205 Best Boxer Names For Your Dog

Searching for Boxer puppy names can lead you to a plethora of beautiful names

Boxer dogs are a medium to a large-sized dog breed from Germany.

Boxers dogs are not necessarily aggressive by nature. They have a high energy level and a desire to hunt, which can lead to their aggressiveness.

Boxer dogs are usually of two colors, brindle, and fawn. There's believed to be a third black colored boxer but the Boxer dog breed does not come in black color. The black Boxer or the 'reverse brindles' as they're called are actually fawn-colored Boxers with a lot of black stripes. Now that you're informed, have a go at our list of all the perfect names for Boxer dogs.

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Strong Male Boxer Dog Names

Here's the list of the boy Boxer dog names as strong as these pups.

1. Admiral means a "very high rank in the Navy".

2. Avalanche means the sudden fall of snow and ice down a mountain hill.

3. Axel (Hebrew origin) meaning "my father is peace". Axel Blaze is a fictional character in the anime 'Inazuma XI'.

4. Bane (English origin) meaning "cause of distress".

5. Bear refers to a wild animal of the jungle.

6. Blaze (English origin) meaning "flame".

7. Blitz (German origin) meaning "lightning".

8. Bolt (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "bar or arrow".  A great dog name.

9. Boss refers to a person in charge of an organization. A Boxer named 'Boss' sounds like a perfect name.

10. Bruiser (English origin) meaning "a fighter" or "someone who bruises". Bruiser Brody is an American wrestler.

11. Brutus (Latin origin) meaning "heavy or muscular".  One of the fitting boxer names.

12. Buck (English origin) meaning "a male deer". Buck/Bucky is the best friend of Captain America in the Marvel comic series. Bucky later became 'Winter Soldier'.

13. Bullet refers to a metal projectile that gets fired from a gun.

14. Butch (American origin) meaning "manly".

15. Caesar (Latin origin) meaning "short-haired". Julius Caesar is a famous play written by William Shakespeare.

16. Captain refers to the leader or the skipper of a team or squad.

17. Chief, the one who's a leader or ruler.

18. Crash (Late Middle origin) meaning "a sudden noise usually from a collision if two objects".

19. Diesel is a petroleum fuel that is used to run vehicles.

20. Duke (English origin) meaning "title of nobility".  A noble dog name.

21. Goliath (Biblical origin) meaning "passage or a revolution".

22. Gunner (Scandinavian origin) meaning "warrior".

23. Hawkeye refers to a famous superhero of Marvel.

24. Hercules (Greek origin) meaning "hero". Hercules was a demi-god and son of Zeus. In a fit of madness sent by evil queen Hera, Hercules killed his own children.

25. Hulk refers to a mighty and strong superhero of the Marvel universe. This can be one of the top 10 dog names for Boxers puppy names.

26. Hunter refers to a person who tracks and hunts animals.

27. Justice (English origin) meaning "doing right by the law".

28. Mack (Gaelic origin) meaning "son of Mac". One of the unique boxer names.

29. Maverick (American origin) meaning "wild and independent".

30. Maximus (Latin origin) meaning "greatest".

31. Moose (Algonquian origin) meaning "an animal".

32. Rambo (Norweigian origin) meaning "Raven's nest". 'Rambo' movie series is hugely popular and the main protagonist in the movie is played by Sylvester Stallone.

33. Ranger (English origin) meaning "forest protector".

34. Remington (Old English origin) meaning "Raven's town"

35. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king". One of the royal boxer names.

36. Rocky (German origin) meaning "Rest". Sylvester Stallone played the iconic role of a boxer in the movie 'Rocky'.

37. Sarge refers to a Sergeant of the army or navy.

38. Spike (American origin) meaning "a long heavy nail". Spike was the boxer dog in Tom and Jerry.

39. T-Bone, refers to a large choice piece of steak which has a T-shaped bone.

40. Tank (Norman origin) meaning "woodland clearing of a man known as Thancred".

41. Thor (Norse origin) meaning "God of Thunder".

42. Tito (Latin origin) meaning "title of honor".

43. Trapper refers to someone who traps animals.

44. Trooper (French origin) meaning "one who endures adversity".

45. Vinnie (Latin origin) meaning "to conquer".

Charming Male Boxer Dog Names

Here we have the list of some of the most charming and famous Boxer dog names.

46. Alfie (Old English origin), meaning "wise counselor".

47. Archie (German origin) meaning "an archer or bold".

48. Augie (Latin origin) meaning "magnificent".

49. Barkley (English origin) meaning "birch tree meadow".

50. Baxter (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "baker". One of the common but strong boxer names.

51. Bernie (French origin) meaning "as bold as a bear".

52. Boomer (American origin) meaning "large and loud".

53. Buddy (English origin) meaning "friend". Buddy American was an American musician and pioneer of Rock and Roll.

54. Cooper (English origin) meaning "barrel maker.

55. Dino (Italian origin) meaning "little sword".

56. Earnest (German origin) meaning "serious".

57. Finn (Irish origin)meaning "white". Finn Balor is an Irish professional wrestler for WWE.

58. Gizmo (American origin) meaning "a gadget".

59. Gulliver (English origin) meaning "glutton".

60. Jasper (Persian origin) meaning "treasurer". Jasper Hale is one of the major characters in the 'Twilight' series.

61. Kirby (English origin) meaning "from the village with the church".

62. Milo (Latin origin) meaning "soldier or merciful. Milo is a famous beverage among children.

63. Murray(Irish origin) meaning "lord of the sea"

64. Oliver (Old Norse origin) meaning "olive tree".

65. Opie (Old Viking origin) meaning "god bear".

66. Oscar (English origin) meaning "deer lover".

67. Otis (English origin) meaning "wealth".

68. Peanut refers to a type of nut.

69. Scout (American origin) meaning "the first explorer".

70. Scully (Gaelic origin) meaning "defender of the scholar". Scully is a famous character in the American sitcom 'Brooklyn 99'.

71. Teddy (English origin) meaning "guardian of his property". Boxer dog names like this are perfect for the pup that's not just your friend, but your family too.

72. Ziggy (German origin) meaning "victorious protector".

Funny Male Boxer Dog Names

Take a look at the funny male Boxers' names.

73. Biggie Smalls refers to a famous 1990s rapper who was famous for his rivalry with Tupac Shakur.

74. Chuck Norris refers to the iconic American actor, director, and martial artist.

75. Cletus (Greek origin) meaning "illustrious".

76. Fabio (Italian origin) meaning "bean grower".

77. Homer (Greek origin) meaning "pledge".

78. Macgyver means to repair something

79. Pee Wee, meaning "a small child".

80. Spud (American origin) meaning "potato".

81. Squirt, means "a puny person".

82. Tiny refers to something minuscule.

83. Underdog refers to a fighter who has very little chance of emerging victorious.

German Male Boxer Dog Names

Boxer dogs names don't always have to mean something macho, they can be funny too

Here's the list of the German boy Boxer names.

84. Adler (German origin) meaning "eagle".

85. Albern (English origin) meaning "noble warrior".

86. Albrecht (German origin) meaning "bright or famous".

87. Aldo (Latin origin) meaning "tall one".

88. Alger (Old English origin) derived from ealdgar, meaning "noble spear".

89. Alphonse (French origin) meaning "noble and ready".

90. Arlo (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "army".

91. August (Latin origin) meaning "to increase".

92. Bach (German origin) meaning "someone who lived by a streaming river".

93. Baldwin (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "Bolt friend".

94. Bernard (German origin) meaning "brave".

95. Bruno (German origin) meaning "brown".

96. Klaus (Greek origin) meaning "victory of people".

97. Dedrick (Danish origin) meaning "power of the tribe".

98. Dieter (German origin) meaning "people's ruler".

99. Dirk (German origin) meaning "famous ruler".

100. Emmett (German origin) meaning "strong or industrious". Emmett Cullen is one of the lead characters in the fictional series 'Twilight'.

101. Felix (Latin origin) meaning "happy or lucky".

102. Franz (German origin) meaning "free".

103. Frederik (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

104. Fritz (German origin) meaning "ruler of peace".

105. Gunther (Norse origin) meaning "battle".

106. Hans (Dutch origin) meaning "Yahweh has been gracious".

107. Heinrich (German origin) meaning "home power".

108. Heinz (German origin) meaning "ruler of home".

Strong Female Boxer Dog Names

Below are some of the strong girl Boxer dog names that are just as strong as these dogs.

109. Alaska (Aleut origin) meaning "mainland".

110. Andromeda (Greek origin) meaning "who rules men".

111. Blizzard refers to a terrible snowstorm.

112. Brooklyn (American origin) meaning "pretty brook".

113. Cleopatra (Greek origin) meaning glory of her father".

114. Diva, someone who behaves as if they're a very important or special person.

115. Echo is a phenomenon in which sound waves repeat back to the listener.

116. Elektra (Greek origin) means "amber".

117. Harley (Old English origin) meaning "hare and Leah".

118. Huntress refers to a female hunter. This Boxer puppy name can be another one of the top 10 dog names for Boxer dog names.

119. Indiana (American origin) meaning "land of the Indians".

120. Jessica (Hebrew origin) meaning "to behold".

121. Jinx (English origin) meaning "someone who brings bad luck".

122. Joan of Arc (French origin) meaning "God is gracious".

123. Joplin (American origin) meaning "the afflicted".

124. Katniss (Latin origin) meaning "archer".

125. Leia (Hebrew origin) meaning "weary".

126. Liberty (American origin) meaning "freedom".

127. Mercy (English origin) meaning "compassion".

128. Mystique (French origin) meaning "air of mystery".

129. Nyx (Greek origin) meaning "night".

130. Olga (Russian origin) meaning "blessed".

131. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning "mountain of the Gods".

132. Queenie, pun wordplay on 'Queen', a lady or a woman ruler.

133. Raven (Norse origin) meaning "dark-haired person".

134. Rebel (English origin) meaning "defiant person".

135. Rogue (English origin) meaning "savage".

136. Sable (French origin) meaning "sand".

137. Shadow (English origin) meaning "shade from the sun".

138. Sheba (Arabic origin) meaning "kingdom of Arabia".

139. Starbuck is a fun take on the famous American coffee brand 'Starbucks'.

140. Tiger refers to a large black and orange striped animal of the feline family.

141. Vixen refers to a female fox.

142. Xena (Greek origin), meaning "stranger".

Cute Female Boxer Dog Names

Here are some of the cutest female Boxer puppy names.

143. Amelia (German origin) meaning "work".

144. Angel (Greek origin) means "messenger of God".

145. Ariel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God's lion".

146. Baby refers to a small child.

147. Belle (French origin) means "beautiful".

148. Clara (Latin origin) meaning "famous".

149. Cora (Greek origin) meaning "honest".

150. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye".

151. Daphne (Greek origin) meaning "a laurel or bay tree".

152. Dottie (Greek origin) meaning "gift of God". Boxer dog names like these are perfect for the pet who's a part of your family.

153. Gigi (French origin) meaning "earth-worker".

154. Ginger (English origin) meaning "reddish color".

155. Gracie (Scottish origin) meaning "shoemaker".

156. Harper (English origin) meaning "harp player".

157. Izzy (Biblical origin) meaning "God is my oath".

158. Lady(English origin) meaning "female head of household".

159. Lily (English origin) meaning "flower".

160. Mabel (Latin origin) meaning "lovable".

161. Maisie (Scottish origin) meaning"a little pearl".

162. Millie (English origin) meaning "mild of strength"

163. Minnie (English origin) meaning "bitter".

164. Olive (Latin origin) meaning "olive tree".

165. Pearl (Latin origin) refers to the pearl gem.

166. Penelope (Greek origin) meaning "weaver".

167. Penny (English origin) meaning "web over face".

168. Sugar is a sweetie food substance.

170. Zoey (Greek origin) meaning "life".

Funny Female Boxer Dog Names

Have a look at the funny girl Boxers' names.

171. Aphrodite (Greek origin) meaning "born from sea foam".

172. Babushka (Russian origin) meaning "grandmother".

173. Brunhilda (German origin) meaning "battle armor".

174. Jellybean is a famous type of sugar candy.

175. Lady Rover is a fun take on famous car brand Land Rover.

176. Mai Tai is a cool wordplay on Muay Thai which is a type of combat sport.

177. Morsel refers to a tiny piece of something left.

178. Munchkin refers to a small child.

179. Myrtle (Greek origin) meaning "an evergreen shrub".

180. Puddy means "short and podgy".

181. Tankerbell is a fun take on Tinker Bell.

182. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "little bear".

German Female Boxer Dog Names

Inspiration for Boxer dog name ideas can be taken from many places

Here's the list of all the German female Boxer names.

183. Ada (Hebrew origin)meaning "nobility".

184. Anka (Hebrew origin) meaning "gracious star".

185. Ava (Hebrew origin) meaning "life". Ava DuVernay is a famous and award-winning American filmmaker.

186. Beatrix (Latin origin) meaning "traveler".

187. Bernadette (French origin) meaning "brave bear".

188. Britta (Scandinavian origin) meaning "lofty".

189. Claudia (Latin origin) meaning "lame".

190. Ella (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful".

191. Elsa (German origin) meaning "God's pledge".

192. Frederika (German origin) meaning "a peaceful ruler".

193. Frieda (German origin) meaning "peace".

194. Fritzi (German origin) meaning "peaceful ruler".

195. Gretchen (German origin) meaning "pearl".

196. Greta (Greek origin) meaning "like a pearl".

197. Heidi (German origin) meaning "nobility".

198. Hilda (Norse origin) meaning "battle".

199. Ida (Scandinavian origin) meaning "labor".

200. Leona (Latin origin) meaning "lion".

201. Liesel (German origin) meaning "oath to God".

202. Lola (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrows". Lola bunny is a famous character of Looney Tunes.

203. Marta (Hebrew origin) meaning "daughter".

204. Mischa (Hebrew origin) meaning "who is like God?".

205. Mona (Greek origin) meaning "unreachable wishes".

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