'he who is considerate and just'. Pronounced yol-ya-man-it-zin.

78.Zipactonal: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'harmonic light'. Pronounced zi-pac-ton-al.

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Unisex Aztec Baby Names

Lots of Aztec baby names can be given to both boys and girls. Why not pick one of these unisex Aztec names for your baby?

79.Atl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'water'. Pronounced at-l.

80.Aztec: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'person of Aztlan'.

81.Coyote: (Aztec origin) Cayode is a variation of this Aztec name meaning 'wild canine'. Pronounced coy-yoh-tay.

82.Cualli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'good'. Pronounced kwal-li.

83.Eztli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'blood'. Pronounced ihzt-li.

84.Ichtaca: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'secret'. Pronounced ich-taak-ah.

85.Ichnoyotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'friendship'. Pronounced ick-noy-o-tl.

86.Ihuicatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'sky'. Pronounced ih-oui-cah-tl.

87.Itotia: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'dance'.

88.Ixtli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'face'. Pronounced ikht-lee.

89.Izel: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'unique'.

90.Mazatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'deer'.

91.Meztli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'moon'.

92.Nahuatl: (Aztec origin) This Aztec baby name is derived from the Aztec goddess of water and rivers. It is also the name of the Nahuatl language spoken by Aztec people. Pronounced naa-waa-tl.

93.Ohtli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'road'.

94.Tochtli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'rabbit'.

95.Toltecatl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'artist'. Pronounced tol-te-cah-tl.

96.Patli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'medicine'.

97.Tenoch: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'fruit'.

98.Xipil: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'noble one, of fire'. Pronounced szi-pil.

99.Yaotl: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'warrior'. Pronounced yow-tul.

100.Yolotli: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'heart'.

101.Zuma: (Aztec origin) Meaning 'Lord frowns in anger', this name is the shortened form of Montezuma, which can be found in the subcategory of Aztec baby names for boys.



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