Best 150+ Bengali Names And Last Names With Meanings

Bangladeshi names are both traditional and modern.

If you have been blessed with a baby, then we don't have to tell you how honored and lucky you are.

To show your infant how much they mean to you, you need a name to be a mix of your customs, tradition mixed with modernity. You need a name that is jazzy, contemporary, and one that follows the established legacy in Bengal.

Bengali names are ideal instances of such sort of names.

Bengalis believe that the name of the child should be based on their personality and the effect the name has on the child's character as they grow up. So, they select names motivated by divine beings and goddesses, prominent figures, and nature.

From the birthplace of Rabindranath Tagore, we bring you a large broad rundown of wonderful Bengali boy names and Bengali girl names with meaning. We hope that one of these names are perfect for your child.

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Bengali Names For Boys

If you are looking for uncommon Bengali baby boy names then our list is perfect.

A few guardians like to select names that mirror the expectations and yearnings of their parents and themselves in their baby's name. So, in case you are looking for Bengali baby boy names, then we have the perfect list for you.

1. Asit (Bengali origin) means "someone who has no limit' or ‘Lord".

2. Asir (Bengali origin) means "the chosen one, or the Sun".

3. Avik (Bengali origin) means "someone without fear", or ‘someone as precious and strong as a diamond.

4. Abeer (Bengali origin) means "the colorful one".

5. Anik (Bengali origin) means "blessed one or Moon".

6. Aarul (Bengali origin) means "someone brilliant

7. Abanish (Bengali origin) means "being a king

8. Abhoy (Bengali origin) means "one who is fearless

9. Achintya (Bengali origin) means "healer of all worries".

10. Akhilbandhu (Bengali origin) means "someone who is everyone's friend"/.

11. Bapi (Bengali origin) means "riverbank".

12. Basu (Bengali origin) means "wealthy or Earth".

13. Banaful (Bengali origin) means "wildflower"

14. Bhashkar (Bengali origin) means "the Sun".

15. Bishwajit (Bengali origin) means "one who has won over the whole world".

16. Bijoy (Bengali origin) means "joy".

17. Binod (Bengali origin) means "someone who is spiritual, or happiness, or laughter". One of the most used baby names in Bengali.

18. Chanchal (Bengali origin) means "restless one".

19. Chiradeep (Bengali origin) means "the eternal lamp". Such Bengali male names are very common.

20. Deepayan (Bengali origin) means "one who looks towards the light".

21. Dipon (Bengali origin) means "Lord of light". Such Bengali baby boy names are very traditional and common.

22. Ekant (Bengali origin) means "solitary one".

23. Gatik (Bengali origin) means "someone fast and progressive".

24. Garjan (Bengali origin) means "thunder".

25. Grishm (Bengali origin) means "heat".

26. Idris (Bengali origin) means "one who instructs or studious one".

27. Ipsit (Bengali origin) means "desired".

28. Indrajit (Bengali origin) means "conqueror". One of the most used baby boy names in Bengali.

29. Jian (Bengali origin) means "man of strength".

30. Kavi (Bengali origin) means "poet or a wise man".

31. Kapi (Bengali origin) means "Lord Hanuman".

32. Meer (Bengali origin) means "chief or leader".

33. Modan (Bengali origin) means "God of love".

34. Manohar (Bengali origin) means "someone who is a great charmer".

35. Monojit (Bengali origin) means "one who wins over others' minds".

36. Mounish (Bengali origin) means "conqueror of minds".

37. Omor (Bengali origin) means "immortal".

38. Prahor (Bengali origin) means "an eight-part of the night or day".

39. Pramti (Bengali origin) means "one who is conscious and aware".

40. Probal (Bengali origin) means "someone adored and beloved".

41. Protik (Bengali origin) means "a symbol for something".

42. Rupjit (Bengali origin) means "a beautiful and handsome person".

43. Sahasranshu (Bengali origin) means "one who is like the Sun".

44. Sudhanidhi (Bengali origin) means "a boy with the moon in his eyes". A beautiful Bengali baby boy name for your little man.

45. Saptarishi (Bengali origin) means "seven stars in the galaxy".

46. Sanjib (Bengali origin) means "someone who will live long".

47. Sanjoy (Bengali origin) means "creator". It is one of the most common Bangladeshi name for boys.

48. Shayan (Bengali origin) means "who is calm-minded". A common Bengali baby name.

49. Tiyash (Bengali origin) means "thirst for something".

50. Udaybhan (Bengali origin) means "rising sun".

Bengali Names For Girls

A dark naam is given to a child during the naming ceremony, which is usually kept secret. Naamkaran or naming function is a significant custom in each Indian people group, and even Bengalis lead it with the most extreme genuineness. It is generally seen on the 21st day of the infant's introduction to the world, with a fabulous festival.

51. Ahana (Bengali origin) means "exist". Such Bengali baby names are very common.

52. Abha (Bengali origin) means "glorious or shining or rays of the Sun".

53. Aitri (Bengali origin) means "joyful or happy". Such Bengali baby names are unique and rare.

54. Briti (Bengali origin) means "strength or a flower".

55. Bipasha (Bengali origin) means "a river". Such Bengali baby names are very common. Famous name bearer: actress Bipasha Basu.

56. Bijoya (Bengali origin) means "victory".

57. Bimala (Bengali origin) means "pure".

58. Binati (Bengali origin) means "request". A very uncommon Bangladeshi girl's names for your little one.

59. Binita (Bengali origin) means "modest or the most lovable person".

60. Bishakha (Bengali origin) means "a star".

61. Charu (Bengali origin) means "beautiful". Such Bengali baby names are very common in Bengal.

62. Gopa (Bengali origin) means "wife of Gautama".

63. Gehna (Bengali origin) means "someone who beautifies".

64. Grahati (Bengali origin) means "Goddess Lakshmi". Such beautiful Bengali baby girl names are perfect for the girl who is born in the holy month of Navratri, the nine days where you worship Goddess Parvati.

65. Grisha (Bengali origin) means "Goddess Parvati.

66. Gunjan (Bengali origin) means "buzzing of a bee, humming".

67. Gariyashi (Bengali origin) means "bigger or larger".

68. Gamini (Bengali origin) means "Goddess Parvati or to run". Such Bengali baby names are very unique.

69. Hasi (Bengali origin) means "smile".

70. Ishani (Bengali origin) means "Goddess Durga".

71. Jaba (Bengali origin) means "hibiscus".

72. Keya (Bengali origin) means "flower".

73. Koena (Bengali origin) means "a river". Such Bengali baby names are very unique. Famous name bearer: actress Koena Mitra.

74. Koyel (Bengali origin) means "a cuckoo bird or someone who is sweet-sounding".

75. Lipi (Bengali origin) means "script of god". Such Bengali baby girl names are very common.

76. Lopa (Bengali origin) means "wife of a sage or a weaver".

77. Neepa (Bengali origin) means "one who watches overall".

78. Nabha (Bengali origin) means "sky".

79. Piu (Bengali origin) means "beloved or loved one".

80. Paro (Bengali origin) means "masterful or someone knowledgeable". A common name in Bengali.

81. Shampa (Bengali origin) means "thunder".

82. Sohini (Bengali origin) means "moon". Such Bengali girls names are unique.

83. Shreyoshee (Bengali origin) means "beautiful one".

84. Sovhona (Bengali origin) means "one who possesses true beauty". A very unique baby girl names in Bengali.

85. Suravi (Bengali origin) means "a girl who can be compared to the sun".

86. Suradhuni (Bengali origin) means "River Ganges".

87. Samudra (Bengali origin) means "someone who is like the sea or ocean".

88. Sanchari (Bengali origin) means "a traveler in motion".

89. Somapika (Bengali origin) means "one who terminates things".

90. Suryatapa (Bengali origin) means "a woman who worships the sun".

91. Somprikti (Bengali origin) means "saturation".

92. Tamanna (Bengali origin) means "hope or wish or desire".

93. Taneesha (Bengali origin) means "night or ambition".

94. Tanuka (Bengali origin) means "a slender girl".

95. Tarai (Bengali origin) means "a hill where kings met".

96. Tarika (Bengali origin) means "starlet". Perfect girl names for an angel born in the right amalgamation of stars.

97. Tashana (Bengali origin) means "resurrection".

98. Tilottama (Bengali origin) means "a celestial maiden".

99. Ulka (Bengali origin) means "meteorite or wealthy". Such girl names are perfect for your little angel.

100. Vidyuta (Bengali origin) means "thunderous".

Gender Neutral Bengali Names

If you are looking for unique and unisex Bengali baby names, then we have the perfect list for you:

101. Ankal (Bengali origin) means "bright fame".

102. Aparajita (Bengali origin) means "unconquerable". Another name for Goddess Durga.

103. Ilisa (Bengali origin) means "happy".

104. Pravin (Bengali origin) means "expert or skilled".

105. Unni (Bengali origin) means "beautiful".

Bengali Last Names

Most Bengalis have two names where the middle name is usually a representation of their occupation or status in the society. The last names of Bengalis mirror their sub-tribe groupings and family foundation. So, each Bengal names presented on this list are based on the caste and religion followed in Bengal.

106. Acharjee/Acharya (Bengali origin) means "a teacher or an instructor".

107. . Adhikari (Bengali origin) means "authority".

108. Bagchi (Bengali origin) means "a village named Bagcha".

109. Banerjee/Bandyopadhyay (Bengali origin) means "ban".

110. Barman/Burman (Bengali origin) means "armor".

111. Basak, is a unique last name meaning one who creates. Famous last name bearer: author Subimal Basak.

112. Bhaduri, another common Bengali last name meaning "strong". Famous last name bearer: actress Jaya Bhaduri or now known as Jaya Bachchan.

113. Bhattacharjee/Bhattacharya (Bengali origin) means "learned man or a Vedic priest” and “teacher”.

114. Bhowmick/Bhowmik (Bengali origin) means "Earth or soil".

115. Biswas (Bengali origin) means "trust".

116. Bose/Basu (Bengali origin) means "Lord Vishnu".

117. Chakraborty/Chakrabarti (Bengali origin) means "to roll”.

118. Chandra (Bengali origin) means "the Moon".

119. Chatterjee/Chattopadhyay (Bengali origin) means "a priest/teacher".

120. Das (Bengali origin) means "a devotee". or “one who has surrendered to God.”

121. Dasgupta C(Bengali origin) means "Brahmins who practiced Ayurveda, an ancient Bengali medicine form".

122. Datta/Dutta (Bengali origin) means "a gift".

123. De/Dey (Bengali origin) means "the deye" or "day". The surname is very common among the Bengali Kayasthas.

124. Debnath (Bengali origin) means "protector/owner".

125. Dhar (Bengali origin) means "credit”. Another name for zamindars or landowners.

126. Ganguly/Gangopadhyay (Bengali origin) means "teachers/instructors from the Ganges".

127. Ghatak (Bengali origin) means "matchmakers”.

128. Ghosh (Bengali origin) means "cattle or cow". Another name for “a milkman or a cow herder”.

129. Ghoshal (Bengali origin) means "a milkman" or "one who herds cows".

130. Goswami (Bengali origin) means "cattle herder”. It is another name for “lord” or “master".

131. Guha (Bengali origin) means "a cave” or “mind". Another name for Lord Kartikayein.

132. Kar (Bengali origin) means "a hand” or a “doer".

133. Karmakar (Bengali origin) means "action” or “deeds".

134. Lahiri (Bengali origin) means “individuals from Lohori village.”

135. Majhi (Bengali origin) means "a boatman/oarsman". Another name of occupational origin for a boatman.

136. Majumdar (Bengali origin) means "collection or keeper”.

137. Malakar (Bengali origin) means "shape". Another name of occupational origin for artisans.

138. Mallick (Bengali origin) means "king or lord”.

139. Mandal/Mondol (Bengali origin) means "village headman".

140. Moitra/Maitra, a Bengali Hindu family name used by the Kulin Varendra clan. Famous last name bearer: Indian doctor and social worker Dwijendranath Maitra.

141. Mukherjee/Mukhopadhyay (Bengali origin) means "chief” or “principal".

142. Nath (Bengali origin) means "an owner/protector".

143. Pal (Bengali origin) means "a keeper” or “a protector".

144. Pramanik (Bengali origin) means "credible” or “genuine".

145. Roy (Bengali origin) means "king” or “sovereign".

146. Roy Chowdhury, is an ornamental surname used by zamindars or landlords.

147. Saha/Shaha (Bengali origin) means "merchant” or “honest".

148. Sanyal, a common surname for Barendra Brahmins, belonging to the Gotra 'Vatsa'. Their name also indicates that they belong to the Senlal village.

149. Sarkar, another ornamental surname used by zamindars or landlords.

150. Seal/Sill (Bengali origin) means "to be devoted".

151. Sen (Bengali origin) means "armament” or “army".

152. Sengupta (Bengali origin) means "amalgamation of Sen and Gupta".

153. Sikdar (Bengali origin) means "people who collected the land revenue".

154. Sur (Bengali origin) means "brave".

155. Tagore (Bengali origin) means "God,” or "a chief” or “man of high rank". Famous last name bearer: Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore.

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