35+ Best Bacon Jokes That Are Sizzlingly Funny

Jokes about bacon are so hilarious if you share it at breakfast!

Bacon is one of the best mouth-watering dishes and is almost always found in most of the breakfast menus.

Having a bacon meal gives a lot of pleasure and joy to all bacon lovers. A plate of crispy bacon is all that a meat lover needs to satisfy any of their bacon cravings.

The smell and flavor of bacon bring joy to the senses. A slice of streaky bacon can turn out to be the finest dish of the world for any hardcore bacon lover. And to keep this love for bacon going and developing more, we present to you these amazing bacon special jokes that are so sizzlingly funny that it will fuel happiness.

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Funny Bacon Jokes

Bacon humor and bacon one-liners are really popular.

People who love bacon will find every joke about bacon funny! We bring to you the amazing list of best bacon jokes that will make you laugh out loud.

1. What did bacon tell tomato during breakfast? Lettuce be together.

2. Why did the pig car smell like bacon? Because its porking brake was left on.

3. Why did the pigs suddenly started flying? Because the bacon prices went high!

4. What is a pressing thought of every pig? "Why do all bacons get cooked and cookies get baked?"

5. What was the name of the frog's favorite crisp dish? Croaky bacon.

6. What was the reason behind the arrest of the meat packer? Because he bought bacon home.

7. What do you call a bacon with a Scottish accent? Ham-ish.

8. What kind of tree grows bacon on it? Bacon tree.

9. What do you call a bacon wrapped dinosaur? Jurassic Pork.

10. What was the name of the horror movie bacon watched? Frankenswine.

11. Why was the pig rejected? Because he was a mistaken bacon.

12. What will happen if you play tug of war with bacon? You will get pulled pork.

13. Which celebrity had the best kind of smell? Kevin Bacon.

14. What was the name of the bacon movie? Hamlet.

15. Why did yogurt hate bacon? Because he was uncultured.

Hilarious Bacon And Egg Jokes

Egg and bacon produce the best kind of meal and, well, jokes too! Here we present to you the awesome list of some of the best breakfast jokes that will make you crackle with laughter.

16. What made the pig and chicken so proud? Because they make the best egg and bacon sandwich!

17. What was the egg's reaction when bacon told a joke? He cracked up!

18. Why weren't bacon and eggs allowed in the restaurant? Because breakfast was not served there.

19. What did bacon say to the egg while hanging around in the frying pan? "I am burning up here!"

20. Who was awarded the best-tasted pair? Bacon and egg.

21. Why was the egg not easily identified? Because he was always mistaken for bacon.

22. Why did the egg like bacon? Because he made her eggcited!

Funny Pig Jokes

Pork jokes are a great alternative to lighten your mood.

Pig humor is something that everyone finds humorous, along with funny bacon quotes. Here, we have listed the best pig jokes that are too funny.

23. What magazine was the pig reading? Porks Illustrated.

24. What made the pig go to the kitchen? Because he felt like bacon.

25. How did the pig land up in the pine tree? Because he was a porkypine.

26. What did the boy pig say to his girl? "Don't go bacon my heart!"

27. What did the pig say when he was placed in the desert? Oh no, I'm bacon.

28. What did the classic-loving pig ask the Jukebox to start playing? Bach-on.

29. Why was pig such a good chef? Because he was good at bacon burgers.

30. How was the pig's birthday celebrated? By bacon a cake.

31. What is the best karate move that pigs love to serve? Pork chops.

32. Why was the bacon tree so angry when the axemen came? Because he thought it was a ham-bush.

33. What would you call a pig who is the smartest of all? Ein-swine.

34. How do you describe a pig that can tell you about its ancestors? History in the bacon.

35. What is the favorite song of a pig? Don't go bacon, my heart.

36. What do you call a pig who loves hot and humid weather? Bacon!

37. What would you call a pig who steals a lot? A ham-burglar.

38. What kind of stories did the father pig say to his children? Pig tales from the farm.

39. What would you call a pig entering with a centipede? Bacon and legs.

40. Which brand did pig like the most? Calvin Swine.

Knock Knock Jokes

Here is a great knock-knock joke for people who would like to have some bacon in their breakfast.

41. Knock knock

Who's out there?


Bacon Who?

Bacon a wonderful cake for your birthday.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of great family-friendly jokes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for bacon jokes then why not take a look at Pig Jokes, or Meat Puns.



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