100 Best Boston Terrier Names

Boston terriers are really cute and deserve wonderful names.

Are you struggling with thoughts of what you should name your Boston terrier?

Boston Terriers may have a terrifying name but they are really cute! Naturally, as a dog parent, you would like to give your dog some cute Boston terrier names.

Boston terriers are compact and possess a smooth and shiny coat. These were accepted by the USA as the 'American Gentleman.' They are a non-sporting breed and generally found in 3 color combinations black and white, seal and white, and brindle and white. Both male and female Boston dogs are sweet, smart, and lovely, but sometimes a male Boston terrier is easier to train and calm in a temper. However, both are equally affectionate. Here is a wonderful source of Boston terrier names.

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Best Boston Terrier Boy Names

Male Boston terriers bring a lot of affection with them and deserve loving names.

Every dog breed member needs a specific name, something special. So, here we are going to reveal the best male Boston terrier names. Here is a list of the favorite Boston dog names and name ideas for a terrier boy puppy.

1. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "the best" or "number one". In the deck of cards, the Ace is supreme and has the greatest authority. This name is great for a Boston terrier dog.

2. Axel (German origin) meaning "father of peace".

3. Beau (French origin) meaning " handsome". Beau was the short name of a great England arbiter of Regency men's fashion George Bryan Brummell.

4. Bruno (German origin) meaning "the color brown".

5. Cesar (Latin origin) meaning "head of the heir". These dog names are suitable for a dog who is best in his species due to its shiny coat.

6. Cyrus (Greek origin) meaning "king or lord".

7. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "dragon". These types of dog names are similar to a popular character in the Hollywood movie 'Harry Potter'.

8. Duke (Latin origin) meaning "leader". Duke is a short name for a devotee of Maredoc, Marmaduke.

9. Enzo (Italian origin) meaning " home-ruler". It is a Christian name associated with a character of the holy book 'Bible'.

10. Ezra (Hebrew origin) meaning "helper". A great name for a new Boston Terrier.

11. Finnegan (Irish origin) meaning "fair".

12. Franco (Latin origin) meaning "free man".

13. Gideon (Hebrew origin) meaning "powerful warrior". It has its roots as the biblical judge and an impressive leader Gideon.

14. Grady (Irish origin) meaning "renowned".

15. Jasper (Greek origin) meaning "treasurer". Jasper was an important character in the popular movie 'Twilight'.

16. Matteo (Italian origin) meaning "gift of God". Mateo Bandello is a popular Italian novelist.

17. Nile (Irish origin) meaning "a champion".

18. Qi (Chinese origin) meaning "enlightenment".

19. Quillen (Irish origin) meaning "a cub". A unique Boston terrier name.

20. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king". Rex Allen was a popular American actor and singer.

21. Salem (Arabic and Jewish origin) meaning "peaceful and complete". Salem is an antagonist character of the popular web series 'RWBY'.

22. Saul (Hebrew origin) meaning "prayed for". Mythologically, Saul is the first king of the United Kingdom of Israel, according to the Hebrew Bible.

23. Tyson (French origin) meaning "high spirited". Perfect for an active Boston terrier.

24. Umer (Arabic origin) meaning "prospering or thriving".

25. Valentino (Latin origin) meaning "strong". Val Valentino was a famous American magician, illusionist, and actor, who was popularly known as Masked Magician too.

26. Vito (Latin origin) meaning "life-giving".

27. Xavier (Spanish origin) meaning "splendid and bright". It is a masculine name of the 'Fatherland' novel protagonist 'Xavier March'.

28. Yukio (Japanese origin) meaning "thick snow".

29. Zeus (Greek origin) meaning "living".

Top Boston Terrier Girl Names

There are many dog name ideas for girl Boston terrier. The Female Boston terrier is adopted by many people to enhance their breed. To find the perfect name for a Boston terrier is not very easy, but here with some selective dog name ideas, you can get your favorite Boston terrier some good female Boston terrier names.

30. Alexa (Greek origin) meaning "man's defender". It is a short name of a great legend Alexander.

31. Archie (British origin) meaning "genuine", "bold", brave". Does your Boston terrier have these qualities?

32. Ash (English origin) comes from the ash tree. Ash, in English, means the residue of fire. It is a short name for Ashley.

33. Bella (Italian origin) meaning "beautiful". According to the Hebrew Bible, it also means devoted to God. Bella is a fictional character in the popular movie 'Twilight'.

34. Casey (Irish origin) meaning "bold". Casey Jones is a fictional character in the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Universe'.

35. Clara (Latin origin) meaning "splendid and clear".

36. Darlene (English origin) meaning "a little dear one". Darlene Anderson is a well-known character in the popular TV series 'Mr Robot'.

37. Elke (German origin) meaning "of noble birth". It is originated from the word Elkanah who is the husband of Hannah and the father of Samuel.

38. Elsie (Scottish origin) meaning "god of plenty". It was a popular name until the 19th century.

39. Estelle (Latin origin) meaning "star". Perfect for your Boston terrier star!

40. Fera (Latin origin) meaning "cute dolphin". A unique Boston terrier name.

41. Freida (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

42. Helga (German origin) meaning "blessed".

43. Jemma (British origin) meaning "dove". It also means gems, a special Boston terrier name.

44. Katja (German origin) meaning "pure".

45. Kova (Finnish origin) meaning "tough".

46. Layla (Arabic origin) meaning "night". Beautiful for your Boston terrier.

47. Linda (Spanish origin) meaning "beautiful".

48. Maliha (Arabic origin) meaning "elegant".

49. Nora (Latin origin) meaning "honor".

50. Oribel (Latin origin) meaning "a beautiful child of God".

51. Orly (Hebrew origin) meaning "light".

52. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red". Ruby is a red-colored marvelous expensive diamond.

53. Sauda (Swaihili origin) meaning "dark beauty".

54. Una (Latin origin) meaning "one and only".

55. Urit (Hebrew origin) meaning "light".

56. Venita (Latin origin) meaning "goddess of love".

Funny Boston Terrier Dog Names

Not everyone is fond of sweets and sugary names. Here are dog names for terriers. These funny new Boston dog name ideas would provide a moment of laughter in your day with your dog breeds.

57. Buddy (M) (American origin) meaning "friend". Great for a loyal Boston terrier buddy.

58. Coco (M/F) (American origin) meaning "chocolate". It is a unisex name for a Boston terrier.

59. Dobby (M) (British origin) meaning "benevolent elf". It is the elf character in the 'Harry Potter' movie series.

60. Doodle (M/F) (German origin) meaning "a fool". Doodle is a drawing to divert the attention of the person observing it.

61. Ike (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "laughter". Among the cute meaning names for a Boston terrier.

62. Peanut (M) (American origin) meaning "little". It is a variety of Beagle-mix dog.

63. Roundy (M) (American origin), meaning "smart and brave".

64. Snoopy (M) (American origin) meaning "offensively curious". It is a dog character in the peanut comic series. The series was a famous comic mode.

65. Teddy (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "wealthy guardian". Among the sweeter names for a Boston terrier.

66. Tommy (M) (English origin) meaning "twin".

67. Zack (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning " laughter".

Famous Boston Terrier Names

In this world of many, not only humans have a unique identity but also some Boston terriers do too. These are some Boston names adopted by famous personalities for their terrier. This is exactly the list you were looking for to find the perfect name for a new Boston.

68. Amir (M) (Arabic origin) meaning "prince". Perfect for your special Boston terrier.

69. Angus (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "the first choice".

70. Aztec (M) (Mexican origin). An ethnic Mexican empire that ruled from the 14th to 15th century in Mexico.

71. Azurite (M/F) (English origin) meaning "blue gemstone".

72. Bolt (M) (English origin) meaning "powerful person". It is a dog name in the Pixar movie "Bolt".

73. Buster (M) (British origin). It is a dog character in the animation film 'Toy Story 2' and 'Toy Story 3'.

74. Chad (M) (Welsh name) meaning "defender". St. Chad was a popular bearer of the seventh century who made organizations for providing service for despairing.

75. Charlie (M) (french origin) meaning "free man".

76. Chase (M) (British origin) meaning "hunter".

77. Czar (M) (Russian origin) meaning " emperor".

78. Dante (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "enduring". A popular poet Dante Alighieri wrote a famous writing 'Dante's Inferno'.

79. Evan (M) (American origin) meaning "stone".

80. Finn (M) (Irish origin) meaning "fair". Fin Mac Cumhail is a popular third-century actor similar to English Robin hood and had a great fan base.

81. Grommit (M) ( English origin) meaning"young surfer". He is a famous dog character in the animation show 'Wallace and Gromit".

82. Gunner (M) (Nordic origin) meaning "fighter soldier or warrior". Among the best names for a tough Boston terrier.

83. Owen (M) (Welsh origin), meaning "young warrior". Many actors have adopted this name like Clive Owen, Owen Wilson, and many more.

84. Scooby (M) (English origin) meaning "gift of joy, love, laughter". It is a famous dog character in the animation series 'Scooby-Doo'.

85. Shamus (M) (Irish origin) meaning " Irish supplanter".

Cute Boston Terrier Names

(Owing to the short nose, compact body, and short hairs, Boston terrier are one of the cute pets in the world.

Finding some good Boston terrier names which are cute is challenging. Well, here is a list of all your dreamy cutest Boston names for dogs.

86. Bailey (F) (Norman-French origin) meaning " sweet tiny girl".

87. Bonnie (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "great".

88. Daisy (F) (English origin) meaning "day's eye". Daisy duck is an animated character from The Mickey mouse show.

89. Eudora (F) (Greek origin) meaning "God gift".

90. Flora (F) (Latin origin) meaning "flower". It is a female name. After Flora, the Roman goddess of spring.

91. Greta (F) (Swedish origin) meaning "pearl". The cutest Boston terriers' name.

92. Imani (F) (Swahili origin) meaning "faith". Imani is derived from Emmanuel which is the prophetic name of Jesus Christ.

93. Kane (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "little battler". In Japanese, it is "golden", welsh "beautiful", and in Hawaii, it means "man of the eastern sky".

94. Kate (F) (Greek origin) meaning "honest and pure". It is a short name for the name Katherine.

95. Luca (M) (Italian origin) meaning "bringer of light". Among the great boston terrier names.

96. Lucia (F) (Latin origin) meaning "light". Saint Lucia, a famous fourth-century martyr from Syracuse.

97. Rosalie (F) (Latin origin) meaning "rose celebration". Rosalie is a character from the famous book series "Twilight".

98. Selena (F) (Greek origin) meaning "goddess of moon". Selena Gomez is a famous singer.

99. Sophia (F) (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". Sophia has been seen to be one of the most popular names for girls in the west.

100. Zuri (M) (Swahili origin) meaning "beautiful". Zuri was the advisor to the king in Wakanda in the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe'.

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