100 Best Beautiful Fall and Autumn Names

Crisp nights, swirling leaves, and these beautiful seasonal names meaning autumn and fall for your baby.

When naming a child there's a great deal of pressure and responsibility.

Your baby will have this name for the rest of their lives. So, to make things simple for you, we've compiled a list of autumn baby names that are inspired by fall and autumn time.

Autumn, a pre-winter season, starts when the weather begins to change, the air turns colder, leaves fall off the trees, and you get the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner. The days of this season seem beautiful, full of color and positive vibes.  

So if you're going to welcome your autumn baby into the world in September, October, or November or you're simply searching for fall-inspired baby names to honor the season, we've gathered together 100 baby boy and baby girls name that are ideal for your little one.

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Fall And Autumn Names For Boys

If you have welcomed or about to welcome a baby to light up your Christmas, then check out these autumn-inspired baby names.

When the days are crisp and the nights are cold, and we look forward to homemade goodies, cookies, and warm soups. The anticipation of holidays and beautiful weather always puts us in the festive spirit and motivates us to be thankful. These autumn baby names for your little boy are a perfect reminder of this.

1. Abe (American origin) means "father of magnitude".  Also a nick of 16th U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

2. Adam (American origin) means "of the red earth". The name of the first name on Earth, will be a cool name for your fall baby boy.

3. Aspen (English origin) means "beautiful". A perfect Old English-inspired autumn baby name for your baby boy.

4. Aurelius (Latin origin) means "golden". Famous name bearer Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperors.

5. Barrett (American origin) means "bear power". One of the video game characters from the game 'Final Fantasy VII'.  

6. Bean (American origin) means "harvested in autumn". An interesting option for boys’ names after the famous cartoon character 'Mr. Beans'. It's one of the popular names that mean autumn.

7. Birch (German origin) means "birch wood". Famous bearer former senator, Birch Evans Bayh.

8. Blaze (American origin) means "orange and red fire". A fiery name for your fall baby.  

9. Bruno (German origin) means "brown".  Famous name bearer: singer Bruno Mars.

10. Caiden (Arabic origin) means "friend or close companion".

11. Carmine (Latin origin) means "vivid red". A bright and beautiful Fall season name for your little man. It's one of those beautiful autumn baby names meaning red. It's an Old English name.

12. Casper (American origin) means "treasurer". A perfect Halloween themed name after 'Casper: The Friendly Ghost.'

13. Cedar (American origin) means "cedar trees that turn both red and yellow" during the autumn season.

14. Chard (English origin) means "plant that blooms in the autumn season".

15. Cormac (Irish origin) means "tree trunk". Perfect for an autumn baby.

16. Crimson (American origin) means "dark red color", a perfect name for fall babies.  

17. Edmund (American origin) means "prosperity". Famous name bearer English poet Edmund Spenser.

18. Felix (American origin) means "happy". A perfect name to describe the feeling you get in the fall season and seeing your baby boy.

19. Flynn (American origin) means "red-haired one". A perfect name inspired by the colors of trees as they lose their leaves.

20. Frost (English origin) means "born at the time of frost winter".  

21. Garner (Latin origin) means "to harvest grain". This name means love and happiness in other cultures.

22. Hugh (Irish origin) means "mind and spirit". It sounds like 'hue' which means color, a perfect autumn-inspired name for your baby boy.

23. Ivar (Hebrew origin) means "spread the light". One of the joyful autumn-inspired baby names.

24. Jack (American origin) means "the oak tree during the autumn season".

25. Jack (English origin) means "God is gracious". A perfect autumn name for your little wonder.

26. Jordan  (Hebrew origin) means "flow down' or 'descend", just as the leaves change color and fall or descend from the trees.

27. Kale (American origin) means "green leafy vegetables" harvested during the Fall.

28. Kwan (Irish origin) means "all and 'power".  

29. Leif (Scandinavian origin) means "heir, descendant, beloved".

30. Lennox (Scottish origin) means "the elm tree". Famous name bearer boxer Lennox Lewis.

31. Leo (American origin) means "strength in your little one".

32. Linden (English origin) means "lime trees".

33. Nash (American origin) means "at the ash tree".  

34. Orion (Greek origin) means "hunter". Orion is also a star constellation and a perfect name to guide your autumn baby through the thick and thins of life.  

35. Paisley (Scottish origin) means "fresh autumn".

36. Rori (American origin) means "red king".

37. Roux (American origin) means "red".

38. Thu (Viet origin) means "autumn".

39. Wheatley (English origin) means "from the wheat meadow" This makes an apt name for the Fall-inspired baby name for your son.

40. William (American origin) means "resolute protector".

Fall And Autumn Girl Names

Autumn is a time for celebration, and these nature-inspired autumn baby names  do just that.

Fall is known as the season of harvest, Thanksgiving, and Halloween, so if you are having an autumn baby then you are certainly thankful for so much. Here are some baby names inspired by the season of harvest and thankfulness:

41. Amber (Arabic origin) means "jewel". Perfect autumn-inspired girl name which is as gorgeous as the fossilized tree resin found in jewelry.  

42. Amelia (American origin) means "work".

43. Annona (Roman origin) means "of the harvest".

44. Brandy (American origin) means "lovely brownish-red".

45. Aster (Greek origin) means "star". A beautiful name meaning bright and light for your fall baby.

46. Aurelia (Roman origin) means "golden".  It is one of the most popular baby girl names in the U.S. since 1880.

47. Autumn (American origin) means "fall season". Autumn is a widely popular and beautiful name in the UK, the US, and other countries across the world. Audie makes a very sweet nickname.

48. Cera (Latin origin) means "fiery one".

49. Cherish (French origin) means "treasure something" just like you care deeply about your new baby.

50. Clara (Latin origin) means "clear, bright, famous".

51. Emma (German origin) means "whole".  Famous name bearer many Hollywood actresses Emma Stone, Emma Roberts.

52. Garnet (American origin) means "lovely mineral that glitters".

53. Goldie (English origin) means "precious metal Gold, another prominent fall color" or meaning golden, just like your precious little girl.  

54. Hazel (American origin) means "symbols of autumn".  

55. Honor (Latin origin) means "honor". A great girl name meaning autumn for your baby.  

56. Iris (American origin) means "rainbow". Famous name bearer The CW TV show 'The Flash' character Iris West Allen.

57. Ivy (American origin) means "fidelity and faithfulness".

58. Jora (Hebrew origin) means ‘autumn rain’.  

59. Maple (American origin) means "bright, reddish-orange in color".

60. Marigold (English origin) means "golden flower". It is also a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

61. Melena (Greek origin) means "Yellow as a canary".  

62. Misty (American origin) a popular name meaning "born in autumn". These autumn baby names are popular in all cultures across the world.

63. Nadia (American origin) a popular name meaning "together we hope for a better future".

64. Olive (English origin) means "olive tree". An old English name, which is also a symbol of peace and a great autumn girl's name.

65. Opal (Indian origin) means "born in the month of October".

66. Orla (Celtic origin) means "golden princess".  

67. Perry (American origin) means "fruit that is harvested in the fall season".  

68. Phoenix (American origin) meaning "red, another fall color". A mythical bird and in various cultures, she is also the moon goddess who is worshipped during Halloween. One of the popular baby names in Western culture.

69. Rhea (American origin) means "flowing stream".

70. Ruby (English origin) means "red color or semi-precious stone". Famous name bearer is actress Ruby Rose.

71. Russet (English origin) means "lovely reddish-brown color".

72. Saffron (English origin) means "rich golden color of the fall". One of the most costly spices cultivated in India.  

73. Sapphire (English origin) a popular baby name meaning "powerful strong person".  Also an expensive gemstone.

74. Scarlett (English origin) means "bright red color of the maple leaves". This name is one of the popular autumn baby names.

75. Serein (American origin) means "calm".  

76. Shakira (American origin) means "thankful". Famous name bearer music artist Shakira.

77. Sienna (Italian origin) means "reddish-brown", the color of the fall.

78. Silvia (American origin) means "sprite of the wood".

79. Teresa  (Greek origin) means "harvest". A classy and soft name for your cute baby girl.

80. Viola (Latin origin) means "beautiful fall flower that comes in purple, pink, and white".

Gender-Neutral Names

Check out these unique unisex baby names for your child. While some of these names are classic the others are new, fashionable, and meaningful that can never be forgotten.

81. Adair (English origin) means "rich or happy".  

82. Apple (American origin) means "wonderful". Famous name bearer Actress Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter

83. Asher (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy" and "blessed". One of those autumn baby names that captures the fall feeling perfectly.  

84. August (American origin) means "first month of fall".

85. Berwin (American origin) means "Harvest-time friend".  

86. Bobbi (American origin) means "bright' or 'shining". A perfect name inspired by the colorful of the season autumn.

87. Bodhi (Indian origin) means "enlightenment' or 'awakened".  Famous name bearer Actor Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder's daughter.

88. Briar (American origin) means "wild rose".  

89. Casey  (American origin) means "vigilant' or 'watchful".  Famous name bearer: Actor Casey Deidrick.

90. Charlie (English origin) means "free man". One of the most popular seasonal names in the U.S.  

91. Dakota (American origin) it's a name meaning "friend".  Also the name of a popular Hollywood actress, Dakota Fanning.

92. Jesse (American origin) means "unique".  

93. Keegan (American origin) means "fire'". Fall is the time of bonfires and new leaves, just like babies born during the season. This one of the fall inspired baby names that is in-vogue.

94. Lee (American origin) means "dweller near the wood".  It can also be a cute nickname for your autumn baby.

95. Lilo (American origin) means "generous one".  It's a popular baby name in America.

96. Linden (American origin) means "heart-shaped leaves".

97. Montana (Spanish origin) means "mountainous country". Montana is also a state in the U.S. and it is beautiful during the fall.

98. Nico (Greek origin) the name means "true importance of victory".

99. Quinn (Irish origin) means "brave".  One of the popular baby names today.

100. Riley (American origin) the name means "valiant".  

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