Best 107 Beautiful Buddhist Names With Meanings For Your Baby

Buddhism is full of wisdom and so it provides great names for your child

Your baby's name should be special and full of meaning.

Every name is unique to the individual, and can even sometimes impact a person's behavior or personality. This makes picking your baby's name an immensely important task.

Buddhism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, with many people inspired by the religion's teaching and beliefs. Buddhism teaches people how to be the best of themselves through enlightenment ('bodh' is the Buddhist word for enlightenment), aiming to achieve Nirvana. Meditation, strong morals and developing wisdom are just three of the many qualities and practices that are valued highly in Buddhism.

Buddhist baby names reflect all of these wonderful qualities, and thus can be a great choice for the newborn baby boy or girl in your life. That is why we have put together a list of Buddhist baby names that represent all the good things Buddhism stands for. Each name has its origin and meaning detailed, taking away as much stress as possible from the take of finding a beautiful name that is rich in meaning. We hope you find a name that you love on this list of Buddhist names and meanings.

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Buddhist Names For Girls

Buddhist girls' names are rich in wisdom

Your baby girl deserves a name that is just as beautiful as she is, and Buddhist girl names are a wonderful choice. These Buddhist female names are special choices for your child. Why not pick a name with a special meaning, such as Maitri, which means "love" in Buddhism? Or, you could pick a more specifically Buddhist name, such as Tara, which is the name of a female Buddha in Vajrayana Buddhism. These great names show deep wisdom and enlightenment, they are perfect for parents who want an enlightened name for their daughter that she will cherish for her whole life. Enjoy this a list of female Buddhist names with meanings.

1. Achara (Thai origin) means “an angel who is very beautiful or pretty”.

2. Angkasa (Indonesian origin) means “the sky”.

3. Anong (Thai origin) means “a gorgeous woman”.

4. Bi (Chinese origin) meaning “green jade”.

5. Boonsri (Thai origin) a great name meaning “beautiful”.

6. Cahya (Indonesian origin) means “one is the light in the darkness”.

7. Caihong (Chinese origin) meaning “a rainbow in the sky”.

8. Dechen (Tibetan origin) a Tibetan name meaning “one who can reach out for happiness or joy”, among the most popular spiritual names.

9. Dojin (Japanese origin) meaning “path of love”.

10. Druki (Indian origin) a great name meaning “peace loving individual”.

11. Erhi (Mongol origin) refers to a musical instrument.

12. Fumiko (Japanese origin) means “intellectual”.

13. Genji (Japanese origin) a great name meaning “who is most valuable as gold”.

14. Goldeheve (Buddhist origin) means “the one with a sixth sense” and is given to someone with a high energy level.

15. Hella (Greek origin) means “victorious, successful”.

16. Justeene (Latin origin) meaning “upright, righteousness”.

17. Kannika (Thai origin) means “a beautiful flower”.

18. Kohsoom (Thai origin) meaning “lotus”

19. Lawan (Thai origin) meaning “beautiful”.

20. Madee (Thai origin) meaning “a good beginning”.

21. Malee (Thai origin) means “flower”.

22. Mayuree (Sanskrit origin) this Sanskrit name means “beautiful”.

23. Nin (Gaelic origin) means “sapphire”.

24. Phitsamai (Thai origin) means “an adorable woman”.

25.  Pensri (Thai origin) means “the beauty of the moon”.

26. Samorn (Thai origin) meaning “a woman who is beautiful and beloved”.

27. Sirikit (Thai origin) means “a woman with the qualities of a Queen”.

28. Sophea (Khmer origin) means “she who is a clever and wise one”.

29. Sunstra (Thai origin) means “a woman with beautiful eyes”.

30. Tasanee (Thai origin) meaning “a beautiful view”.

31. Tenzin (Tibetan origin) a Tibetan name meaning “protector of Dharma”.

32. Tevy (Cambodian origin) means “an angel”.

33. Thang (Vietnamese origin) meaning “victorious one”.

34. Tho (Vietnamese origin) means “she who has a long life”.

35. Tika (Bhutani origin) means “sun maiden” in Navaho Indiana, while in Sioux it means “flower”.

36. Torha (Japanese origin) means “tigress”.

Buddhist Names For Boys

Your newborn baby is your pride and joy, a treasure that brings joy into your life. Your child's name should resonate with all these traits and much more, luckily many Buddhist boy names resonate with these qualities. These Buddhist baby boy names with meanings would make an excellent choice for enlightened parents looking for a name full of wisdom and peace. There are names of Buddhas, famous monk names and Dharma names on this list of Buddhist boy names.

37. Adhiaraj (Sanskrit origin) means “safety”.

38. Ananada (Indian origin) meaning “one who is prosperous”.

39. Anurak (Thai origin) refers to a male angel in Thai mythology.

40. Asnee (Thai origin) means “lightning”.

41. Atid (Thai origin) means “the sun”.

42. Boddhidharma (Indian origin) refers to a person who is a follower of Buddhism.

43. Budhh (Sanskrit origin) means “he who has been enlightened”.

44. Buddhamitra (Buddhist origin) means “one who is Buddha’s friend”.

45. Bupposo (Buddhist origin) means “Buddha, Dharma, Sangha”.

46. Candavira (Buddhist origin) is a male name usually given to those that practice Buddhism.

47. Chinshu (Buddhist origin) means “a calm soothing place”.

48. Chorei(Indian origin) means “transparent spirituality”, a spiritual name.

49. Chozen (Buddhist origin) means “transparent meditation practice” or “clear”, another spiritual name.

50. Daiko (Buddhist origin) means “powerful light”.

51. Dainin (Buddhist origin) means “one who has great patience”.

52. Daishin (Buddhist origin) meaning “one who has a pure soul” or “truthful”.

53. Divijata (Indian origin) meaning “one who has the power to overcome every obstacle”.

54. Doryu (Buddhist origin) means “the one who understands the ways of a dragon”.

55. Eido (Indian origin) means “one who can do great things” or “illuminating way”.

56. Eshin (Indian origin) means “wisdom” or “understanding mind”.

57. Fa (Chinese origin) meaning “new beginning”.

58. Fai (Chinese origin) means “beginning”.

59. Gurtek (Indian origin) refers to people who are very religious and obedient to their Guru.

60. Jahlee (Hebrew origin) means “a God like person”.

61. Jimmyl (English origin) meaning “frank,” “quick in a decision,” or “independent,” and refers to someone who does not tolerate hypocrisy.

62. Justen (Latin origin) means “just, lawful”.

63. Karambir (Indian origin) means “brave with God’s grace”.

64. Koshing (Indian origin) means “step by step upwards”.

65. Kraisee (Thai origin) means “as brave as a lion”.

66. Narong (Thai origin) means “one who is ready for war”.

67. Sovay (Buddhist origin) meaning “he is like gold”.

68. Sud (Thai origin) means “tiger”.

69. Tae (Korean origin) means “one who is a great person”.

70. Takai (Japanese origin) means “the next world”.

71. Tsukiya (Japanese origin) means “resembles the white moon”.

72. Tu (Chinese origin) refers to a person who learns quickly and is intelligent.

73. Twan (Buddhist origin) meaning “smart and brainy”.

Gender Neutral Buddhist Names

Names of Buddha can make great gender neutral names

Not all names have to be specific to a gender. You can also choose great gender-neutral Buddhist monk names for your baby, especially if you don’t know the sex of your baby yet and you want to give your child a name. These names are beautiful and have great and deep meanings, you will cherish them for life.

74. Anh (Vietnamese origin) means “intelligent, smart”.

75. Arban (Arabic origin) meaning “a fluent person”.

76. Aung (Burmese origin) means “a person destined for a successful life” or “success”.

77. Aye(Burmese origin) means “cool”.

78. Bao (Vietnamese origin) meaning “to bid, order”.

79. Cais (Vietnamese origin) meaning “a person who rejoices”.

80. Cao (Chinese origin) meaning "defendant".

81. Chinua (African origin) means “blessings from God”.

82. Dokai (Buddhist origin) means “way steps”.

83. Gan (Vietnamese origin) means “the bold one”.

84. Hlaing (Burmese origin) means “plentiful, plenty”.

85. Htay (Burmese origin) means “rich and wealthy”.

86. Htet (Geez origin) meaning “one who is sharp”.

87. Htin (Burmese origin) means “appearance”.

88. Htun (Burmese origin) means “succeed”.

89. Htut (Burmese origin) means “tip, apex”.

90. Htway (Burmese origin) meaning “youngest”.

91. Khenbish (Mongolian origin) meaning “nobody”.

92. Khin (Burmese origin) means “one who is kind” or “kindness”.

93. Khine (Burmese origin) means “firm”.

94. Khunbish (Mongolian origin) means “not human”.

95. Kywe (Burmese origin) meaning “rich”.

96. Lwin (Burmese origin) meaning “outstanding”.

97. Medekhgui (Buddhist origin) the meaning of this name is unknown.

98. Mongolekhorniiugluu (Mongolian origin) means “Mongol country’s warning”.

99. Monkh Erdene (Mongolian origin) means “eternal family”.

100. Myaing (Burmese origin) means “forest”.

101. Myat (Bulgarian origin) means “better”.

102. Myo (Burmese origin) means “relative”.

103. Naimanzuunnadintsetseg (Mongolian origin) meaning “eight hundred flowers”.

104. Naing (Burmese origin) meaning “win”.

105. Nekhii (Mongolian origin) means “sheepskin”.

106. Och (Gaelic origin) means “sparkle”.

107. Odgerel (Mongolian origin) means “starlight”.

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