35 Best Baby boy Names Starting With Cho

Baby boys having names starting with C have a sweet-sounding name.

A lot goes through the mind of a parent before deciding the perfect baby boy name.

If you are someone looking for a name with a special starting letter, then you might find a few good names. This will be especially challenging when you have narrowed down your search to names with specific beginnings such as Cho.

Baby boys' names that start with C are unique and charming. The baby's name should be as adorable as his beaming smile. Every baby is special, and so their names should be specific too. It is the name that decides their impression over anybody. Here, we have collected baby boys' names starting with C as an exclusive collection of special names. So let's unbox these amazing boys' names series and bring a new essence to your baby.

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Short Names That Start With Cho

Baby boy having a name starting with C can help them stand apart.

Are you seeking baby boy names starting with C? This list contains all the mini baby names starting with C for your little one. Let's have a quick look over boy names starting with C!

1. Chokku (Indian origin) meaning "cute or beautiful." This is one of the short names for boys that are charming for your baby.

2. Choksh (Indian origin) meaning "assayer of gold and silver." One of the sweet names for boys are quite popular these days.

3. Chola (African origin) meaning "a child born after twins." This baby name belongs to a South Indian Tamil dynasty, and it is one of the baby boy names starting with Cho in Sanskrit.

4. Chorei (Greek origin) meaning "charming." A unique baby name.

5. Choska (Indian origin) meaning "alert." It is an alternative boy name of the Sanskrit word Coska.

6. Chosui (Indian origin) meaning "purifying water."

7. Choton (Indian origin) meaning "prince." One of the common baby names in India.

8. Choyen (Hindi origin) meaning "intelligent."

9. Chozen (Indian origin) meaning "clear meditation practice."

Long Male Names That Start With Cho

You may want baby male names that start with C. If so, then this list of all long baby boy names starting with C is for you. Here, is the most amazing and fascinating long baby boy names that start with C.

10. Chokaiyan (Indian origin) meaning "Lord Shiva."

11. Chokanathhan (Indian origin) meaning "Lord Shiva." This baby name is considered very holy as it is the name of one of the trinity of Hindu Lords, the Destroyer.

12. Chokesan (Indian origin) meaning "Lord Shiva". One of the divine baby names.

13. Chokkalingam (Indian origin) meaning "Lord Shiva." Lord Shiva is one of the three supreme Gods in Hindu Mythology.

14. Cholaiyandi (Hindi origin) meaning "Lord Murugan."

15. Chosposi (American origin) meaning "bluebird eye."

Less Common Boys Names Starting With Cho

Uncommon baby boy certainly deserves one of the unique names starting with C.

Your search for unusual boys' names starting with C finally finishes here. Let's explore C boy names right here right now!

16. Chohan (Gaelic origin) meaning "wild goose."

17. Choice (Old French origin) meaning "to choose." These C boy names like Choice are derived from the Latin word gaudere. It is one of the baby boy names starting with Cho in Latin. These names for boys can also be used for girls.

18. Chokappa (Indian origin) meaning "God's glorious gift." These baby names starting with Cho as Chokappa can also be used as a surname.

19. Chokkan (Tamil origin) meaning "Lord Shiva." The name is related to Lord Shiva in Hindu Mythology is popular to be known as the destroyer in the trinity of lords.

20. Chokshit (Indian origin) meaning "purity." These names starting with C are suitable boy names for people born in Aswini Nakshatra.

21. Cholamitra (Tamil origin) meaning "friend of Chola dynasty." These boys' names were rewarded to people in history who had strong bonds with South Indian Chola Dynasty.

22. Cholan (Telugu origin) meaning "the Chola king". These popular boy names that start with C belonged to the emperor of the great Chola Dynasty. One of the popular Telugu names for baby boy starting with Cho.

Popular Baby Names For Boys Starting With Cho

Quirky baby names that start with C are great for your baby as names starting with C comes with a sweet intonation. These series possess the most popular baby boy names that start with C.

23. Cho (Korean origin) meaning "sweet." This baby name can also be used for girls as a prefix. Cho Yo-Han is a famous American actor.

24. Chochokpi (American origin) meaning "throne of the clouds." These boy names that start with C are common among Native Americans. One of the unique boy names.

25. Choe (Japanese origin) meaning "born at dawn". These boy names starting with C can also be used for girls. Choe Yang-il is a famous Japanese director.

26. Chofa (Spanish origin) meaning "wisdom." These boy names that start with C can also be used for girls.

27. Chogan (American origin) meaning "blackbird." This baby's name also belongs to a Persian game involving horses.

28. Cholaiyarasan (Tamil origin) meaning "king of Arts." These boy names starting with C is a variant of another boy name  KalaiArasan. One of the uncommon boys' names.

29. Cholanadan (Indian origin) meaning "the Chola King". This baby name belongs to the popular Chola King from Chola country.

30. Chon (Spanish origin) meaning "Asuncion". These popular boys' names starting with C can also be used for girls.

31. Choni (Hebrew origin) meaning "gracious." These boy names that start with C also belong to a sacred Tibettian monastery with the name Choni Monestry where it has Choni language.

32. Chosovea (American origin) meaning "bluebird". These baby boy names that start with C can also be used for girls.

33. Chotu (Indian origin) meaning "small". One of the extremely common baby names in India and also, one of the fun names starting with C.

34. Choviohoya (American origin) meaning "young deer." These C boy names are in trend in England these days. A unique name.

35. Chow (Middle English origin) meaning "jackdaw". This name is associated with the famous actor, Chow Yun-fat.

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