50 Best Beautiful Māori Names With Meanings

Maori names have a rich culture and tradition and make for a great baby name

The Maori tribe refers to the Polynesian people of New Zealand.

The name Maori is pronounced maw-ree and their language is called te reo, literally meaning "the language". Maori names are extremely beautiful.

Finding the perfect one for your kid is quite tedious for parents. Thus, we bring you a list of the best beautiful Māori names for your little girl or boy. Every parent wants to choose a unique baby name. You will definitely want nothing but the best Maori names for your kids. So, check out these beautiful names and choose your favourite baby names.

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Maori Names For Girls

Looking for girls names? Here is a list of some of the best Maori girl names.

1 . Ana counted amidst the pretty baby names for your baby girl that means “Gracious and satisfying.”

2 . Anahera (Māori origin), Maori to English meaning is “Majestic and powerful angel.”

3 . Ataahua (Maori origin) name means “A beautiful girl.”

4 . Ahorangi a pretty name has its origin from the Māori language meaning Enlightened.”

5 . Airini, if your pretty little girl is of “Peaceful Nature,” then make her name “Airini.”

6 . Epa originating from Māori, this unique baby name means An offering to God.”

7 . Erihapeti a unique name that means “Helper or supporter.

8 . Haeata a  pretty name of Maori origin means “Dawn.”

9 . Haeata Tanga (Māori origin) name means “Light Beam.”

10 . Hahana a unique name for your little girl, Hahana means “Radiance, shine or brilliance.”

11 . Ikaroa named among beautiful baby names, Ikaroa means “The long part of a fish.”

12 . Iwa originated from Japanese, Maori, this name means “Yew or eve.”

13 . Inia of Maori origin meaning “A body of water.”

14 . Kahikatea has Maori origin. One of the Māori baby names meaning “Pine tree found in New Zealand.”

15 . Kakarauri originated from Maori, Kakarauri is popular, meaning “Dusk or garment of darkness.”

16 . Mahuika the name of the “Maori Goddess of Fire.”

17 . Marama a unique name means “Like the moon.”

18 . Ngaire a unique name for a girl meaning “A silver-colored fern.”

19 . Nyree meaning “The most praised person”.

20 . Whina a rare name means “Helper - a helpful and kind girl.”

21 . Wikitoria a unique name meaning Victorious.”

Gender-Neutral Maori Names

There are beautiful Maori unisex names that you can give to your little one. The listed names are exceptional so search for the best suitable for your baby boy or girl.

22 . Aperahama a unique search for Māori name for your little one meaning “Father of a mighty nation.”

23 . Aroha one of the beautiful names has its origin from Māori, meaning “Love and mercy; a compassionate individual.”

24 . Akenehi a symbol of “Chastity and purity” (Maori into English) originated from Maori.

25 . Eruera originated from Maori, meaning “Rich and happy guardian.”

26 . Haimona a rare name of Maori origin meaning “Listening.” You can keep this name for your Māori baby.

27 . Ieni originated from Maori, this name means “God is gracious and merciful.”

28 . Mikaere a rare name has Maori origin, and it means “The One Who is like God.”

29 . Mahaka originated from Maori, this name means “A Ngati Kahungunu Chief.”

30 . Pania originated from the  beautiful sea maiden in Maori mythology

31 . Rongo a popular Māori name, this name means Peace, peace-loving people.”

Maori Boy Names

Here is a list of some of the popular Maori boy names. Search which Māori baby names you like.

32 . Ahika unique boys' name meaning “Sustaining and enhancing our place or communities.”

33 . Aata a rare name for boys meaning “Bear or stone.”

34 . Ari a unique new boys' name meaning “Variation of Ariel, which means the lion of God.”

35 . Akahata a rare name for baby boys meaning “Supreme.”

36 . Etera a unique boy name means “Aid or help.”

37 . Hahona an exclusive Māori name for a boy meaning “Healer.”

38 . Heketoro the unique name of Maori origin meaning “Fairy spirit.”

39 . Hau a unique name originated from Maori means “Wind.”

40 . Hehu one of the rare baby names for your little boy means “God Rescues.”

41 . Ihaia a name for your baby boy with the popular word, Ihaia, which means “God is Salvation.”

42 . Iete Pere a beautiful name is originated from Maori and means “Chaste or Unmarried.”

43 . Kai a unique name has three origins, Maori, Scottish, and Welsh meaning "The Sea”,  “Keeper of the keys,” and "fire."

44 . Kamaka a rare name with Maori origin, and it means “Rock.”

45 . Manaaki baby boy name meaning “To cherish, conserve and sustain.”

46 . Nikau a name of Maori origin is popular and is the name of a palm tree found in New Zealand.

47 . Purta originated from Maori, this name means “A person who is mythical.”

48 . Rawiri a unique name of a boy means “Everyone’s Beloved.”

49 . Tayn has Maori language origin unique name meaning “The God of Light.”

50 . Wiremu a rare name meaning “Protection or Helmet.”

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