40+ Best Black Dragon Names

Black dragons are seen as cruel in some myths.

Choosing a unique draconic name, be it for a character or a person, is pretty challenging.

There’s much to consider when choosing names. Questions like “Will it suit the character’s personality?” and “Can it strike fear in others?” make the process all the more overwhelming.

Fret not, for we’re here to help you choose a perfect draconic name with a mystical ring to it. Essentially, draconic refers to the belief or state wherein one regards their soul to be of a dragon.

Black Dragons are generally perceived as ill-tempered and cruel monsters that can breathe fire, turning everything into ashes. But the popular show Game of Thrones changed our idea of dragons. While in some mythologies (like Christian mythology) dragons are portrayed as monsters, in others (like Chinese, Tibetan, and Bhutanese mythologies), dragons are viewed as the epitome of wisdom and power.

We’ve compiled a list of over 40 Black Dragon names, for girls and boys, along with some excellent gender-neutral names. These unique and interesting names of dragons come from different cultures, languages and TV series. You can also use these names for the black dragons from D&D (Dungeons and Dragons).  For some good dragon names and even fire dragon names, keep scrolling till the end.

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Black Dragon Names For Girls

Do you want an ancient yet feminine name? If you are looking for a good name for girls, here are some female black dragon names.

1.Dalinda (English Origin), meaning 'a noble serpent'.

2.Demona (English Origin), meaning 'a femme fatale with draconic powers'. It is a great name for a female dragon.

3.Falak (Persian Origin), meaning 'a serpent', derived from Middle-Eastern legends.

4.Hydra (Greek Origin), denoting the mythological character of the many-headed water dragon.

5.Kaida (Japanese Origin), referring to a little dragon. This name has a cute ring to it and can be a great dragon name.

6.Kaliyah (Indian Origin), meaning 'the killer of a thousand-headed dragon'.

7.Kimba (African Origin), meaning 'bush fire'.

8.Libelle (German Origin), meaning 'a dragonfly'. It can further be shortened to “Belle.”

9.Melly (French Origin), meaning 'a brave and powerful spirit'. You can give this dragon name to a fun-spirited draconic character.

10.Nuri (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'fire burning bright'.

11.Tatsuo (Chinese Origin), referring to 'a female dragon with a powerful spirit'.

Black Dragon Names For Boys

Here is a list of cool dragon names for boys. These masculine and famous draconic names symbolize power and strength.

12.Arad (Middle-Eastern Origin), meaning 'one who has angelic qualities'. This dragon name is quite unique and serious in tone.

13.Apalala (Indian Origin), meaning the 'Naga King'. It is a water-dwelling dragon in Buddhist Mythology.

14.Draco (Italian Origin), meaning 'a serpent'. The name was made famous by a character in JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Draco Malfoy.

15.Drogon (Game of Thrones series), meaning the 'reincarnation of Balerion the Black Dread'. This black dragon was named after Daenerys’s husband, Khal Drogo.

16.Doryu (Buddhist Origin), meaning 'one who understands the draconic way of life'.

17.Egan (Gaelic Origin), meaning 'fire'. It is a perfect name for curious beings.

18.Edjer, meaning 'a person with a contemplative nature'.

19.Fraener (Old Norse origin) refers to the 'dwarf who transformed into a dragon'.

20.Glaurong, meaning a 'serpent that can crawl like snakes'.

21.Hiryur, meaning 'one who can fly like a dragon'.

22.Irad (Middle-Eastern Origin), denoting 'an empire dragon with exceptional leadership qualities'.

23.Ladon (Greek Origin), referring to the 'hundred-headed dragon that guarded the gates of Hesperides'.

24.Pendragon (English Origin), meaning the 'chief dragon'. The name goes back to King Arthur Pendragon, the medieval knight known for his courage and bravery.

25.Ryu (Japanese Origin), meaning 'a mighty and brave dragon'. A popular Japanese author, Ryu Murakami, had this name too.

26.Uruloki, meaning 'a powerful fire-breathing dragon'.

27.Volos (Greek Origin), meaning 'an ox or the Earth God'.

28.Vritra (Indian Origin), meaning 'dragon of Draught and the enemy of Indra'.

Gender-Neutral Black Dragon Names

Black dragons names come with an ancient and folkloric ring.

You might be searching for some good names for dragons without revealing the gender. If you don’t have a specific gender in mind, this gender-neutral Black Dragon names list is excellent options for your characters.

29.Aidan (Irish Origin) meaning 'little fire'.

30.Arrow (English Origin), meaning 'a dragon slayer'.

31.Azdaha (Persian Origin), meaning 'a gigantic reptilian (snake or lizard) creature associated with rains'.

32.Blaze (English Origin), meaning 'bright fire'.

33.Chance (English Origin), meaning 'luck or fortune'.

34.Evren (Sumerian Origin), meaning 'gigantic snakes that emit flames from their tail'.

35.Imoogi (Korean Origin), meaning 'a giant lizard'.

36.Neak (Indian Origin), meaning 'a cobra-like serpent having nine heads'.

37.Pachua (Native American Origin), meaning 'a feathered water serpent'.

38.Rong (Vietnamese Origin), meaning 'a dragon with a spiral tail and a long sword-like fin'.

39.Sawa (Philippine Origin), meaning 'a huge serpent that can swallow the moon and sun'.

40.Yong (Korean Origin), meaning 'a sky dragon'.

41.Yam (Levantine Origin), meaning 'God of the Sea'.

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