130+ Best Baby girl names starting with Sri

Pick a lovely name starting with Sri for your baby.

Baby girl names starting with Sri offer plenty of amazing name options for parents who are looking for Indian baby names inspired by a Goddess or with a positive meaning.

Baby names for girls that begin with Sri may be directly related to the Goddess Lakshmi. Shie is the deity of wealth, fortune, prosperity, luxury and fertility, and is the wife of the Hindu God, Lord Vishnu.

Most of the baby girl names that start with Sri are related to Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu and other divine powers. That makes Indian girl names starting with Sri extremely meaningful.

Any parents may want to look for Indian girl names with special meanings, or perhaps you are looking for names starting with a particular sound to match astrological preferences. Whatever you need, this list includes some of the best baby girl names to help with your search. It is quite common for parents to choose names beginning with Sri, as they are among the most common Indian girl names.

Some things to keep in mind while choosing baby girl names are that you may want to to honor your family's culture, to choose a meaningful name, or to find a baby name that sounds melodious. Names that will all three of these criteria often find their roots in the Sanskrit language and Indian mythology.

Indian girls' names have seen a vast change in modern times but thoughtful traditional names still have a lot of significance. Don’t ignore a baby name just because it is a passing trend. Baby girl names that are not hugely popular right now may still make a wonderful name for your baby. Classic and traditional names will keep gaining popularity time and time again.

We hope you find your perfect name in this list of Sri girl names, for more Hindu baby names with rich meanings and Indian names for girls, check out these Hindu girl names and these baby girl names starting with Sai.

Short Sri Girls' Names

Short and cute girl names starting with Sri not only sound sweet but also have profound meanings. Here is a thoughtful choice of Hindu girls' names starting with Sri like Sriha meaning "flower" and Sritha meaning "Goddess Lakshmi".  Short Indian girl names are such as cute choice. If you are inspired by the rich culture and heritage of India, here is a list of Hindu girl baby names starting with Sri to inspire you. These Hindu baby names are lovely choices to pick for your little angel.

1. Sri (Indian origin) among the baby girl names starting with Sri means “beauty or Goddess Lakshmi”.

2. Srida (Hindu origin) meaning “gifted by Goddess Lakshmi”.

3. Sridima (Hindu origin) among the baby girl names starting with Sri means “beautiful”.

4. Sridiya (Indian origin) meaning “divine lamp”.

5. Srihita (Indian origin) a cute name meaning “welfare”.

6. Sriida (Hindu origin) meaning “grant wealth and affluence”.

7. Sridha (Indian origin) among the baby girl names starting with Sri means “wealth and opulence”.

8. Sriha (Indian origin) among the baby girl names starting with Sri means “blossom”.

9. Srija (Sanskrit origin) meaning “someone who creates”.

10. Srigna (Hindu origin) a Hindu baby name meaning “order of Lord Vishnu”.

11. Srihani (Hindu origin) one of the best baby girl names meaning "Lord Vishnu”.

12. Srijana (Indian origin) meaning “creation”.

13. Srijani (Indian origin) meaning “blessed with creativity”.

14. Srijaya (Indian origin) meaning “conquering with good judgment and diplomacy”.

15. Srik (Indian origin) meaning “someone who loves wealth”.

16. Srikala (Hindu origin) meaning “a part of Goddess Lakshmi”.

17. Srikriti (Indian origin) one of the most meaningful baby girl names meaning “someone who does good deeds.”

18. Srimalar (Indian Origin) a Hindu baby name meaning “beautiful flower”.

19. Srimahi (Sanskrit Origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “beautiful celestial being”.

20. Srimayi (Hindu origin) a Hindu baby name meaning “good looking”.

21. Srinaya (Indian origin) meaning “pleasant to the eyes”.

22. Srini (Indian origin) a Hindu baby name meaning “beautiful”.

23. Srinika (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi" or "lotus in Lord Vishnu’s heart”.

24. Srinithi (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

25. Srinitha (Indian origin) meaning “well behaved" or "well guided”.

26. Sriprada (Hindu origin) an Indian girl name meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

27. Sripu (Hindu origin) meaning “blossoms dedicated to God”.

28. Srirupa (Hindu origin) meaning “beautiful like Goddess Lakshmi”.

29. Srisha (Indian origin) meaning “flower" and "Goddess Lakshmi”.

30. Srishma (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful Goddess Lakshmi”.

31. Sriska (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful”.

32. Srita (Hindu origin) an Indian girl name meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

33. Sriti (Indian origin) meaning ‘good memory”.

34. Sristi (Hindu origin) meaning “creator”.

35. Sristika (Indian origin) meaning “the creator”.

36. Srita (Hindu origin) among the Hindu baby names meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

37. Sritikha (Indian origin) meaning “simple”.

38. Sriuma (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Parvathi”.

39. Srivani (Sanskrit origin) meaning “divine speech”.

40. Srivanti (Sanskrit origin) meaning “free and independent like a flowing river".

41. Srivatsa (Sanskrit origin) meaning “beloved of Goddess Lakshmi or Lord Vishnu”.

42. Sriya (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

43. Sriyana (Hindu origin) among the Hindu baby names meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

Long Baby Names Starting With Sri

Pick a name with history for your baby.

Baby names starting with Sri for boys and girls are extremely common in India, especially in the southern regions. Baby girl names are different in every culture, and Hindu girl names are often longer than baby girl names found in other cultures. All of these Hindu baby girl names starting with Sri have something special in them. In many instances, the suffix Sri is added to words from Sanskrit origin like ‘kavya’ meaning "poetry", to create a baby girl name that means something more than just "poetry".

44. Sriadhya (Indian origin) among the Hindu baby names meaning “extreme power”.

45. Srianuja (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful child born later”.

46. Sriaanya (Indian origin) meaning “limitless”.

47. Sridatta (Hindu origin) meaning “God’s gift”.

48. Srideepeka (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful glowing lamp”.

49. Sridhanya (Sanskrit origin) meaning “Lord Shiva”.

50. Sriharsha (Indian origin) meaning “fortunate and happy”.

51. Srihita (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

52. Sridrutha (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess of the Gods”.

53. Sridhushanthini (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess”.

54. Srikarishma (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful miracle”.

55. Srilaxmi (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess of wealth”.

56. Srikavya (Hindu origin) meaning “skilled in poetry”.

57. Srikanta (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess of prosperity”.

58. Sriharini (Hindu origin) meaning “wife of Lord Vishnu”.

59. Srikanya (Indian origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi’s daughter”.

60. Srilatha (Hindu origin) meaning “vine of wealth”.

61. Srimangala (Sanskrit origin) meaning “good blessings”.

62. Srimeera (Indian Origin) meaning “prosperous saintly woman”.

63. Srinidhi (Indian origin) meaning “treasurer" or "prosperity" or "Goddess of wealth”.

64. Srividya (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Saraswati" or "Goddess of education”.

65. Srikumari (Indian origin) meaning “another name for Goddess Parvati”.

66. Srinithya (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

67. Sripranavi (Indian origin) meaning “independent”.

68. Sriranjini (Indian origin) meaning “entertaining and happy”.

69. Sripratika (Hindu Origin) meaning “name of Goddess Parvati”.

70. Srirudra (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Durga" or "divine power”.

71. Srisowjanya (Indian origin) meaning “someone who is kindhearted, calm and tender”.

72. Sripoorthi (Indian origin) meaning “full of divine vibrancy and agility”.

73. Srishanthi (Indian origin) meaning “very peaceful”.

74. Srishtee (Hindu origin) meaning “creation”.

75. Stivalya (Hindu origin) meaning “wife of Lord Vishnu”.

76. Srivanya (Indian origin) meaning “calm and composed”.

77. Srivarshini (Hindu origin) meaning “ray of light”.

78. Sriyaana (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

79. Sriyanshi (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.


(Your baby deserves the best name.)

Popular Names That Start With Sri

Looking for Hindu names for girls is a lot of fun because suffixes and prefixes can be added to make modern names sound more traditional. Indian Sri girl names are extremely common and much loved. Not many cultures have so many great Sri names to choose from. Hindu baby names are mostly derived from Sanskrit and their sound itself has great connotations.

80. Srianshi (Hindu origin) one of the best baby girl names meaning “born from a part of Goddess Lakshmi”.

81. Sridhanvi (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

82. Sridevi (Hindu origin) meaning “divine Goddess of wealth”.

83. Sridha (Hindu origin) meaning “prosperity and opulence with the blessings of the Goddess of wealth”.

84. Sridhari (Hindu origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “prosperity”.

85. Srijana (Indian origin) meaning “creation”.

86. Srijaani (Indian origin) meaning “blessed with creativity and imagination”.

87. Srijita (Indian origin) meaning “to conquer beauty”.

88. Srikripa (Indian origin) meaning “kind and merciful”.

89. Srilekha (Hindu origin) meaning “beautiful writing and also distant horizon with mesmerizing crescent moon”.

90. Srimati (Indian origin) meaning "fortunate or blessed by Goddess Lakshmi”.

91. Srimayee (Indian origin) meaning “beautiful look”.

92. Srimedha (Sanskrit origin)  one of the most meaningful baby girl names meaning “knowledgeable and wise”.

93. Srinidhi (Sanskrit origin) meaning “Goddess of wealth”.

94. Sriparna (Indian origin) meaning “happiness”.

95. Sripriya (Hindu origin) meaning “blessed by Goddess Lakshmi”. A wonderful baby name for a beautiful girl.

96. Srirasmi (Thai origin)  this baby girl name is the name of the wife of Thailand’s Prince.

97. Sririthya (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

98. Srisaanvi (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

99. Srisowmya (Sanskrit origin)  one of the cutest baby girl names meaning “calm in nature”.

Less Common Baby Names That Start With Sri

Some parents want their baby girls to have less common baby girl names. Choices for girl names starting with Sri are plentiful, including these less common baby girl Sri names. Here are some lovely Sri names with fascinating meanings.

100. Sriadrika (Indian origin) meaning “lofty mountain”.

101. Sribindu (Indian origin) meaning “blessed and lucky starting point”.

102. Sridhana (Sanskrit origin) meaning “wealthy and beautiful”.

103. Sridhwani (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

104. Sriharsha (Hindu origin) meaning “happiness and prosperity”.

105. Sriindu (Indian origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “the beautiful moon”.

106. Srijanaki (Hindu origin) meaning “daughter of king Janaka referring to Sita”.

107. Srijla (Indian Origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “beautiful”.

108. Srikrithi (Indian Origin) meaning “dazzling fame”

109. Sriksha (Indian Origin) meaning “vision of Goddess Lakshmi”

110. Srilogini (Sri Lankan Origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “Goddess”.

111. Srimita (Indian origin) meaning “a beautiful friend”.

112. Srinaya (Indian origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi and presence of wealth”.

113. Srineela (Indian origin) meaning “exquisite sapphire blue”.

114. Sringara (Sanskrit origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “love and beauty”.

115. Srikaya (Sanskrit origin) meaning “wealth”. It is also the name of a tropical fruit or sugar-apple.

116. Srinidha (Indian origin) meaning “peaceful sleep”.

117. Srinija (Indian origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi or real treasure”. A good baby girl name for a precious little girl.

118. Srinikha (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

119. Srinisha (Indian origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “beautiful”.

120. Sritashree (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

121. Srinithi (Indian origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

122. Srinithisha (Indian origin) meaning “forever glowing and Goddess of justice”.

123. Sripada (Hindu origin) meaning “beautiful feet or God’s feet”.

124. Sriranga (Hindu origin) meaning “holy color”.

125. Sriranjani (Indian origin)  one of the best baby girl names meaning “the delightful one”.

126. Sririthi (Indian origin)  one of the most meaningful baby girl names, meaning “to help others”.

127. Sripratha (Indian origin) meaning “follower of rules”.

128. Sriraksha (Indian origin) meaning “divine protection from any evil.”

129. Srirakshini (Indian origin) meaning “graceful protector”.

130. Srisaurya (Indian origin) meaning “radiant like the sun”.

131. Sriseva (Indian origin) meaning “devoted to God”.

132. Srishanvika (Hindu origin) meaning "Goddess Lakshmi”.

133. Srisonth (Hindu origin) meaning “blessed spring, the season of new life”.

134. Sristika (Hindu origin) meaning “the creator”.

135. Sriteja (Indian origin)  one of the most meaningful baby girl names meaning “radiant light or brightness”.

136. Srithashree (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

137. Srivalli (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”.

138. Srivatsa (Hindu origin) meaning “Lord Vishnu”.

139. Srivika (Indian origin) meaning “happy life”.

140. Sriyansha (Hindu origin) meaning “Goddess Lakshmi”. Goddess Lakshmi has numerous names and this is just one of them.

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