100+ Best Black Lab Names

A wonderful name that suits your cute little black lab puppy will make the pup stand out in an instance.

There are a lot of name ideas for a cute lab puppy with a black coat.

Be it a female black lab or a male black lab, choosing the perfect name always turn out to be a struggle. But a handy list of all the black lab names can really be of great help for you.

Labrador is a popular dog breed amongst most of the other dogs.  Black Labradors are not just popular but are beautiful looking creatures, known for their friendly approach, loyalty and are also considered as an adorable companion by most. With so many features as an inspiration, searching for a perfect labrador name for your labrador retriever shouldn't be a huge problem. Names like Ace, Arya, Barney, Bailey are a few examples of male and female black dog names. Apart from these, there is a whole section of cool and funny dog names that include Dash, Harper, Mocha, Golden, and more. Check the lists below to get the best Labrador names option for awesome dark labs.

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Black Labrador Names For Males

Choosing dog names based on the color are quite popular among dog owners.

Male black lab names commonly give the labrador names an inclination towards the color of your pet buddy. Here's a list of few labrador dog names for your black lab puppy or dog.

1. Abanus (Arabic origin) meaning "dark complexion".

2. Adelram (German origin) meaning "dark and noble"; beautiful name for a pet likely to experience a happy welcome from.

3. Akan - Meaning "eclipse"; is a catchy name for a black lab.

4. Anino - Meaning "shadow"; is quite a rare but catchy name for a smokey lab.

5. Bertram (German origin) meaning "bright or a raven".

6. Blake (Old English origin) meaning "black"; is a perfect name for your dark cutie.

7. Bran (Welsh origin) meaning "raven,"; is recently quite popular a name after the 'Game of Thrones' series and can be a perfect name for your labrador retriever.

8. Burnett (Scottish origin) meaning "dark-brown haired"; a trendy name for your black-brown colored labrador retriever.

9. Caliban (Roman origin) meaning "black".

10. Colley (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "dark-haired"; is also a diminutive of the name Nicholas.

11. Corbin (Latin origin) meaning "raven".

12. Corvo (Latin origin) meaning "raven".

13. Darcel (Irish origin) meaning "dark one".

14. Dell - Meaning "shade"; is quite an enticing unisex name, perfect for the furry rebel.

15. Dolan (Gaelic origin) meaning "black-haired, dark".

16. Donner (High German origin) meaning "dark warrior".

17. Donovan (Irish origin) meaning "dark-haired princeling".

18. Dougal (Scottish origin) meaning "dark stranger"; one of the names for your newly bought, adopted stranger soon to turn a family member.

19. Duane - Meaning "little dark one"; best dog name for the cute little black labs.

20. Eban (Hebrew origin) meaning "the black stone of help"; is a creative and really ancient name.

21. Farrar (Latin origin) meaning "blacksmith".

22. Hadrian (Latin origin) meaning "dark-haired, a person from Hadria".

23. Kaiser (German origin) meaning "head full of hair or emperor"; a name suitable for your hunting panther.

24. Kaval (Indian origin) meaning "black-toned"; is a unisex name and can be used for a male as well as a female dog.

25. Keir (Gaelic origin) meaning "dusky, dark-haired".

26. Keiran (Irish origin) meaning "the dark one".

27. Kenneth (English origin) meaning "handsome one"; is a perfect name for your handsome labrador retriever.

28. Kieran (Irish, Scottish origin) meaning "little dark/black one".

29. Kol (Norse origin) meaning "dark".

30. Kolby (Scandinavian origin) meaning "dark, coal-black".

31. Koll (German origin) meaning "charcoal burner".

32. Lonan (Irish, Gaelic origin) meaning "blackbird"; can sound like a name with magic.

33. Merik (Welsh origin) meaning "dark tone".

34. Mo (American origin) meaning "dark"; is a gender-neutral name, often taken by a boy.

35. Morris (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "dark".

36. Musta - Meaning "black"; is one of the unique names for black dogs.

37. Nero (Sabine, Italian origin) meaning "strong, black"; is a rare name inspired by ranger kinds.

38. Nigel (Normandy origin) meaning "dark, black enamel"; a common name given to different dog breeds.

39. Notte (Italian origin) meaning "night".

40. Ombre (French origin) meaning "shadow"; may choose for your dark secret keeper.

41. Orpheus (Greek origin) meaning "darkness of the night".

42. Perran (Old English origin) meaning "little dark one".

43. Pinchas (Hebrew origin) meaning "dark-skinned, serpent"; for the pet who has a deadly look.

44. Po - Meaning "night"; is a cute and simple name for your new puppy.

45. Preto (Spanish origin) meaning "dense".

46. Rabe (German origin) meaning "raven".

47. Schmidt (German origin) meaning "blacksmith"; is also a name popularly used for a German Shepherd.

48. Shyam (Indian origin) meaning "dark".

49. Sullivan (Irish origin) meaning "dark eyes".

50. Tynan (Irish origin) meaning "dark"; is quite a pick for the little furry friend.

51. Yin (Chinese origin) meaning "in the shade"; is one of the catchy names for your dark, ash-color dogs.

Female Lab Names

Labrador names for dogs or specifically black labs  can be quite cute too that people would love.

Labrador names like; Daisy, Hazel, Lola have almost filled all the sites for name searches. Here are a few female black lab names that have different meanings and are trending on the website as favorites too.

52. Adriana (Latin origin) meaning "dark".

53. Amaya (Indian origin) meaning "night rain"; is one of the unique sounding dog names.

54. Brena - Meaning "raven hair"; is one of the attractive female labrador dog names.

55. Bruna (Portuguese origin) "brown one or the dark-haired one"; is one of the cute brown-black lab female names.

56. Charna (Yiddish origin) meaning "dark-colored".

57. Ciara (Gaelic origin) meaning "little dark-haired, black one".

58. Colby (Norse origin) meaning "charcoal, dark"; is a strong sounding name for a dog.

59. Darcie (Irish origin) meaning "the dark one"; is one of the black lab names that give a sense of ancient touch.

60. Delano - Meaning "dark"; is a unisex name that can be used for a male or female black lab.

61. Duffy (Irish origin) meaning "dark-faced, black"; is a cute dog name for your little female puppy.

62. Duvessa (Irish origin) meaning "dark beauty".

63. Juliet (English origin) meaning "youthful, soft-haired"; is quite a sunny name for your lab popular amongst girls after 'Romeo and Juliet'.

64. Kalama (Hawaiian origin) meaning "torch"; is one of the cute name suggestions to keep for the torch of your life.

65. Keira (Irish origin) meaning "little dark-haired woman".

66. Keri (Welsh origin) meaning "blessed poetry"; is a perfect fit for a lovely little dark lab puppy.

67. Kyra (Greek origin) meaning "black little one".

68. Leila (Hebrew origin) meaning "dusk, night, black".

69. Li (Chinese origin) meaning "black, pretty, powerful"; is a unisex name and has a modern touch to make up for black lab names.

70. Lila (Arabic origin) meaning "woman of the night"; is a feminine name perfect for your household charm who looks like midnight.

71. Lilith (Arabic origin) meaning "of the night".

72. Lylah (Arabic origin) meaning "night, dark beauty"; the name that fits absolutely well for your beautiful friend.

73. Maura (Irish origin) meaning "the sea"; is considered a variation of Mary and can be one of the captivating girl lab names.

74. Meilani (American origin) meaning "mayflower"; another cute name for the important blossom of your family.

75. Melanie (Greek origin) meaning "blackness, dark".

76. Merel (Dutch origin) meaning "blackbird".

77. Moriti - Meaning "shadow"; is a nice name for your smokey colored labrador retriever.

78. Morrisa (American origin) meaning "dark-colored/skinned"; is a cute name for your sweet lab puppy.

79. Naeva - Meaning "born at night"; is a trendy dog name for your first of the little friends.

80. Nisha (Indian origin) meaning "night".

81. Nox (Latin origin) meaning "night"; is a gender-neutral name.

82. Nyx (Greek origin) meaning "of the night"; is an edgy name for a labrador dog.

83. Olivia - Meaning "olive"; is a cute dog name and a perfect fit for black lab names.

84. Onyx (English origin) meaning "black gemstone"; is a unisex name, perfect for your gem of a dog.

85. Rajani (Indian origin) meaning "the dark one".

86. Raven - Meaning "dark bird"; is a great name for your loving little puppy.

87. Sable (Dutch origin) meaning "black fur"; the perfect duchess name for your female lab dog.

88. Sauda (Arabic origin) meaning "black, love".

89. Senka (Serbian origin) meaning "shadow".

90. Tempeste (French origin) meaning "storm or stormy"; one of the personality-based female names for a lab.

91. Uliana (Russian origin) meaning "youthful, soft-haired"; is a variation of the name Juliet.

92. Zelda (Yiddish origin) meaning "happy or dark battle".

93. Ziba (Biblical origin) meaning "strength"; this name also means gorgeous and can be the right choice for your stunning and robust labrador retriever.

Cool And Funny Black Labrador Dog Names

A Labrador retriever name that is popular, cool, or funny can top the choices list for all dog lovers. Here is a list of black lab names for your puppy that you shouldn't skip.

94. Axel (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father is peace".

95. Bailey - (M/F) Meaning "steward"; is a smart name for your lucky little chocolate lab.

96. Charlie - (M/F) Meaning "free man".

97. Dakota (Siouan word) (M/F) Meaning "friendly"; is a name made famous by the actor Dakota Fanning. What better than using this as a moniker for your cute dog pet.

98. Diesel - (M) Meaning "oil name"; makes for one of the macho dog names.

99. Donut (M/F) - Meaning "a sweet"; what a better name than this for a chocolate lab dog?

100. Gunner (M) (Scandinavian origin) meaning "warrior".

101. Jackson (M) - Meaning "son of Jack" is a popular name after Jackson Pollock and has been taken by many owners for their pets.

102. Lacey - (F) Meaning "cheerful".

103. Lucy - (F) Meaning "light"; is quite a common girl lab name used majorly for chocolate lab dogs.

104. Luna (F) (Latin origin) meaning "moon"; is one of the cool and popular names for a Labrador retriever.

105. Murphy (M) (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior"; perfect dog name for your lab pet who isn't afraid of water.

106. Pepper - (F) Meaning "spice name"; cute name for your lady pet.

107. Phantom - (M) Meaning "something elusive"; is one of the trending names for Labrador retrievers.

108. Sadie - (F) Meaning "princess"; is quite a common name for dogs used by owners for different breeds.

109. Yeti (F) (Tibetian origin) meaning "small man-like animal".

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