120 Best Bosnian Names For Boys And Girls

Bosnian baby names are diverse and hence, they can stand out.

Bosnia is a diverse and multicultural country.

Bosnians are people identified with the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina or identified with the region of Bosnia. The Bosnian people have varying religious beliefs and therefore the names in Bosnia have varying influences.

The Bosnian language is a South Slavic language, which is a family of languages including the languages spoken in Bosnia, Herzegovina, and by Serbians and Croatians. The language comprises Cyrillic and Latin alphabets and a few Persian, Arabic, and Turkish words. That's why there's a dominance of Turkish, Arabic, and Persian names in Bosnian first names. Bosnian Muslims opt for Arabic names for their children. Bosnian words can be a little hard to pronounce, but you just need to remember that the language is very phonetic. What that means is, in the language, one letter represents one particular sound. We've comprised a list of these unique names for you.

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Traditional Bosnian Baby Boy Names

Bosnian male names have beautiful meanings.

Here's the list of all the traditional Bosnian boy names.

1. Adelais (Biblical origin), meaning "noble".

2. Adem (Arabic origin), meaning "virtuous, moral, pure". This Bosnian name is also popular among Eastern European names.

3. Alija (Bosnian origin), meaning "my God is Lord". The name is the Bosnian form of Ali.

4. Bahrudin (Arabic origin), meaning "glow of faith".

5. Besim (Arabic origin), meaning "a happy soul".

6. Edhem (Arabic origin), meaning "dark-skinned".

7. Ejub (Arabic origin), meaning "repenting, returning to God".

8. Elvidin (Arabic origin), meaning "benevolence of gift or faith". Elvidin Krilić, widely known as Edo Krilić, is a renowned Bosnian musician, composer, accordionist, and educator.

9. Enes (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is sociable". Enes Sipović is a renowned Bosnian professional footballer. He plays as a center-back for the Indian Super League club Chennaiyin FC.

10. Enis (Arabic origin), meaning "someone friendly". Enis Bešlagić is a famous Bosnian TV and film actor, known for 'Nasa mala klinika', 'Montevideo: Taste of a Dream' and 'Fuse'.

11. Esad (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is very lucky". Esad Muharemović, known widely by his stage name 'Esad Plavi', is a renowned Bosnian pop-folk singer.

12. Fahrudin (Arabic origin), meaning "pride of faith".

13. Feriz (Arabic origin), meaning "someone fortunate or lucky".

14. Fikret (Arabic origin), meaning "thought".

15. Ganib (Arabic origin), meaning "blessed by winnings or rich loot".

16. Hamdija (Arabic origin), meaning "the praised one". Hamdija Pozderac was a famous Yugoslav politician and the fourth President of the People's Assembly of SR Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17. Husnija (Arabic origin), meaning "handsome".

18. Ismet (Arabic origin), meaning "saved from sin, innocent".

19. Izet (Arabic origin), meaning "glory, greatness". Izet Hajrović is a famous Bosnian professional footballer who plays as a winger for the Bosnia and Herzegovina national team.

20. Izudin (Arabic origin), meaning "glory of faith, power".

21. Mehmed (Arabic origin), meaning "praised". Mehmed Baždarević is a Bosnian professional former player and football manager. Mehmed Spaho was a Bosniak leader of the Yugoslav Muslim Organization and a politician.

22. Mensur (Arabic origin), meaning "victorious". Mensur Mujdža is a renowned Bosnian former professional footballer. He played as a right back.

23. Muharem (Arabic origin), meaning "forbidden, sacred or holy".

24. Muris (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who leaves inheritance".

25. Nurija (Arabic origin), meaning "light".

26. Nusret (Arabic origin), meaning "help or victory".

27. Pašaga (Persian origin), meaning "a higher rank official in the Ottoman Empire".

28. Rejhan (Arabic origin), meaning "the basil plant".

29. Reuf (Arabic origin), meaning "very merciful".

30. Rijad (Arabic origin), meaning "desert gardens".

31. Sabghta (Persian origin), meaning "true faith, the color given by Allah".

32. Sejad (Arabic origin), meaning "happy, fortunate". Sejad Salihović is a renowned Bosnian former professional footballer.

33. Selver (Arabic origin), meaning "chief, Lord".

34. Šemsudin (Arabic origin), meaning "sunshine of faith".

35. Senadin (Arabic origin), meaning "majesty of faith, glow of faith".

36. Šerif (Arabic origin), meaning "respectable, honorable". Šerif Konjević is a very prominent Bosnian pop-folk singer.

37. Ševal (Arabic origin), meaning "to carry".

Modern Bosnian Boy Names

Take a look at the list we've made of all the modern boy names from Bosnia.

38. Ademir (Bosnian origin), meaning "noble protector". Ademir Kenović is an award-winning Bosnian film director and producer, known for 'The Perfect Circle', 'MGM Sarajevo: Covjek, Bog, Monstrum' and 'Kuduz'.

39. Ajdin (Turkish origin), meaning "the one who is bright, happy and lucky".

40. Ajnur (Turkish origin), meaning "glow of the moon, moonlight".

41. Azem (Bosnian origin), meaning "large or big".

42. Basic (Turkish origin), meaning "headman or head".

43. Beg (Turkish origin), meaning "a title of respect".

44. Behrem (Turkish origin), meaning "planet Mars".

45. Borya (Bosnian origin), meaning "war or battle".

46. Daut (Arabic origin), meaning "beloved".

47. Dedic (Bosnian origin), meaning "grandfather".

48. Ekrem (Bosnian origin), meaning "the one who is most respected or most noble".

49. Imad (Bosnian origin), meaning "support, pillar or mainstay". Imad Jabarin is a Bosnian actor known for 'The Band's Visit', 'Walk on Water', and 'Hatzotzra Ba-Vadi'.

50. Jusuf (Bosnian origin), meaning "God increases in power or strength". Jusuf Nurkić is a Bosnian professional basketball player who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

51. Kauzlarich (Bosnian origin), meaning "a screeching owl".

52. Ljiljan (Bosnian origin), meaning "flower Lily".

53. Mesich (Turkish origin), meaning "praiseworthy or praise".

54. Nebojsa (Bosnian origin), meaning "the one without fear". Nebojša Radmanović is a Bosnian Serb politician.

55. Nijaz (Turkish origin), meaning "need, wish or want". Nijaz Duraković was a famous Bosnian author.

56. Ozanich (Turkish origin), meaning "bard".

57. Preben (Bosnian origin), meaning " "first in battle".

58. Remzija (Bosnian origin), meaning "symbolic speech, allegoric".

59. Safan (Persian origin), meaning "the one who is bold, brave and courageous".

60. Safet (Turkish origin), meaning "pure or best part". Safet Isović was a famous Bosnian singer who used to perform the Bosnian traditional music sevdalinka.

61. Slava (Bosnian origin), meaning "person of fame". Slava Bibergal is a Bosnian actor, mainly known for 'The Gordin Cell', 'Juda', and 'The Red Hood Setup'.

Traditional Bosnian Baby Girl Names

Choosing Bosnian female names can be unique for your child.

Below is the list of all the traditional Bosnian names for girls.

62. Ajna (Arabic origin), meaning "original or real".

63. Aleza (Arabic origin), meaning "daughter of Ali or joy".

64. Almedina (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is civilized or the one who is devoted to faith".

65. Amela (Arabic origin), meaning "effort or work". Amela is one of the common Bosnian names among Bosnian American names.

66. Besima (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is always happy and smiling".

67. Elizabeta (Biblical origin), meaning "dedicated to God". Elizabeth of Bosnia or Elizabeta was queen consort and later the regent of Hungary and Croatia, as well as the queen consort of Poland.

68. Enas (Arabic origin), meaning "the one with a jovial and friendly demeanor".

69. Enisa (Arabic origin), meaning "companion or companion".

70. Fahreta (Arabic origin), meaning "greatness, fame, brilliance".

71. Fikreta (Arabic origin), meaning "thought".

72. Galiba (Arabic origin), meaning "winner".

73. Hasnija (Arabic origin), meaning "beauty".

74. Ifeta (Arabic origin), meaning "virtuous, innocent".

75. Ilhana (Arabic origin), meaning "inspiration, melody or composition".

76. Irmela (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is gorgeous, radiant and shiny".

77. Ismeta (Arabic origin), meaning "saved from sin, innocent".

78. Izeta (Arabic origin), meaning "influence or power".

79. Lamija (Arabic origin), meaning "the one with a glowing, shining personality".

80. Meliha (Arabic origin), meaning "a pretty and beautiful woman". Meliha İsmailoğlu is a famous Bosnian-Turkish female volleyball player, who's a member of the Turkey women's national volleyball team.

81. Merima (Biblical origin), meaning "star of the sea". Merima Ključo is a renowned Bosnian concert accordionist and composer.

82. Merjem (Biblical origin), meaning "bitterness".

83. Mersada (Arabic origin), meaning "supervision or watchtower".

84. Mineta (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is generous and merciful".

85. Mubera (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is respected and innocent".

86. Muniba (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is devoted to God".

87. Munira (Arabic origin), meaning "illuminated, glowing".

88. Murisa (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who leaves inheritance".

89. Nastasja (Biblical origin), meaning "risen by baptism to new life".

90. Nejra (Arabic origin), meaning "shine or sparkle".

91. Nisveta (Arabic origin), meaning Bosnian term for a woman.

92. Nusreta (Arabic origin), meaning "help or victory".

93. Razija (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is content, satisfied with their life".

94. Refija (Arabic origin), meaning "the one who is pretty and tall".

95. Refika (Arabic origin), meaning "companion or companion".

96. Rejhana (Arabic origin), meaning "basil plant".

97. Sadeta (Arabic origin), meaning "fortune, felicity, joy".

98. Safeta (Arabic origin), meaning "pure or clean".

99. Šaha (Arabic origin), meaning "witness, hawk".

100. Sajra (Biblical origin), meaning "princess".

101. Sakiba (Arabic origin), meaning "the sharp-minded one".

102. Samija (Arabic origin), meaning "high, elevated".

Modern Bosnian Names For Girls

Here you have the list of some of the modern Bosnian girl names.

103. Andela (Bosnian origin), meaning "messenger".

104. Asja (Bosnian origin), meaning "resurrection".

105. Berina (Persian origin), meaning "highest, best".

106. Emela (Bosnian origin), meaning "inspiration or hope".

107. Emina (Bosnian origin), meaning "a trustworthy person".

108. Ilda (Bosnian origin), meaning "heroine in the battle".

109. Irma (Bosnian origin), meaning "universal or complete". Irma is one of the popular Bosnian names among Bosnian girls' names.

110. Jasminka (Bosnian origin), meaning "Jasmine flower".

111. Lajla (Bosnian origin), meaning "dark-haired beauty or beauty of the night".

112. Lejla (Persian origin), meaning "a beautiful dark-haired woman who is born at night".

113. Mirzeta (Persian origin), meaning "princess".

114. Nedžara (Persian origin), meaning "beloved or dear".

115. Nermana (Persian origin), meaning "hero".

116. Nihada (Persian origin), meaning "temper, character".

117. Nijaza (Persian origin), meaning "need or wish".

118. Niđara (Persian origin), meaning "the one who is loved by all".

119. Ornela (Bosnian origin), meaning "black ash tree".

120. Paša (Turkish origin), meaning "a rank in the military system".

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