50+ Best Beautiful Baby Names That Mean Shadow Or Darkness

Parents search for the best names and name meaning for their child.

Most parents want to name their children after something they love, even if that's not traditionally something to be loved!

Parents always look for names that are unique and rare for their children. And as far as being rare is concerned, nothing can match the uniqueness of names that mean either shadow or darkness.

Yet, looking for such names can be another tiring affair. To solve your problems, we have compiled a list of 50+ baby names that are related to shadow and darkness. Scroll down to select the perfect name for your child.

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Boy Names That Mean Shadow

Boys can have interesting names related to shadows.

Looking for boy names having the meaning shadow? Look no further:

1. Betzalel (Hebrew origin) meaning "in the shadow of God". This beautiful Hebrew term can be a great identity for your baby boy.

2. Cethin (Celtic origin) meaning 'something resembling a shadow". Baby names like this are unique.

3. Dell (Maltese origin) meaning "shadow". Well, you just might have to fight for the copyright of this name.

4. Erebus (Greek origin), meaning "deep darkness" or "shadow", can be an excellent baby name for your little boy.

5. Kage (Japanese origin) means 'shadow' in Japanese. A very rare and cool name for a boy.

6. Landong (Cebuano origin) means "shadow" in this Austronesian language spoken in the Philippines.

7. Ozul (Gothic origin) means "shadow" or "shadowy". Like many shadow names, this is a beautiful name too.

8. Paolo (Samoan origin) means "shadow". This is also a very common Italian name. Legendary soccer player Paolo Maldini is associated with this name.

9. Tirich (Pashto origin) means "shadow" and is a charming name.

10. Varjo (Finnish origin) meaning "shadow". Many parents may like this name meaning shadow.

Girl Names That Mean Shadow

Here is a list of names for girl meaning shadow:

11. Aloka (Malagasy origin) means "shadow". For a baby girl, this is a great name.

12. Chhaya (Indian origin) meaning "a creepy shadow". One of the more prevalent baby names for girls.

13. Ena (Latvian origin) means "shadow" and is a short and simple girl baby name.

14. Melaina (American origin) means "shadowy" or "dusky" and for a baby girl, this is an excellent name.

15. Melanie (Greek origin) means "someone who is covered by shadows" and would be a great baby name for girls.

16. Moriti (Sesotho origin) meaning "shadow". One of the more unique baby names for girls.

17. Senka (Serbian origin) meaning "shadow".

18. Shyama (Indian origin) means "shadow and dark". It is associated with the Indian Goddess, Kali.

19. Skia (Greek origin) meaning "shadow". An excellent name for a girl.

20. Sombra (Spanish origin) meaning "shadow" or "shade" is a beautiful baby name for a girl.

Boy Names That Mean Darkness Or Dark

For dark and mysterious names for boys, you've come to the right place.

21. Aadhar (Indian origin) means "darkness". This Indian name could make an excellent name for boys.

22. Ciaran (Irish origin) meaning "dark". Actor Ciaran Hinds is associated with this name.

23. Dargan (Irish origin) means "dark-haired".

24. Donovan (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired prince".

25. Duncan (Gaelic/English origin) meaning "dark warrior". Duncan was a fictional king in the drama "Macbeth".

26. Eodum (Korean origin) meaning "darkness". Names like these constitute many parent's first choices.

27. Grimshaw (English origin) meaning "dark woods". Well, this grim English name could be a great fit for your baby.

28. Mrak (Bosnian origin) meaning "darkness". For boy baby names, this can be a great choice.

29. Myrkut (Icelandic origin) meaning "darkness". A rather uncommon and unique name for a boy.

30. Siyahi (Urdu origin) meaning "darkness". A beautiful name for your little baby boy.

31. Tenebris (Latin origin) meaning "darkness".

31. Terr (Albanian origin) meaning "darkness". A short and simple masculine baby name.

32. Trevas (Portuguese origin) meaning "darkness".

33. Tywyll (Welsh origin) meaning "dark". A dark and interesting name for boys.

34. Zalaam (Arabic origin) means "darkness". An intense and mysterious name for a boy.

Girl Names That Mean Dark Or Darkness

Naming a child after darkness is very unique.

Do you have the desire to give your girl a name that means dark or mysterious? Here is a list of such names:

35. Adreanna (French origin) means "dark". A good old French name can solve all your headaches.

36. Andhera (Indian origin) meaning "absolute darkness". This can be the perfect name for your child.

37. Bruna (Italian origin) meaning "one with dark hair". One of the most dark and mysterious names for girls.

38. Ebony (English origin) refers "to a tree with black and dark wood".

39. Lefifi (Sesotho origin) meaning "dark".

40. Leila (Persian origin) meaning "dark-haired". This Is one of the more popular names for girls.

41. Mdima (Chichewa origin) means "dark". This African name is intriguing, to say the least.

42. Nisha (Indian origin) meaning "darkness of the night". Baby names like these can be a wonderful identity for your little girl.

43. Oscurita (Italian origin) meaning "darkness'. One of the more unique baby names for girls.

44. Pouri (Maori origin) meaning "darkness". This Polynesian name can be a wonderful match for your daughter.

45. Qora (Uzbek origin) meaning "dark". This is great as a baby name for girls.

46. Rima (Shona origin) means "darkness". A simple name used in African countries as well as in India.

47. Tama (Croatian origin) means "darkness'.

48. Tari (Kurdish origin) meaning "dark".

49. Tzilla (Hebrew origin) meaning "dark and shadowy"; very uncommon for baby names.

Unisex Names Related To Either Shadow Or Darkness

Unisex names are trending nowadays and here are a few of them related to shadow or darkness:

50. Aka (Hawaiian origin) meaning "shadow". A short and simple name for babies.

51. Atarangi (Maori origin) meaning "shadow". Perfect for dark and mysterious baby names.

52. Ciemny (Polish origin) means "dark and shadowy".

53. Eyphah (Hebrew origin) meaning "dark and gloomy". A classy gender-neutral name.

54. Nox (Latin origin) means "night"; one of the better names for parents looking for Unisex names related to the dark.

55. Ohanzee (Native American origin) means "shadow". The Native American tribe Sioux has this dark unisex name.

56. Sjena (Bosnian origin) means "dark".

57. Yami (Japanese origin) meaning "darkness". Indian actress Yami Gautam has this name meaning darkness.

58. Yinying (Chinese origin) means "shadow". A wonderful unisex name for both boys and girls.

59. Zil (Arabic origin) meaning "shadow". A dark and intense name for your young child.

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