Best Big Storybooks For Under 5s Free on Audible

boy listening to audiobook

Since popping down to the library for your child's favourite big picture book isn't an option during lockdown, Audible are offering  story books available to stream for free. If you're tired of reading the same big book over and over again then why not have someone else read one for you! Audible has a huge selection of audiobooks perfect for your little one's enjoyment.

Just So Stories, Rudyard Kipling

Children being told stories

Ever wondered How The Camel Got His Hump or How The Leopard Got His Spots. Well, put on your jungle boots and get ready to be transported into the animal kingdom with these fun and humorous short stories of all the unanswerable questions. Learn How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin or hear the tale of The Sing-Sing of Old Man Kangaroo. There is so much to explore!

The Lion and The Mouse, Lavanya R. N

Lion drawing

The unlikely tale of a friendship between a lion and a mouse is one of the many giant books for your little ones that Audible has to offer. While you don't have the enjoyment of a picture book to hand, why not get creative and have the family illustrate the book themselves. The perfect combination of family time and creativity which will help you navigate your way through this eight-minute story.

Stone Soup, Heather Forest

Magic bowls for stone soup

Read by the author, this re-telling of the ancient legend, this book is filled with expression, sound effects and all the elements of live performance you could ask for. A widely circulated narrative that could be one of many big books for schools. Give your toddler the head start by getting to grips with the story before they get a chance to read it!

The First Music, Dylan Pritchett

Babies first music

The First Music is a perfect example of online big books that cannot be recreated on the page. This entertaining and innovative book follows the animals of the jungle created music with the natural sounds they create. With sound effects and background music this short story will have your toddlers up on their feet and dancing around. You'll be so glad you found this expressive book and it may even give you new tips for when you're reading your children's book on ways to spice up the story experience.

When Turtle Grew Feathers: A Folktale from the Choctaw Nation, Tim Tingle

Tortoise and the Hare

A Choctaw re-telling of the Aesop's fable The Tortoise and the Hare brings unexpected twists and turns and heaps of entertainment. This emotive and engaging story expands the cast to many other animal friends. A new way of exploring well-known stories by listening to different cultures explains their versions makes it fun for any age as we doubt you will have heard this version before!

A Day in the Forested Wetland, Kevin Kurtz

Child splashing in puddles

Climb on board and follow this journey through the aquatic habitats of the Forested Wetland. Meet bobcats, beaver and beetles along the way and learn about the soggy forest that they call home. Kevin Kurtz delights readers with rhyme and education in the wonderful world of the wetter animal kingdom. This four-minute story is one of the best  big books for children for expressive non-fiction story-telling. Teach your kids with a completely different format to the learning.

Fifty Famous Fairy Tales, Rosemary King

Parent reading to child

This collection of classic fairytales could bring your family six-and-a-half-hours of entertainment. Make fairy-tale time part of your daily routine and get everyone together to hear the story of Puss in Boots, Little Red Riding Hood or Jack in the Beanstalk. These Fifty Famous Fairy Tales are family favourites so you'll definitely know some of them - why not try to illustrate them yourselves after listening to the story? Get creative and put a picture to the page.

Story Party: The Complete Collections, Various Authors

Children listening to a story

If you're looking for something a tad more interactive for your little ones, then this could be the collection for you. This Story Party has over eight-hours of entertainment intertwined with songs and music to have your toddlers dancing and clapping along. This innovative creations adds soundtracks and music behind the wonderful story-telling to keep your ears pricked and your feet moving!

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat and other Nonsense Rhymes, Edward Lear

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat story

You could be a poet and you didn't even know it! Alan Bennett reads these weird and wonderful rhymes to get you in the poetic spirit. Whether you consider your child the next John Keats or whether you just love poetry this wonderful rendition of Edward Lear's best work combines classic nursery rhymes with the art of verse. What are you waiting for?



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