The Ultimate Guide To The Best Beaches To Visit In Norfolk

Child visiting The Best Beaches in Norfolk

With Government guidelines having changed on spending time outdoors, there's no better time for a family trip to the beach - namely in Norfolk.

From the fresh air and tranquillity of the sea to the unspoilt sands and stunning views - Norfolk holds many of the UK's best beaches. We've rounded up our top five to visit for a fun day out - take a look!

Wells Beach

Wells Beach

Famous for its colourful beach huts that line the miles of soft sand - Wells Beach truly makes for a  picturesque visit that you won't forget. Whether you're up for a nice long walk along the coast, a paddle in the sea, a sandcastle building contest, or even some birdwatching - you're guaranteed to have a great day out.

Where is it? Beach Road Wells, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1DR

Distance from London? Approximately a three-hour drive from Central London, and 128 miles.

What type of beach? The beach is made up of unspoilt sand.

Approx size? There are miles of beach to explore.

Toilets? There is a block of toilets with a shower next to the car park, with access for both disabled use and baby changing.

Food? There's usually an ice cream van situated by the car park and a beach cafe for both takeaway and indoor dining (though indoor seating is currently unavailable due to COVID-19.) There are several tasty fish and chip takeaways in the nearby town, too.

Parking? There is a paid beach car park, for a charge of £9 per day (and less for shorter visits).  

Access? Wells Beach walk is both wheelchair and pushchair friendly and has ramps at both ends. There are also steps from the car park over the sand dunes.

Swimming?  Lifeguards protect the beach from July to September, and Wells Lifeboat crew are on 24/7 standby - so you can feel at ease when you head for a dip.

Great Yarmouth Central Beach

Great Yarmouth Central Beach

This gorgeous Norfolk beach is perfect for a fun-filled family day out. Aside from the golden sand and great views, the beach runs right along the lively Marine Promenade - which not only offers a relaxing stroll but is also lined with various shops, cafes, fish and chip spots, and refreshment trucks. On either side of the beach are the Britannia and Wellington Piers - providing plenty of activities for kids to enjoy. The beach is also well-known for its cleanliness and clear waters.

Where is it? Seafront, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2EN

Distance from London? Approximately a two and a half hours drive from Central London, and 138 miles.

What type of beach? The beach is made up of soft sand.

Approx size? The entirety of the Great Yarmouth beaches stretches for over 15 miles.

Toilets? There are several public toilets along the beach parade, including disabled and baby changing.

Food? The Marine Parade offers several delicious takeaway meals, snacks, and refreshments.

Parking? Paid parking is available both in Marine Parade car parks and on the roadside.

Access? There are several ramps along the beach for disabled access. Free beach-adapted wheelchairs are also available at the Tourist Information Centre nearby.

Swimming? Lifeguards operate between April and September, the perfect time for a swim.

Holkham Beach

Holkham Beach

Recently voted the best beach in the UK, Holkham Beach is also part of the National Nature Reserve and has tons of special habitat to enjoy. The beach itself has plenty of lovely soft sand, salt marshes to explore, and even a basin that when the high tide rises turns into a shallow lagoon. The sand is also lined by trees, which is great for birdwatching if you and the kids want to bring a pair of binoculars. If you're up for it, there's even a great two-hour walk to complete - to which you can also bring your furry friends along as the beach is dog friendly!

Where is it? Holkham, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1RG

Distance from London? Approximately a two hour and 45 minutes drive from Central London, and 132 miles.

What type of beach? The beach is made up of soft, white sand.

Approx size? Holkham Beach is around 4 miles in length - plenty of space to explore.

Toilets? The Lookout at the beach entrance has five toilets, including accessible and baby changing facilities.

Food? The Lookout Cafe offers hot and cold food, though it is currently closed due to COVID-19, so you may want to bring along some snacks.

Parking? There is a paid car park available next to the beach for £9 per day.

Access? There is a boardwalk for disabled access to the beach, along with a raised walkway around it.

Swimming? Swimming is available however there are unfortunately no lifeguards.

Horsey Beach

Horsey Beach

A gorgeous, quiet, natural sandy beach that never gets too crowded - Horsey is the perfect place for you and the kids to bring a picnic, relax on the sand, explore the masses of sand dunes, or have a splash in the water. In the winter months, the beach is closed due to the fact that hundreds of seals come ashore (which you can still come to check out from the viewing area) - and in the summer if you're lucky, you may see them having a swim or even lounging on the sand!

Where is it? Horsey Beach, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR29 4EF

Distance from London? Approximately a two hour and forty-minute drive from Central London, and 137 miles.

What type of beach? The beach is made up of unspoilt sands.

Approx size? The beach isn't the largest on this list, but there's still plenty of space and is never overcrowded.

Toilets? There are no toilets immediately on site, but there are public toilets a short walk away at Horsey Mill.

Food? The closest places to eat are the Poppylands Tea Room and Restaraunt, and a cafe at Horsey Mill - both of which are unfortunately still closed due to COVID-19. We'd recommend taking a picnic!

Parking? Horsey Gap car park offers pay and display parking very close to the beach.

Access? Due to the dunes and uneven paths, wheelchair and pushchair access to the beach is limited.

Swimming? Horsey Beach is great for a swim in warm weather, however, there is currently no available lifeguard service operating - so swim with caution.



The only west-facing beach in East Anglia, Hunstanton makes for a sunny, warm, and virtually windless day out when the weather is right. Renowned for its stunning pink and white cliffs, the large beach is a great spot to sit and admire the views. There are also lots of fascinating rock pools that you and the kids can explore and enjoy - along with a promenade that usually provides fun, beachy activities, shops, and refreshments.

Where Is It? Beach Terrace Road, Hunstanton, Norfolk, PE36 5BQ

Distance from London? Approximately a two and a half-hour drive from Central London, and 122 miles.

What type of beach? The beach comprises of two different parts. The one closest to the resorts is made up of small stones and shingles, and to the north, at the Old Beach, you'll find plenty of soft, golden sand.

Approx size? The beach is very spacious and stretches quite far along the coast.

Toilets? Various public toilets can be found in proximity to the beach, including those with disabled access and baby changing.

Food? Along the promenade, you can usually find candyfloss, ice cream, doughnuts, and fish and chips being sold amongst other refreshments to take away. There are several restaurants and cafes nearby, which are unfortunately currently closed due to COVID-19 but may offer takeaways.

Parking? There are various pay and display car parks available near to the beachfront, and more up by the cliffs.

Access? Several ramps are placed alongside the beach enabling access for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The promenade is also wheelchair friendly.

Swimming? A lifeguard service operates in summer months for swimmers, as does a beach patrol to ensure safety.



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